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In the new video at CFNMTV, sometimes it feels like nothing can go right – no matter what you do. When Carl arrives at the swimming pool he has no idea of what awaits him. How events will conspire to leave him stark naked and at the mercy of a gaggle of girls. The young lad is about to go on a journey of discovery that will be beyond his wildest dreams.

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This is Obaid first appearance on Maskurbate. He always wanted to try something like this but was afraid to show his face on a major scale porn site. This 6’5 gentle giant contacted us to audition two weeks prior to the shooting. We made sure to quickly schedule him before he changes his mind. His body is everything we are looking for: masculine, muscular, lean, beautiful skin with a nice 8 inches uncut cock. Like every newcomer he was nervous at first butquickly got in the mood and delivered us a great performance. What’s even more exciting is that Obaid is interested in trying new experiences with other guys. So this is very promising!


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The three dominant masters at BrutalTops don’t take no for an answer. On his knees, the sub looks up to see the tall, muscular naked men sneering down at him. They shove their big hard cocks down his throat and push his face into their butt cheeks making him lick their assholes out. Choking on a handsome Master’s thick hard prick could be seen as a reward rather than a torment, so they gob into his mouth and two full snot rockets are delivered directly into the sub’s face and mouth.


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Since initially coming across strip search footage I’ve been feverishly hunting down more raw videos. Here is a great one and I think you’ll agree that all my tough looking and sucking up to a number of in-prison sources has been totally worth it. Prisoner searches are completely routine – officers unexpectedly burst into any cell they want to inspect anytime they please, and it’s just tough shit for the complaining prisoners. After an outbreak of prison theft allegations the officers in this horny segment decide to start filming themselves and the prisoners to protect themselves – I’ve got the great footage here for you to enjoy.

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At, the Headmaster and school faculty are keen to show the snooping police detective that they are only concerned with edifying artistic activities at this educational institution. Naturally that includes the time honoured tradition of life modelling. The pervy men get off on ganging up and humiliating the stark naked oaf while putting his arse on full display!

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I’m waiting for this handsome guy as he enters the changing room to remove his work clothes. He checks out his good looks first before flopping out his impressive cock and showing off his arse. His balls are clearly on display, and I’ve managed to film a great view of his impressive arse. This guy reminds me of the kind of guy I used to hang around with when I was younger. He looks like such an innocent guy that he’d be completely ignorant of the fact that I’m lusting after him and want to ram his cock into the back of my mouth.

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At, the security guards can see what a privileged little golden boy Damian is, but now he’s on their turf and has to play by their rules. He’s been stripped and taken through increasingly degrading sexual tasks. They bend him over to take advantage of his pert virgin arse and stretch his sphincter in every kind of position. All Damian’s schoolmates who looked up to him will now laugh as he passes them limping with a sore arse and dizzy from having his balls drained!

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In the new video at CFNMTV, the utter humiliation Gary feels at losing his job has been replaced by a desperate desire to impress the powerful boss of the club. He’d do anything to get this job and avoid having to confess to his girlfriend that he’s out of work – his pride simply won’t let him. But the women at Mantis have high expectations – demanding a cum-shot from each and every dancer.

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Scott Demarco has been in the industry for about 3 years, maybe a little more. Scott likes to make people laugh and has an incredible sense of humor. Shy at first, once Scott warms up to you, he admits that he can talk your ear off. Scott goes to the gym quite regularly and loves to work out. His hunky physique is quite evident towards the end of the interview when Scott kneels up on the bed and begins playing with his cock which is growing stiff in his shorts. He pulls his thick cock from his shorts and starts stroking while one hand gently rubs his tight, slightly furry pecs. Scott strips out of his shorts, grabs the bottle of lube and rubs the lube into his stiffening cock. He lays back on the bed jerking his big cock as he pulls on his balls. Scott rolls over and turns his ass to the camera. His hand explores his tight ass as he shows off his furry hole. Rolling back over on the bed Scott grabs his rock-hard dick and heads for the finish line. His breathing deepens, his balls almost entirely disappear as he blows a thick wad of jizz all over his washboard abs. scene

At, the suited bastards have used Marc’s arse and notice how his cock stiffened in reaction to their insistent prodding. Now they crowd around the hot naked office boy demanding he tug himself off while they watch and mock him. How fucking shameful it is stroking his hard dick while they grab his nuts! Now he’ll forever be known throughout the whole business as the office wanker desperately licking up his own sperm!


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After JJ Knight’s little adventure in the woods with an unknown Slutsville resident, the guys decide to pull over for the night to get a little R&R. There is clearly something in the air in Slutsville, as a brief encounter with the motel attendant leaves Lukas Daken horny as fuck and wanting nothing more than to pound the hell out of Ken Summers’ ass.

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Karel Lazek is a very handsome 22 year old straight guy. He is a student who enjoys sports, jogging and swimming. He looks very good indeed in this shoot, flashing a smile as he poses for the camera. When he lifts his tee shirt it reveals his sexy body with a nice amount of hair on his chest. Then the tee shirt is removed and Karel’s sexy upper body is revealed. It looks very good indeed. Opening his jeans he shows some cock and nice dark pubic hair. After posing, with his hands behind his head to let us enjoy that sexy body he turns and lowers his jeans to give a great view of his sexy ass. Having enjoyed that hairy ass we then get to see the cock and balls as Karel removes his jeans. Then he kneels of the chair, ass to camera, so that his butt cheeks part and show on his hot, hairy, hole. Reaching back he pulls the cheeks further apart to give an even better view of his hole. Then it is time for some stiff cock and Karel makes very good wood. He stands and turns to the side to show it off perfectly. Then he moves back to the chair and we get more of that beautiful stiff cock before he raises his legs and spreads his cheeks to show off the tight hole again. He looks great as he wanks that cock to a very nice finale.