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Kim and Tony have full bladders after they have been fucking their gay watersports slut buddy Gus for a while. After they give his hole a good workout, they piss their smelly loads all over Gus’s belly and in his thirsty mouth. Then they continue their bareback fuck and we get some fabulous close ups of Gus taking it up his smooth and twinky ass. Then there’s another piss spray fest.

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Owen gets more and more aroused and it does not take long before his cock is raging hard. So he wants to shove his bare meat in Oliver’s tight and slutty ass for the next stage of their wild piss party. Oliver gets to show of his muscled torso, and Owen needs to piss again. He releases another torrent right in to Oliver’s mouth. This gets Oliver in the mood as well and he sprays his urine over Owen’s body. After that they switch roles and Oliver fucks Owen, before they both piss on each other again.

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It is early morning and kinky Oliver and his new twink friend Jacop decide to head outside for physical exercise. They drive to a park where they explore the flowers and the trees, and soon they find a good location for their gay piss and watersports fun. Oliver is really horny and can not wait to get his hands on his sexy and twinnky new friend, to taste his piss and swallow his cum. But first he empties his own bladder right there in the open.

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Kinky Asian boy Albert is getting his dreams fulfilled, when he enjoys a steaming gay piss session with his long time crush Beam. The thirsty gay watersports slut starts busy smothering Beam with kisses and tasting his hard fuck tool. Albert then asks Beam to shower him with piss and the lad happily obliges. The piss shower makes Albert want to pee as well and he wets himself all over.

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There’s more kinky ass-to-mouth action between slutty black Brian and his kinky Asian watersports friend Tony. Brian likes to taste and lick his buddy’s dirty cock and then have his mouth washed with a load of yellow gold. Tony’s abundant piss showers are up to the task and Brian gets his fill of piss while fucking himself with a dildo. Then he receives Tony’s final sticky favor.

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At the end of a marathon gay piss and watersports session, Albert gives his friend Hugh a final bareback workout. The boys have pissed a lot. And they already came once. Now is is time for more. Albert shoots for a second time. He sprays his sperm over his friend’s ass and uses the cum as lube. Then Albert gets up. He wants to give his submissive fuckbuddy a final dose of warm fresh piss.

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After a hot few hours of wet piss and watersports it is time for the final release. The slutty boys want to spill their seed. Eric lost his virginity to two cocks in this session and learned a lot about the joys of watersports. He gets a load of cum in his mouth from Albert. Then Oliver spills his sperm and lets Eric clean his slime covered cock. Finally, Eric dumps a huge load in Oliver’s mouth.

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The stinky gay piss play makes Beam so horny he needs to fuck. His cock seems to have a mind of its own as it finds its way right in to Alberts slutty boy pussy. He pounds his way deep inside. Albert loves the bareback meat of his eager friend fucking him hard. They explore different positions and we get some great close ups of Albert with a hard cock in his hungry twink ass.

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Oliver gets his cock sucked clean in the shower and for good measure, he gives Jacop another doose if his warm gay piss. He is a real watersports lover. Jacop sucks Oliver’s cock and it does not take long before Oliver is ready for a second round of bareback fucking. Jacop cannot resist that cock in his boypussy. Our horny friends both shoot their cum for the second time, concluding a wild and wet piss and watersports session.

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Eric and his gay piss and watersports friends are taking a bath together. Of course seeing their friends naked makes them feel horny and kinky. Today they are in the mood for golden showers and all three lads have their twinky bladders full to bursting. it does not take long for the slutty boys to start pissing all over each other at the start of wild and wet watersports session.

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Beam’s thrusting becomes faster and heavier. It is time for the final favor. When slutty Albert gets fucked he can’t stop himself. He shoots a load of warm fresh cream all over himself. Then Beam pulls his cock and start to shower his friend with another golden load of warm and sticky urine. That is just what Albert wants and finally the boys are spent. Cum and piss is mingled all over their bodies.

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Gus and his gay watersports friends Kim and Tony are feeling horny and they decide to do something about it. In no time Guy is sucking the big fat cocks of his friends, hoping for some warm smelly piss. But he has to be patient. His friends want him to suck their cocks first. Gus gets to work and while his own throbbing cock is hiding in his underwear, he gives his friends a good penile workout.

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Horny and kinky black slut boy Brian is getting aall he craves right from the start in this wild watersports video. His new friend Tony is full of warm and smelly twinkpiss and is ready to dump it all in Brian’s thirsty mouth. Tony is a bit of a sadist and keeps his friend under control with some leather straps to make sure he will do exactly as told. A lot of very hot watersports action in this episode.

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Stan pulls out of Lee’s puckering boypussy and lets Albert have a taste with his hardon. Lee rides Albert’s cock and enjoys Stan’s loyal oral attention to his nipples. After several deep strokes, it’s time for Lee to get a milky rinse with an enema. Lee takes in the liquid, squirting it out in spurts and soaking the bedsheets beneath him. *Stan settles back into Lee’s luscious boycunt as Albert lets loose with yet another stream of pee. After sending even more milky liquid from his hole, Lee sucks and strokes both of his twinky partners’ cocks.

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After eating Tony’s Asian cum our black twink Brian feels ready for the final stretch. He swallows all of Tony’s juice and then gets another golden shower dumped in his mouth while jerking off. He is all wet and sweaty now, and eager to have his own orgasm after all the kinky and wild watersports action. When his balls finally explode he sprays a huge load of tasty African sperm all over himself.