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Donnie Marco is back, and he’s HORNY, and as Christmas is coming w let him indulge on of his personal fantasies, sneaker-sex. Donnie luvs to inhale the pungent, utterly masculine smell of s man’s feet, the riper the better. Ted Glen’s a keen gym goer so the sneakers wrapped around Donnie’s face are good ‘n’ strongly scented. Donnie’s big, uncut dick is raging hard and we all know where its headed – into every orifice Donnie can find, and young Ted is more than eager to oblige. Donnie mercilessly ploughs Ted’s ripe, sweet fuck-hole, bareback, uncircumcised all the hot stuff you gents like, and we’re in their for every steaming drop of jizz!

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In the middle of the night, recruit Max Lorde is stroking his cock in his bunk, trying to go unnoticed by his fellow privates. The strokes are heard by platoon member Dalton Riley, who climbs out of his bunk to assist with his mouth moving up and down on Max’s cock. After deepthroating his fellow serviceman, Dalton feeds Max his throbbing cock until he gags. Dalton wants more so Max bends over and gives Dalton total access to his hole, and then Dalton pleasures it with a sopping wet rim job. Eager for more, Max braces on the bunk and opens up as Dalton thrusts his raw cock with powerful strokes deep into Max’s prostate. When Max wants control, he gets on top and bounces on Dalton’s piercing rod. Switching positions, Max gets fucked missionary style and bareback as the feeling of Dalton going inside of him makes his cock twitch and shoot a think load onto his abs. Dalton adds his spunk to the mess on Max’s stomach and takes one last taste of the raw hole he just fucked.

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The chemistry between Ryder Owens and Trevor Brooks is undeniable. I mean, could you keep your hands off of them if you were in the same room as them? So of course when they finally fuck, it’s some of the best sex you’ll ever see.

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Fabian and his beautiful ass are back! This time he gets to play with one of our new boys, Florien. After a sweaty pushup contest, the boys rushed inside and ripped off what clothes they still had on. Florien has one of the prettiest, uncut cocks we’ve seen in awhile, and Fabian was in heaven worshipping it. Every once in awhile, there’s a beautiful, smooth ass and a just as beautiful, uncut cock that are meant to touch each other and this is one of those time. Their sex was just as beautiful and passionate. Anytime Fabian is left covered with cum with some inside him, he’s a happy boy.

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Rado and Kirk are having it off in a disused building. Kirk gets very busy with Rado’s massive shaft before getting shagged over an old barrel. Rado then shoots gallons of cum into his face.

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Dr. Wolf and Joshua snuggle on the couch, watching TV when the brawny doctor begins comparing the size of his own hand against the much smaller man’s. The two of them get turned on as they continue to compare other appendages and end up in an intense make-out session.

They continue to kiss and compare as articles of clothing are coming off. Joshua ends up naked first, with the doctor following close behind. Dr. Wolf notes that the man has considerable heft in his dick, though his own is still quite larger as the shorter stud can barely fit his hand around it.

Dr. Wolf sits on the couch and motions for Joshua to come take a seat. The shorter man points his hungry hole at the man’s rock hard cock and works it inside himself. Joshua impales himself on the man’s cock and has the entire length and girth inside of his hungry hole. He and the doctor go back and forth between Joshua riding the doctor, and Dr. Wolf pumping in and out of him.

The two of them kiss and moan ecstatically between the riding and pumping. Joshua soon gets on all fours and Dr. Wolf pounds him doggystyle. Dr. Wolf soon leans over the bottom and wraps his arm around Joshua as he picks up speed in thrusting deep inside and out of the shorter man’s hole as orgasm begins to well up.

With his balls now slapping Joshua’s cheeks with every deep and swift thrust, the large doctor explodes inside him, flooding his guts into a creamy finish.

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Now he knows a secret, kinky boy Karim Black finally has control, able to get what he wants from his handsome step dad Dany Romeo. Ordering the horny man to worship his feet is just the start for this boy, soon he’s feeding his mom’s boyfriend his big wet uncut dick, loving the attention of a greedy man’s mouth slobbering all over his engorged shaft. Dany gets so hard sucking that young cock and he can’t refuse the chance to have his own tasty tool gobbled by the boy, finally giving in to his secret desires. With precum sliding down his throat young Karim demands more, ordering the man to fill his ass with dick and fuck him like he knows he’s always wanted. When Dany slides into his step son’s tight ass he’s in heaven, pumping the boy deep with his raging erection until both cocks are desperate to shoot masses of cream. After emptying their balls in impressive climaxes Karim makes it clear; from now on his step dad’s cock belongs to him.

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Alternative Aussie cutie Jamie is back with the equally adorable and sexy Kaleb. The two are soon naked and Kaleb heads down to Jamie’s monster meat, engulfing it in his mouth. Barely being able to take the entire thing down his throat, Kaleb licks its entire length as he sucks it.

Jamie lays on the ground and Kaleb kneels on top. Jamie points his behemoth cock at Kaleb’s hole, popping the head in. Kaleb is quick to start bouncing up and down on the monster meat. He moans loudly as Jamie jackhammers in and out of him. Kaleb’s relishing the feeling of his insides being pummeled!

Jamie soon has Kaleb on his back, and he slides the entire length of his big, thick meat in and out of Kaleb. Ready to squirt, Jamie pulls out and Kaleb throws his legs back behind his head, once again showing off his flexibility as Jamie paints his hole with cum.

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Sean and Marco have been friends for a while, but have never hooked up. They discover that they have fucked the same guy and both know that he only goes for guys with big cocks. Curious about what each other has, they decide it would be a good idea to have some fun. They start out kissing before revealing each of the 8+ inch cocks to each other. Marco sucks Sean’s big thick cock and does his best to deep throat it. Sean then sucks Marco and shows him what a pro cock sucker he is as he takes it all the way down his throat. Marco then rims Sean’s ass while Sean continues to suck Marco’s big uncut cock. Sean then saddles up and rides Marco’s cock deep inside his ass. After getting his fill of Marco’s cock, Sean rolls Marco up and rims his ass and tongue fucks him. He then takes his turn and fucks Marco deep and hard until both shoot their thick loads. Enjoy!