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When you share an apartment with 3 other guys, it can sometimes be difficult to have the place to yourself, and if you don’t want to be fighting off the like of Christian, Helmut and Jerome for the attention of your new love, it is quite important. Luckily for Antony he has planned it well, and all 3 of his housemates are out when he brings home Jacq Broyard for a little fun in the bedroom. While Jacq does isn’t a man of many words, it isn’t the conversation than Antony has brought him here for, but luckily he is a great fan of big dicks and hot sex. Because they are so well matched in height, it is not evident how tall both these guys are, with Jacq coming in at 6’4″ and Antony a whopping 6’6″.

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If Niall seems fairly convinced here that he is still too worn out by the previous evening’s escapades to be able to get a boner he certainly hasn’t experienced Bruce’s superpower ‘the instant erection’ before. There is something charmingly romantic about this pairing of guys, sweetly innocent and yet highly sensual at the same time, the sex moves from gentle and seductive, picking up pace until they reach intense and erotic. Bruce is the first to cum, shooting his load into his waiting lovers’ hole before Niall happily feeds Bruce his load to wrap up this morning sex session.

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Wrapping up an all-star week here on BelAmiOnline we have the impossibly handsome Nils Tatum together with rising star, Niko Vangelis. This Niko’s 2nd scene with us and you can still see that having sex in front of the camera is a bit of a strange experience for him. Luckily he has someone as experienced and caring as Nils to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Once the sex heats up a bit though he seems to even forget that Marty is there filming the whole thing. Niko will be back with us next during our Hungarian Heaven special partnered with Steve Harrelson.

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As with every year around this time, we encourage our boys to feel the Christmas spirit. In previous years, they have donated toys to kids, or volunteered at pet shelters. This year their ambitions were high. Sven, Mario, Paul, Derek and Elio decided to bake traditional cookies and then offer them to someone in need. Unfortunately this year ended up a little unexpectedly and the “Christmas baking” took a different path than planned. Hopefully, you still enjoy this “Xmas” inspired video. We take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and we thank you all for being part of our BelAmi family!

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While we have a fully equipped studio in Budapest, Eliot quite often rents other locations to give us a bit more variety in the photosets. Each of these comes with it’s own challenges. The challenge of today is that the room is a bit on the small side to fit Fyodor, Eliot and Johan, the documentary cameraman. Never one to give in, Eliot has a carefully crafted photosession today that shows off the lithe and youthful body of our model of the week, Fyodor Nijinsky. While Fyodor is not actually a dancer, his body certainly would find itself astray of the best of the world’s ballet dancers, so we decided to give him the last name Nijinsky.

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Our freshmen photoset for this month features one of our most popular newcomers, Yannis Paluan. Yannis had immediate appeal for us due to his good looks, outgoing personality and his fluency in English (It’s been a great help on several of our overseas trips already). Yannis is very proud of his body and spends a lot of his free time either in the gym or playing sports.

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So we have finally come to that point where we are giving you the last unreleased hardcore scene with BelAmi legend Mick Lovell. We have been saving this one for some time, but as it is Christmastime, in our 25th anniversary year, we decided that now was the appropriate time for it. His scene partner today is Rhys Jagger and it was filmed at our favorite Hungarian location. While it is Mick’s last scene, we do still have a couple photo sessions unreleased with him.

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While most of our boys dedicate some time each week to keeping fit, few take it to the level that Torsten does. We join him today as he comes back from a run with buddy Ryan McKenna.

Instead of jumping straight in the shower he decides to put Ryan through a set of calisthenics before an extra workout session of oral and anal exercises. Happily, it seems the Ryan is always ready for more.

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Being a production assistant for BelAmi can be a very hard job as there is always a lot of paperwork to be done, signatures to be collected and material to be archived. To make it even harder, there are always many distractions to overcome as well, as we see with Rhys Jagger today. When he comes in to get Kevin to sign some paperwork he catches him in the middle of shooting an erotic solo with Tommy Poulain and is faced with dilemma of either getting Kevin’s signature or joining in the fun himself. Of course, as usual, he chooses the latter option, and decided that the Tommy needs a ‘daddy’ figure to teach him a few more things about making love

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We know that you were all looking forward to the set of images of Jamie Durrell that we had planned to be showing you today, but as he has a scene and interview as part of BootCamp this week, we decided to bump him a little further down the line and bring you the charming Jens Christensen instead. This is only the second time that Jens had visited our studios, the first being for his casting and he already seems to have lost any shyness that he may have had and shows no inhibitions when flaunting his lean and muscular body. Tall, handsome and hund, Jens already seems to have developed a bit of a following, so we hope that Eliot’s pictures today we will recruit a few more members into the Jens Christensen fanclub.

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This week we have someone you are all familiar with as our model of the week. Joaquin has been with BelAmi now for several years and played a major role in our Viva Colombia series as both model and interpreter. This set of pictures predates that trip and shows off Joaquin in prime physical condition, buff, tanned and sexy.

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Today’s scene features 2 of our most popular ‘small’ guys, Kevin Warhol and Nino Valens. Kev starts out by using an online translator to try and seduce Nino before Nino loses patience and makes it clear that he knows what Kevin wants anyhow. The scene is beautifully filmed for us by Luke, and the action is as hot as you would expect from two very experienced lovers. It’s a real treat for all the twink lovers out there and probably one of Nino’s best scenes on the site.

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We are back again with part 2 of our DP special here on BelAmiOnline. Our talented bottom today is newcomer Rick Palmer. Unlike most guys, Rick came to us supremely confident in his ability to handle any size of dick, so we hooked him up here with a very dynamic duo of Dylan Maguire and Jim Durden. Neither of them may be hugely hung, but together they are quite a handful (or in this case, butt-full).

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Matthieu Pique is one of the new boys that we introduced earlier in the fall with his hardcore debut. Matthieu started off as one of our BelAmiChat models before moving into filming with us, and this is his first photosession to be featured here on

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Jean-Luc and Danny are here today for this special couples photoset. While we are more used to seeing Jean-Luc paired up with Nino Valens, we think that Danny makes a perfect partner for him here. Both boys are handsome, lean, sexy and qualify under the banner of ‘twink’, making a nice contrast from the run of more athletic boys we have had recently.