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Stan pulls out of Lee’s puckering boypussy and lets Albert have a taste with his hardon. Lee rides Albert’s cock and enjoys Stan’s loyal oral attention to his nipples. After several deep strokes, it’s time for Lee to get a milky rinse with an enema. Lee takes in the liquid, squirting it out in spurts and soaking the bedsheets beneath him. *Stan settles back into Lee’s luscious boycunt as Albert lets loose with yet another stream of pee. After sending even more milky liquid from his hole, Lee sucks and strokes both of his twinky partners’ cocks.

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  1. Didn’t know bout this Gay Asian Piss site but now I do, sure as shit I’ll be visiting it regularly. Speaking from experience I know just how the occasional stream of piss, even when unexpected, can enhance the heights of pleasure in a cock-fun session. Thanks for your ‘intro’ to it.

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