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Ricky Larkin sees big, hairy stud Billy Santoro sleeping and he can’t resist tying him to the bed and having his way with him. He wakes Billy up, who is completely confused about his situation. Before long he’s sucking on Ricky’s toes. Of course, that isn’t the only thing he ends up licking. Ricky’s sweaty heels are also part of the meal and Billy laps them up happily, completely submitting to muscle bear Ricky Larkin. He really had no choice though. Where was he going to go, being tied up and all. Ricky ends up tickling the hell out of Billy too!

Billy Santoro is big, hairy and sexy from head to his size 12 toes. I have been trying to get him on the site for a long time and it finally came together. His furry, muscular body and ticklish size 12 feet are going to make him a favorite I have no doubt!

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Tommy must have been dead tired because when I went into my guest room to wake him up a few mornings back to offer him breakfast he didn’t even budge. I even nudged him a bit. No response. I was in the mood to worship a pair of feet and here was sexy Tommy laying there with some size 10’s ripe for the plucking. I love it when a guy sleeps with his socks on because they end up so musky and manly smelling. Tommy’s certainly were that morning. His bare feet smelled and tasted even better though. Tommy stayed asleep the entire time I worshiped his perfect size 10 feet!

Tommy is a handsome guy with hot ticklish feet and a muscular body. He works as a server and he is always on his feet for his job. When I tested out his feet I was very happy with how ticklish there are!

MyFriendsFeet – tied gay feet

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MFF has a double-header tickle torture extravaganza for you all here. I had the pleasure of tickling both KC and Marshall, so I decided to put them out at the same time. How awesome is that? Two gorgeous, well-built ticklish foot studs on the same day.

KC is the first up, laying face down on my couch while he was hog tied. His size 11 feet were literally right in my face, so vulnerable and ready to be tormented – which I certainly did. KC has such a masculine laugh, which doesn’t stop for this entire scene. I had him exactly where I wanted him and although he didn’t say so, I think he really liked it!

Marshall ended up on the MFF tickle table. He’s taller than KC and I think the hand and foot stocks helped me have more control over him. Marshall is extremely ticklish, going into complete hysterics as I worked my fingers and hair brushes across his ribs, abs and masculine feet. Marshall is one of the best looking men I’ve ever met and is very eager for my tickle torture. I think deep down, he loves it!

KC is a tall, tattooed young stud that came to us without much appreciation for feet–he didn’t see what the fuss was about. Once we worshiped his perfect size 11 feet, though, we think he got the idea!

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Scott Riley has been brown nosing the boss at work and Cole Money doesn’t like it very much. On behalf of all of Scott’s co-workers, Cole is there to tickle torture Scott to show him that what he’s doing at work will not be tolerated. Of course Scott denies the allegations, but it doesn’t get him out of the predicament he’s currently in. Cole knows all too well how ticklish Scott is and takes full advantage of him while he’s bound to the tickle chair and secured in foot stocks. He works his size 10 feet with his fingers, both while they’re socked and bare, then opens up Scott’s shirt and runs hair brushes across his bare chest and torso. It all drives Scott insane and we think he learned his lesson!

Scott is a strikingly handsome frat jock with blue eyes, muscular body and great feet. He was fun to work with and watching him experiment with something new like a foot fetish was very gratifying. Scott also turned out to be very ticklish even though he didn't think he was. He's a great addition to the MyFriendsFeet bullpen.

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Cameron Kincade has been driving me crazy with how much he wants to worship Hunter Page’s sexy size 10 feet, so I started setting things up for a worship scene. Hunter was certainly up for it because he is totally into foot and sock worship! This time he knew as soon as Cameron started sniffing his dress socks that it was going to be an experience he will never forget. Evidence of that is when he strips down completely naked and begins stroking his big, rock hard cock. And lo and behold, Hunter starts sucking on Cameron’s feet right back until they both explode in a kinky climax!

Hunter Page is a sexy college student with ticklish size 10 feet. He is into feet himself and loves to have his own feet licked and played with as well as playing with other guys' feet.


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No one could ever argue the fact that Cameron Kincade has one of the greatest jobs in the gay porn biz. Getting to worship the feet of stunning porn studs like Sebastian Young at MyFriendsFeet is something most of us want to do. Sebastian looks SO good with his muscles and tattoos. And Cameron does such a good job of worshiping Sebastian’s feet that he pulls out his cock and strokes it to orgasm!

Most gay porn fans will recognize notorious bad boy, Sebastian Young. Everything about him looks hard and tough, but it's difficult to be intimidated once you see him laughing under our tickle torture!

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Bodybuilder Aaron Bruiser is a very dominant man. He definitely loves to take the upper hand. Dev and I have a knack for talking dominant men into being tied up and tickled, though. We succeeded here with Aaron. Big time! Aaron is ridiculously ticklish, too. So having him hogtied and at our disposal for tickle torment was a kinky dream come true. Aaron went crazy, of course, so it was a good thing he was tied up. This is one big, strong dude!


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Wrestler and muscle hunk Frey is back and this time I had the immense pleasure of tying him to the tickle chair and tormenting his stunning body and size 12 feet. Frey mentioned in the past how ticklish his feet are. The problem was that he didn’t want to get tickled by a guy. I actually set up a girl to tickle him for, but when she couldn’t make it at the last minute. He finally said he would do it as long as I did the tickling. That is a pretty sweet deal so I thought about it for a while (not really) and got him in the chair as fast as I could. He wasn’t kidding about his feet being ticklish! His armpits and ribs are no less sensitive, though. Anywhere I touched him with my fingers and electric toothbrush had him squirming to get free.

What a hunk, what a laugh and what a sheer joy Frey is to tickle torture!

Frey is a college student with big, wide size 12 feet. He is an all-around jock as well as an all-around nice guy. He is a friend of Dominic's. It's funny, but Frey came prepared to his first shoot with dirty socks because he heard I like them. What a guy – he aims to please.


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Jet was doing some paperwork in one of my offices and after the fact I can honestly say that I’m very glad I set up the camera beforehand. I was able to capture him moving his feet around in his sheer black dress socks and then he took the socks off. Talk about instant boner time. I’ve been bugging Jet to do a video for a long time and while he wasn’t in the know about this scene, at least I got him on camera. Check out the meaty soles on this guy’s huge size 12 feet. Wow!

Jet's a masculine, beefy guy with a thick beard and gorgeous eyes. He's got just a bit of fuzz all over his chest and feet, but it's enough to get us going! He's a laid back man who's very comfortable in his own skin, so hopefully we see more of him and his big feet!

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Johnny Hazzard has such a serious craving for worshiping Caleb Troy that he actually kidnapped him and tied him to a leather chair and ottoman so he could get at his extremely worn-in, stinky white socks and bare feet. Caleb protested of course, but Johnny just put a gag on his mouth to shut him up and continued on with his lust for Caleb’s stinky feet. Johnny is very vocal about the way Caleb’s socks and feet smell and taste, especially when he gets Caleb’s socks off and really gets into worshiping his bare toes and heels. It’s pretty obvious that Caleb loves the foot love that Johnny is bestowing upon him, but Johnny wins the prize for having more fun, eventually stripping completely naked and fucking Caleb’s feet until he cums on them!

Caleb Troy is a swarthy Italian guy with masculine size 11 feet. He has just the right combination of swagger and vulnerability to make him extremely sexy. His feet and amazing and he is ready to try new things like getting tickled, tied up and jerked off with feet.


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Blayne fell ‘victim’ to my sleeping foot worship fetish on this evening. He was very tired and sound asleep, so I couldn’t help but sneak into the guest room to see if I could worship his feet while he napped. Sure enough, he stayed asleep while I adored his tasty size 9 feet with my fingers, mouth and tongue!

Blayne is a former college wrestler with size 9 feet and a very sexy pair of eyes. It's like he can look right through you, checking out your mind. I love that about him. Blayne keeps fit and has a masculine, hairy body to boot. What a hunk and what a nice pair o feet he has on him. I plan on featuring Blayne as much as possible.

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It’s been a while since I last saw gorgeous Vlad. He drops by every so often whenever he’s in town to stay at my place and we always have fun together. This time though, I set up a hidden camera so I could catch Vlad all by himself, showing off his HOT feet. He had no idea there was a camera aimed right at him and that’s what makes this shoot extra sexy.

Reading and kicking back, Vlad wriggles his toes in white and grey socks before finally taking them off. The camera gets a pretty close view of that for us. Vlad has some of the most amazing size 10 feet I’ve ever featured on MFF, no doubt about it!

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Casey More showed his true, dominant nature in this shoot, ordering his foot slave to get down onto his knees to massage, sniff, suck and lick his masculine feet. Both socked and bare. Casey demands to be called Master, not sir. He is adamant about that. His foot slave is ok with that, just as long as he gets to shove his face into Casey’s aromatic socks and feet. Casey loves it all, of course, and now has himself a foot slave to worship his feet every day after work!

Bodybuilder Casey More has size 12 feet. He told me he was ticklish before we met but I didn’t know he would turn out to be as ticklish as he was! His big feet are gorgeous and masculine. Casey has a very playful manner and he is a lot of fun to be around.

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Gorgeous redheaded stud Christopher Daniels hung out with me again recently and like always, he wanted to show off his sensational size 12 feet. Of course, he showed up with dirty white socks on and I loved it. Christopher loves to tease, whether it be with his superb body or amazing feet. Check out the huge, mischievous grin on his stunning face for proof of that!


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One thing I have found out for sure about Alex Mecum is that he loves to show off his size 11 feet. He also loves wearing flip flops and that’s how he showed up for this session, which of course was fine with me! Alex is great on camera, teasing me big time by slowly taking off his flip flops and then giving me a big smile. What a foot teaser! But it’s all good, of course, as Alex eventually takes them off completely and presents us with a wonderful pair of feet that BEG to be worshiped non-stop.

Feast your eyes on gorgeous, 6 foot tall Alex Mecum. He’s got a killer, muscular body that is to die for, complete with lots of man fur, and no less than size 11 feet. Alex is an honor roll college student who is very friendly and optimistic. So smart, gorgeous and yet down to earth, it's almost like meeting Clark Kent when you know Alex!