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This is a very special video that’s near and dear to our cocks. Hunter and I are huge fans of oral sex and we often times host a late-night suck fest to wrap-up a big shoot. This is one of the hottest MaverickMenDirects after hours party we’ve ever seen. You’ll love watching these sexy boys make out, spank ass, eat ass, and deep throat lots of cocks. And there’s TONS of cum shots! I love it because it shows you how much fun our shoots can be. We’ve collected a few late night after hour videos like this, so stay tuned!

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Gocova is just in town for a visit but he knows what he wants to see most during his stay – a hot French stud impaled on his stiff cock. The chiseled dude quickly finds an Internet date with local power bottom Mike Tiger, who’s hairy hole gets opened up with some rimming before the scruffy slut is pinned to the wall for a rough fuck.

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Long, lithe, lean and ripped – sexy Dany Romeo has been hitting the gym and his rock hard likeable abs are certainly paying off. Dominque Kenique is as horned up as usual – so we just open the cages and let the hunks out, the guys are bulging in their jeans and ready for some cock ‘n’ bum fun!. Big ripped Dany can’t wait to slip that shirt off and show off his ripped body, with that great, fat, uncut dick standing proud. Dominique is no slouch and is on his knees rubbing the bloated helmet of Dan’s dick over his lips and the stubble of his face, mmmm so sensitive its nearly painful. Dany is pretty damn hungry too and can’t resist sucking that juicy tool, hanging heavy between Dominique’s muscular legs. Dany bends his hottie over and places his rigid prick to Dominique’s quivering hole, and slowly, pushes inside, he’ll get that hole good ‘n’ ready before he unleashes the full whirlwind of fuck. But hunky Dominique is horny as hell and ready for anything. Bending over, on his back, (just luv watching their hard bodies collide as Dany’s dick thrusts into Dominique’s welcoming hole). All this nasty fuckery and Dominique’s obsession with hairy armpits and long foreskins, YUM!

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Disgraced former senator Mike Cauke is back—and this time, he’s out to pass anti-discrimination legislation as his CAUKEPAC turns red heat into blue balls. Are you ready to get poled for this all-important vote? TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch and Jesse Jackman learn how fun it is to flip when they get Cauke for FREE. Mike Cauke (Matthew Bosch) celebrates support for his bill with a boner—and with former marine Alex Mecum, the two slurping each other’s slabs before flip fucking. House Speaker Ryan Paul (Alex Graham) gets some nudging from lobbyist Jesse Jackman to bring the bill to the floor—a deal sealed with a kiss, some sucks and a balls-deep fuck. Turned on by the scandalous sex in the Speaker’s office, special agent Jason Vario and lobbyist Bruce Beckham swallow each other’s cocks before Bruce offers his hole. Sharp-dressed Jason Vario has Alex Graham’s back—and his mouth, which chokes on his big uncut gun as thanks for his silence. Alex stays rock hard as he rides the alpha agent. When the bill passes, Mike Cauke (Matthew Bosch) celebrates with retired senator Jesse Jackman—who worships his colleague’s big dick before they take turns on each other’s ass.

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Andrea is full of Spanish heat and a natural born model, the guy can’t take a bad photograph! Tight muscular body with all the goods destined for porn and a thick long cock that just begs to be sucked. What he lacks in the English language he more than makes up for with passionate on-screen performance. This boy is a fireball of hard fucking excitement!

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Magic truly happens here at Helix Studios. We see this on display once again as what appears to be just another very pretty and playful photoshoot with Brad Chase, Evan Parker, and Troy Ryan transforms into a hot & heavy threeway throw-down. Don’t miss your favorite freshmen as they engage in a superb suckfest, sizzling spitroast, and double-barrelled facial finale in this absolutely exquisite twink trifecta.

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Mickey Taylor, early 20s, sex-starved English porno punk, tattoos covering his body. Dan Broughton, dirty blond hair, active fucker from England, late 20s, a trained, muscular bod with a hard XL boner and tattoos. Guillaume Wayne, blond top from France, mid 20s, buff athlete’s figure with tattoos. Sweaty fuck session, with Mickey getting pounded until he groans hard from the two older tops sharing his hole.

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Sergey is so adorable and when he didn’t pay close enough attention while staying at my place he soon found himself tied up and bound to one of my tickle chairs. Oops. While a bit scared of his predicament, Sergey is a good sport and endured much in the way of tickle torture here. His size 13 feet looked fantastic all tied up and ready to be tickled. I wrapped plastic around his legs, so he could barely move. So, with his hands tied above his head and his huge feet at my disposal, it goes without saying that I wasted no time tormenting Sergey’s feet, ribs and armpits with my fingers and tickle tools. And long after he went crazy and laughed his ass off. What as laugh he has, too!

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Aron’s a bit shy on camera, he’s still not comfortable showing his face, but he has no qualms at all about giving up his hole to master fister Sky! This piggy bottom might as well be bottomless, with his arm slicked to the elbow, Sky punches his fist deep in this boy’s hole. Sky’s arm pumps inside Aron as the boy moans in piggy delight.

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Men who have been in and out of prison almost their entire lives cannot behave like the rest of us. They often create crazy situations wherever they go and in jail they do not calm down. When they kick off they are surrounded by their own kind. The guards put up with these characters for a certain length of time but then it calls for more extreme measures to show them who is really in charge. They have to dominate and degrade each prisoner and this water mistreatment is one of the most effective ways of knocking the stuffing out of these noisy, aggressive little brutes.