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Daxx pulled the socks off and licked his buddy’s toes clean until Trevor pulls out his cock and works it while Daxx’s tongue goes all over his feet.

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When it comes to hot feet, Dev is the man to take care of them. It had been a while since I had featured Dev in a foot worship scene at MyFriendsFeet and Sebastian Hook was the perfect stud for him. He ate the gorgeous hunk’s feet right up!

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Dallas asked his new roommate Dan to clean up his clothes from the floor, but did Dan do it? Nope. Is Dan going to regret that decision? Yes, indeed. Dallas goes ballistic and throws Dan on the floor and puts his smelly socks in his face. Then Dallas takes his socks off and forces Dan to sniff and lick his (gorgeous) bare feet. It’s very intense for Dan, and he learns his lesson not to cross Dallas. It ends with a peaceful moment as Dallas rests his feet on his new ottoman – named Dan.

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Very cute Middle Eastern hunk Azif is back at MyFriendsFeet, as I talked him into being tied up in the tickle chair so we could torment his sexy feet!

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Poor Dev! Gabriel lets him know that his car is getting repossessed. Of course, there is one way he can get it back – foot worship.

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I do believe that Sergey actually likes being tickled because he showed up for his third time. This time Cameron and I strapped him to the tickle table and although Sergey tried to keep from writhing around and cracking up, he couldn't hold out for long!

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Who knew that Colby Keller and Johnny Hazzard love worshiping feet so much? Well we sure found that out in this MyFriendsFeet shoot. Both men really got off on each others big, sexy feet here!

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It sure didn’t take long for Silas to get interested in some bondage and tickle torture at MyFriendsFeet. He did his first photo shoot a few weeks back but needed more to keep him interested. I'm pretty sure I tickled his kinky mind!

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Clint comes to Drake, his favorite massage guy, after a long day and asks Drake to give him his ‘Special Foot Treatment.’ Clint actually wants the ‘EXTRA Special Foot Treatment’ this time. Drake is happy to oblige with the hottest sock worship he’s ever had. With his dick growing in his shorts, Clint rubs his hand over his crotch while Drake moves on to worship his huge bare feet as well. Clint pulls out his uncut member just in time to shoot a giant load everywhere. With his stress now released, Clint can go back to his life.

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Daxx came into this scene knowing that he was ticklish, but not knowing just HOW ticklish. He found out the hard way as I worked him over – and then worked him over NAKED.

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Jacob is so good looking. I can’t believe he agreed to be tickled tortured in our MyFriendsFeet chair. He’s uber ticklish too!

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Two scenes with Marco hogtied and tickled plus Leo Luckett tickled until he just can’t take it anymore.

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Dev and Tyler just finished a workout and are kicked back on the futon talking about it. Dev's arms are sore, but Tyler has sore feet. Well then. Dev can't resist a statement like that and throwing Tyler for a loop, he takes off his shoes and smells them!