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Straight jock dude Eric gets a special treat from cock gobbler Joe in the woods, although both the guys really get something special in this one. It’s all about that massive meat being sucked deep as Joe gobbles on that huge cock and shows the straight guy how skilled he is. It’s amazing that he can get all that cock in his throat, but it seems he wants it up his ass too.

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Hairy and horny Squirell started out making porn back in the 90’s when he moved out to San Francisco and started making money as a dancer and performer. It’s been a while and he’s changed a lot, but he’s still got something about him we love. He’s a rugged and handsome guy with a hairy dick, he’s not afraid to let a guy suck on that thing and drink a cum load from it!

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Handsome and fit young man Hurricane is a pleasure to have on the around, he’s one of the horniest guys we’ve met, and one who doesn’t do the labels. He’s one of those guys who just loves sex, whether he’s getting some pussy or cock, and he knows how to get you wet. His hairy cock takes a lot of fumbling to get to the edge, but when he reaches that point of no return he starts plashing out a big load that gets everywhere!

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Derby considers himself straight and he’s in a relationship too but he’s had some fun with guys before, sucking and fucking. He’s pretty nervous about things but once he gets that cock sucked he starts to loosen up a little and squirts a nice load of cum for us. It can be pretty hard for guys just starting out but we reckon he’s gonna be back.

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It might not be Christmas right now but we’re sure happy to have the special gift of gorgeous young Brian back in front of the cameras! The handsome and horny young uncut guy is back to share some raw fun with Eric and Joe, kicking off with some shaving in the shower before the boys join Santa in the bedroom and get down to the real action. Everyone gets some hard raw cock in their ass and some dick to suck on too, with some awesome chain fucking thrown in for good measure. And of course, it all ends with a lot of hot cum gushing out!

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Kyle is a former high school athlete and currently looking to make some extra cash, he’s decided to give porn a chance. We’re happy to have the handsome and muscular guy here, showing off his cock and stroking to some porn. He wasn’t expecting to get his dick sucked by a guy for the first time, but he seemed to like it and I guess that squirting cumshot was helped along by that experienced mouth!

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The Pizza delivery guy story is a common theme in porn, but it was real for Diamond when he was 19. He hooked up with the dude and explored cock sucking, turns out he likes it! He’s looking to make some money but this is mostly about getting that cum out, and Joe is happy to help him. The guys gobble and suck on each other, with some great face fucking and some anal toy play too before the lean and smooth dude blasts his cum out in Joe’s mouth! Looks like we might have another new regular dude to enjoy!

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It seems straight guys Matt and Eric are a lot less straight than they used to be. These days it’s not hard at all to get them sharing their stiff dicks with each other, sucking on delicious boner and sharing some raw ass action! Joe joins the party, enjoying a mess of raw dicked fun in the bedroom at Eric gets his ass fucked and then gives it to Joe too, all finished off with some jerked out cum loads and a taste of cream for Joe!

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Eric and Joe are looking pretty tidy, it’s not often you’ll see either of them wearing a tie! They’re not wearing them for long though, the hunger for cock is soon taking over. Eric gets his huge cock sucked and gets his hole rimmed too before Joe slides his naked meat into him, but you know Joe is gonna want that big dick up his butt. He gets it too, riding it and then taking it face down until Eric is pumping his hot load deep in his guts! Looks like Eric and Joe both had a great time, and we had a blast watching them too!


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Hung black stud Joe has come a long way since we first met him! He claimed to be strictly straight back in the day, but he’s slowly woken up to just how much he loves cock! Nowadays he likes to get fucked as much as he loves to fuck a boy and he’s a great cocksucker, too.