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With his summer trip departure almost upon him, Elye Black goes over some final details with buddy Johnny B. Handing him the keys to his apartment, Elye tells Johnny that’s just about it, but Johnny has one more thing on his mind. Grabbing Elye by the hand, he lets him know he still has some unfinished business to attend to before he leaves, and with a look, Elye seems to understand exactly what Johnny means, as the two of them kiss passionately, quickly working themselves out of their clothes. Johnny hungrily sucks Elye off before letting Elye fuck him any way he wants. Elye slides his rock hard bareback cock deep into Johnny’s hole, fucking him from behind and then letting him take a ride before telling him they should switch. Making his way over to the edge of the sofa, Elye reclines back and spreads his legs, telling Johnny to fuck the cum out of him. Johnny smiles and does as instructed, pumping Elye full of hot, hard cock as Elye spits his load. Johnny pounds him til he’s ready to burst, pulling out and spraying his buddy down with a load to remember him by. Elye tells him it’s gonna be a long, hard trip without him. Enjoy!

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You’ve seen the rugged side of Sean Zevran on camera before but here’s your chance to see the sensuous, passionate, & softer side that’s closer to who he really is. AND, it’s Allen King who gets to sample this side of Sean! After they fondle each other & kiss, Allen goes down on Sean to suck his cock and relish every inch. In turn Sean basks in the pleasure of Allen’s warm mouth, soon rising up from his lawn chair to stand and sway and feed his cock to Allen.

When Allen stands to make out with him, Sean soon sits back down to give Allen the same lovingly detailed cocksucking. Allen loves it but he whispers what he really wants: Sean to fuck him. After bending him over and teasing him a little Sean gives Allen his whole cock and fucks him passionately, pressing his muscular body against Allen and connecting with him in every way.

They shift positions and Allen rides Sean’s cock with seemingly boundless sexual energy that brings a smile to the hairy top’s face. Allen enjoys directing the action and soon pushes Sean back on the lounge chair so he can resume riding his cock cowboy style. And he doesn’t stop until he unloads on Sean’s furry abs. A brief kiss is followed by Sean leaning forward and giving Allen’s smooth chest a hefty cum drizzle. Two happy & satisfied guys who kiss again and they’re still hard. Whatever shall they do?

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This scene opens at the end of Part 1 with Jacob Stax asking Michael about what went on when he went into the exam room. Michael is not telling him details, but assuring him it will all be fine and he will like it. Just then Sean walks into the waiting room and asks for Jacob to come to the back with him. Once inside the exam room, Sean explains that he will be getting penis measurements for the Twins Study and for him to take his pants off. Once Sean Harding gets the flaccid measurement he tells Jacob that it appears he might be a little larger than his twin brother and they so far He and Michael have the biggest penis in the study. Jacob measures about ½ inch larger than his brother when fully hard and it is interesting that he is circumcised but Michael is not. He explains that it because of something that happened when they were born and then Sean continues to pleasure Jacob with his eager mouth sucking his big cock. He deep throats Jacob to the hilt and then Jacob sucks Sean for a little while before bending Sean over the table. Jacob’s cock goes balls deep into Sean’s eager ass as he fucks him bent over from behind. Sean then gets on his back on the exam table and Jacob fucks the cum out of him. Sean then gets the container to collect Jacob’s sperm and has him jack off into the container. He then compares both their samples and let’s Jacob know he ejaculated more than Michael. Enjoy!

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Emilio and Max are left in the backseat of their buddy’s car with nothing to do but get frisky and fool around. The horny stud, Max, pulls out his cock for Emilio to take suck on, allowing the handsome man to swallow it down his throat as it grows even bigger.

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He might be straight, but Billy da Kidd is open to trying all kings of things to get guys off out there and he really is a bit of an exhibitionist. He loves to perform and really gets into stroking his cock to the point where he'll play with his fresh cum load, licking it up, drinking it, showing it off… we just wish he'd try another boys load at least once! lol

Although he describes himself as straight, Wiley is one of those straight boys who might be a little more experimental and into trying new things than the average straight twink out there. For instance, he loves showing off his big cock and jerking it for the boys out there, and shooting his hot cum all over his face and right into his open mouth too!

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Overhearing Ricky Ridges talking on the phone, it becomes clear to Quin Quire that his boss is in need of a little relief on the job site. Ricky’s blue balls are making it impossible to focus on his duties, but luckily Quin aims to please his superiors and has no problem going the extra mile to complete the task. This is all music to Ricky’s ears, but Quin backs up his sweet talk with even sweeter action, immediately setting to work on Rickey’s hard on, sucking him off at Rickey’s desk. Ricky’s hard on grows two sizes as Quin’s magic mouth goes to work, but Ricky’s urges are going to need a little more to be satisfied, so he bends Quin over his desk and plunges his raw cock deep into his employee’s sweet hole. Quin takes the dick like a veteran, letting his boss fuck him every way he desires. Ricky appreciates Quin’s flexibility and versatility, and as he fucks him in every corner of the office, he realizes that Quin is more than qualified for whatever position Ricky envisions. When he finally loses his nut, Quin is sweaty and smiling, glad to have eased Ricky’s concerns. Looks like there’s a cumming promotion for one good little worker! Enjoy!

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Bryce might be a straight laced boy keeping things in check, unlike a lot of the other guys who always get themselves in the shit, but he knows how to use his cock like the rest of them to get a hot load of jizz out for the guys. He works his meat like a pro and works up a warm wad of thick juice to spunk out.

Bryce Corbin is a straight boy who happens to be a little experimental when it comes to his body and his cock. Although he's never shared it with another boy, we get to see him stroking that straight boy cock and tasting his own cum load after pumping it out too! I'm hoping we can get him trying something with a couple of other boys soon too though!

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Dale really wants to take control of his fucking skills. He is straight and has never watched gay porn in his life yet here he is determined to master the ability to fuck and be fucked by men. Complete strangers who he is being paid to have sexual intercourse with.
He’s more than happy when Dave strips him. He must be chuffed when he sees that Dave has sprung an almighty boner just from the foreplay. However Dale is still nervous so Dave puts him at ease by sucking on his cock and hungrily eating out his brown arsehole.
He is right to be wary. He has never been fucked before and now here is a strange man with a thick cock eager to take his virginity. On camera.
After a tasty deposit in the mouth it’s time for Dale to return the favour. Dave splays him out naked on the table and sucks his cock hard in readiness for fucking. Then its Dave’s turn to be active, fucking Dave before cumming over Dave’s face and mouth.

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Two of our hottest, hairiest, most hung studs are back, the insatiable bottom Abraham Montenegro, and the rough, bristling top Aday Traun. Both of them handsome and sporting, heavy, long, cocks (thats a beauty of uncircumcised meat that sexy Aday is swinging about!). Abraham can’t wait to feel his sphincter rippling and stretching to accept Aday’s throbbing meat, but first he’s down on his knees with his face buried in Aday’s pubic hair as he tastes his sweaty, salty cock, filling every sense with masculinity as he feels the weighty member swelling in his hot mouth. Aday wastes no time in spreading this cutie’s hot, hairy butt cheeks and pressing deep inside that steaming, inviting hole, until his hard muscular thighs press to Abraham’s arse and he can start ploughing as Abraham gasps and pulls away even as he’s pushing back for every warm inch of stiff flesh!