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At TheCastingRoom, sporty Lior is a sexy hetero dude with a lean muscular body and a peach of an arse. He’s flexible enough to have sex with dudes and chicks which has meant he’s been very successful in this business. Imagine what it’d be like to be on this guy’s football team playing rough with him on the field and then going home to wank over his dirty films. Lior proves here he has what it takes giving an intense cum shot. This horny professional was born to do it!

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At TheCastingRoom, sexy hetero Peter may look like your typical sporty ruggerbugger but he’s a savvy businessman who also has a hot body. He keeps in fantastic shape with a well sculpted muscular frame and an enticing level of scruff on his face. While he’s versatile enough to be a top and screw a man, he prefers to be getting down and dirty with a chick. There’s something irresistibly enticing about those steely blue eyes staring directly at me while he opens his arse cheeks.

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At TheCastingRoom, Yordan looks like your typical hetero frat boy. Effortlessly masculine and perpetually horny with his eager pink cock. When the camera is focused on him he looks like a deer caught in headlights. He’s so lethargic I have to order him around like a sergeant in the army to get him to pose his naked body in the way I want. If this dude wants to make many more films in the business he’ll need to go to boot camp for dopey straight fuckers.

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At TheCastingRoom, since Louis is a fan of our videos coming to audition for us is like stepping into a fantasy where he is controlled and ordered about while naked. Although he’s been adventurous in his sexual escapades they’ve always been private and he’s never been filmed completely starkers before. So you can see it’s a special thrill for him to be recorded debasing and exposing himself completely. He pulls open his arse cheeks and has a pleading look in his eyes like he’s begging to be fucked!

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At TheCastingRoom, Jonathan is young, hot and full of ambition but he has absolutely no experience performing on camera. We’re happy to tutor him in the best way to present his sexy masculine body. It’s such a turn on instructing him to pull his foreskin back or get on his hands and knees so he can present his arse for a full inspection. His first experience doing this may be stiff and awkward but that’s what makes it so real and hot!

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New at TheCastingRoom, young hetero Harry comes into the audition room with a lot of swagger. He brags about what a wild sexual beast he is, but is really emphatic that he has never done anything sexual with another man. He may have clown show teenage hair, but he has a sexy masculine body with saucer-sized nipples and a tight little bum. Wouldn’t it blow his world to slide a finger up that tight virgin arse so he feels his prostate being stimulated for the first time in his life? Maybe after a few more years he’ll grow even more adventurous. Be sure to watch his wank video to see Harry’s cock grow rigid and hard without his even touching it.

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At TheCastingRoom, ever known one of those hot straight guys who are so cool and confident you want to follow him home to secretly sniff his pants? Thierry is a sexy Frenchman who is motorcyclist with piercing blue eyes, trimmed beard and massive fucking balls! He’s only ever slept with women but he’s totally up for trying sex with a man. As a natural exhibitionist just showing off his dick gives him a big stiffy. Auditioning Thierry was a thrill and pleasure.

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Dale really wants to take control of his fucking skills. He is straight and has never watched gay porn in his life yet here he is determined to master the ability to fuck and be fucked by men. Complete strangers who he is being paid to have sexual intercourse with.
He’s more than happy when Dave strips him. He must be chuffed when he sees that Dave has sprung an almighty boner just from the foreplay. However Dale is still nervous so Dave puts him at ease by sucking on his cock and hungrily eating out his brown arsehole.
He is right to be wary. He has never been fucked before and now here is a strange man with a thick cock eager to take his virginity. On camera.
After a tasty deposit in the mouth it’s time for Dale to return the favour. Dave splays him out naked on the table and sucks his cock hard in readiness for fucking. Then its Dave’s turn to be active, fucking Dave before cumming over Dave’s face and mouth.

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New at TheCastingRoom, Shane is a skilled jujitsu fighter and fit personal trainer. He’s very experienced in the industry. That’s made him an extremely confident, easy-going straight man. He’s willing to do almost anything because he gets off on the experience. And here’s a new one… He was inspired to get into porn because his mum used to model topless and she encouraged him to do this! Good to know she’s proud of her boy. We expect a lot of good things out of this sporty stud.

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New at TheCastingRoom, Oli is a scrappy guy with a kink for outdoor sex and enjoys a physical fight. He gets the same sense of sexual excitement from the danger of getting off with someone in a public place as he does with grappling with someone till they’re black and blue. This is a man who is intensely curious about exploring limits and gaining new sexual experiences while he’s still young and hung. Don’t miss out on Oli’s wank test as he gets so involved his entire body vibrates with pleasure.

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New at TheCastingRoom, Nathan is relatively new to shooting porn, but he’s already stacking up loads of experience. It’s not a mystery why he’s so popular with a sexy cut body, face of scruff and a viciously hot sexy drive. He also has a penetrating gaze and an intense manner that makes you want to get grab him and get dirty. If it turns you on to know the intimate personal history of a guy do watch Nathan’s interview.

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New at TheCastingRoom, scruffy hot fucker Lionel has never had sex with a man before, but he’s keen to try it out. He even tested the waters of getting fucked by having his girlfriend use a strap on to plow him. This is the real thing. He’s filthier than most guys when coming up with a list of action for the film. We knew this was going to be fun so we even took our time kitting him out like a slutty Argentinian footballer ready for fucking. Those silky footy shorts do the trick because as soon as Adrian strokes his body in them he grows a big stonking hard on. Lionel’s cock goes even harder getting his shaft and balls sucked. It’s impossible to convey how hot and manly this hairy bastard smells. The room was filled his rich masculine scent.

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At TheCastingRoom, Marcin is a big tough hetero lad who doesn’t have any professional porn experience, but he’s made a resolution this year to seek out horny new things. We like getting in fresh and naive sporty bastards like this! Here he’s led through his first steps and total exposure on camera showing off his muscular footballer’s body and his big dick. Because he has a newfound interest in taking a strap on from his lady friend it’s particularly sexy watching him pull his arse cheeks open for a close inspection.

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New at TheCastingRoom, Stoyan has come all the way from Bulgaria. The only reason he is here is for his ass. His cock and balls are so cute you want to pop them in your mouth, chew on his foreskin. But it’s his firm little bum with a tuft of hair sticking out the crack that’ll be Stoyan’s money maker. If only he’d realise it.

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Deacon has a sweet face, but the second he opens his mouth you realize what a cocky fucker and filthy slut this boy is. This makes us instantly fall for him! He radiates confidence and proudly lists off the huge amount of experience he’s had in private, public and being filmed on video. The perfect night for him is being at the centre of a gang of submissive men that he can command and control to enact his every perverted desire.