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This chap has been in for a few days and he’s not having a very good time of it. You’ll see that he doesn’t have a particularly nice looking cock, which entertains the lags when he’s told to strip and flop it out. Also, his arse is coming into use by sexually ravenous criminals who get hold of him at their leisure. He’s got a wife and a few kids outside so you can see on his face a look of perpetual upset. He knows that he’s becoming a figure of sexual release in the prison and, on top of that, he’s getting a taste for being fucked on a daily basis! What will his missus say when he gets out and he confesses what he’s been up to?

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If you work in the nick you accept that some prisoners become accustomed to total humiliation. To some extent they expect it and it’s no-ones job to be concerned about why a man wants to be strip searched. If a man acts in a way that you suspect that he’s stashed contraband up his arehole then you have no choice but to inspect him thoroughly. It’s just a straight coincidence isn’t it that the places men choose to hide stuff are also their sexual private parts!

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At CMNM, Bob is utterly humiliated! Not only has the interviewer made him shed his best suit to stand there stark naked but he’s grown an embarrassing stiff hard on in the process! He’s terrified what will happen if any of his mates discover what he’s doing or if his wife discovers the depths he’s sunk to in order to get a job. But this is nothing compared to the depravity he’s put through next!

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Eli is short for his age. Not just short, but tiny, too. As Dr. Wolf carefully and procedurally holds his balls in his hands, he notices just how tall the man is. He was starting to have more and more sexual thoughts as he got older. The things that were routine and banal before now suddenly had a new context and meaning.

He feels his face flush as the older man spreads his cheeks apart, inspecting his anus. The doctor’s probing fingers put pressure on his insides, making him feel something he’s only known when he touched himself at home.

Dr. Wolf continued to finger his hole, going deeper and longer, feeling around for his prostate. The sound of the boy’s moans excite him, making him work perhaps more intimately than necessary. He likes the little guy and likes to see him experience pleasure. It’s his weakness…

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At CMNM, slick businessman Marc has been betting with company funds and the bosses are fucking pissed. Firing or suing him isn’t enough. What are they going to do with this sorry cunt? They turn him into a piece of meat performing for their entertainment. With increasingly degrading levels of humiliation Marc must stand in the centre of these high powered men stripping and performing for their pervy amusement.

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Builders are famous for catcalling chicks who pass by construction sites. Little do they know how much we lust after these big meaty hunks as well! Especially when they are bending over or sweating under the strain of hauling concrete. Gareth is a fucking hot tattooed bit of rough we spy swaggering down the street after a long hard day. We subdue him and transport him back into our lair to tie him up and have our way. Those damn tracksuit loose tracksuit bottoms are torn from his body so his hunky muscular form is fully on show. Dave seizes Gareth’s dick making the feisty lad fly into a furious rage! But once Dave wrenches his tight arse cheeks apart to slide a digit up his hole the proud hetero boy feels absolute fury. Every muscle in his body strains to break free from his bonds but Gareth can’t prevent Dave from binding up his dick and balls. Dave inflicts serious discipline on the straight lad smacking his arse repeatedly and flogging his sensitive genitals till the enraged tough boy is howling under his gag!

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A criminal is an odd thing. First he’s usually supremely thick. Criminals, you see, think everyone is more stupid than they are. They cannot carry out their crimes if they thought that everyone is ahead of them, wise to their every move. But they just keep getting caught!

The guards are wise to how stupid most prisoners are but it is always fun to see it carried out in the flesh so to speak. Criminals think if they act like being in jail is very hurtful they will be treated with kid gloves. “I’m innocent and in the wrong place, etc, etc.” is their thinking. These officers aren’t having any of it.

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A beefy tough nut may be completely straight on the outside but once doors slam shut and they’re locked up they do an about-face and start fucking guys up the arse for an easy life. Puching a cock up a fellow robber’s arse is all well and good as long as they can live with themselves afterwards. The prison officers must be vigilant to make sure they control feelings that they’ve done something dirty and wrong. As long as they clean their dick afterwards they usually think nothing more about it.
This guy is filmed by another chap in this revealing, humiliating video.

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At, the only way to tame angry footballer Danny is to work his arse hard! The coach eagerly tames him ordering the humbled sporty boy to look up at him and beg to receive a cock up his hole. Only through stringent lessons in humility can all that unruly energy be brought under control. In order to corral these athletic dynamos into a winning team Mancastle United will do anything needed for their boys!

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At CMNM, Mr Granite has revealed in his treatment of delinquent boy Rowan that he’s truly a cruel sadist. He gets a big semi hard on while beating the bad boys of this school. His wife has no idea what he gets up to while at work. The headmaster is willing to keep his secret as long as he complies and submits to their fondling and invasive examinations.

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At CMNM, every great athlete needs discipline and Mancastle United club has found the best way to keep their players in line is with regular and viciously hard buggering! Proud firecracker Freddie gets bent over by the coach and royally fucked. His wife will be wondering why he’s limping home tonight. Tears stream down his face as he takes the humiliation and ass destroying pounding, but really this sporty fucker knows it’s for his own good! And his disciplinary punishment isn’t over.

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At, Konrad has been building up to this moment for years. This hot masculine fella has shown off in videos before but never shown his face to maintain his anonymity. Here he strips down fully while not hiding his identity. His viewers have been getting off watching this buff straight man for years and here he is fully revealed! We really ought to frame the shot we film of him looking at the camera while pulling his arse wide open!