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At, Kristoff has the look of a tall masculine fucker who will wrestle you to the ground, but he’s really a big softie who only wants to give and receive as much pleasure as possible. His towering manly body, hefty dick and round inviting arse were made for porn. He’s had considerable experience, but he’s still driven to seek out creative new sexual experiences and fetishes that will give him that one amazing orgasm.

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At hetero Pavel is a big hulking sexy daddy with a kind smile and an excitable dick. He’s wary of doing anything sexual with men but he knows how to tease stripping off his bottoms first and flaunting his cock. When it comes to showing his arse off he becomes more shy, but if he wants the job he knows he has to! If we can make him as proud to flash his hole as he is about waving his dick Pavel will book a lot more jobs.

Thecastingroom – naked man

At, hetero Rickey’s got that bullish bearded look of your older brother’s best friend. He’s come here to test if it’s the career for him but he has no clue what he’s getting into or how limited his work will be given that he mainly only wants to get bjs from chicks. This audition is a shocking revelation for him where he’s suddenly stark naked in the spotlight having every inch of his body examined and commented upon.

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At, fitness fanatic Johnny is sexy and confident. He has an endearing way of chuckling to himself during his interview and physical as if he enjoys being such a dirty fucker. As a full hetero he is very hesitant to do any sexual work with other men, but if his career as a model and actor doesn’t pan out he might have to broaden his limits. For now we’re only allowed to study his arse and command him to flash it.

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At, hetero Dom is a sexy footballer with a really fit body, but he barely speaks a word of English. So his audition required some slight adjustments where we got his girlfriend to translate our questions over the phone. It added a horny new dimension to getting this naive straight young fella to reveal himself. Not only did we ask this straight guy to show his arsehole and suck cock, but his girl consents too! We could also confer with each other about the depraved things we want to do to his body while Dom is totally oblivious spreading his arse and stroking his hard cock.

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At, Marcello is a hot athletic dude with a hard body and a stern masculine attitude. He’s never made porn before so he expects us to set up scenes purely for his pleasure. But the reality is far different and here he gets a hard lesson in how to flaunt his body showing off his dick and arsehole exactly how we want to see him. He’s brimming with resentment having to show himself off like a slut, but this is his only chance at becoming a porn star!

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At, Konrad has been building up to this moment for years. This hot masculine fella has shown off in videos before but never shown his face to maintain his anonymity. Here he strips down fully while not hiding his identity. His viewers have been getting off watching this buff straight man for years and here he is fully revealed! We really ought to frame the shot we film of him looking at the camera while pulling his arse wide open!

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At, Jamie has the look of an innocent blue-eyed straight-laced lad, but he’s got a ravenous sexual appetite and is always rearing for a good hard fucking. As a regular footballer he’s got a slender streamlined body. I got hard thinking about his big pink balls bouncing around in his footy shorts. And he’s got an arsehole so pink and perfect I could tongue fuck him all day. He’s so versatile both sexually and in his look that he could be cast in almost any film which is why Jamie has been so successful in porn.

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At TheCastingRoom, sexy hot fucker Pavlos must be one of the most smiley fellas we’ve ever had in the audition room. Nearly everything I say earns me a sweet grin from this friendly and incredibly hot man. His look is close to perfection with crystal clear blue eyes, trim muscular body and very responsive cock. But the sexiest thing about him is his charming pearly whites and eager attitude!

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At, hetero Connor knows how sexy he is and he’s glad to show off his body making porn with men or women. But he’s one of many proud straight guys who only wants to be seen as a top and won’t ever allow himself to be fucked. It’s not so much the physical act that he’s against but he thinks that getting screwed will make him appear like less of a man. It’s a shame because his arse looks so tempting when he flashes it like a nut I’m hungry to crack.

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At, Todd is a tough young lad with a pervy side and high sex drive. He’s heteroflexible which means he prefers women but if he’s horny enough he’s down for anything because he’s not hung up about maintaining a macho persona. He’s got a very fit sexy body which we have to enjoy now before he gets fully covered in tattoos. Here he tests his exhibitionist side by wanking on camera for the first time.

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At, Justin has been doing porn for a short time and photos we have seen certainly show he looks the part. Fit, hairy with a trademark mohawk and covered in tattoos. This hard bloke looks like he’s going to be a handful. Full of fuck hunger and always ready to give a good hard fucking. However you can’t necessarily direct someone in a film who walks and talks the part they are playing. They also have to be thoughtful and career minded. So an audition was called for…

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At, Marc is a hot and horny boy who was born to do it. He’s a natural exhibitionist who gets that same heady rush whether it’s flashing his cock at a party or performing naked on stage in front of hundreds. Here he takes his shameless flaunting to the next level showing off his bare body and spreading open his arse to see if he’ll be cast in a full hardcore porn film. Judging by his versatility and natural eagerness I’d say he has a good career ahead of him!

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At, big hetero stud Gheorghe has never been filmed naked on camera before. Here he’s taught how to strip off and display his muscular body so we can get a good gander at everything including his precious arsehole. He’s one of those proud straight dudes who thinks it makes him less masculine if he flashes his sphincter! He fancies himself as a high class model, but he’s eager to earn big money so submits to the nerve wracking experience of a totally nude initiation in making porn.


At, ex-navy man Dan is a big horny fucker with the perfect attitude for porn. He’s dipped his toe in performing on cam for tips and now he’s ready to try everything while making a lot of money. The entire audition he has a big greedy smile on his face and as soon as his clothes come off he’s got a semi hard cock leaking precum. As sexy as he is stark naked, Dan’s most winning quality is his boyishly naive personality and winning smile. Expect big things from this eager lad.