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Who doesn’t love to see gaping holes? Well all we can say for now is that Rick loves to make ’em gape! Starting off with both boys on the bed kissing each other, and Rick going down on Adam sucking the full length of his veiny cock, Rick is for sure enjoying the beauties of this young lad. It’s not long for Adam to be laying on his side with Rick burying his face into the boys hole to give it a moist lick-out, with some fingering, Rick deems the boys hole sufficiently prepared to receive his cock. And he does, displaying the beauty of a gaping hole in various occasions.

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This nasty pussy guy loves to play a sissy. Wearing a raunchy red wig and an open blue dress he starts with sucking off and kissing his sex partner. A thrilling scene of sultry doggystyle ass-attack follows and then this heated sissy slams his butt down a stiff rod in cowgirl and licks sticky semen.

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Master Dallas and Master Legrand are good friends and have formed a special bond as buyers. They love the rush of owning a boy and recounting their exploits with one another. And while they respect each other’s ownership, Legrand can’t help but be a little jealous of Dallas’ new boy, River…

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In the case of these porno newcomers, Jack and Edwin, the question can’t be answered in centimetres, since it’s clear that these heavy packing guys are already players in the upper league. In UNTOUCHED Studio the two lads from the English Midlands work their thick tubesteaks over until the spunk flies!

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All us Bros always wanted to cuck a bitch and when we heard one of our pledges was bringing his new boy, we knew what we had to do. As soon we saw the pledge’s guy come in a dress, made it all the better. Weak ass president cuck could barely put up a fight. Just sat in the corner jacking while we took turns. Best frat costume party we’ve had.

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Alexander Kristov is in a foul mood after a rough night of cleaning up at the bar and bartender Jason Vario knows just how to cheer him up. Jason walks around the bar and offers up his thick uncut cock for Alexander to handle how he pleases. Alexander doesn’t resist the juicy dick and gets on his knees to suck it. Jason wants a bit more and bends Alexander over the bar to eat his hairy ass. Jason takes his time and savors every lick up and down until Alexander is ready to be entered. Jason turns Alexander onto his back and slides his throbbing cock deep into his barback to fuck him hard. Jason’s cock feels amazing, but Alexander wants it harder from behind. The stud turns around and grips a bar stool for Jason to go back in and finish fucking him deep. When Jason yells that he’s going to cum, Alexander makes sure not to waste a drop. The barback drops down to the floor one last time and takes every drop from Jason’s erupting cock all over his face. With the taste of Jason still dripping from his tongue, Alexander dumps his own load all over the bar floor to cap of a tough night of work.

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