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Maskurbate is back in Montreal with its creator, Pascal, behind the camera! And what a better way to start than with bodybuilder Frank L! Located in a very luxurious suite, this shooting brings back what made Maskurbate stand out from the crowd. The way it is shot, the angles, the slow motions, the close-ups of the model’s muscles, the music that adds to the mood, in other words things that are very distinctive to Pascal’s productions. Regarding Frank L, well he’s still sexy as hell, showed up with a more massive muscled body and delivered one of the best cumshot we’ve seen in a while! Oh, and we made sure to take amazing close-ups of his ass!

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Tim is brand new to all of this, so of course he had to be teamed up with a guy who can really show him a good time. Eric and his big cock are on hand to show young Tim what a cock tastes like, how good dudes suck cock, and how it feels to get that tight young ass filled with hard and throbbing jock boner!

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Sometimes when you watch raw footage of previous clips you find that the uncut version was way more exciting than the edited one! This is the case with the Blowing Jeremy scene. In this uncut version you can feel the nervousness and sexual tension between Pascal and model Jeremy. The full unedited blowjob sequences are amazing as you can watch the build up that led to Jeremy’s orgasm. A must see, again and again!

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