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Yup, y’all have been asking for more Sean so here you are, and this time around he’s bearded and more jacked than the last vid, woof! Sean flew in for the weekend to hang out, eat pizza, drink a few beers, and get his hot muscular hole hammered by us. We just love hanging out with Sean. He’s super funny and easy going and when he gets in the zone he’s pretty fucking awesome sex! We will absolutely shoot more fuck videos with this muscle boy.

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And now here’s something COMPLETELY different! James contacted us and said he would love the Maverick Men be the first to feature his “special” talent in a video. I don’t want to get into all the details because I want you to be surprised at the shockingly hot things that went down. You’ll be slack-jawed. This is a threesome with horse-cocked Austin, uniquely-talented James, and our favorite insatiable bottom Jason. Click play and get ready!

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This was such a cute and sexy video to shoot. We introduced Archer to Levi and the chemistry was instantaneous. Archer was itching to fuck Levi with his big fat cock and once Levi saw Archer’s big cock, he decided that maybe he should top Archer, lol. Hunter and I left it up to them to work out who would top. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day, so we took the boys for a naked hike in the woods. These little nudists loved being naked in the woods and got right to making out, sucking cock, and eating each other’s asses up against a tree. We took them back to our cabin for some hard-core fucking. Hunter was so turned on that had to eat Archer’s hairy hole as he topped Levi. The cum shots were so explosive that Archer needed eye drops to clear the cum out of his eyes.

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I was going through our video vault and I discovered three short videos with all the bells and whistles. In the first segment, you’ll see us with muscle boy Mike and his amazing furry muscle ass and we filmed some extra stuff after we took a break from pounding his butt. I also found a super hot scene of Hunter fucking the life out of our sexy boy, Minh. I LOVE the way he moans when getting penetrated! And much to my surprise, I found some extra footage with our golden boy, Vic. You really just have to see it; Vic is just too beautiful and hot for words.

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It had been a while since we’ve seen our super cute muscle pup, Archer. He messaged us saying he’s been really pumping the iron. Naturally, we were very excited to see his progress in person (Grrrrr). And WOW, he must have put on fifteen pounds of muscle, hence the new nickname, Little Muscle Pup. Not only has Archer been working hard on his muscle bod, his skills in the bedroom have become epic! He asked if we would like to meet and shoot with his new super hot boyfriend, but that’s another video.

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It’s amazing to think that in this day and age you can get two horse-hung and jacked straight dudes to basically do anything you want so long as you have the cash and psychology to make it happen. These two gay-for-payers are actually straight as far as I can tell, and I am pretty fucking intuitive on this subject by now. And let me clarify; their cocks and buttholes are bisexual but their brains and girlfriends would say that they’re straight, lol. Honestly, who fucking cares anymore; hot is hot and I’m sure you’ll see that clearly demonstrated in this delicious fuck vid.

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Hunter and I took a few of our most voracious little piggies up to the Pocono Mountains for a weekend get away at the Rainbow Mountain Resort. These three sexy hung guys were all about fucking and frolicking in the woods. Levi lost the coin toss and had to be the pass-around bottom and he quickly came to realize that he won the cock lottery, lol. Chase and Archer stuffed and savaged all of Levi’s holes till they all blasted all over the place and collapsed into a cum-soaked tangle of limbs. There are some super funny and super hot moments in the full video that will make you want to jack off and laugh out loud. That’s always a great recipe for an awesome orgasmic experience, in my opinion.

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We introduced beautiful super twink Levi to super buff Steven because Levi had never had sex with a jacked-up guy before and he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. He certainly got his wish and might have some regrets as wrestling with a huge guy like Steven can be rough on a smaller guy. I’m a serious fan of cutie Levi, especially when he’s clean-shaven; he has the cutest smile and downright adorable persona. Hunter and I want to eat him up every time we see him, and we usually do. We hope to have him back again real soon and maybe even have a rematch with these two where Levi tops Steven’s big muscle ass. I would LOVE to see that!

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If you like to see tall bearded horny men FUCK this is the video for you, we have two new never before seen cock and hole video newbies ready willing and able to show it all from there lubed up holes to there seed sporting orgasm, you will love this hard deep breeding video 🙂 Enjoy.

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We always love hanging out with our buddy, Anthony. He’s always awesome sex. He likes to bottom for us because he says we know how to lay the pipe like professionals. When he recently texted us and said he was in need of a two-cock dick-down, we ran over to his place and delivered. It was a raw, hard and deep fucking with lots of making out, sucking cock, and rimming that sweet, muscular ass. After, we even got naked out on the balcony for all the world to see.

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Hunter and I have made it no secret that we LOVE go-go boys! When we were asked to host a Best But contest at Club EGO in Rhode Island, we jumped at the chance and as usual we had a blast. This particular time we met Caramel Carl, a super cute and sexy go-go twink. We invited him to be in a video and much to our delight he said yes. What happened after we got him back to our house was nothing short of deeeeelicious. He gave us us both lap dances and even danced my cock into his hole as I kicked back, lol.

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You can’t go wrong when you put two guys together that can’t wait to bang! Tony and Ty were drooling over each other, so we knew we had to pair them up for a scene. These two sexy boys were dripping precum just from kissing and rolling around in the bed. When Tony slipped his thick cock into Ty’s tight, muscle ass; WOW, the moaning and passion was intense! Just when you think it couldn’t get hotter, Tony picks up Ty and fucks his little ass against the wall. Woof!

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We just LOVE Oakley! We first met him many years ago when we first started making vids. We flew him in to Boston then, he was so nervous, and we got to know each other and began our friendship. We’ve watched him grow into the sweet and sexy man that he is today. This time, we met up on a cruise and we fucked and sucked all along the way. We can never get enough of his thick cock and thick cakes! Woof!

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We met Hoytt a while back with our sexy boy, Riley. We filmed them doing a fuck video together where Hoytt topped Riley and it was pretty fucking hot. I asked Hoytt if he liked to bottom and he said we would for us. Woof! This vid shows just how turned on we all were; when Hoytt stepped into our kitchen looking sexy as fuck, we knew we had to have him right then and there. As quick as you could say “bend over”, we were face fucking him and pulling his pants down to eat that hairy man ass. Then we fucked him right there on the kitchen floor. We both came all over his face and beard and left him face-down, ass-up and covered in sweat and jizz with a big smile on his sexy face.

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As usual, our boy Anthony knocked it out the park with an amazing MaverickMen sex session. Anthony’s comfortable in his own skin, wether he’s topping or bottoming; the boy knows what-the-fuck he’s doing! We’re always happy to share his skills with you (while we devour every inch of his tall, muscular body, muscle ass, and big cock!).