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Canadian hottie Nikko Russo makes his CockyBoys debut helping to re-create Cory Kane’s nighttime sex fantasy! In a hotel room late at night Cory has texts with a hot stranger, invites him over, & leaves the door unlocked. So, when Nikko arrives Cory in naked on all fours on the bed waiting. He wastes no time taking out his cock to tease Cory’s hole with it, rim him and proceeding to kneel on the bed and feed Cory’s waiting mouth.

Cory gets so into sucking him that it inflames Nikko’s passion to makes out with him and diminish the anonymous nature of their encounter. He sucks Cory back with equal fervor and then turns him around to the position he found him and finally gives him the fucking he was waiting for. He slams into him deep and holds Cory’s hands behind his back.

Nikko soon fucks Cory from the side to be able to drive deep into him and periodically make out with him. But he soon takes full control turning Cory on his back to fuck him harder, faster and deeper and pin him to the bed. Nikko relentlessly drills Cory until he cums and then shoots a geyser over Cory. Cory licks his cock but Nikko is done! He gives Cory a pleasant kiss and heads out the with their hot encounter still lingering in the room.

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Bonjour! The only thing hotter than two guys speaking French during sex are the two sexy men themselves: French Twinks star Chris Loan and CockyBoys’ Carter Dane. They met in Paris during the Le Garзon Scandaleux shoot and Carter was taken with Chris’ charm and marble-sculpted muscles. So who else could welcome Chris to CockyBoys for a raw fuck?

Carter moves slowly on Chris, making his way from his feet to his lips. After kissing and caressing, Carter teases Chris’ hardening cock through his briefs before taking it out. Carter frenches the thick uncut rod and deep-throats it as he sucks and licks every inch as well as Chris’ big balls for extensive oral pleasure. Chris wants Carter’s beautiful ass but first makes out with him, worships his muscular chest and shows him that sucking cock & deep-throating are a French feature!

At last Chris gets Carter’s ass. He has him sit on his face to rim & tongue fuck him before turning him around to finger him. Chris wastes no more time and energetically fucks Carter hard before letting him ride his raw cock almost to the point of orgasm. But Chris waits till he pounds Carter on his back and fucks a thick load out of him. And while Carter is lying there Chris gives him a facial spurting from his helmet-head cock. Giddy Chris kisses a spent Carter and the two finish with bilingual gratitude. Au revoir, Chris!

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At last Boomer Banks gets with long time pal Jessie Colter for a CBFO/BOOMBOXXX scene..with some POV action! As an excited Jessie says when he strips and his hard cock pops out, “I’ve been ready for a LOOONG time!” He proves it by offering up his perfect ass for Boomer to eat out and manhandle and moan in response. Jessie gets his mouth on Boomer’s cock and sucks him enthusiastically, getting more excited when his nipples are played with. It’s an intense build-up for what they’ve waited five years!

Boomer slides his cock into Jessie who twerks on it to get him deeper. Bent over the couch Boomer thrusts into a gasping, moaning and demonstrably vocal Jessie who makes it clear how deep Boomer is inside of him. And when Boomer fucks him up against he wall Jessie’s insatiable ass takes it all with no limits.

On the bed bed Boomer thrusts into a limber & writhing Jessie on in his back. They kiss passionately and Jessie has to restrain himself from cumming by not touching his cock, until Boomer gives him the go-ahead. Jessie barely strokes himself and explodes in a cum shower which splatters all over him. His orgasm lasts and he remains hard as they still go at it. Finally after fucking Jessie from the side Boomer cums over his hole and slides it back in. Boomer plays with Jessie’s ass in what should be the afterglow..except for the fact that Jessie’s orgasmic high may last well after the camera stops!

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In this new episode of our “Just Being Me” series Mateo Vice & Clark Davis work out together and quickly bond, while revealing their respective body issues, and enjoying a condom-free outdoors flip-fuck! Yes, even these two sexy guys have insecurities and have both learned to love & accept themselves, physically and sexually,thanks in part to their experiences in porn.

Just outside the CockyBoys house the guys passionately kiss, but quickly an eager Mateo wants Clark’s cock. He slurps & deep-throats Clark’s steel hard dick and can’t get enough. But Clark soon wants to suck Mateo who happily and aggressively learns of Clark’s deep-throating skills…which are so good he almost makes Mateo cum. So Mateo changes direction by sitting on waiting Clark’s cock.

Mateo rides Clark and works his hole on his cock with increasingly uninhibited energy, amped up when Clark asks him to get rough. After Mateo rides him in reverse Clark offers up his own ass. Mateo can’t wait to eat his ass, whack it and enthusiastically fuck him hard and deep from behind. Clark begs for more and ecstatically rides Mateo right to the edge. BUT, Mateo wants to switch it up one more time…as Clark wants too..

With Mateo on his back Clark enters him, ready to fuck a load out of him, but barely pumps his cock into him before he has to pull out. And soon he jacks a heavy load that lands all over Mateo. As Clark rubs his cum over his smooth body, Mateo keeps striking his coick until he too splatters a thick load on himself. He’s still shaking as Clark kisses Mateo, at last spent and calmed down.

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For Troy Accola & Sean Ford the carefree and often nostalgic joys of summer at Camp CockyBoys include afternoon naps..and waking up from them in a very special way. Sean finds Troy snoozing on the sun porch and simply can’t resist planting sweet but deliberate kisses on him to wake him up…in more ways than one. Troy is more than happy with this greeting especially as Sean unzips his shorts and indulges in full oral pleasure with Troy’s cock and balls. While Troy luxuriates in this, he’s also naturally compelled to reciprocate by kissing, undressing and lovingly sucking Sean.

When Sean reaches over to finger Troy’s warm hole deeply, it ignites Troy’s even more passionate cocksucking and gives Sean ideas for his next move. And he spells it out by whispering to Troy “I wanna fuck you so bad”. First though he lies Troy down to thoroughly rim his smooth hole and tease him with his cock. This excites both of them so much Sean eases right in to fucking Troy deep. Sean is totally into topping Troy but it’s also totally natural for him to want Troy to be insode him.And so they easily switch roles.

Troy orally lubes up Sean with some targeted rimming and soon Sean is sitting on his cock riding him so deep in a cowboy and reverse cowboy that Troy’s big cock is barely visible. Sean & Troy get so into this position that Troy is on the edge, BUT he wants to cum with Sean inside him! And so Sean fucks Troy on his back almost in full control when he strokes Troy’s cock. Soon Troy pumps out a thick load as Sean thrusts into him. Seconds later Sean sits between Troy’s legs and with a little balls massaging from Troy, he cums on his abs. They rest in each other’s arms grateful for their time together today…and likely for the rest of the summer.

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Boomer Banks takes Wesley Woods in his latest intimate & condomless BoomBoxxx offering for CockyBoys Fans Only (CBFO) series. They begin in the shower consuming each other with deep, passionate kisses as Boomer asserts his power and putting Wesley to his knees. Wesley sucks every inch of Boomer, gets an approving dose of his spit and buries his mouth and tongue in his slick crack.

They affectionately dry each other off but Boomer takes Wesley to bed and gets on top to dry hump him and make him feel the power. He briefly rims Wesley, fucks him halfway and goes back and forth before finally thrusting every inch into him. As Boomer pins him to the bed Wesley experiences the pain/pleasure principle to the max, breathlessly moaning and begging Boomer not to stop. Turning Wesley to his side Boomer relentlessly fucks him to wide-eyed ecstasy and somehow manages pound him even deeper when he gets him on his back.

While still maintaining dominance Boomer takes a brief break by riding Wesley’s cock but soon he gets right back into his power top role by filling Wesley’s mouth and penetrating his worked over hole again. He fucks Wesley every which way and increases his force and speed just as Wesley gets louder as he cries out. As Wesley’s cries reaching glass shattering decibels Boomer pulls out to cum over his hole and slide his still hard cock back in. Wesley then sits on Boomer’s chest and after so much deep pounding and edging his balls churn up a thick facial on Boomer’s beard and both studs get a taste as they enjoy one last kiss.

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New CockyBoys Exclusive Mateo Vice is back for a raw flip-fuck with Ricky Roman! As they make out Mateo quickly sheds his shyness and luxuriates in the pleasure of Ricky’s passionate blowjob. His aggressive side comes out as he gets a willing Ricky to sit on his cock and they continue to make out almost non-stop as Ricky rides him.

After a very smooth transition Ricky sits back as Mateo sucks him back with equal passion and soon they get into a elevated 69. While Ricky’s cock is buried in Mateo’s throat he feasts on Mateo’s hole and gets him ready for bottoming. A quick position change and Ricky is soon pounding Mateo at an angle for maximum depth. And Mateo admits he’s never been fucked like this!

They keep up their flipping momentum on top of the bed as Mateo drills Ricky from behind and just as easily switches to riding his cock with the same intensity. It’s while riding Ricky that Mateo climaxes and unleashes thick globs of cum over his chest. Ricky slurps Mateo’s cock and then thrusts up into him until he too cums, pulling out to shoot and slide his cock back in.As they bask in the afterglow Ricky gives Mateo his seal of approval: “You’re a star, baby”

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From the moment their lips met for some lengthy passionate kissing Calvin Banks & Vincent O’Reilly are totally focused on one another, seemingly oblivious to the camera and their unseen audience. Once he gets Vincent naked Calvin goes down deep on him and gives him such pleasure that he’s inspired to give him his best effort..with some guidance from Calvin. When they wrap themselves up again in more kissing Calvin feels up Vincent’s big, rock solid ass and it garners all his attention.

As Vincent leans against the window he gives Calvin free rein over his monumental ass. Calvin can’t get enough of opening up Vincent with his hands and mouth and putting him in a state of sexual ecstasy. In bed they both get what they want in a 69 with Vincent swallowing Calvin while his ass gyrates in Calvin’s grasp. Soon though they’re back to being wrapped in each other’s arms kissing passionately. Calvin takes Vincent back to the window to fill his hungry hole with cock and soon learns that Vincent can take him deep and hard and still wants more.

Back in bed Vincent shows off his talent of twerking his hole on Calvin’s cock and astounding him with visual and sexual pleasure. Calvin pulls Vincent back against him so he can thrust into him and they flow into several limber positions. Finally Calvin gets Vincent on his back to rim and suck him and his feet and very shortly his cock hits the bullseye and makes Vincent shoot his load. Calvin sucks his sensitive cock but Vincent recovers quickly to suck all of his cock. In no time Calvin goes over the edge and shoots what may be his biggest load yet, hitting Vincent’s face but mostly going over his head.

You want to see real post-sex euphoria? It’s here as Calvin & Vincent smile, giggle and kiss in total satisfaction.

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The shade and seclusion of vivid desert rock formations is a perfect place to take a break…and to get some alone time when your hot hiking buddy is Sean Zevran. That’s what Taylor Reign has in mind and though Sean may act a little coy and playful he wants it too…and loves the attention. When Taylor tugs Sean’s shorts down, his rock hard springs up, ready to get some very thorough deep-sucking offered by Taylor.

Taylor’s inexhaustible cocksucking is only interrupted by Sean who turns him around and buries his mouth into his ass. As Taylor leans against the craggy rocks he’s vocally excited by Sean’s deep-tongue-fucking and by the hot risk of getting caught in the open. And if it was ever in doubt Taylor makes it clear he wants Sean’s cock inside him. Sean gives it hard and deep with a dominant edge, as relentless on his hole as Taylor was on his cock.

Thanks to their resourceful use of Taylor’s backpack Sean can pound him missionary style on top of a boulder, with relative comfort. They continue at fever pitch until Sean gets on top of the rock to face fuck Taylor and push him over the edge (sexually, not geologically) to stroke out a big load that flies everywhere. Taylor’s sexual energy is unaffected though and he returns to sucking Sean to orgasm with Sean giving him a thick facial.

And so, our intrepid hikers resume their trek, flouting convention as they head out over the sand wearing nothing but shoes.

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In Love, Lost & Found – Part 3 and on a day of multiple crossroads, Sean Ford may finally be waking up to reality about his ex, and yet barely acknowledges Francois Sagat who is just a few feet away. At the same time, Levi Karter reconnects with Troy Accola for his sage advice on open relationships. Meanwhile their respective boyfriends, Allen King & Jacen Zhu, are putting the pedal to the metal in another hotel room.

Allen & Jacen ravage each other as they passionately make out and instinctively take their roles in this spontaneous hook-up. When Jacen sits and pulls out his growing cock Allen falls to his knees to suck him and continues to service him as Jacen stands and face fucks him. At the same time, Jacen turns himself on playing with his nipples, vocally dominating Allen and watching himself in the mirror.

Bending Allen over on the bed Jacen takes his bubble butt by rimming slurping and eating him out with almost non-stop gluttony. Finally, Jacen breaks the spell and slides his cock into Allen’s naturally lubed up hole to fuck him deep. Allen can’t get enough of Jacen’s fucking and vocally incites him for more. Jacen flips him over with his cock buried inside him and picks up the momentum immediately He does take a break to orally enjoy what can never be overlooked: Allen’s uncut cock.

Jacen resumes fucking Allen on his back but in one effortless move, with his cock inside him, he picks him up and lies back so Allen can ride him. They move together instantly, feeding on each other’s sexual energy. In two adrenaline-fueled moments, Jacen leans forward to practically fuck Allen in mid-air and they both reach the edge. BUT, Jacen pulls them back so they can watch their climactic moment in the mirror. Turning him sideways he fucks the cum out of Allen whose intense orgasm is matched by Jacen’s as he shoots over his body. Now spent and in blissful calmness, Jacen & Allen wonder how their boyfriends are doing…

Later that night at a local club, fun is had by all, even for low-key Sean Ford. He’s about ready to split and turn in for the night he lights up when he spots Francois Sagat passing by. What will he do now?

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Sean Zevran is already in bed stripped down to his underwear and tugging at his wrist and ankle restraints when JJ Knight enters to begin a bondage session…in which Sean is a very willing participant. JJ is teasingly affectionate with Sean and his hardening cock and things get hotter as JJ strips naked and lies on top of him. He blindfolds Sean and enjoys his muscular body even more while adding more intensity to his sensory deprivation by using a feather tickler over his body.

JJ makes out with Sean but also runs a Wartenberg pinwheel across his sensitive skin before he finally takes out his cock to give it some oral attention. He even intensifies this by simultaneously using a FleshJack Quickshot on Sean’s shaft as he sucks him. As he continues, JJ feeds his cock to Sean’ hungry mouth and that spurs him to action. JJ takes off the blindfold, removes the ankle restraints and dives in to eat out his ass and start fucking him passionately.

As he fucks deeper JJ unshackles Sean in every way. With his wrists free Sean holds JJ tighter and soon his big, muscled ass is riding his thrusting cock. JJ doesn’t have order him around either. Sean readily bends over for heavy duty ass-pounding and flips again on his back so JJ can fuck a huge load out of him. Soon after that JJ stands above Sean who licks his balls in anticipation of a facial. But JJ’s load is so pent-up his cock shoots cum over Sean’s chest, shoulders, face and parts unknown. Smiling happily they kiss and BOTH offer a thank you for total satisfaction.

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When I began the ALL SAiNTS mythology—8 years ago! — with what I thought was going to be a short film called “The Haunting”, my intention was to create a fun update for Halloween. But something more stuck with me: my own ghost and the haunting of my mind — questions of what comes next and do the feelings of such connected love live on once our bodies cease to be.

This was a rabbit hole, that once explored, gave me both great joy and anguish — just like Love itself. It’s power so overwhelming and vividly real.

Of course, pondering these questions when faced with the day-to-day of living seems like a luxury when it feels like I am always struggling to “keep my head above the water.” Yet the more I explored my thoughts on this matter, the more I realized that who I am NOW will determine who I become in a future that is unknown.

And so “The Haunting” became my next project, “Answered Prayers” — my primal yell of anger at a world in which I felt like I had no control. And now three years later, I continue following what has become an expanded ALL SAiNTS mythology in my quest to better understand where I, and my holy gayness, have come from.

At first, I began my story with that same anger, born from my past and religion which has done more to enhance the power of kings of power to subjugate, repress and abuse so many people over time and even today. I wanted to prove a larger point — to prove to my mom and dad that they were wrong in their religious morals that became the cornerstone of my upbringing and that energy drove me as it has always done: with purpose and determination. Along the way of that journey, everything changed.

On a cold day last November, the first blizzard of the season signaled that winter had begun. The following day, the sun blazed bright, bouncing off the snow that blanketed the ground and the ice that covered the pond and encased the streams.

Having been pent up in the house for days, our dogs and I rejoiced in the sun’s rays and for a moment, the cold day seemed to go away. And just as excitedly as the day started, I watched helplessly as my biggest dog Joey stepped onto the ice-covered pond. I yelled out for her to stop and in doing so, she jumped back quickly, causing her to break through the ice; pawing at the air as she sank below.

My actions were quick — I tried to grab her but she dropped out of sight in what seemed like never-ending darkness, and without thought I jumped in after her, believing that my feet would hit the bottom.
But I sank.
My boots, designed to protect me from the elements, began to fill with water and dragged me into the fiery, ice-cold hell.

In her desperate fight for life, Joey climbed on top of me, and with what I believed may be the last of my living energy, I pushed her up over the stone wall and out of the pond. However, the force of that effort did not push me down further but rather somehow propelled me up. My hands found the rocks of stone wall, a calm came over me and I used the jagged stones to pull myself up and out of the water. Gasping for breath, my lungs and body feeling the pain of unforgiving cold — as I cried out for my husband to save me. And he did. Thankfully, all ended well, and I am still here to tell the tale but its effects on me are clear and will be lasting—some good and some I do fear. But I will never forget that brief moment of quiet, loneliness, cold and afraid — because that is when I discovered who i am, as i did my best to keep my head above the water.

Being right about what i think and believe is not important, how i AM is. Who i am NOW is all that matters; Who i become tomorrow is decided NOW. And in the nothingness of my mind i have discovered that The End is Just the Beginning.

Thank you all for your joyful, loving and enthusiastic embrace of these films — without your energy, and the tireless work of our Actors, they do not exist.

Love Always, JJ.

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Alex Mecum welcomes new Exclusive Wess Russel for his first CockyBoys scene AND his porn debut! Alex & Wess bond over their similar backgrounds & share their personal coming out experiences. They follow this with affectionate embraces & kissing and heartfelt compliments of one another that lasts throughout their special scene. Alex is already hard but wants to spend more time kissing & touching each other’s hard bodies and expressing mutual adoration. Even when Wess begins to suck him Alex simply wants the pleasure of feeling Wess on top of him.

Alex finally gives him the go-ahead to suck him and Wess takes the time to ask him how he likes it…and he delivers as Alex clearly shows. As they kiss Alex reaches around to caress Wess’ muscle butt and gently tease his hole. Wess eagerly takes off his shorts and soon he’s feeding his cock to Alex’s waiting mouth and face fucking him. In no time Wes moves down and slides down on Alex’s steel hard cock to ride him and as they move together, nothing is left unsaid in how much they’re enjoying this.

They move to the other side of the room where Alex bends Wess over to rim him and start fucking him. He thrusts deeper and Wess’s moans grow louder and include a request to ride Alex. He works his hole on Alex’s cock, lying back into it as Alex strokes him and they push each other closer to the edge physically & verbally. Just as Wess wants it, Alex turns him over to shoot a massive load over him. It doesn’t make his mouth as Wess really wanted but he feeds himself anyway.Soon after as Alex licks his balls Wess shoots his own load over his still cum slick body. They end as they began, wrapped in each other’s arms kissing, the difference being their connection is now complete.

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It’s summer fun for Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola! They both love this sexy time of year and have an extra reason to love it. After years of liking each other they finally meet and fulfill their sexy fantasies in this outdoor condom-free scene! In spite of all the anticipation they take it slow, kissing & playing with each other. Even when he gets the go-ahead, Troy mouth-teases Blake’s cock, then and sucks him deep and slow, making Blake desire him more.

Blake stands above Troy and verbally guides him along as he sucks his balls & chokes on his fantasy cock. Blake soon eagerly gives back, slobbering on his juicy knob and deep sucking an overjoyed Troy. After making out Blake turns over Troy and tongue fucks him until he’s more than ready for his cock. Blake slides in and buries his thick uncut cock to the hilt and slowly builds up to ramming speed, leaving Troy breathless.

When Blake asks Troy to ride him he eagerly obeys and works his hole up & down on Blake’s cock. Blake guides him along with dominant-light talk that’s just enough to drive Troy wild. Blake gets him on his back to calm him down a bit with affection-laced dirty talk. And when Troy is almost begging for it Blake fucks him again.

Blake drives his cock in deep again and builds momentum and intensity. It doesn’t take very long before he pushes Troy over the edge. He pumps a big load of cum out of his cock and it splatters over his body and arms. Blake is astounded and this pushes him to the edge. He pulls out and gives Troy a mouthful of cum and mini-facial. Troy sucks his sensitive cock dry and luxuriates in the taste and feel of cum. And they kiss Troy’s smile tells us this was well worth the wait.