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Jack can’t get over his masculine pride and fully submit. When he’s leashed and lead around like a dog he still resists. This stupid fucking hetero needs to learn to fall into line and serve with every part of his body. To do that he needs to be completely immobilized. Aaron gives him a series of smacks and throws him down on the filthy mattress to plunder his tight arsehole. With Dave’s assistance they rope Jack up till he can barely move a muscle. With his pants wrapped over his face he must constantly breath in the smell of his own gooch while being worked over by his sadistic captor. Jack’s arse is stretched open with a vibrator while Aaron shocks him with electro zaps. The worst thing about this is the sorry straight fucker has no idea where or when the next shock is going to happen! He trembles all over fearful of each new sting that comes to his balls and cock. The pressure is ramped up as Aaron then uses a feather to tickle all his most tender parts. Given that Jack can’t do anything to fend off this torment the moaning straight boy is in absolute agony. The only thing to make it stop is for him to stick out his tongue and lick our filthy trainers like a proper slave. Once proud Jack has turned into a whimpering, snivelling mess. Now that he’s fully broken he will do nothing but worship us from now on!

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Sporty Mark likes to display his manly body and wear tight clothes to accentuate his muscular frame. It’s time for this straight fucker to stop teasing us and submit so we can handle his hard sexy body. Roped up with a ball gag stuffed in his stupid mouth we take our time groping his body and perving over every inch of him. We feel the full weight of him on our laps and spank his tempting arse. Then we string him up so we can wrap ourselves around him while digging into his tight arse and yank on his long dangly foreskin. As we slide our fingers up his stinking hole he spins around trying to escape us. If Mark won’t offer up his arse like a good slut we’re going to make him feel what’s it’s like to have his sphincter permanently stretched. We fuck his hole with a vibrator and then wedge it up his arse so it’s fixed in place. He whines and cries through his gag for us but he’ll just have to wait there with that vibrator up his arse constantly buzzing against his prostate.

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Sexy construction worker Alex can’t see a good opportunity when it’s staring him directly in the face! Here we are offering him a fuckload of pleasure and money – much more than the pennies he earns from the hard sweaty labour he does all day on a building site. But this hetero bastard can’t get past his pride and turns us down cold. Well we’re going to have our way with his hot masculine body. We make him submit and wrangle him down into our lair to destroy his clothes, squeeze his balls and sniff every inch of his naked body. Now that Alex’s body is restrained and spread on display we teach him whose the fucking boss by lashing his ass till he’s pleading for us to stop. His cock and balls are roped up so he understand that his precious jewels belong to us now. With our expert stimulation his prick becomes engorged and some sharp electro shocks to his piss slit make him crumble and weep while we laugh wickedly in his face. Alex is bent over so we can pound his hairy virgin arsehole making this thick fucker groan and clench every muscle in his body. At the same time a big fat dildo is shoved in his gob. Now this straight fucker is primed to be spitroasted! We humiliate him pissing all over his proud face so he stinks and is covered in shame!

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Hetero Chris has some of the biggest balls we’ve ever seen! We bend him over naked and tied him up in a public toilet in a most ungentlemanly position. His genitals are wrenched back between his legs and we tie those great plums back so we can see them while also wrenching open his precious arsehole. It drives us wild utterly humiliating this fucker clamping bells to his nips and ordering him to jingle them. Simultaneously his hole is rammed full with a vibrator. Bound in place there’s nothing he can do but shimmy from side to side making his bells ring while his insides get mercilessly rammed. His arse cheeks are beaten till Chris is howling and crying. We want his back passage pristine pink for the army of eager men that will pass through this public loo so we clear him out with an ice cold enema. The bastard struggles to hold it in while we weigh his genitals down and strain them to breaking point. He clenches his sphincter with all his might but as Dave lays into his arse again with a fierce whipping he unleashes a filthy stream. We discipline him by drenching Chris in freezing water. He’s left trembling, dripping wet and bent naked ready for any pervy takers who walk through the door.

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Despite being vulnerably strung up and shackled naked, smarmy young Chris still gives us a lot of lip. This proud fucking hetero needs to learn to submit and respect us or we’re going to make him feel more pain than he ever thought possible. We knock the wind out of him delivering swift punches to his gut and shut him up by gagging his filthy mouth. Chris’ massive dong is so fucking sensitive that he can’t stop getting a fat woody from being tugged insistently. At the same time Dave punishes Chris by tightening a rope around his neck and making him gag for his breath. The rope tightens as more weights are added and his erogenous buttons are manipulated as his cock is rubbed. His sex drive is now fully under our control and this straight bastard has no way of preventing his erections. As a massive fat dildo is rammed up his aching arse and his cock is jerked, he shoots a massive load. Chris weeps with shame and blushes red all over knowing he’s been turned into a huge homo having ejaculated under our expert manipulation.

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It’s so fucking sexy hearing scally bastard Lee insult us while he’s tied with his arsehole spread wide open! The stupid fuck doesn’t know when to shut up so we gag his filthy gob. All he can do is moan now while we smack his arse and grip his big shaft. A weight is roped around his neck and attached to nipple clamps so that every time he whips his head back he’s gasping and desperate to catch his breath. We mercilessly flog his exposed body so the idiot cunt can’t help wriggling in place and tightening the noose around his neck! Our ingeniously evil game drives Lee into an absolute rage. He tightens his fists like he will bash us at the first opportunity, but there’s going to be no chance of that! Instead we manipulate his cock, milking his balls while his arse is being pounded. Now he has to live with the shame of having got off by two gay sadists intent on turning him into a cock hungry queer!

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At BreederFuckers, proud hetero Will was only just recently in the comfort and security of his home. Now he’s been reduced to a beast displayed naked on all fours. His arms and legs are secured to the bench and his mouth is stuffed with a gag making him drool pathetically. Dave inserts a sadistic anal hook into his sphincter and ties it to his head. This keeps the fucker’s face pointing forward and his arse in the air. Just the way we want him. When he’s given a lashing with a leather strap Will can’t protectively move his bum away from the onslaught without ripping his insides out. Clips are attached to his genitals so he can feel the sharpened pinch as Dave tears each one off. His arse and face glow red from the punishment with copious amounts of spit spilling down his face. It’d be a shame to let all that slick hetero spit go to waste so Dave uses it to lube up the big nasty dildo. He inserts it up his throbbing rectum and orders the boy to fuck himself on it like a proper slut. It’s an integral part of Will’s training as a new gay whore that he learn how to fuck his own whole. He sits back, but when he doesn’t penetrate himself deep enough Dave rams the dildo in and out of his hole. Adrian greases him up with baby oil so his peach-pale skin glistens all over. If his girlfriend were to see him now she’d think he was just an insatiable gay slut boy who likes to be fucked relentlessly in seedy nightclubs. Adrian demandingly strokes his cock while his g-spot is continuously hit with Dave’s fucking him. He can’t stop himself growing a big hard on and ejaculating. Adrian laps up all his creamy straight goo and feeds it back to the whining fucker. Will trembles all over with the power of his orgasm and the fucking he’s just received. To secure his genitals up for later use his emptied balls and sore cock are secured with rubber bands and chopsticks. He’s delivered a final punishment where his sensitive arsehole, balls and piss slit are given shocks. Will is rendered utterly exhausted and helpless. His straight cunt now totally belongs to us.

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Vain athlete Liam thinks that because he spends all day playing football and building up his muscular body, he’s entitled to earn lots of money modelling sporting gear. He wants to be admired and lusted after without having to do anything work and definitely not have anything dodgy done to his pristine manly body. We’re determined to have our way with this cocky bastard and ruin him. He reluctantly agrees to some light bondage if it’s going to get him the job. But by the time his arms are bound behind his back and a rope is looped around his neck there’s no stopping us from using and disciplining this stupid fit fucker. Adrian parades Liam around like a new champion stallion leading him around by wicked metal clamps and a chain attached to his nips. Now that he’s fixed in place Liam can do nothing to stop up sliding down his tight white pants so his dick and balls flap out in the open. His foreskin is silky smooth and smells like a football locker room! We reduce this proud athlete to our toy boy using his cock and arse while he’s still wearing his football socks and muddy shoes. Liam’s face twists into absolute rage as he’s bound in a way that he can’t stop his arse and cock from being totally exposed. No matter how hard he flails or fights he belongs to us now!

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At BreederFuckers, there is a code among skater boys who group in clans to run amuck around the city. Spitting, pissing in alleys and teasingly hiding their fit boyish bodies underneath baggy stupid clothes. They pretend to stick together like brothers, but as soon as there is trouble they are quick to abandon each other. Ross here has been separated from his treasured skater friends. All on his own he stands tied and vulnerable to whatever we want to do to him. Those ugly fucking shorts are a disgrace and need to go. He looks much better when stripped down to nothing with his floppy hair, skinny body and pert little ass on show. Ross is a condescending little cunt and needs to learn humility. With his nipples clamped, he can be led around and given excruciating pain at the slightest tug. The bastard can’t stop his face being led down into a man’s crotch. He’s going to learn to suck cock like a pro. Two big hard cocks are rammed deep in his gob so the helpless boy is totally overwhelmed. Now he can earn some pennies at the back of the skater park servicing horny gentlemen and put that sweet little mouth to good use!

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Alex is like an enraged fucking beast strapped to the bench as he is. Dave mocks his predicament and yanks his tight pants so hard the fabric wedges deep up in his arse crack and against his arsehole. His pants are destroyed giving full access to his hairy bum. The panicked boy fights against his restraints feel his arse parted and spanked. He’s absolutely helpless to prevent any discipline that’s going to be inflicted upon his bum. Alex weeps in pain and frustration. It raises an incredible ire in a man if he wants to fight and defend himself but if he can’t. His cock and balls are roped and attached to the wall. Dave lashes his bum cheeks with a cane and orders him to present the sensitive soles of his feet for a whipping. It’s a trait of stupid straight men that they feel sorry for themselves when they’re so powerless. But we’re not going to show any pity to this sad cunt. Dave yanks his head up and pisses directly into his mouth. So now tears and piss are running down his sorry fucking face!

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At BreederFuckers, big muscular stud John is secured down to a bench with no way to get free. He can buck and fight and swear at us all he wants, but this straight bastard’s arse belongs to us now! It’s not enough that he must physically submit; he needs to be mentally broken as well. His crack shows through his tight white pants invitingly. We can resist peeling them down to part his meaty cheeks and use that hole. When his sphincter is roughly widened and filled with a big fat dildo John’s entire body goes beet-red from the strain. He’ll do anything to make his fucking stop. He’s drilled through his humbling in stages. First he must plant his lips on our filthy boots. Next he’s presented with a hard cock in his face. When he’s not quick enough in orally servicing a man he’s skewered again. Totally captive John must suck cock while his arse is fucked. His hairy bum is filled with a man’s stiff prick. Dave ejaculates on John’s pink trembling tongue and wipes his cock over it so the angry athlete will never be able to forget the taste.

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All that rugby Mark plays has caused his muscular thighs to grow to the size of tree trunks. We want to see his legs in all their glory so suspend them akimbo leaving him just enough room to kick out and show us their full power. His arse is covered in nothing but a pair of tight white pants that are nearly transparent. Little does Mark know that he’s spent a lifetime training and building up his manly athletic body just for our sadistic pleasure. Adrian punishes him for teasing us with his big luscious arse and flogs the bastard till his cheeks are raging red through the thin white fabric. Once his bum is fully revealed we lay into him with a vicious acne that leaves angry stripes. That tight arsehole has been tempting us too long. Adrian stretches his arsehole so far he slides his entire fist in. At the same time, Dave gives him nasty electro shocks right on his piss slit. Mark’s arse is filled with a vibrator while Dave wickedly canes the sensitive soles of his feet. If Mark can’t keep that dildo up his fucking arse he’s going to be punished worse than he can imagine!

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Hetero swimming star Scotty has never had his arsehole penetrated before so it’s time to open him up. He’s chained arse-up against a pillar giving the greedy men full and immediate access to his anus. His bell end is tied to his nose so every jolt of his body makes him inadvertently rub and tease his sensitive glans. They lube up his hairy hole and take their time sliding their bare fingers into his tight warm arse cavity. Slowly his tight sporty anus widens up urging the men to reach for a big fat dildo to really impale him with. His well-trained muscular body strains with the tension of holding such an unfamiliar position. He’s rammed full, the sustained stimulation to his prostate and rubbing of his cock end causes him to spontaneously ejaculate shooting a huge gush of spunk right in his own blushing face.

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At BreederFuckers, young hetero Charlie needs to realize what a disgusting horny boy he is. His balls are constantly at work producing sperm and his whole body exudes a sharp masculine teenage stink of sex. His pants are wrapped around his head so his nose is embedded in the crotch where his dick rests all day leaking piss and precum. Trussed up like a present, this naked boy’s hairy bum is enticing and ripe for plundering. A thick dildo is inserted up his pink arsehole while the boy moans piteously into his gag and the mattress. His butt is so tight that when ordered to hold the vibrator he can’t help squeezing it out. The selfish fucker is taught a lesson as electro sparks are administered to the sensitive pink head of his dick and his full round balls. Every shock makes his body jolt and he’s filled with fear about when the next zap will come.

The dildo is rammed far up his arse so the straight boy knows what it is really like to be fucked deeply. Now that he’s felt the terror of painful electro shocks he’s introduced to a different sort of fear. A feather is dragged over the soles of his feet and sensitive insides of his thighs making him squirm. When tied and unable to stop this sort of torment it’s absolute agony. Charlie is given a lesson in subservience. A hole in his pants is provided for his pink moist tongue to poke through and worship Dave’s boots and lick them clean. The boy is then ordered to fuck himself with a dildo vigorously or he’ll get more sharp shocks to the tender soles of his feet. Howling in desperation Charlie doesn’t know if this will ever stop or last forever.

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Hetero Liam has no way of defending his precious arse. Nothing disgusts him more than the sensation of a man rubbing his dick against his arse crack and pressing into the luscious tight opening of his sphincter. But now that he’s firmly roped in place with his bum suspended in the air Liam has no way to defend himself from being broken open to prepare him for the legions of horny punters ready to fuck him. The only thing he can do to repel us is to squeeze out a log, but that only drive us to pound his filthy stinking arse harder. He’s rammed into the fucking floor by Adrian’s angry insatiable cock and his arse is bathed in spunk. Now that his arsehole is slicked and dirty Dave pounds him like a demon making Liam weep and shout. His arse crack is slicked up with another man’s load confirming his new status as a total slag. We clamp his balls in a restraint and ram our sperm up his anus with a dildo. Liam’s bum is now primed and open for business to anyone who wants to come fuck him. It’s glorious watching this whore angrily squeeze out his butt plug and watching all that cum dribble from his sore and broken anus.