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Some people just love hair, as is the case for Daniel, who confesses his love for long haired guys as seen in this scene, Daniel sucks and jerks Steves cock, whilst playing with his hair. Steve too get’s his hair share of cock, as Daniel has him kneel to suck him off, before going down to perform some fantastic rimming. It goes without saying that Daniel truely loves to ride Steve’s cock as both the boys moan in pleasure as they both have fun in this riding position.

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These two boys definitely have something going on between them, Joel and Jamie laying on the grass in the garden is most definitely something we’d love to see if we were their neighbours! With their provocative ways, Jamie is soon enjoying Joels mouth, running up and down every inch of his dick and with all the excitement he just can’t wait to try Joel’s pucker. It goes without saying that by now both boys are rock hard and Joel is just getting started! As of now he’s sitting on Jamie’s shaft and rocking the hell out of it, and soon after Jamie cums over the boy’s hole, and continues fucking Joel until his load is out too!

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It’s Nick Fox’s first time on camera, but that doesn’t stop this boy from having fun with one of our fan favourites Jake Stark! Both boys on a towel in the park kissing and caressing eachothers bodies is without doubt a instant boner for both boys, as is the case of Nick when Jake pullshis dick for Nick to start suking it before both boys adopt a 69 position leaving us to enjoy the fantastic view of Jakes ass whilst Nick sucks his raging boner, preparing us for what is to come! Jake’s ass is soon in Nicks face where after some rimming and fingering the real penetration comes by Nick’s meaty rod which had some trouble going in at first!

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It’s hard to avoid the attraction that some of these twinks have between eachother, and it’s no suprise that these are cock hungry little devils. What better than after putting away wood to get some! Adrian is quick to get his hands on David, and in no time he’s kneeling sucking and stroking David’s cock in the most sensual ways. It’s no surprise that David is so eager to try Adrians ass, firstly with some spectacular rimming and then with his meaty rod, still with his clothes on that is! With some more sucking, Adrian strips David, and once again hops on and gets a ride is was well needing.

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No surprise that the hottest twinks find themselves mutually attracted to each other as is the case here where Rodion can’t keep his hands off of sexy German-American Twink Daniel Hausser. With their passion filled kissing and the beauty both boys reflect it’s without doubt that these boys are deeply attracted. Rodion as per usual, takes control, and goes down to taste this sexy boys cock, alternating between sucking the tip and going all the way down. This is until Daniel makes him lick and suck his balls making him quiver in pleasure, needless to say all this sucking is making Rodion hard, and without a second of doubt Daniel too gets his fair share of Rodion’s rock hard cock. But Daniel has more in store for Rodion as soon he’s licking his ass and perineum in preparation for what’s yet to come.
It’s not to our surprise that Daniel is eager to try Rodion’s hole, even less so the fact that he fingers him whilst sucking his cock in anticipation of the bench rocking experience these two boys are about to have.

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Lior and Ray just can’t keep their hands off each other, and after seeing both boys in short shorts it’s no surprise these boys are into eachother. With Ray soon going down on Lior, it’s clear if Staxus had a best blowjob award, Ray would be the winner! The ball licking, cock stroking and overall look is truely amazing! But the sucking and licking doesn’t end there as soon Lior takes controll of the situation, sucking Ray’s dick before turning him around to prepare his cute hole for the the fuck that’s to come!

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After a quick introduction, Joel is quick to make this boy feel at home by soon dropping his trousers and having Steve kneel to adore his bulge, it goes without saying that both the boys get a fair share of cock, as soon it’s Joel that’s on his knees, sucking every inch of Steve’s cock. Shortly after Joel goes down to get a better look at Steve’s pucker whilst he masturbates himself, before going all in. Needless to say that these boys like it deep, Joel makes slow but intense thrusts that make Steve moan in pleasure with Joel’s cock, throughout various positions before getting covered in cum!

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Adam and Tyler are back for another round to finish off some things they missed out on last time. Both boys kissing and caressing in bed it’s obvious that they’d be rock hard and ready to bang. But these boys take it slow, and Adam sucks Tyler ferociously whilst playing with his balls, and even Tyler attempts to fuck his mouth, but Adam just continues to suck his dick whilst playing with his own, pleasing Tyler’s most basic needs. Of course it’s not going to be about all that Adam wan’ts to do, as soon Tyler has Adam laying on his back and he’s rimming the boys tight looking hole, teasing him with what’s coming next.

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It’s only natural for a new boy to be a little bit nervous when it’s his first time in front of the STAXUS cameras, but the fact of the matter is that young Ethan Wilder is in very good hands – Colin Horner has test-ridden quite a few newbies in recent times, after all. On this particular occasion, however, it’s actually going to be Horner who’s gonna be doing the riding; but first there’s the not incidental matter of formal introductions, which in this particular instance takes the form of some rather energetic cock-sucking by both horned-up buddies. All of which very quickly culminates in the two lads slurping away simultaneously 69-style; before Wilder, who by this point is gaining in confidence with every second, gets the chance to rim Horner’s pert little arse. It’s the perfect aperitif for the main course of action, as the young newbie finally gets the chance to thrust the whole length of his rookie shaft deep into his co-star’s guts; signalling the start of a heated romp that sees Horner taking like a hero in a succession of positions. All of which somewhat predictably has a very encouraging impact of both these fine beauts; as they each take it in turn to jerk out sticky wads of cum for the cash!

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Kirk Cane comes back from a ball dance and he regrets that he didn’t talk with the handsome guys that were there, specially one. So he starts to fantasy with him, who results to be Beno Eker. Both lads are on the bed touching and kissing each other. Kirk wants to taste some of Beno’s meat and returns the favor including some rimming to prepare his ass. Soon Kirk is fucking him sensually on his back. Beno continues with the blowjobs and sits down on Kirk’s thick dick until he cums after jerking it off. Then Beno helps his sexual partner to reach the orgasm with his mouth. Kirk is so impatient to go to the next dance!

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Max was sleeping, and Peter happened to wake him in the way that many of us would want too also! By sucking his dick, it’s known by now that Peter loves dick, and Max is the lucky one to give it to him! After some kisses Max sucks on Peter’s dick only thinking in what he’ll do to Peter to payback waking him up, and after adopting a 69 position where Peter sucks Max’s dick whole, Max turns him self around so Peter can get a taste of his ass also, which appears to be an almost climaxing experience for Max. So nw with his ass naturally lubed up, Peter goes all in with his dick, penetrating him faster with every thrust he does, but naturally Peter too get’s his fair share, as Max penetrates Peter on all 4’s, driving both boys crazy, to the point where Peter is riding Max’s cock and bursts his load all over Max’s exposed body, and Helping Max cum by sucking on his balls!

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Watching STAXUS models is one thing – it’s something we all love to do – but if you were a young, handsome dude like new boy, Ken Rollins, and you got the chance to travel to Prague to fuck them, would you say yes? It’s a pretty easy question to answer, of course; and needless to report it’s a hot opportunity that results in him being teamed up with studio favourite, Beno Eker, for a horny session of boy-on-boy action that we know you’re gonna love. And suffice it to say that the young Spaniard grasps the chance he’s now given not so much with open arms as with a very open mouth; quickly gobbling down on Eker’s meaty ramrod, before his new buddy returns the compliment with typical aplomb. All of which soon results in Rollins being presented with Eker’s ever-hungry rump; which he eagerly rims in anticipation of the hardcore raw fuck that we now know is most definitely on the cards. And if the sight of a tattooed pup riding it bare reverse-cowboy style, then you’re most definitely in for a treat here; with Eker once again proving his worth, and ultimately spewing mid-fuck for the money. Leaving rookie Rollins to cream over his co-star’s shoulder to call it a hot wrap!

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Sometimes a boy just needs a bit of encouragement from an older and wiser guy to get what he wants – whether it be an inspiring word to help achieve good grades, or a suggestive whisper to embolden him in the world of romance. And in this particular instance it’s very much the latter that’s of concern; as Adrian Bennet receives motivation to take his chance with Lior Hod, and as a result is rewarded with the kind of raunchy, reckless fuck of his dreams. Why, even the thought that others might be able to see them rutting like a pair of wild animals doesn’t seem to put these lads off; as they first take it in turns to gobble away on each other’s dicks, before Hod focuses all his attention of his buddy’s bubble-arse and promptly rims and fucks it for all it’s worth! The sight of Bennet riding up and down on his mate’s throbbing shaft is enough to secure an appreciative load in itself; and it’s perhaps little wonder that Hod ultimately can’t hold back from dumping an initial wad deep in his buddy’s guts. An act that’s very quickly complimented by a second spray from the lad all over his pal’s face; before Hod wraps proceedings up by yanking out his offering across his own shaved crotch!

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We’re not entirely convinced that Joel Tamir is so engrossed with what’s on his phone that he doesn’t notice a mystery assailant coming up from behind to have his wicked way with him; but what we can say with definite assurance is that the big-dicked cock-fiend is bowled over big time when he’s finally confronted by Master XXL’s hunky physique towering above him. And no fucking wonder! The handsome black dude fills the screen with almost god-like proportions; and it’s little surprise that Tamir can’t wait to get the fellow’s monster black mamba out into the open so that he work his lips around every throbbing inch on offer. Master’s attention, meanwhile, not unnaturally centres on the white boy’s ass, which – having gobbled away on Tamir’s lily-coloured cock for a few moments – soon takes centre-stage; as the beefy stud ploughs every disgustingly fat inch of black meat into the twink’s defenceless guts. It’s at this point that you almost expect Tamir to call a halt to proceedings, fearing the schlong might tear him in two. To his credit, however, the stalwart rides it like a pro; squirting mid-fuck in appreciative fashion, before taking a mega blast of jizz up the rear from Master!

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Ron Negba and Rob Bisset can’t hold their desire in the office and go to the bathroom to have a little of intimacy. When Rob is blowing Ron’s cock, a co-worker catches the boys in action. These two friends decide to take the action elsewhere, to the break room. Once there, Rob continues what he started in the bathroom and soon Ron is preparing his ass with his finger and his mouth to the sensual fuck that comes. These slutty boys fuck hard on an armchair in the doggy style until Rob rides wild his mate’s cock. After some blowjobs among the hot fuck, the boys end with explosive orgasms.