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Dev and I got the opportunity to tickle torture Chance Cruise again for a scene and this time we did it while he was bound and in stocks in the tickle chair. Chance tried to fight off his sensitivity, but he couldn’t for long. It was so hot to watch him fight the urge to laugh as we tickled the soles of his size 13 feet, but very soon he relented. His armpits are even more ticklish too!

Tall and stunning in a boy-next-door way, Chance has great size 13 feet. His furry chest and athletic 6'3" body make him look like a hot young daddy you would love to cuddle up with – or better. His size 13 feet are ticklish as well as the rest of him.

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It would appear as though Austin Andrews now has a huge fetish for feet since he’s been starring in MFF scenes. Eli and Bryan were staying over at my place for a while and Austin couldn’t help but sneak into their room and wake them with foot love. We didn’t know whether they would both stay asleep or not, but it turns out they couldn’t resist the fantastic foot worshiping Austin gave them. They were both soon completely naked, stroking their rock hard boners while Austin sucked and adored both their pairs of feet. They made out and fondled one another until each blew his respective load of cum. This is SO hot!

Bryan Cole is a handsome, bearded stud who came around to shoot some scenes with us. He's gotten into foot play before, but didn't think of himself as being very ticklish… until we proved him wrong!

Eli Lewis is a sexy Asian boy who came by our studio with his boyfriend, Bryan Cole, to have his feet worshipped. We're hoping we get him back for some tickle action and more foot play!

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Dominic Pacifico is very bold. It’s a good thing Shawn Reeve was into being foot worshiped because Dominic followed him from the gym and made his way into his home. Shawn wasn’t impressed at all, until Dominic had his mouth on his toes. Dominic admitted right away how much he had been admiring Shawn’s size 12 feet at the gym, a look of pleading in his eyes. Pleading to worship Shawn’s sweaty, smelly feet. Shawn was dominant right from the start, sticking his feet right up to Dominic’s face on the couch and ordering him to do whatever he desired. By the time Dominic had Shawn’s bare size 12’s in his face he was stroking his cock and orally loving Shawn’s recently gym-worked feet like the foot fetish freak he is. Feet that were just fresh from a 2 hour gym session. A pair of feet that soon had Dominic Pacifico’s cum all over them!

Shawn is very tall at 6’3′ and very sexy with a great body and size 13 feet. He is a kinky guy and loves having his toes sucked and even likes to get tickled. Who could ask for a better guy to be on MyFriendsFeet? He’s also a funny and friendly guy who is fun to have around.

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A few weeks back Drake Jaden was hanging out with his younger brother Brayden Allen – a very sexy, cool guy. It was a stormy night so Drake invited Brayden to stay over instead of driving home in the storm. Brayden confided in his brother about a situation in his sex life. Brayden’s boyfriend tried to engage him in some foot sex but it didn’t go down well. He wanted to know how to be better at foot play. Brayden asked his big bro to show him the right way to worship socks and suck toes.

Drake was quick to drop to his knees, shoving his face into brother Brayden’s black sport socks and reveling in their heady aroma. Brayden loved it right away, rubbing his hardening cock through his track pants. Drake then proceeded to give his brother the foot worshiping he had always craved and as a reward Brayden reciprocated with the zeal of a foot worshiping pro right back on Drake’s feet. Both men climaxed with intense orgasms!

Brayen is Drake’s brother and a real beefy hottie with ticklish size 12s. Drake convinced him to do a shoot together with was a little weird at first but turned out really hot!

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Frey is always a sheer pleasure to have around. With his gorgeous smile and size 12 feet he is one hot foot model. He never takes it too serioulsy though and we always have fun in our shoots with him. It was a really hot day, so Frey showed up in his favorite flip flops. Which had us salivating on sight, of course. I sure love handsome Frey and his gorgeous size 12s!

Frey is a college student with big, wide size 12 feet. He is an all-around jock as well as an all-around nice guy. He is a friend of Dominic's. It's funny, but Frey came prepared to his first shoot with dirty socks because he heard I like them. What a guy – he aims to please.

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Check out my new friend Grayson. He’s got a sexy, lean body and very alluring eyes. He said it was easy to keep his body lean while he was in the service, but he’s been a civilian again for several months now. Great feet too! He showed up for his debut MFF photo shoot in a pair of dirty, and rather smelly, ankle socks. I was in heaven before they came off because I could smell those socks, but was in sheer bliss when I saw Grayson’s naked size 11 feet. Wow. I think I’m going to do my best to get to know this guy much better. He did a great job in his debut shoot!

Grayson lives in California, but visited me in Florida so he could show off his lean body and size 10 feet. He's a very sexy man, just recently having left the Marines. His size 10 feet thrilled me right off the bat, and along with his deep blues eyes he is certainly the kind of foot stud I want on MFF on a regular basis. Hopefully that will happen.

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Casey Cooper got to tickle Sean Holmes mercilessly when he was strapped down in the tickling chair last week. Now it’s Sean’s turn to give Casey some payback tickling all over his sides, belly button and ticklish soles. Casey struggles through his laughter but is broken down by the end once both of us attack all of his ticklish spots at once.

Casey loves tickling guys and worshiping their feet. He has great size 11 feet too. He doesn’t like to get tickled but we tickled him anyway!

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Scott Riley couldn’t resist waking up Cole Money with some erotic foot worshiping. And what better way to be woken up, too?! Scott knows his around a pair of size 12 feet like Cole has and wasted no time showing the hot bear cub that. Cole used to shave his body hairy, but has left it in tact for us all in this scene. And check out that beard. Hot! Scott bestowed tons of foot love onto Cole’s fantastic feet – sucking on his toes, licking his heels, with Cole not having any other choice but to stroke his big, fat cock to a jizzy climax!

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One of the hottest things that can ever occur to is when a great, big, burly guy like Dolan Wolf gets down on his knees to worship a stud like Cole Money. Dolan loves his size 12 feet. And of course, who wouldn’t?! Cole isn’t as big as Dolan, so that really makes this scene even more erotic to me. The big man completely submits to those big feet and turns into a bonafide foot slave. Cole loved the attention, of course!

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I had almost forgotten how ticklish Leon is. I had the chance to give him a tickling audition quite a while ago, but in this MFF shoot Dax and I really went to town on him. We barely touched him before he started losing it. So much so that I was beginning to wonder if his bonds were going to hold. Leon isn’t a small guy either, boasting a lot of strength.

The shoot turned out great though, Dax and I really getting a kick out of Leon’s sexy laugh. I have to be honest and say that I’m glad Dax was there, as Leon went crazier than must guys do when they’re being tickled. He went event more mad by the time we had his shirt and socks off in order to get at his armpits and incredible size 13 feet!

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I really couldn’t ask for two hotter foot studs to worship than Cole Money and Kenny. Both are real men’s men, total studs. I sure showed them I was capable of worshiping two men at once in this MyFriendsFeet scene. Both have been worshiped before I believe, but never to the extent that I can offer up. Then again, not many men can do the kind of magic that I do on a couple of pairs of HOT feet!

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It’s always great to see Kenny, especially when he’s asleep in my house, vulnerable to be taken advantage of with some foot worshiping. I really couldn’t keep myself from attacking his size 11 feet… and I certainly did. Kenny stirred a bit and whether he actually did wake up or not is anyone’s guess. Maybe he’s a great actor. I bestowed my best hand and oral love on Kenny’s smelly socks and size 11s!

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Hot cub Drake Jaden is super ticklish all over his sexy body. After being captured in his business clothes he gets tickled non-stop until he is ready to go crazy. After being driven to hysterics he even ended up being stripped naked and jerked off until he shot a thick load of cum. It would appear as though Drake loved being bound and tickled after all!

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Check out my new buddy Blayne! He’s very sexy, boasting some masculine facial hair and a furry chest as well. He looks fantastic in a suit and showed up in one for this shoot. Complete with an alluring pair of black and gold dress socks. When I saw them I got an instant hard-on. Blayne is a total natural in front of the camera, posing his dress socked and bare feet in a way that will tease everyone!

Blayne is a former college wrestler with size 9 feet and a very sexy pair of eyes. It's like he can look right through you, checking out your mind. I love that about him. Blayne keeps fit and has a masculine, hairy body to boot. What a hunk and what a nice pair o feet he has on him. I plan on featuring Blayne as much as possible.

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Ricky Larkin sees big, hairy stud Billy Santoro sleeping and he can’t resist tying him to the bed and having his way with him. He wakes Billy up, who is completely confused about his situation. Before long he’s sucking on Ricky’s toes. Of course, that isn’t the only thing he ends up licking. Ricky’s sweaty heels are also part of the meal and Billy laps them up happily, completely submitting to muscle bear Ricky Larkin. He really had no choice though. Where was he going to go, being tied up and all. Ricky ends up tickling the hell out of Billy too!

Billy Santoro is big, hairy and sexy from head to his size 12 toes. I have been trying to get him on the site for a long time and it finally came together. His furry, muscular body and ticklish size 12 feet are going to make him a favorite I have no doubt!