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Xavier worked hard to make his slim little captive Galiel spit that spooge from his aching cock, now he’s determined to use the boy to get his own cum gushing. Galiel is strapped down over the bench and soon knows what’s expected of him. With that big drooling dong in his face the boy gobbles and sucks, his mouth fucked hard! With precum and spit dripping from Xavier’s balls he takes some time out to spank the boy’s cheeks with a leather paddle, but he’s only softening him up for his cock to slam into that pucker. He rams the boy from behind, using his arse to get his load fat and heavy before heading back to fuck that dripping mouth some more, finishing with a shower of semen all over Galiel’s adorable little face! Hooded and strapped back into the chair the boy is spent and exhausted, but how long will it be before he’s being stuffed with dick again?

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Couple Taylor Reign & Cory Kane are off to sunny Mexico to have some fun with each other…and whomever else they might meet! They’ve invited their friend Sean Ford, newly single and in need of cheering up. But, Sean isn’t quite ready yet to leave his woes behind and cut loose like his buddies, even when he goes with them to a party yacht with other “open-minded” couples (one being Allen King & Levi Karter). By the time the uninhibited fun moves to a local bar, the seeds are planted for some couple swapping.

After hours as they relax in their hotel room hot tub Taylor excites Cory by telling him their fun night is about to get hot: he’s invited over Allen King! With their door unlocked Cory “warms up” Taylor by sucking him and as he does Allen stealthily steps into the tub to rim Taylor. Taylor keeps on deep-sucking his man even when Allen shifts from rimming him to sliding in his cock and giving him pleasure at both ends.

Taking their three-way to the bedroom Allen & Taylor switch places in spit-roasting Taylor and the sexual energy grows even more. Soon, at his request Allen it’s he who’s in the middle; getting fucked by Cory and face-fucked by Taylor. The passionately horny couple share their sex toy every whey they can by switching roles, sharing a three-way kiss, having a fuck-train, pounding the cum out of him, and giving him a double- barrelled cum facial. Wild times…and this is only the first night!

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Sean Harding is hanging out alone in the leather club playroom when Jaxx Thanatos walks in and strikes up a conversation with him. He has never seen Sean before and asks him if he is new to the ‘scene’ and Sean replies by saying ‘What scene…?’ With that Jaxx knows that Sean is a newbie to the Leather scene and makes his move on this fresh piece of meat. They start out kissing each other and then Jaxx puts Sean up against the wooden cross where he starts rimming his ass. He then moves to Sean’s cock and sucks him. Sean then sucks Jaxx in the chair for a while and then Jaxx puts him up against the cross and starts fucking him from behind. They then move to the horse where Jaxx fucks Sean from behind deep and hard. Jaxx puts Sean in the chair and fucks him until Sean cannot hold back and he shoots all over himself. Jaxx pulls out and shoots his cum all over Sean’s chest.

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Who’d have guessed Ayro is learning to play the piano? Luckily for us, Peter stops him before he gets too carried away and distracts him from his new hobbie. Sucking Aryo, balls deep, then licking his balls, the giving Aryo his hard cock to taste. But maybe that was a dream? Ayro rimming Peter’s ass is for sure an awesome way to wake up, and soon he’s getting fucked in some of the most pleasureable positions we’ve seen so far. Peter’s hole begs for more and they adopt different positions before finally cumming over-himself and Ayro creaming his hole.

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Look out for this workout – the Johnny V special. He pumps himself up and flexes until his ripped muscles are glistening in his beads of sweat. As he continues shirtless, Johnny realizes his man meat is rock hard and sits up to stroke and blow a load all over his workout mat.

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It’s difficult to imagine that young Ollie Blue knows any limits to the abuse that he’s prepared to be subjected to – or at least that’s the distinct impression that you’ll get watching this no-holds-barred escapade, which sees him chained to the ceiling in a disused cellar and being forced to endure the kind of torture that you might have thought had been outlawed by international courts a long time ago! Nevertheless, this horny blond boy is a distinctly willing participant, as two hot studs – one white, one black – go the whole hog to push the lad to breaking point; ball-gagging him, whipping him, clamping his nipples, and eventually pissing all over him like a common slut. In short, it’s a totally crazy, barbaric escapade that will have fans of this kind of stuff wanking like fury; and the wild, rampant abuse only gets even more intense once the fellow is unchained. For instead of letting the pup go, the studs thrust their cocks down his very hungry throat; and then clamp open his mouth so that they can wank off the contents of their ball-sacs right down his throat. What’s more, the pervy cunt doesn’t so much as gag as he’s forced to swallow spurt after fucking spurt of fresh spunk!

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Manager Shane Frost is observing latest employee Miles Racer getting to grips with, cleaning up and re-stocking the bar. He’s taken quite a shine to him, even if he isn’t the best bar-boy he’s certainly nice to look at. He watches him bend over, filling the glass shelves, his jock strap sitting high above his jeans. Shane can’t help thinking of taking advantage, he knows how unethical that is but if he doesn’t work for him anymore, then he’s fair game, right? In an attempt to sack him he subtly knocks a glass over, behind his back. He blames the boy and orders him to clean it up, though they are going to have to have a ‘little chat’ about his employment there. Miles can see where he thinks this is going and begins to plead for his job, saying how he really needs it and he’ll do anything to keep it. Looks like Shane won’t have to fire him after all! Classically answered by Shane “Anything?” He grabs his crotch. “Um, yeah. If that’s what it takes?” He doesn’t seem to be put off by the idea and why should he be! Both are total hotties. Throwing down the broom and leans in to snog him. Getting down onto his knees he chews the fabric of his trousers, eager to get at his dick and please his boss. He takes his hard cock out, sucking it for all he’s worth. Both guys strip and Shane gets a taste of the new boys dick. It’s not long before he has him bent over the bar eating his ass ready to fuck it.

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