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Kevin is waiting for Clayton when he gets out of the shower. Kevin had never been with a man before so Clayton was surprised when he started sucking his cock!

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The burglar comes through the window and finds the naked boy on the couch. Liking what he sees he decides to take his pleasure with the boy than take his goods. Hard naked well muscled boys with some bondage thrown in is never a bad day.

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Kaleb gets a rudimentary anatomy lesson on bones and then encourages Adam to explore his boner.
Soon the shorts are dropping the dicks are rising and Kaleb is enjoying feasting on Adam’s meat.

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KB Cox is giving Jessie Owens a nice massage, and you know where massages take you in porno. They hungrily slurp down each other’s rigid muscles in an entirely different type of massage…

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After some tiring pushups and jumping jacks, the gang is ready for some relaxation. As the others watch, Alex Dade decides that now is great time to start sucking Chad Mason. It goes on from there.

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The lessons continues and the boys become more adventurous. Trying a hard cock up his arse the boy enjoys himself so much he wants to try fucking his friend as well. Soon the hard cocks are buried in the boys and the lust starts to build.

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The cock feast continues, standing, kneeling, any way the boys can get a cock in their mouth will work for them. As the cocks get harder and the lust is rising the positions change and the arse gets lifted and a hard cock presses against a tight arse.

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Watch JJ and KB as they get down to the serious fucking. Lots of anal action as the two twinks pleasure themselves until the excitement gets too much and they both explode over his chest.

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Blaine Black stumbles across Chaz checking out a magazine down by the duck pond. He literally ducked behind his car getting ready to stroke himself off when Blaine decides to give him a hand.

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Xavier and Dakota, two toned twinks, get comfortable on the pool deck. They shed their clothes, take turns sucking and then head inside to continue their fun.

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The practice is definitely paying off. Both the boys seem to be getting into the swing of this guy on guy sex. Cocks deep in arseholes and cum shooting everywhere makes for a lesson well learnt!

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Blake comes in and and confesses to Blaze that he wants to suck his dick. Blake enthusiastically agrees to help him learn how to pleasure another guy, practice makes perfect and these boys certainly are enjoying their practice time together.

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After getting warmed up Preston starts rimming Joeys tight little hole until he begs to take Preston’s huge cock. Preston is only too happy to oblige and fills Joeys ass to breaking point.

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Brock certainly has more in mind than getting Lee to give him a hand with the weights. Despite Lee protesting he is soon persuaded that boy on boy can be a lot of fun. Lee soon shows his enthusiasm with a hard cock and Brock feasts on it.