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Although both of the boys here today also feature in our BootCamp series, this scene was shot separately in our Prague studio by Luke Hamill. Given the endowment of both of these guys, we automatically put it into our ‘Size Matters’ group.
Every now and then when we get a scene like this we wish we could also call it our ‘scene of the month’. Joel may have the longer dick, but Kieran’s thickness makes him an equally remarkable find.
We think that this is the horniest and most eager we have ever seen Kieran and it adds an extra level of energy and intensity to a scene that was already guaranteed to please. As you probably guessed already, Joel is the top here as he treats Kieran to the fuck of his life.

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Marcel has the reputation as one of our most talented and voracious bottoms at BelAmi so we sometimes forget that he is also a very capable top as well. We get reminded of that fact in today’s scene with Jon Kael.
Although we had this planned as a scene where Marcel would be topping Jon, it turned out that Marcel’s need to bottom was just too great and he madly desired to have Jon fuck him as well.
Even though Marcel is not in his best physical condition here, the sex is so great that we thought you would all love the scene regardless.

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Both of our boys today have a quiet streak to their personalities, Mael more so than Jason, but they both also have an intense sexuality that almost guarantees that this is going to be a great scene. Today we didn’t have a Hungarian translator on hand, so the boys had to make do with communicating as best they could. Jason is here bottoming for Mael and pleasure is written all across his face every second he is getting fucked until he shoots his load while still impaled on Mael’s huge dick.

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If you are thinking the Nils does not look like his normal relaxed and sexy self, it is because this was his very first scene for us and he is a little bit nervous about fucking on camera for the very first time. His scene partner here is Rhys, who is always very good at making the new guys feel welcome and at ease. Rhys and Nils start off here with a nice little chat about how we came to find Nils, before director Marty lets the eager couple get onto something more than just chatting. For the first time on camera, the sex here is very good and Nils shows us glimpses of the true porn star that he has become.

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It was a bit of trouble selecting a HUNGarian boy to follow on from Kris’ appearance yesterday, so we decided to bring out the big guns and schedule this scene with Joel Birkin. While we ended yesterday with Kris in the shower, we start today with Joel getting himself freshened up for his date with Damien Chapelle, also in the shower. This is probably Joel’s most romantic scene to date, with no words spoken, Damien manages to convey every desire known to man in his looks and urging touches. While the need to be fucked is obviously very strong, it is not such an easy job for Damien to take all of Joel’s huge dick, but perseverance and a gentle touch from Joel pay off and soon Damien’s hungry hole is swallowing up every inch of his XL buddy.

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Keeping our studios looking new and fresh is almost as much work as finding new guys to film with all the time. New beds, sofas, painting and wallpapering are all quite regular activities that director Marty Stevens has to take care of as well. Today’s models actually have to help clean up after the newest wallpapering job, as our handyman didn’t get to finish the job until just before the shoot started.
Marc and Jens are definitely examples of the adage that opposites attract. Marc is dark and athletic whereas Jens is lean and blond. Both guys, however, are undeniably sexy and turned on by each other. Marc gives us one of his best cumshots here as he literally explodes a stream of manjuice all over Jens’ ass before greedily swallowing up as much of his buddies load as he can.

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The tropical location in the opening of this scene is actually the balcony on our Bratislava studio, and it is here where we find our 2 Hungarians catching up after not having seen each other for quite a while. For those of you who have been following Danny since he made his first appearance back in 2015 should be happy to see that he hasn’t lost his lean, youthful beauty, but the addition of a few years seems to have made him even more attractive. Danny is top and Raphael bottom in today’s all Hungarian encounter which was filmed for us by Marty Stevens.

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In January we celebrated the New Year, In February it was Valentine’s, but poor March was left with nothing, so we decided to invent our own celebration here with a duo of double penetration scenes.
First of our talented and eager bottoms is Henrik Bjorn taking on the daring duo of Hoyt and Jerome. It is not so often that we get boys who are eager to take 2 dicks at once, so we hope that you will enjoy this little treat.
The 2nd part of the special will be coming your way next Saturday, and we hope to turn this duology into a trilogy later in March with Sven eager to try and join this exclusive club as well.

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Our scene today is actually one filmed during our Greek Salad production, so you will find the boys in full on holiday mode: Relaxed and ready for whatever comes their way. When they agree that the winner of the go-cart race would get to fuck the other one, we all know instantly that Marcel is going to throw the race, as the desire to get fucked by Andrei is just too much. Both guys are in great shape here, and combined with the intense lovemaking, we have another great scene to help us wrap up 2018 and get ready for the new year.

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Thierry is the last Czech boy that we have scheduled as our model of the week for a while as next week we are starting our Hung-arian summer special where you will get all your favorite Magyar boys and quite a few new ones as well.
Thierry is a boy that we would have liked to have worked a bit more with, but he was only ever comfortable doing solo work with us. He is here today with Eliot Klien during an excursion to Berlin.
Theirry has a cute, cheeky face, great body and impressive dick, so we hope that you will enjoy this photosession today.

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When you share an apartment with 3 other guys, it can sometimes be difficult to have the place to yourself, and if you don’t want to be fighting off the like of Christian, Helmut and Jerome for the attention of your new love, it is quite important. Luckily for Antony he has planned it well, and all 3 of his housemates are out when he brings home Jacq Broyard for a little fun in the bedroom. While Jacq does isn’t a man of many words, it isn’t the conversation than Antony has brought him here for, but luckily he is a great fan of big dicks and hot sex. Because they are so well matched in height, it is not evident how tall both these guys are, with Jacq coming in at 6’4″ and Antony a whopping 6’6″.

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If Niall seems fairly convinced here that he is still too worn out by the previous evening’s escapades to be able to get a boner he certainly hasn’t experienced Bruce’s superpower ‘the instant erection’ before. There is something charmingly romantic about this pairing of guys, sweetly innocent and yet highly sensual at the same time, the sex moves from gentle and seductive, picking up pace until they reach intense and erotic. Bruce is the first to cum, shooting his load into his waiting lovers’ hole before Niall happily feeds Bruce his load to wrap up this morning sex session.

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Wrapping up an all-star week here on BelAmiOnline we have the impossibly handsome Nils Tatum together with rising star, Niko Vangelis. This Niko’s 2nd scene with us and you can still see that having sex in front of the camera is a bit of a strange experience for him. Luckily he has someone as experienced and caring as Nils to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Once the sex heats up a bit though he seems to even forget that Marty is there filming the whole thing. Niko will be back with us next during our Hungarian Heaven special partnered with Steve Harrelson.

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As with every year around this time, we encourage our boys to feel the Christmas spirit. In previous years, they have donated toys to kids, or volunteered at pet shelters. This year their ambitions were high. Sven, Mario, Paul, Derek and Elio decided to bake traditional cookies and then offer them to someone in need. Unfortunately this year ended up a little unexpectedly and the “Christmas baking” took a different path than planned. Hopefully, you still enjoy this “Xmas” inspired video. We take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and we thank you all for being part of our BelAmi family!