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Trevor Harris gets the shock of a lifetime when he finds his boyfriend Brandon Anderson cheating on him with Jayden Marcos! But, when Jayden apologizes and reveals he didn’t know Brandon was taken, he invites Trevor over for a dinner that sparks into a wonderful evening. But is Trevor ready to move on? Or do his feelings for Brandon still burn brightly?

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It’s amazing where a night of overdoing the partying can get a young lad. Banged up inside! It’s great when these men sober up and realise what they’ve done and that they are going to be incarcerated for what they can hardly remember doing. Fit young men who find themselves at the mercy of hardworn prison officers who don’t take any nonsense. The first thing they do is really embarrass them by stripping the sucker totally naked and having a good old look at what he’s got in his pants. No secrets in jail son! This man’s a case in point. He’s more used to spending his Summer month’s sunning himself in holiday resorts but instead is facing 3 months inside. No girls to chase in here mate and you won’t be drinking those beers either! In their place are cold showers and having your precious virgin arsehole inspected at regular intervals. His cock and balls come in for scrutiny too and what sort of hole is he packing? The sweet little pucker is going to get a lot of attention now. A proper short sharp shock awaits this boy’s bumhole. Ha ha!

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In a busy shower room my camera catches these horny young guys completely nude. He’s totally fuckable and I could spend an age watching him in the all together! He slowly cleans his powerful body and scrubs clean his sweaty arse crack.

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I’ve got so many requests for this one! Finally here it is! Zack Lemec’s Naked Chef scene, un edited! Meaning that you’ll have access to every inches of footage taking that day, including in-between takes, bloopers and extra footage. See all the fun we had shooting it and… how about Zack’s amazing body!!! Worth watching and worth adding to your Maskurbate collection! Enjoy!

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Double the length of the original release, this unedited version features the entire footage of Manuel Deboxer’s milking machine tryout. More muscle worship, sucking and laughter on the menu! A must see!

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At TheCastingRoom, we’ve got the hottest fans! David first became aware of us as a keen viewer of our videos. He’s racked up a lot of experience both in his personal life and making porn and performing in live sex shows. But we make the kind of edgy and kinky material that’s perfect for him. As natural bottom he likes it as raunchy as possible. His handsome good looks and sexy natural body make him versatile for a lot of roles so we’d be keen to try him out in a number of position.

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Best, straight friends, Kelly Cooper and Ian Madrox share everything; even an afternoon of mutual masturbation. Watch the cum fly as these two straight friends lay side by side and jerk off their cocks.

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This exclusive raw footage version of Francis first audition features a never-seen-before interview and comments from both the cameraman and Francis during the shooting. Want to see more of his huge cock? This one’s for you! Enjoy!

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In a red and white singlet, socks and sneakers the super cute Koby Lewis sits in the locker room. He’s full of energy and can’t wait to crack on and show off for the camera. We have a natural exhibitionist here folks! Firstly we chat a little, learning a bit about what makes Koby tick. He’s a horny boy from the English West Country, prefers to bottom and he likes big dicks. Enough said! Looking like a fresh young Jock in his almost virginal white gear, fresh meat he is but inexperienced he is not! Giving himself a good rub down, he reaches for the baby oil, slicking up his tight body, getting right in between each ab crevice, making his cute cub paw print tattoos shiny and giving the camera a sexy glance. Tweaking his nipples and breathing deeply, the straps come down, his cock is getting harder and can’t really be contained by the singlet anymore. Pulling his dick out, he’s so hard and skyward pointing it practically follows the line of his hard stomach straight up. I swear it touches his belly button when he’s upright, hands free! One of those hard-one that could save the universe!! Or something! Beating himself off super slowly, feeling every inch of his cock up and down, he grabs a toy out of a nearby locker. Black, ridged and cone shaped, he lubes it up, sticks it to the bench and straddles it. Easing him self all the way down on it and back up again, you can tell he’s enjoying every bump! Bouncing up and down on his new toy, he’s giving us a real show! Laying back, pushing the plug in as deep as he can into his bubble butt you can tell he could take a lot more. Bringing himself close to the edge, he’s gonna cum, spurting on his tight abs. Exhausted, he flops back on the bench, sticky, Lubey and sweaty.

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Devin joins Nolan outside for some friendly jerking off as they stroke their cocks together.

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Hot jock Carl showed up for his 5th scenes full of scratches. When asked about it, he answered that those were the results of hot torrid sex. This week, I give you access in exclusivity to the entire raw footage of Carl’s unmasked scene. Another amazing body, another great performance concluded by an explosion of cum. A must see!

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Smouldering and sexy Hunter Styles is about to get his cock out for the first time on camera! In a dark grey vest and black gym shorts with bright neon yellow cords, he fully inspects himself, hands and eyes graze and trace across every muscle and hairy section of his body. Whipping his vest off he grabs onto his pierced nipple and shows off his lightly hairy chest. His eyes move around the locker room, his imagination running wild about what he should do next. Getting up, he makes his way to the steel wall, leaning his shoulders back onto it, cooling his warm, tanned skin and peeling his sports shorts down to reveal an absolutely tiny red and black jockstrap. Hard grabbing of the jock pouch doesn’t last long, he wants to get out and play! Thick, dark pubes followed by his thick cock, he goes for the nipple again and starts to wank slowly. Taking his dick from thick and heavy to full mast, hard cock glory, the boy is horny, breathing deeply and has a serious look on his face. Moving round in front of the lockers he bends over and pulls his arse cheeks apart, showing off his beefy butt and smooth hole, sticking sa few fingers up there for good measure. He groans in pleasure, spins round and continues to beat his hard dick, playing with his pre-cum, polishing his cock head with it. Taking the bench he lays back and works on edging his dick. When it comes too much for him to bear he sits up and blows his uber thick creamy load.

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Straight, skater, punks, Cain and Viper share a mutual jerk off session. Cain shoots a creamy white, thick load of cum on his belly, but Viper sends a cum load flying over his head.