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Cole Claire returns for a condom-free, sensual bedroom fantasy with muscle jock Justin Matthews! Cole dives right in to peel back Justin’s underwear and deep-throat his hard cock. Undaunted by Justin’s hip-thrusting his cock deeper, Cole continues sucking and orally worships his big balls, exciting Justin to the point of immediately wanting to use Cole’s ass. Cole is ready to go too: he’s gets into position abd pulls down his briefs so Justin can fuck him from the side.

Justin finds that sweet spot instantly and as his cock hammers Cole, he holds him by the throat and sucks his sensitive nipples..driving Cole load, breathless moans.Justin pulls Cole up on all fours and Cole’s agile tight ass works Justin’s cock, but soon Justin has him pinned to the bed pounding him into wails of pleasure again.

Justin finally gets Cole on his back and drives in his rod slowly and deeply. As he picks up speed, Cole grows louder and his variable groans and moans is is a pre-orgasmic medley when combined with his tight hole drive Justin over the edge. He pulls out to shoot over Cole’s torso then slides his cock back in to finish cumming. As his load drips out of Cole, Justin sidles up to Cole as he shoots a thick load over himself. Justin kisses him and Cole is still on a sexual high well beyond the fade-out.

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Canadian hottie Nikko Russo makes his CockyBoys debut helping to re-create Cory Kane’s nighttime sex fantasy! In a hotel room late at night Cory has texts with a hot stranger, invites him over, & leaves the door unlocked. So, when Nikko arrives Cory in naked on all fours on the bed waiting. He wastes no time taking out his cock to tease Cory’s hole with it, rim him and proceeding to kneel on the bed and feed Cory’s waiting mouth.

Cory gets so into sucking him that it inflames Nikko’s passion to makes out with him and diminish the anonymous nature of their encounter. He sucks Cory back with equal fervor and then turns him around to the position he found him and finally gives him the fucking he was waiting for. He slams into him deep and holds Cory’s hands behind his back.

Nikko soon fucks Cory from the side to be able to drive deep into him and periodically make out with him. But he soon takes full control turning Cory on his back to fuck him harder, faster and deeper and pin him to the bed. Nikko relentlessly drills Cory until he cums and then shoots a geyser over Cory. Cory licks his cock but Nikko is done! He gives Cory a pleasant kiss and heads out the with their hot encounter still lingering in the room.

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When Eli doesn’t have a dick up his ass, he’s watching porn. Literally all day. Last week, I was hanging out with him, stroking my dick, looking at the TV. Landon stumbled upon us. He was looking for his car keys to meet another hookup. I guess he couldn’t resist taking another load before hitting the road. I kept jerking off while shooting this vid!

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After a training session where he has been pushed beyond his limits, Mathieu Ferhati needs to shoot his load to calm himself down. Newbie Anthony Cruz happens to be in the changing room and his ass is just what the hot fighter wants. Mathieu uses the dude to empty his balls, giving him a severe pounding.

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Logan slides his cock in Spencer’s hole, feeling it wrap around his raw veiny cock down to the base. The muscle master feels a primal calling to fuck and breed seeing his submissive bottom positioned perfected to take his load.

Spencer’s cock is rock hard in his jockstrap as his hole is used by the anonymous stranger, knowing that the only clue he may ever have is the DNA left in his tight ass.

With his hands on Spencer’s hips, Logan is able to mount him hard and deep, fucking out a hot load all over his smooth, milky cheeks before plunging his cock back inside to leave him a little treat for later!

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While his roommate naps, Elye Black tries to secretly explore his anal fantasies with his giant secret dildo, but roomie Johnny Hill catches him in the act. Elye’s pretty embarrassed until Johnny tells him the only thing he should be embarrassed about is messing with a dildo when the real thing is right here in front of him. Johnny asks Elye if he wants some real dick and Elye’s grin answers for him. Johnny takes the lead and his experience pays off as he shows Elye how it’s done before giving him a taste. Once he’s nice and hard, Johnny gives Elye the dick he’s been missing all his life, fucking him until he’s squirted every last ounce of jizz he has inside him, before dousing him with his first load. Real dick… real cum… a real good time. Enjoy!

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Dirty porno pig Phillipe Delvaux doesn’t have to ask weapon sucker a second time, because his throbbing weapon is just too tasty for words. Eliot attacks the mouth straight away and gets his machine in real deep. He nearly spunks, but hang on, Phillipe would rather have the juice squirted over to his fruity arse.

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Sweet, shaggy haired and sexy – Tommy Hunter makes his creamy, juicy debut at uknakedmen and when his partner is Peter Lipnik ( Tommy’s choice of the stable) we knew its was gonna be a bareback, spunky sizzler. The lads are on the sofa, no airs or graces here, I know you just wanna see Tommy’s raw dick sliding into Peter’s sweet hole. They strip off, Peter is as ripped and muscular as Tommy is lithe and overly hung – and is he ever, thats a solid 8-9 inches of throbbing dick that Tommy is wielding. The look on Peter’s face as Tommy unveils the prize is priceless, kinda nervous, kinda delighted! Peter struggles to take the whole throbbing tool in his mouth as Tommy lies back and enjoys the ride in handsome Peter’s mouth, Then when that monster, uncut meat is good and stiff Peter straddles it and rides that raw dick like the cum hungry hottie he is – right in and right out, swallowing the hot dick all the way to the balls. YUM!

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Pavel Man is one very sexy guy. We see himllaying on the table waiting for Ivan Mraz to come and massage him. Ivan arrives and gets right to work, taking some cream and beginning to massage Pavel’s back. He quickly moves down to the thighs and then removes Pavel’s underwear, revealing one very sexy ass. Ivan’s hands rub over the ass cheeks and he takes more cream rubbing it into the ass, spreading the cheeks as he does so, giving a view of Pavel’s hole. Ivan’s cock gets hard as he works and he pulls it out of his underwear and rubs it over Pavel’s ass cheeks. He moves Pavel up onto his knees, so the ass spreads naturally, showing off his hole. Ivan rubs his hands over the ass, particularly the hole. Then he slips a finger into the hole and starts fucking in and out. He grabs Pavel’s cock, pulling it back between his legs as he wanks on it. Still fingering the hole he then starts wanking himself. He takes a toy and shoves that into Pavel’s tight hole, opening it up nicely. Then Ivan removes his own underwear and shoves the dildo back into that hot hole. He fucks the ass with the dildo for a while and then turns Pavel over. Pavel lays on the bed as Ivan plays with his cock, wanking it and then, when it is rock hard, sucking it too. His head bobs up and down on Pavel’s cock and then he turns him over again. This time when Ivan spreads those cheeks he leans down and tongues the hole. Then he straddles Pavel and positions his own stiff dick against the tight hole. He rubs the cock against the hole and then slips it inside. Ivan fucks Pavel’s sexy ass, thrusting his cock in nice and deep. He works that hole real well, moving Pavel onto his knees again, so he can fuck even deeper. That hole gets stretched nice and wide as Ivan’s throbbing cock rams in and out. Then Pavel turns over, into missionary position, wanking himself hard and fast as Ivan continues to fuck him. Ivan keep up his fucking and Pavel soon shoots his creamy load with that cock deep in his ass. Ivan keeps fucking until his load is ready too, then he pulls out and shoots his creamy cum over Pavel’s cock and balls. Having milked his cock dry Ivan leans forward and kisses Pavel at the end of a very hot session.

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Epic confrontation between Walker (Mathieu Ferhati) and Tiron (Jordan Fox). The vampire slayer has wounded and put to flight Tiron. He now sets out to save Diego (Marc Humper) who’s been beaten by the blood-sucker. The later senses an enormous amount of sexual energy invading him and he is in urgent need of treatment! Walker’s got a cure for him and it’s much bigger and thicker than a suppository!!!

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After a long hard day of working out in the hot sun, Kurtis Wolfe sits back to let his wrestling buddies, Cazden Hunter and Liam Cyber, worship his cock. The two hunks take turns on Kurtis’ thick dick, choking it down to the balls until he’s nice and hard. Kurtis wants a taste of Cazden’s succulent ass and gets behind the stud to eat him out as Liam fucks Cazden’s face. Cazden loves all the cock he’s receiving and turns around to get a mouthful of Kurtis’ pole. As he’s sucking down Kurtis’ cock, Liam steps in and slides his big monster cock deep inside to fill Cazden’s ass. Liam pounds his ass hard until Kurtis wants a turn to feel Cazden from the inside. Kurtis slips his dick into the panting stud and gives it his all until Cazden switches it up and sits on Kurtis’ big raw cock. He rides it balls deep as he goes ass to mouth on Liam’s pulsing dick. The guys mix up the fun taking turns plugging each of Cazden’s holes until they’re ready to blow. Liam nuts and stands over Cazden’s face as he jacks his pole and fills his mouth with cum. As Kurtis watches Liam blow his load, he pulls out and fills Cazden’s ass with his own thick load. Kurtis is still hungry for more and leans down to let Cazden squirt in his mouth to finish off the fun.

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Fuck bitch Danny Montero is blindfolded in the cellar, waiting to be used. The young, ripped twink gets really hot when he’s able to just service strange dudes as nothing but their sex object. Danny doesn’t give a shit whose dong he’s servicing, the main thing is that the tool is thick and hard, and getting stuffed into his cocksucker mouth. Punk boy Sam Syron, with his 21 cm tool has found just the right place to first get sucked off and then ram up into Danny’s bubble butt. The eager slut gets fucked in every possible position, until Sam finishes off by blasting his ball juice right into Danny’s face.