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At, high flying businessman Nick likes to party hard, but his excursions into the seedy underworld can have unexpected consequences. His quest to buy something to give him a quick high has turned him into a craven feverish sex fiend. Now he’s stark naked in the filthy public toilets and desperate to get used like a slut even while the law is perilously close to sniffing out his total debauchery.

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This intimidating beefy guy towers above the officer barking orders at him and ordering him about, but he doesn’t shrink from taking full control of him. The guard practically needs to snarl at him to gain respect from him. He could be a builder with his muscular body. But rather than be out making the most of his strong body, he’s in this shitty little prison exercising naked and pulling his arse cheeks apart before pervy old men. Luckily the guard makes him open his hole so we can get a good view of his embarrassed, masculine expression. – new cmnm gays gallery

At, no matter how busy a day Headmaster Swallows is having he always makes an effort to pop into the men’s locker room to check everything is shipshape. It’s a good thing he arrived when he did because PE teacher Mr Bristle has sustained a groin injury which requires immediate attention. Meanwhile, reform school boy Rowan receives special attention from French teacher Mr Tulip!

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Watch this guy’s expression and the angry way this prisoner holds his body as he strips totally naked for the demanding guard and reveals his entire body. He is filled with complete hatred for them and is totally powerless to do anything about it. The nasty guards take extreme pleasure when barking orders at him to spread his arse cheeks and lift up his balls. Just when it looks like he’s about to beat the guard senseless for humiliating him, the process ends.

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Some chaps are happy when they’re sent down. They are so used to being pampered inside that the punishment is 10 times better than it should be. Add in a middle class background and prison wardens treat them even better. But not all the prison officers are happy about this and dish out their own kind of societal revenge! Of course the very best way of doing that is with a mandatory ice cold hosing down. This prisoner has been inside for 20 week and has already been stripped naked like this many times. He’s on remand but that doesn’t mean he can avoid having a proper freezing cold hosing. The best bit is, to make sure he isn’t being treated too harshly, one of the guards has to record the whole thing on video! So others can enjoy watching this bloke’s little cock bouncing around as he tries to withstand the cold water treatment. The guards can barely contain their glee when he has to do his best to wash his arsehole. They’ll check just how clean his ringpiece is later tonight no doubt. – new cmnm handjob

New at, Josh is full of angry teenage angst and exudes hetero sexual energy. Here he is put in his place and made to do whatever the officer tells him or he’ll be ejected from the country. Stripped down his tender prick reacts to the officer’s manipulative groping. He’s humiliated as his dick stiffens and he’s ordered to bend over to flash his untouched straight asshole. Totally naked and vulnerable, this thug is put in his place!

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Tough, lifetime criminals like this are used to dominating the areas of the city they live by merely intimidating those around him. Anyone would feel thoroughly dominated having this handsome thug standing over them in a dark street in the middle of the night. Here the angry officer tries to take charge and fully control this new inmate (while also satisfying his pervy desires). The long-haired guy obviously resents having to follow orders and expose his body to this freezing water – but if he steps out of line in the slightest the guards bark out commands to keep him in check and blast him with this icy water.

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A full strip search at the reception of a prison is standard practice. What is less well known is the “slave auction” style strip. When a young prisoner, more used to a youth offender institution, is brought in the guards know full well that he is going to attract a massive amount of attention off the older lags. Left unmanaged this can cause chaos amongst the highly sexually charged prison populace. Far better for the guards to have “first dibs” and decide which of the Alpha prisoners can take the young man as his personal sex toy….

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In jail you will always get a proportion of hot guys. Men who have never been uncomfortable for a day in their lives. Every waking moment is spent seeking out the next hedonistic pleasures and these men are particularly punished when they’re locked up inside. It’s clear from the moment this lad is bundled into the cold tiled room for a strip search this man is used to the finer things in life. What will see now is probably the hardest. most humiliating thing he’s ever done in his entire life. The officers take particular pleasure in watching this one. Watch him being made to pull his big hairy cheeks apart to show his tight over-privileged arsehole. His victims will I’m sure be beside themselves if they get to see this video! Justice is served.

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Prison is supposed to be a deterrent right? But how are young lads supposed to know how bad it is until they’ve experienced it? In fact, a lot of lads think jail is a badge of honour. An ordeal that makes you a man. With this in mind they happily go around thieving. If they don’t get caught it’s all good. So what do they do? They get cockier, and cockier almost in a way that will guarantee them getting binned. Do you think the authorities know this? Do you think prison officers enjoy stripping cocky lads?! Do bears shit in the woods?

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This bloke has just left his mates back at the Crown Court. He didn’t expect to be taken down and so has had no chance to stuff any contraband up his hole. But you can read how pissed off he is about that on his face. He’s looking at about 1 year all told and has been in and out of jail and their youth equiivalent since he was about 15 years old and he’s no stranger to being fucked senseless by his cell mates in order to gain benefits and extra food rations.

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Continuing their scheme of humiliating an alpha as an example to the others they’ve taken Shamus here to be hosed down with an ice cold jet. This isn’t going to be pleasant. This prisoner knows that he is being singled out for this treatment but shouldn’t fight back or risk having his stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure extended. Will he be able to retain his stoic demeanor? Will he hell!…

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Modern lads are great when they’re sent down. They are so used to pampering the punishment is 10 times worse for the young. Add in a middle class background and prison is virtually intolerable. And don’t the prison officers know it! They live for getting jumped up lads sent to them and relish stripping them naked regularly and embarrassing the shit out of them. Of course the very best way of doing that is with a mandatory ice cold hosing down… – cmnm porn video is the source of thousands Clothed Men & Naked Men porn hd videos. Join!
At, young hetero Guotin is now really making up for all the slacking off he’s done at this intensive school program about homosexual practice. He’s presented with the PE teacher’s cock and ordered by his superiors to suck it while the headmaster continues to plunges his fingers up the boy’s tight asshole. The startled lad finds himself Sucking Cock at both ends and overwhelmed by the authoritative clothed men that tower over him. He has no choice but to comply.

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In actual fact prisoners spend much more time interacting with other prisoners than they do with the prison guards. The “pecking order” then is more to do with the ranking the prisoners give each other than anything imposed by the guards. So then the older armed robbers, career criminals, are more “senior” than young dealers. It doesn’t take long before your young criminal forgets who is in charge. A guard might say “do this” and “do that” but in his every day life if an older lag invites a youngster into his cell for something against the rules then who do you think the young criminal will obey?