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I’ve got so many requests for this one! Finally here it is! Zack Lemec’s Naked Chef scene, un edited! Meaning that you’ll have access to every inches of footage taking that day, including in-between takes, bloopers and extra footage. See all the fun we had shooting it and… how about Zack’s amazing body!!! Worth watching and worth adding to your Maskurbate collection! Enjoy!

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Double the length of the original release, this unedited version features the entire footage of Manuel Deboxer’s milking machine tryout. More muscle worship, sucking and laughter on the menu! A must see!

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This exclusive raw footage version of Francis first audition features a never-seen-before interview and comments from both the cameraman and Francis during the shooting. Want to see more of his huge cock? This one’s for you! Enjoy!

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Hot jock Carl showed up for his 5th scenes full of scratches. When asked about it, he answered that those were the results of hot torrid sex. This week, I give you access in exclusivity to the entire raw footage of Carl’s unmasked scene. Another amazing body, another great performance concluded by an explosion of cum. A must see!

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This exclusive raw edition features hot bodybuilder Calvin’s first porn audition ever. You’ll access never-seen-before measurements, longer interview, in-between takes and never-seen-before shots of his amazing body as he strips, jerk off and shoots a big thick load. A must see for all muscle lovers!

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Sebastien showed up for his first porn audition ever in a perfect shape. It looked like he’s done this for a long time, a natural! I decided to treat you this week with the entire unedited raw footage of his debut! You’ll see and hear everything that happened during this steamy shooting. What a performer and mostly, what a body Sebastien has! A must see!

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Montreal’s hot young bodybuilder Frank L contacted me to do another scene with him. This week, I’m releasing for the first time the entire raw footage of that shooting. You’ll have access to lots and lots of new content, our conversations between each takes, new close-ups, slow motions and much more. You’ll feel you are in the room with us! Wanna know what’s happening during our porn shoots? Watch this and enjoy! Reality at its best! 🙂

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Watch in exclusivity, the unedited shoot of hot muscular stud William’s RED scene! For the first time, I’m releasing the entire content for your own pleasure. More muscles, hot cock and never-seen takes. Enjoy!

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Many of you asked for it so there it is, the exclusive full unedited version of Ricky’s Big Hose scene! More of Ricky from behind-the-scenes to full action. Filled with never-seen sequences. For all huge cock lovers! Enjoy! 😉

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Sam Cuthan, one of the recent emerging pornstar, made his first masked appearance on Maskurbate a few years ago. Unfortunately, a lot of footage was taken out during editing at that time for length reasons so I decided to offer you this week the full unedited shooting. Sam is so hot that every second of his performance is a delight and in this version you’ll have a lot more to savour! Enjoy!

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David Boss and Peter Lipnik met for the first time for this Muscle Worship/Straight Blowjob scene. I’ve had the pleasure to watch the entire original shooting and couldn’t resist to share it with you. Nothing has been left out! Everything that was caught on tape that day is in the scene. So here’s the exciting exclusive access to David and Peter’s raw footage. Enjoy!

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Here’s the entire footage of Zack Lemec’s Powertool scene, including an exclusive look at the behind-the-scene, comments from Zack and Pascal, and never-seen-before takes. If you’re like me, you’ll never see enough of Zack! Enjoy!

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For the first time, exclusive unedited raw version of Angelo Godshack’s cam scene filmed by himself. Watch the entire footage that Angelo filmed that day!

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I am bringing you this week this exclusive entire footage of my meeting with Robert. This is a true story. I first contacted him on an online dating service. He really was excited to have me worship his body from head to toe. He didn’t mind me filming the entire thing and this is the first time that you get to see all of it. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did shooting it!