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Adam and Nick find each other in the washroom as they attempt to clean up after their day out, needless to say that playful Adam has something else in mind as he splashes Nick with water which leads both boys to get close and kiss, of course it’s not long now for Nick to go down and entertain Adam in the best possible manner, by sucking his soft dick making it harder with every blow. Nick gets his fair share too, as Adam too gives Nick’s meaty shaft a good suck. in preparation of what’s to come. By now both boys are deeply in the mood, and Nick has Adam on the wash basin where he rims his hole before putting in his thick dick. It goes without saying that Adam likes them big, and he loves his hole gaping, so this was a perfect match for him as throughout the scene they fuck in some of the most opening positions they can think of leading to an impressive cumshot from both boys.

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These two social media addicted twinks will do absolutely anything for a like or two! Denis is first to go down on his buddy, caressing and kissing his way down to finally get his hands on his buddies cock, where after kissing his balls, he goes down and deep before flipping him over to rim out his ass. With some spectacular doggy style fucking, Adam is getting his ass full, and gaped by Denis, Adam just can’t keep Denis’ cock away from one of his holes, as soon he pulls out he sucks it and hops back on to ride it out, until at the end he’s laying on his back where he shoots his load all over himself.

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With a short introduction Q&A from Adam, which has made him horny and ready to fuck, Adam wastes no time and starts kissing and guiding him to what and how he likes it, and quickly is removing Sam’s underwear to discover the cock beneath, to suck and enjoy it before making Sam suck his cock, which is still soft, but hard in no time with Sam’s trained mouth and hand! Whilst having Sam suck his cock, Adam is fingering himself to anticipate himself for what is still to come, as Adam now sits and bounces on Sam’s cock, before blasting his load all over him self later on in the scene.

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After a short intro where Curtis tells us about his first experience and some of his likes, the boys dive straight in kissing each other, and Adam eagerly touching Curtis’ package, it goes without saying at this point that Adam is hungry for a dick, and that shows as barely 5 minutes into the scene he already has his lips wrapped around Curtis’ rock hard ramrod. Curtis, also gets his fair share of Adam’s dick, although his thoughts are elsewhere, as soon his tongue is diving in Adam’s hole preparing him for the fuckfest that awaits! It goes without saying that Adam loves Curtis’ dick as after being fucked on all 4’s he soon is on top of curtis to ride his dick!

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Daniel is very happy to see Joel after a while since seeing eachother, and Joel with an arkward call from his mum steps out of the room, Daniel notices another type of vibration coming from the bedside table, and to no surprise it’s one of Joel’s dildos! Joel to avoid hearing more about it, he starts kissing Daniel to try and forget about the dildo, and these two start getting intimate quite quickly as they both remove their clothes and remain in their underwear. It’s not long nowbefore both boys are sucking each others dicks and Joel is using the dildo to help with Daniel’s erection. After playing with Daniel’s hole for a while with the dildo and getting him to open up, it’s normal that this could only end up with Daniel riding Joel’s dick, making both boys moan in pleasure, and only wanting more!

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Daniel is quick to get in Lucash’s pants, but that doesn’t really come as a surprise as after that sexual interview, who wouldn’t? With some eager sucking from Daniel, Lucash is rock hard, and Daniel isn’t shy of going all the way down to get a taste of every inch of what he has to offer. It comes to no surprise that Daniel tries to take over the situation by guiding Lucash into what he likes and how he likes his cock being sucked. But Lucash is no fool and knows exactly what he want’s to do with this boy, so with some rimming he’s preparing to take Daniel to a whole new level, as soon his cock will be pounding his hole!

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Starting off in no mans land, Rodion takes a break looking into the distance in hope to find the rest of his team, unfortunately this doesn’t happen, so Denis and Duke head back to base as they can’t find Rodion. Upon arrival Denis and Duke start to get naked, whilst kissing and adoring each others bodies, and just as Dennis is about to whip out Dukes dick, Rodion appears, and is very quickly sitting on the bed and being stripped by these two boys! Very quickly Rodion is sat naked with Denis’ face right on his groin, ready to suck every inch of his cock which just gets harder in his mouth, and Rodion returns the favour to Denis as he stands for Rodion to suck as Duke is sucking him! Soon Rodion is riding Denis as Duke is sucking his cock, and Duke gets his fair share of Rodions cock as these boys change positions.

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Some twinks are so adorable, running around a tree butt naked, but the moment it starts to rain these two boys have a different game in mind to play. Adam soon has his lips entangled with Jamie’s, and needless to say these two boys are rock hard already in anticipation of what’s to come. Jamie is quick to drop down to his knees where he sucks Adam’s cock which does not leave him indifferent. For sure at this stage Jamies ass is deeply in need of some rimming which is just what Adam does, leaving Adam moaning in pleasure with his hole deeply in need of something inside, which first will be Adam’s finger before inserting his by now rock hard dick. This is until Jamie wants to get his fair share of ass also, and Adam is pleased to give a hand, or an ass in this case to please all of Jamies deep desires.

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These two have got something going, as Jake’s bulge moves whilst talking to Lucas! Lucas is far from dim, and as soon as they start kissing his hand is on Jake’s bulge, rubbing and soon stroking his perfect penis. With a few sucks these boys are soon in a 69 position and very much so, showing the excitement! Jake however want’s to take things even further and rims Lucas’ hole to prepare him for the excitement fueled fuck that’s to come!

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It’s nice to have familiar faces come back, as is the case of Beno, looking better than ever, if I may add. It goes without saying that when you’re away for a while, the cum-back couldn’t be better! Having said that Luce seems very happy to see Beno as he is rock hard from the first minute, and soon Beno follows, it goes without saying that as soon as he sees Beno’s hard dick his mouth is soon surrounding it, performing a fine blowjob, that only makes Beno’s urge to fuck even stronger!

As soon as Beno get’s the chance to, he’s back on top of Luce, kissing and moving eroticly rubbing his dick with Luce’s, and even gives him his cock again for him to suck and play with his balls, needless to say that by now Beno just can’t wait any more, and rimms Luce’s hole, to prepare him for the final assault. Which is undoubtedly going to be a Beno style all the way style penetration that Luce will always remember.

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It’s a perennial festive dream for many a guy, but how many lads actually get to enjoy Santa unloading his sac in person? Well, rookie STAXUS star, Jacob Dolce, is one of the lucky few; as handsome tattooed beaut, Beno Eker, arrives as a very horny Santa, ready to make the young punk’s dreams cum true! Which in this particular instance involves Eker giving the cash-strapped newbie the kind of high-octane bareback fuck that a good many of us would love any morning – not just at Christmas! First, however, there’s the opportunity for Dolce to see what his seasonal visitor has got stashed inside his pants; signalling the start of a terrific session of fellatio from both buddies. It’s not too long, however, before Dolce’s basic instincts are being indulged big time, as he finds himself down on his back with his legs akimbo – Eker eagerly rimming his hairless arsehole in anticipation of the hard, raw shag that’s now very firmly on the cards. Suffice it to say this is one frisky Santa who doesn’t hold back, as the handsome rookie is quite literally pummelled in a whole series of positions; resulting in a tsunami of cum being coated over Dolce’s ass, before the lad yanks out a load of his own!

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With the scouting season coming to an end for Jamie, theres no better way of saying farewell than with Jake Stark to cheers up the young lad in the best way he can! With both boys kissing and stripping eachother Jamie is quick to go down to his knees and start sucking on Jakes cock, and too gets down to get a taste of Jamie’s cock, But Jakes true nature is pleasing, so he follows jamies lead which takes him to a bench where with his legs spread open, Jamie starts rimming Jakes ass whilst jerking himself off. It’s not long now before Jamie has his cock inside of Jake who groans in pleasure at every stroke. Needless to say this boy will now be leaving the scouts a little happier!

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It’d seem hot sweaty twinks do just the trick for Luce, as when Peter returns from his run they both kiss passionately whilst Peter strips each other down, and they both start touching each others bulging crotches, to the point where Peter removes everything except for Luce’s jockstrap, which he moves out the way to suck his beautiful cock and balls making the boy harder and more excited with every stroke. Soon the tables flip as Luce goes down on Peter’s hard pierced cock, stroking and sucking in the most erogenous ways. Peter soon takes the boys pleasure to the next level, as he sucks his cock and fingers his hole in preparation of what’s to come, needless to say with Luce’s perfect pucker it’s not long for Peter to get his cock inside the boys ass making him moan in pleasure at every stroke to the point where he cums all over himself whilst having Peter fucking his hole!

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Some people just love hair, as is the case for Daniel, who confesses his love for long haired guys as seen in this scene, Daniel sucks and jerks Steves cock, whilst playing with his hair. Steve too get’s his hair share of cock, as Daniel has him kneel to suck him off, before going down to perform some fantastic rimming. It goes without saying that Daniel truely loves to ride Steve’s cock as both the boys moan in pleasure as they both have fun in this riding position.

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These two boys definitely have something going on between them, Joel and Jamie laying on the grass in the garden is most definitely something we’d love to see if we were their neighbours! With their provocative ways, Jamie is soon enjoying Joels mouth, running up and down every inch of his dick and with all the excitement he just can’t wait to try Joel’s pucker. It goes without saying that by now both boys are rock hard and Joel is just getting started! As of now he’s sitting on Jamie’s shaft and rocking the hell out of it, and soon after Jamie cums over the boy’s hole, and continues fucking Joel until his load is out too!