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Don’t say we never listen! We had requests for another hot portion of Matt Anvers, and here he is, bulging and brooding and ready to go, and for a partner we chose brand spanking, fresh-off-the-bus – Rico Fatale, a sexy hunk, out to make a big splash for his first ever – ever scene. Matt is in control and sexy, willing sub – Rico is more than willing to be led. Matt pushes him to his knees, and this oversexed exhibitionist doesn’t need asking twice, he’s feasting on Matt’s big, juicy, uncut dick as the meat grows and fills his hungry mouth. The boys snog, suck and rim until nervous first timers – Rico is suddenly not so nervous and can’t wait to get that stiff dick up his very sexy little arse. Matt throws the lad around like a rag doll, fuck toy, riding that hole in every position possible. Its very steamy, very intimate and those throbbing, spurting, uncircumcised dicks are rigid, pumping testament to the chemistry between these two smouldering sexy, young men!

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When Princeton Price accidentally finds roomie Lance Ford’s dildo underneath the bed, Lance is embarrassed but explains it was part of his sex life with his ex. He piques Princeton’s interest when he mentions getting spit roasted. Princeton wonders what he’s talking about, so Lance shows him, mounting him the dildo to the wall. Princeton’s dick gets hard at the thought as Lance begins to blow him, simultaneously easing back against the dildo as it presses into him. Princeton grabs his head and pushes it down further onto his cock, watching the dildo stretch Lance’s hole open. Ready to fuck, he throws Lance onto the bed, eating his ass before sliding his bareback cock into Lance. Lance reaches back and grabs his ass, spreading his cheek and showing off his hole as Princeton pounds his bubble butt into submission. Princeton fucks him all over the bed until a sweaty Lance can hold it no longer. He unleashes his load as Princeton jizzes all over him, both of them exhausted and out of breath as they fall onto the bed. Enjoy!

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We’ve seen Alonzo top, and we’ve seen Kuper bottom, but this time they’re switching it up. And holy shit, it couldn’t be anymore perfect and hot! Kuper is an amazing bottom, but his huge dick is a beautiful fit for Alonzo’s big bubble butt. Kuper does what any good top should do, and kisses, licks, and passionately eats Alonzo’s hole before climbing on top and sliding his cock in that he lubed up with spit. Kuper’s cock was hard before he took off his sweatpants, and stayed rock hard even after he came deep inside Alonzo’s ass. There really isn’t much to say except that these are two guys who love sex, and love fucking each other!

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They aren’t really related, but the resemblance is there and we all got a laugh out of passerby’s at the park hearing them claim they are and then watching them make out. It was the highlight of our day up until they got in bed and starting tearing each other’s clothes off. The term “vers boys have more fun” couldn’t be more true, and these boys proved that. They both love to please a nice hole as well as have their own hole pleased by a nice raw cock. Judas has a tongue that can please any hole for hours on end which is exactly what he did before flipping RJ over and fucking his brains out. RJ got a glimpse of Judas’ ass and had to take a go at it, which left Judas’ with literal chills before he took one last go at RJ’s ass by fucking the cum out of him!

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Dale really wants to take control of his fucking skills. He is straight and has never watched gay porn in his life yet here he is determined to master the ability to fuck and be fucked by men. Complete strangers who he is being paid to have sexual intercourse with.
He’s more than happy when Dave strips him. He must be chuffed when he sees that Dave has sprung an almighty boner just from the foreplay. However Dale is still nervous so Dave puts him at ease by sucking on his cock and hungrily eating out his brown arsehole.
He is right to be wary. He has never been fucked before and now here is a strange man with a thick cock eager to take his virginity. On camera.
After a tasty deposit in the mouth it’s time for Dale to return the favour. Dave splays him out naked on the table and sucks his cock hard in readiness for fucking. Then its Dave’s turn to be active, fucking Dave before cumming over Dave’s face and mouth.

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These are dudes that fuck, and they’re are sexual deviants whose single purpose in life is to be a world class slut: to fuck raw, take loads, eat ass non-stop, relentless, like a machine and we call them Slut Machines!

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Lying on his back with legs through a dark curtain, Spencer opens himself up to whoever’s around to claim his hot ass. Alpha stud Logan Carter steps in to pump his load into his submissive bottom, rock hard by the idea of fucking him without him knowing!

Logan shoves his raw cock in Spencer’s tight hole, feeling his sphincter tighten around his shaft from the rough, hard penetration!

Logan is a natural dom top, loving his powerful role and feeling his bottom submit to him without question!

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What was supposed to be a game of gay chicken became a horny mutual cock sucking for Welsey and new guy Devin! Once Welsey was on that cock he forgot all about the game, he just wanted to suck that dick and have his own big cock gobbled. Devin shows he has some cock sucking skills he never knew about as the boys 69, and his own hard shaft seems to show how much he likes the taste of that big dick! Welsey gets drenched in cum by the end, sucking Devin’s dick clean too!

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Ethan Slade is ready to take the challenge of Josh Moore’s big dick BUT he’s going to do it his way, easing into it with a little intuitive foreplay. Lying in bed with Josh, Ethan begins with soft nipple play and gets the reaction he anticipated: Josh’s hard cock is bouncing under the sheets. Ethan mouth-teases it before pulling back the sheet and sucking Josh’s cock and he progressively takes more, especially as Josh responds by fingering with his tight hole. Josh wants more too and leaps up to satisfy his craving.

Josh deep rims and tongue fucks Ethan and this foreplay has the desired effect too: Ethan’s cock is rock hard. Soon Ethan is up on all fours as Josh sucks him from behind and teases his hole before continuing with his own brand of foreplay. Kneeling together with Ethan and his cock nestled in his crack Josh necks with him, reaches around to play with his cock, and makes him squirm with nipple play. Ethan bends over and offers up his ass but Josh makes him wait and silently beg just a little bit longer before he finally starts to fuck him.

Ethan & Josh move together with equal sexual heat: as Josh thrusts his cock in deep, Ethan thrusts his ass to meet him, even as he’s nearly pinned to the bed. At one point Josh slows things down but Ethan is ready to charge ahead and ride his cock. With both of their sexual energies at a high level there’s no stopping this train. Josh soon flips Ethan over on his back to relentlessly fuck him until he cums, and soon after Josh has an intense orgasm, giving Ethan a big cum shower. Ad Josh tells Ethan what he already knows: this was the best way to wake up in the morning.

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Martin Rezac agreed to a screentest, so we paired him with Pavel Smidl. They relax on the bed chatting and Martin explains that he wants to try everything with a guy. Pavel is happy to oblige and they soon start kissing and feeling each other. As they kiss they both remove their tee shirts and run hands all over each other. Pavel then opens Martin’s jeans and pulls out his hardening cock. He licks the cock and then takes it into his mouth to suck. Martin removes his jeans to give better access and Pavel’s hot mouth works on the rock hard cock. Martin breathes heavily as the hot mouth slides up and down on his dick. After a while Pavel asks if Martin wants to suck. A positive response has Pavel releasing his stiff dick and Martin going down on it. His head bobs on the cock, sucking it and then kissing and licking it. Martin shows that he is really up for the sucking, working that cock so well. Pavel then tells Martin that he wants to fuck him. Martin agrees, though tells him to be careful. He lays on the bed, legs up as Pavel tongues his hot ass and then slips a finger inside. He fucks the ass with his finger, going in nice and deep as Martin moans. Then Pavel positions his big, stiff, cock and slides it deep into Martin’s waiting hole. Martin takes that cock so well as it fucks deep into his ass. Pavel’s fucking speeds up really working the hole well. Martin grabs his own cock and wanks it as he gets fucked hard. Then Martin turns over, onto his knees so that Pavel can fuck him doggy style. The rigid cock pounds Martin’s tight, hairy, hole as Pavel gives the ass a good slap. Then they move again, spooning as Pavel really fucks Martin deep. Martin wanks himself so fast as he feels the throbbing cock in his ass. He milks cum from his cock as he takes the big dick in his hole. Then Pavel pulls out and shoots his big load all over Martin’s face. Martin loves it, looking at the cum-coated cock and takes it in his mouth to suck it clean. His face and neck are covered with creamy cum as he sucks on the spent cock at the end of a great screentest.

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John Marcus is one studly hairy chested DILF that just recently came out of the closet. He’s got 37 years of sexual suppression to catch up on and Wild Willy is more than ready to give it to him! Watch John take some pointers and some cock from his newly found gay friend!

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When things are going wrong you need a friend to turn to. Dean is devilishly handsome, sophisticated with a body to die for and the sexual appetite to match. He doesn’t mind looking out for Sam and taking him under his wing when he needs somewhere to go, though he wants something in return and Sam is only too willing to give it to him. Wealthy and affluent, Sam get’s lost in the grounds of Deans house, he can’t seem to find him. Around the back of his estate in the pool house, Dean is waiting for him. He immediately invites him in for a dip, Sam strips off and jumps in. A little cold Dean offers to warm him up, where they have a wet embrace, kiss… and the rest! Sam licks and fucks Deans willing arse with his rigid meaty cock, in the pool, on the poolside and up against the window, shooting his cum on his hard muscle butt.