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I love pounding frat boy Tyler, but it always reminds me what a little bitch he is. So this time after making him service our dicks, we decided to tape his fuckboy mouth shut while we plowed his hot little hole. Don’t worry… you can still here his muffled screams through the gag.

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Found out one of the pledges has a little dick. We threw his ass against the wall and pounded it good. This dumb ass kid gives really good head too. Me and the boys face fucked him forever. The dude was slobbering all over our dicks. We made him suck it clean and then dumped our loads up in his ass. We love frat life!

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We called Bradley over to watch the game with us – only we feed him our dicks instead. We passed his mouth around like it was a joint and made sure that our cocks went all the way down his throat. The bitch took it all up while we busted nut after nut in his ass and left him with a milky cum mustache! Then Owen walked in after we kicked his ass out so we fucked his bitch-ass up!

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Fucking a dude in the ass doesn’t make you gay. We fuck bitches up in here 24/7. But taking a dick up your ass and liking it. Seems pretty gay to me. So case closed Dean is gay.

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We were having a regular night with beers and weed when frat brother Jessie knocked over our bong and spilled the water all over the floor. In our frat that means he gets fucked, but the little bitch wouldn’t give in so we had to tape him up and pound him one by one. Once we all fucked him sideways and raw he hoovered all of our loads like the slutty little pig he is.

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Me and my boys picked on Matt again. This time we got the fucker good. We plowed his mouth with two cocks at a time and ripped open his tight hole. The little cunt knew he had it coming so he didn’t even resist. Dude probably like it.

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I don’t know man, we were all fucked up and Frat brother Stone was running his mouth. I guess I thought his lips looked like a chicks and my dick would be a good way to shut him the fuck up. Who knows? It was all a blur, I just remember turning my brother into a total slut and passing him around with my buds. Enjoy I guess?

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We needed a good face to smash so we took down Matt! Fucking guy loves getting his jaw knocked off. Eventually buddy needed a breather so we slammed his ass on the bed and ripped his hole apart.

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College is sick. Spend all day getting fucked up, and fucking hot asses. This freshman kid Jay, he’s got a hot ass, and knows how to clean off a dick. We’re making this little frat bitch our official dick cleaner.

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This pussy didn’t finish his beer. So we slapped the bitch around and told em to get on his knees. He had to take all our dicks. Don’t fucking stop till we say were done. Cock in mouth. Cock in ass.

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It was 11am on a Monday. We were wrecked and horny. Perfect time to make a vid for the site. This blonde dude was walking around the house in his boxers. Looking all pretty and shit. So we grabbed him by the mussy. Ripped his boxers off. I shoved my dick in his young tight ass. Told him to shut up and take it. We all pounded that ass out.

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Here at the frat we don’t much like our pledges to give half assed head! So when we say get down on that dick we expect them to do it! So when we decided to give Josh’s mouth a workout and made sure he got down deep on our dicks and when we wore his mouth out we just switched to his ass!

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After a few beers and a night of chillin’, I noticed our boy Tyler hiding a stiffy in his shorts. He got all whiney when I teased him about it, and you know what we do with whiners. We made him service us all, but I could tell the kid was really into it. It was weird trying to punish the kid with something he thought was so hot… but it got me off so I’m cool with it. We made him sit on our cocks until we blew our loads in him and then lifted him up so we could pound him some more. Stupid slut.

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We caught Tyler spanking it to our porn videos. Its not secret the little house bitch likes getting gang-banged. This dude does a hit of poppers and you can’t get a dick up far enough. His cries are screams of pleasure. So we duct taped his mouth shut. Fucked his dumb ass while watching the game.

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When fratboy Tom gets fucked up he starts to act all gay and shit which is perfect because his long-ass hair reminds me of my girlfriend. So we waited until he was extra fucked up and then fucked that filthy hole hard. Bitch sucks dick better then most chicks, he must really love cock!