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As an athlete of any kind will tell you – be they either professional or amateur – playing lots of sport can sure leave you feeling stiff. It’s just as well, therefore, that there’s guys like Connor Levi around to help out with that sort of problem, as new-boy, Jaxon Radoc, discovers when the two of them meet in their team’s locker room.

Needless to say, of course, Levi’s idea of relieving all that in-built tension is probably somewhat different to what would usually be advocated by your everyday masseur or physio – but hey, Radoc doesn’t seem to hold out any complaints, and neither (we strongly suspect) will you. Fact is that Levi’s working his team-mate’s swollen dick in pretty much no time at all; slurping on that nicely upturned knob, before finally giving in to temptation and swopping places with his pal on the examination bench so that Radoc can finally take full aim at his hungry little ass and fuck his brains out!

Which, give or take, is pretty much what happens – Levi taking every inch of raw cock like a pro and Radoc slapping into the twink’s eager ass like his dick was literally made for the task! It’s a sweaty, ball-busting union in every sense, which threatens to break the bench mid-fuck; and it almost comes as a relief when both boys bust their nuts in a fiery, spunky display that’ll unquestionably have you jerking into ecstasy!

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Not all of us can afford a sling to have sex in, let alone a basement or cellar to house one, but young Connor Levi has no such problems. What’s more, he’s more than happy to share his good fortune with his friends, inviting Zac Todd and Rudy Valentino over for some spare-time frolics – two guys who are more than happy to indulge Levi’s private fantasy and who are soon engaging in a little cock-sucking fun.

As it happens it’s no time at all before the cool and classy Valentino has swopped feasting on Levi’s dick for something a little more hardcore, thrusting that eight inch beauty of his deep into Levi’s asshole; and it’s a move that’s quickly replicated by Todd, whose balls proceed to slap against Levi’s rump with such timely precision that you could almost be forgiven for thinking that Jenkins was some sort of robot.

Not that there’s anything that could be regarded as unfeeling or mechanical about the terrific performance that these three lads duly provide, with Valentino soon returning to his position in Levi’s asshole so that Jenkins can pump a handsome wad all over sling-boy’s face. A move soon replicated by Valentino himself, leaving Levi splattered in copious amounts of fresh hot jizz. A picture perfect end to a near-perfect fuck!

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Anonymous sex has always had an incredible attraction for horny cock-slut, Ron Negba; and whilst putting a mask on Master XXL before the two of them enjoy a hot session together might not exactly constitute sex with a total stranger, that fantasy remains a potent theme here for the boy as he sucks on the handsome hunk’s nipples, kisses his ripped abs and torso, and finally sinks his face into the fellow’s crotch to savour every deliciously meaty inch on offer. Indeed, there’s no denying the look of sheer delight in Negba’s eyes as he indulges on that big fat African schlong for the second time in his life – some guys, it seems, have all the fucking luck! For all such intricate foreplay, however, you just know that the young stalwart’s ultimate aim is to get himself impaled on Master’s unbelievably proportioned ass-slayer; and having toyed with pushing his own dick through the mask’s mouthpiece, finally gets his chance to press down on the big black sword for another ride. If Negba thinks he’s in control, however, he’s in for a big surprise; as the hunk proceeds to pick him up and fuck him like a sex-toy, prior to ramming the slut on the bed to secure a very messy but satisfying explosion!

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Jayden meets Duke in the train station and they soon end up in the Dirty Buddies house where Jaden soon instructs Duke on what to do, which without doubt could only be to suck his cock! As the time passes the boys get more comfortable and with less clothes as the time goes by, soon Jayden is naked sat on the stairs sucking off Duke! This isn’t for long though as soon these boys move over to the sofa, where in a 69 possition they get a ood taste of eachother! The excitement is so that Duke can’t resist himself from sitting on Jayden’s rock hard cock, to get the full Dirty Buddies experience!

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Newbie Jamie Jackson is off to a great start paired with Adrian, who promptly after kissing get both their dicks out to play with each other whilst still kissing, needless to say this is a great match as from the begging both boys are “happy” to see each other. Adrian takes both the boys shorts off, and gets down to see the boys rock hard dick close up, soon the boy is sucking and jerking the new boys rock hard dick like there’s no tomorrow and Adrian enjoys the moment, so much when he takes a breath, he goes down on Adrian to contemplate his marvelous dick also! This is before he has Adrian turn around to rim the boys pucker, the excitement is so, that soon Adrian is begging to be fucked, and Jamie does so! It goes without saying that both boys enjoy the time they pass together and of course it ends in a creamy facial.

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Who hasn’t fantasized about having sex again with that one guy that really got you off? Jacob Dolce is recalling that time he had sex with Alan Colter, massaging and rimming his semi gaping hole, whilst just laying and enjoying the rimming desperately expecting for Alan’s cock to be the next thing near his perfect pucker. after multiple positions and some ass to mouth action, Jacob is soon cumming over himself before sucking Alan’s cock dry, and getting his warm cum spurted over his face!

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Beno Eker is back from visiting his Hebrew Grandmother with Tom Hunter, and boy are they in for a rich time! For these boys it’s a good job she doesn’t trust banks and keeps the money hidden at home. Their sudden discovery has got both Beno & Tom in the mood. Beno kisses Tom’s body all the way down before situating himself in front of Tom’s already rock hard shaft, licking and sucking him gently before turning the position around and adopting a 69 position. Shortly after he has Tom laying on his back to start licking his rich boy fuck hole! Then the real action begins, Beno has a great time fucking him, this is very apparent as he cums all over the young lads ass before sucking Tom dry.

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Beno and his new friend Vadim call up a stripper to have a little fun once home from work. Once the boy is there, they ask for more than a strip show, and they offer him more money to play with him a little bit. An offer that he can’t refuse, and their sex show begins. The boys start removing the stripper’s clothes and he seems to be quite turned on by this. Soon the boy cums in the hands of his clients, before being kicked out as his service is complete. Now the two boys are alone, Beno starts giving Vadim a blowjob and then is the turn of Vadim to increase the pleasure with some rimming. Everyone asking to see Beno bottoming are in for a treat, all we can say is this scene has a very explosive ending!

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How sweet can it be to play with some Haribos and a hard cock? Lior finds the sweet spot with Jacob whilst playing and kissing sweet Jacob. Sweets are definitly a strong essence of this scene as throuought they’re envolved, whilst giving Jacob a blowjob or performing some sweet rimming he’s sure to find some more sweets. After some classic horny Staxus style fucking the boys need to wash down all the sweets, so what better than a cum facial!

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Peter Polloc lost in thought wondering what his valentine will be… who soon is to be awaken by the soft caressing of the tassels from Rob Bisset’s scarf is a hell of a way for these two twinks to get started. Blindfolded Peter, is now to have a explosive mix of sensations on his skin as Rob slowly licks his body, performs some wax pouring over his chest and his rock hard pierced cock whilst licking the tip, all this before giving his slim body a oil massage, goes without saying he will soon be moving to his ass, where after being toy’d with and gaping, Rob is ready to go all in, leaving Peter moaning of pleasure. All before giving Peter a lovely Facial in the end.

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Rob is not having a great start to his day, after waking up late and returning home after missing the bus. But his day starts to get better when he arrives back home and sees Navon laying naked on their bed, he just can’t control his excitement! He forgets his problems and starts rimming Navon. Raffi gets horny extremely quickly, well who wouldn’t? And starts to give him a blowjob. Navon just enjoys the situation and soon the Rob’s cock is inside of his boyfriend’s ass. Blowjobs and sensual postures get both to cum.

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Newbie Alan hasn’t had much luck dating guys, so he’s come us to tryout some of our boys, After hand picking Adrian Bennet, he awaits rock hard for him to arrive. Eager to get the flow going Adrian throws himself on Alan and starts to kiss him whilst rubbing their cocks together, but Adrian knows how to please a guy, as soon he moves down to start sucking Alan off. Both boys are eager to get each-other off as they adopt a 69 position to passionately please eachother before moving on to some sensual penetration.

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When Rob is walking around his neighborhood he’d never be expecting to be followed and robbed, luckily for him Tyler reacts in time to stop his robber and retrieve the wallet before he would have got away. Tyler sees Rob is preoccupied and offers to walk him home, where upon arrival they both get comfortable, clearly there is attraction between them, and both are eager to get to know each-other more intimately. For sure Rob didn’t think at the beginning of the day his newly found hero would be cumming over his face!

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Rob Bisset arrives for a rather unique casting, after talking about his life, past experience, and to his scene partner, they both very eagerly get down to action! As Jacob is already rock hard, Rob doesn’t think twice about getting his lips around his cock, before flipping the situation around so Jacob can try his. But that’s not all! Soon Rob is going to try what a Staxus boys ass feels like, so after some deep rimming he starts to penetrate the young lad in all the imaginable positions, all before ending in the young boys mouth!

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Peter Polloc and Beno Eker declare their love through the fog in the window. They start to kiss each other, and they decide to bring the action to the bedroom. Once on the bed, the lads continue kissing and touching each other whilst taking their clothes off. When they are horny enough, Peter goes down to Beno’s cock and start giving him a hot blowjob. Beno can’t resist to fuck Peter’s face and soon he is licking Peter’s dick and hole. When Beno gets his dick inside Peter, both boys quickly start to moan. They fuck passionately in a very lustful positions. After Peter rides Beno’s cock, he bends over and offers his hole to Beno. Finally they fuck hard in the doggy style until they reach an explosive orgasms.