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Tyson’s debut was a huge hit and the good comments he got encouraged him to come back for an encore. This time I wanted him to show me how he fucks. It’s always really exciting to see those hot dudes in action. Simply watching how intense he got with our prop, almost destroying it, you can tell that he likes hard sex. He delivered a huge cumshot then played with it. This guy is so unique and open-minded. Who knows what he’ll do next!

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This is Ricci Hulk’s debut on Maskurbate. Straight muscled guys are always attracted bywearing the famous mask. I guess they feel more comfortable to let go their inhibitions. I don’tknow Ricci very well but he looked very confident in front of me and my camera. He’s got atough look but he’s a really sweet guy. He told me he liked his audition very much and wouldbe interested in doing another one. So I guess we’ll see him very soon!

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Our cameraman is always on the lookout for new potential talents. This time, he encountered young Marty as he was leaving the grocery store. We gently offered him money so we could have a look at his young muscular body. After a few minutes of negociation, he agreed as long as he wore the mask. So they went to our storage garage nearby and started taking pictures. The old concierge was a few meters away, painting the outside of the garage, which added to the excitement. Marty started stripping and his cock got stiffer and stiffer as our cameraman was taking pictures from every possible angles. We think the old concierge took a peek during our recording but we’re not totally sure. One thing is certain, Marty is a very promising pornstar. Hope you’ll like him as much as we did!

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Our cameraman enters Max’s home as he was taking a shower. His intention was pretty obvious, he wanted to capture Max’s morning routine but did not expect to find him that horny and excited.

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This Behind-the-scene is very precious to me. Not only this scene was one of my favorite reality style shooting I did, but I also captured a conversation I had with Brad about one of his friend Zack Lemec. So this BTS was asked by many of our members and it starts with that discussion, when I’m asking Brad if his friend would do a scene for me. After that we get down to business and make sexy Brad try my penis pump then cum in a condom so I can taste his sperm.

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Sometimes the simplest idea is the most exciting. I always fantasized about entering a sexy friend’s property and watch him take a shower and jerk off. Of course, knowing that he wouldn’t mind when he finds out!

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I’m very excited to introduce you to Victor, a new addition to the Maskurbate models. This guy is very massive. It doesn’t look like it but he’s 6 feet tall! His muscles are very well developed for his young age. This is his first masked audition, and I think he did great for a first experience. Hope you’ll like him and surely we’ll see him back in more masked adventures!

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I received some friends over for a New Year’s Eve party and Brad was of course one of my main dishes hehe. Seriously, he decided to prank one of my drunk guest by cumming in his glass of wine while I was making sure no one entered the kitchen.

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Obaid the Giant is back for his second masked solo. Fans received his debut really well and wanted to see him again. Unfortunately, he had some difficulties to get in the mood but our cameraman came to the rescue and offered him a hand. He responded so well to our crew’s help that he asked for more. Obaid’s physique is amazing and seeing his huge cock in the hand of another man makes this scene a must-see for all muscle worship lovers.

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One of my favorite muscle worship/handjob scene! I think the best way to feel the sexual tension and fun we had that day is to present you the full uncut segments with very little distractions (visual effects, music etc). Watching it I still feel the sensation of my hands on Patrick’s muscles, his cock expanding while I gently stroke it. The nervous laugh of a straight dude’s transition to orgasm is so exciting! A must see!

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Last Friday, my colleagues organized a Masquerade ball for Halloween. Lots of uninvited guests showed up, but who cares, they all had gorgeous bodies and we already had too much to drink. I was glad I rented a room at a nearby hotel. As I remember, around midnight, I was lying on the couch and I heard someone walking in front of me. I opened up my eyes and saw a shadow. A muscled silhouette dancing inches away from me. I saw part of his face. He wore a mask. Who is that masked stranger? He obviously was at the ball. Why is he here? What is he going to do?

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This is Obaid first appearance on Maskurbate. He always wanted to try something like this but was afraid to show his face on a major scale porn site. This 6’5 gentle giant contacted us to audition two weeks prior to the shooting. We made sure to quickly schedule him before he changes his mind. His body is everything we are looking for: masculine, muscular, lean, beautiful skin with a nice 8 inches uncut cock. Like every newcomer he was nervous at first butquickly got in the mood and delivered us a great performance. What’s even more exciting is that Obaid is interested in trying new experiences with other guys. So this is very promising!

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Zack Lemec’s first audition for Maskurbate is now revisited by its creator with more footages and never-seen point of views. A must see for all Zack’s fan! Enjoy!

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This week we’re excited to present to you brand new footages of Pascal worshipping hot stud JP. We found never seen before footages of a second camera that was on location during the shooting of Office Suck 5. More than 50 minutes of behind-the-scenes, as if you were sitting in the corner of that office! Enjoy!

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Brand new Director’s cut of the classic muscle worship scene Devon Dexx & Fook. The original scene’s Director, Pascal, watched all the steamy footage before re-editing it from scratch. The chemistry between the two models is even more evident in this revisited version. Enjoy!