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Kenny is so damn cute and kinky, too! When I suggested he put on my latest straight jacket (which is actually just a red shirt that binds a guy’s arms), he cracked an adorable smile and said, “Sure, why not?” I was ecstatic, of course. I took my time torturing this gorgeous hunk of a man. One of my all time favorites on MFF. Kenny is super ticklish and that would include form his handsome head right down to his sexy size 11 feet!

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Cash is back and this time he showed up with a pair of super sexy flip flops on his size 11 feet. Considering I’ve had the pleasure of touching his awesome feet, it was fantastic to see them exposed to the entire world. Cash is always fun, joking around and smiling as I snap photos of him and his great feet. Don’t they look incredible sticking out of the bottom of his jeans? Cash is a true foot stud!

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Madison said he had had his toes sucked before I got a hold of them in this scene, but it was brief. Some fun play at a pool one afternoon. He had never experienced what I bestowed upon his size 12 here. His socks sure were ripe too. SO stinky. I loved sticking my face right into them and reveling in their strong aroma. I gave Madison’s feet a bit of a massage while sniffing his socks, taking my time before stripping the socks off. Madison could barely handle my warm mouth on his bare heels and tasty toes. His head ended up rolling back and he even played with his nipples a bit. He loved it. And so did I!

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Sergey is so adorable and when he didn’t pay close enough attention while staying at my place he soon found himself tied up and bound to one of my tickle chairs. Oops. While a bit scared of his predicament, Sergey is a good sport and endured much in the way of tickle torture here. His size 13 feet looked fantastic all tied up and ready to be tickled. I wrapped plastic around his legs, so he could barely move. So, with his hands tied above his head and his huge feet at my disposal, it goes without saying that I wasted no time tormenting Sergey’s feet, ribs and armpits with my fingers and tickle tools. And long after he went crazy and laughed his ass off. What as laugh he has, too!

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I’ve been wanting to get Dolf Dietrich into the MFF tickle chair ever since I met him, especially after he told me he believes he ranks a 10 on the ticklish scale. He wasn’t kidding, either. Hugh Hunter dropped in to help me torment Dolf to hilarity and between our fingers and electric tickle tools Dolf ended up a complete hysterical mess. While Dolf said he didn’t like having so little control of moving around and the things we were doing to him, the huge hard-on he was sporting by the time we got him naked said something much different!

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Cole is sporting extra scruff today – both on his face and on his hairy chest. I’m also very lucky that he loves to be naked. With Cameron helping me out we tormented Cole big time. Cole has one of the hairiest, sexiest bodies I’ve had on the site and to make him even hotter the man sports no less than size 12 feet. They look even bigger though, especially when they’re in stocks. Cole is extremely ticklish, from his furry armpits all the way down to his big, masculine feet. He looks SO good being tickle tormented while naked! He has such a sexy laugh too and he was laughing the entire time we got busy all over his sensitive body.

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MyFriendsFeet is the source of this gay foot fetish content.

Ravi is a hard working banker and lately he’s been on his size 10 feet a lot. He and Vlad are roommates. After testing out my invisibility cloak to spy on Vlad I decided to use it to spy on Ravi too after he got home from work one day. It was so hot seeing Ravi rubbing his feet and socks in person.

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When it comes to hot feet, Dev is the man to take care of them. It had been a while since I had featured Dev in a foot worship scene and Sebastian Hook was the perfect stud for him. He ate the gorgeous hunk’s feet right up. Needless to say, Sebastian loved every second of it, eventually shoving his hands down on his pants to stroke his hardening cock. By the end of the shoot Sebastian was stroking his hard man meat until he shot a nice load of cum. I had a hard-on the entire time too!

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Chase Lachance is something to see while in bondage as he’s tickle tortured at MyFriendsFeet. I couldn’t believe such a gorgeous man wanted to be tied up and tickled to the point of a loss of control, but I wasn’t about to let an opportunity like that go. Chase has a very kinky side that he’s quite about. Until he meets a fellow tickle fetish freak like me of course. He He. Chase is super ticklish I work on him, his sinewy, muscular body striated as he struggles in this bonds!


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Jonny is a personal trainer with size 11 feet and has a very sexy, rugged look about him that I love. He’s very laid back and easy to get along with and gets a kick out of meeting new people and experiencing new things. Personal training is the perfect career for him, he says. We can see that he definitely practices what he preaches, as his body is very nicely formed. What a hot foot stud Jonny is.