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Preston didn’t want to do the whole nude, jerk-off thing but his feet were so amazing and he is so ticklish that we had to hire him. You’ll love seeing him in his white socks and, of course, barefoot. These feet are exquisite. Mesmerizing. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of these clips. More Preston in Socks and Footboys Photos and Tickling Video.

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Foot Pride. This smorgasbord of footpics highlights the Foot Friends booth at the Gay Pride Festival. We handed out thousands of invites to our parties and gave foot massages to dozens of men. We were clearly one of the most popular booths at the festival!

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Tickled by a handful of studs at the Foot Friends party in NYC and overseen by his friend Lee, Will gets the full tickle treatment.

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Please welcome our next victim, nerdy and extra-ticklish Red! From the beginning, you can tell this is going to be one squirmy, vocal session. Red is ticklish all over, and with a barrage of feathers and fingers headed his way, he’s in for a hilarious treat.It’s a half-hour of tickle mayhem that has Red howling and thrashing so hard he loses his glasses!

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Porn idol Bobby has graced the pages of many a gentleman’s erotic magazine and now he brings the magic to us. He’s 6′ tall, wears an 11 1/2 and sports a big piece of meat for those who care to notice. Look for more Bobby in Socks and FootMen Video.

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Tickle star Dylan gets tickled double time in another grueling set. Then he extracts his revenge on both ticklers. It’s the revenge tickling format that you guys are loving. Instant pay back.

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Dean has very ticklish pits and feet, and he warned us that he was a real fighter when it came to being tickled. We were prepared! Although he broke the ankle restraints, we tied him up again and he got a good tickling. He didn’t put up too much of a fight once he realized we were prepared to punish him for bad behavior. View the last clips and hear what happened when he was a kid and his uncles tickled him. More Dean in Socks Photos, Footmen Photos and Video.

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Get ready, ’cause Rusty is the most ticklish guy we’ve had yet. 1. Interview, getting tied in, let’s begin 2. Upper body tickling 3. Feathers & upper body tickling 4. Upper body restrained 5. Feet 6. Feet 7. Feet 8. Feet with brush 9. Intense finale with feet 10. Follow up interview.

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We’ve gotten a lot of requests to have Travis back for another j.o. session, and he was happy to do it. Travis is 24 years old, has size 11 feet, and just can’t enough of showing off his cock, socks and toes! He’s all yours.

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We put Preston through a new tickling format. It goes like this: 5 minutes tickled face down 5 minutes face up 5 minutes feet and ace to camera Followed by revenge tickling where Preston demonstrates that he has the killer instinct on both of his ticklers – Dylan and Chip. Tickler 1, 2 2 minutes face down 2 minutes face up.

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A special, action packed two part clip series that takes you through the tickle torture process with helpful instructions, tips and suggestions. 1. Feet and the sitting up position 2. About sheer socks 3. Tools 4. Foot spanking & socks vs. no socks 5. Toe restraints & tickling with feathers 6. Introducing oil 7. Oil and a hairbrush 8. Fact tickling action 9. Two guys on one. 10. Letting him go.

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See Christian do the usual posing, but watch him pull out a knife and cut both of his socks off. Crazy! And check out the last clip if you want a glimpse of his sweet ass.

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A Footfriends customer made a special request that Chip get tickled by two of our previous ticklees. Specifically, they wanted to see Chip tickled non stop for 45 minutes and they wanted to be able to see every inch of his body throughout the entire scene. We don’t usually honor such specific requests, but this one appealed to Chip so he accepted. And here are those 45 minutes of non stop tickling. Thanks to Jack and Matt for tickling.

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Straight porn star Niko hung out at the Footfriends penthouse one day and gave us sexy show. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Macho man Seth has size 11 feet, and boy are they ticklish. His upper body is ticklish, too. Seth is an honest to goodness foot lover, too. Watch as he groans and grumbles – he fucking hates to be tickled. It’s no laughing matter for him. He refused to be tied up, too. He hates it that much. Enjoy the clips and definitely watch the last one where he describes the experience of being tickled. More Seth in FootMen Video.