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This week, Jonas Jackson and Kayden Gray play former fuck buds who are reunited, and it feels so good! After checking into a posh hotel and being told that his room is not ready, Kayden begins to sense something familiar about concierge Jonas. Then it comes to them—they were once intimate with each other. Happy over this chance reunion, and both of them sleek and many in tailored suits, Jonas and Kayden get that old feeling and decide to bang one more time for old time’s sake. And we get to watch! Reunited pairs Kayden’s massive cock with Jonas’s perfectly round, beefy ass. With both men classed up in fine suits, the horny fucking intensifies. Jonas works Kayden’s massive cock with his mouth before bending over and offering up his big bubble butt. Kayden buries his face in Jonas’s butt before he slams every hard inch of his cock up Jonas’s hole. And they finish with hugs amounts of cum. When old flames reignite, things get too hot to handle!

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We introduce you guys to a lot of new guys, and I mean a lot. But this might be the first time we’ve introduced 2 new guys at the same time! Not only is this Michael’s first time fucking on camera, but it’s his first time fucking with a guy! He told me off camera that he was nervous, but also pretty excited to experience it for the first time. He was visibly nervous at first, but once Kьper started sucking on his uncut cock and then slid it in his beautiful, smooth hole, he turned into a rock hard 200lbs fucking machine. There aren’t many things hotter than a beautiful, hung, power bottom who just aims to please. And please Kьper did, until Michael fucked the load out of him before glazing his freshly fucked hole.

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To prep for his first shoot, Liam Knox heads to the home of Jesse Jackman to break the ice—and the two realize they’ve met before. “That was one of the best weekends of my life,” smiles Liam, the two soon locking lips—their foreheads touching as they stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Liam drops down to release Jesse’s monster cock, taking it deep as spit clings to the shaft. Jesse pulls the sucker up for a kiss, cocks and foreheads touching again. Jesse bends down, Liam’s boner sliding on his furry muscle pecs. Liam moans “That feels so fucking good!” as Jesse sucks him back. Jesse eats Liam’s hairy hole, getting him to beg for it: “I want you in me!” Liam gets fucked on his back (“Oh God…so fucking big!”), moaning as he gets it deep. They flip positions, Jesse’s boner pulsing as he gets slammed. The bottom’s eyes roll up in his head, Liam stroking Jesse as he fucks him. They release their loads, Jesse rubbing it into Liam’s hot bod.

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When fratboy Tom gets fucked up he starts to act all gay and shit which is perfect because his long-ass hair reminds me of my girlfriend. So we waited until he was extra fucked up and then fucked that filthy hole hard. Bitch sucks dick better then most chicks, he must really love cock!

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Scott Demarco has been in the industry for about 3 years, maybe a little more. Scott likes to make people laugh and has an incredible sense of humor. Shy at first, once Scott warms up to you, he admits that he can talk your ear off. Scott goes to the gym quite regularly and loves to work out. His hunky physique is quite evident towards the end of the interview when Scott kneels up on the bed and begins playing with his cock which is growing stiff in his shorts. He pulls his thick cock from his shorts and starts stroking while one hand gently rubs his tight, slightly furry pecs. Scott strips out of his shorts, grabs the bottle of lube and rubs the lube into his stiffening cock. He lays back on the bed jerking his big cock as he pulls on his balls. Scott rolls over and turns his ass to the camera. His hand explores his tight ass as he shows off his furry hole. Rolling back over on the bed Scott grabs his rock-hard dick and heads for the finish line. His breathing deepens, his balls almost entirely disappear as he blows a thick wad of jizz all over his washboard abs.

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The HUNKS are ready to get down and dirty at the club and this time we get to watch the rematch of Jason Maddox and Johnny V after a long night of working at the club. The two muscle gods worship and suck each other until Jason lies Johnny on his back and skull-fucks him. Bending Johnny over, Jason plows him from behind with his huge cock and giant balls smacking his taint. When Jason had enough fucking and choking Johnny from behind, he puts him on his back and fucks him until they both blow huge loads all over Johnny.

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Mats and Brad wanted to get away for the weekend together so they headed to Melbourne for a fuckcation. They check out the balcony and the view but can’t keep their lips off each other. Back inside the room they can’t keep their lips of each other’s cocks.

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Campus was simmering with new pledges. We got a few of them here. These boys are fresh from the country. We taught em how to fuck a dudes ass and boy are they good at it! Yeehaw!!

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We are back again with part 2 of our DP special here on BelAmiOnline. Our talented bottom today is newcomer Rick Palmer. Unlike most guys, Rick came to us supremely confident in his ability to handle any size of dick, so we hooked him up here with a very dynamic duo of Dylan Maguire and Jim Durden. Neither of them may be hugely hung, but together they are quite a handful (or in this case, butt-full).

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Two students get an F by their teacher and decide to take revenge giving him a lesson he’ll never forget: Licking their feet and sneakers, writing humiliating phrases on the blackboard, or getting spitted in the mouth, are some of the things he will have to do in order to learn who rule in class.

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Our most popular model Brad’s first audition revisited by its creator with more footage and never-before-seen points of view. A must see for all of Brad’s fan! Enjoy!

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