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Kyle is a beautiful man, smooth in all the right places and dominant where it counts. He’s 5’8 181lbs of sexy. Kyle is a nutritionist who spends most of his waking life at the gym refining his muscular body. He played just about every sport possible in High School yet he wasn’t as fit as he is now but he loves the way he looks and we are sure you will as well. Kyle came into this world in the backseat of a car just minutes away from the local hospital. He’s soft spoken extremely kind hearted and wants to help people live a better life. He’s on his way to being an RN but first he is exploring the world and all it has to offer. In the bedroom he is very controlling and will dominate the situation but make you think you are the one in charge. It turns him on that people will be watching him slowly stroke his cock till completion. He slowly takes his shirt off to reveal his sculpted body. His hands explore his smooth chest while they wander down to his zipper to let loose his hard cock. He begins to slowly stroke his smooth sexy cock pulling harder and harder as his dick throbs in his hand. There is almost too much sexy happening but once his thick load erupts from within you can finally let loose your built up load with him. Enjoy!

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It’s amazing spying on the casual comradery between these three STARK NAKED hotties! They nod to each other and have a casual chat while dressing when you know they are secretly comparing muscles. It’s especially horny how the third lad is asked about his workout routine while he’s digging into his arse with a towel drying his crack!

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This arrogant bloke considers himself too clever for prison. It seems to anooy him that his clothes are bundled up and thrown about like rags. The look of contempt on his face as he’s taken through the strip process says it all. This adds to the guards’ horny relish in embarrassing the idiot, stripping him down and examining his body closely. They drill into him that in this prison he’s lower than dirt and every part of his body can be inspected at any time the guards wish.

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This tatted blonde badboy is not only the prankster of the locker room but he’s also an absent minded lunkhead! He slips on his footy shorts before realizing that he’s forgot to put his pants on. After looking around in vain for them he clearly gives up and decides to go commando. But his confusion is to our benefit because while the numbskull is searching around he inadvertently gives an amazing view of his parted arse crack and meaty package!

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In the real army training camp videos at EricDeman the punishments given to recruits for disobedience are embarrassing, cruel and feature forced nudity. The soldiers must strip naked and walk into the ocean while their commanding officer shouts at them from the shore. Others have to bathe publicly in cold water while their jeering buddies tease them and scrub their bollocks raw.

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It’s quite a turn on hearing all the banter between these lads as they make their plans to go out and get fucked now that their match is over. It’s the start of the weekend and fresh from the shower they are revved up for an epic night out. But in their excitement they don’t notice my tiny hidden camera recording every second of them towelling off and suiting up!

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The prison guards have particularly sadistic ways of making disobedient young prisoners obey their every command. In this dismal basement this tough but feaful guy learns a lesson that he won’t forget in a hurry. Notice how he tries to maintain his controlled demeanor despite the onslaught of cold water bashing against his body and chilling his naked body to the core.

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It’s no wonder the warders’ faces have been pixelated in this video. Anyone who saw the video of him at reception could tell that his life was going to be abject misery from day one. These 2 screws could be in trouble if this video was seen by the wrong people. With his arrogant attitude but tiny dick this hairy shouldered criminal was going to get needled by screws and lags alike. Unsurprisingly he’s finding it a bit of a hard time and no mistake. He’s become borderline psychotic but the warders are only capable of one reaction to lags under stress. Make it worse!…

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Our cameraman is always on the lookout for new potential talents. This time, he encountered young Marty as he was leaving the grocery store. We gently offered him money so we could have a look at his young muscular body. After a few minutes of negociation, he agreed as long as he wore the mask. So they went to our storage garage nearby and started taking pictures. The old concierge was a few meters away, painting the outside of the garage, which added to the excitement. Marty started stripping and his cock got stiffer and stiffer as our cameraman was taking pictures from every possible angles. We think the old concierge took a peek during our recording but we’re not totally sure. One thing is certain, Marty is a very promising pornstar. Hope you’ll like him as much as we did!

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The lads pile into the locker room feeling invigorated after their match and desperate for a cold one down at the pub. So they’re rushing to get to the shower totally unaware my camera is filming them the entire time as they strip down. Notice the dark patch of bum sweat on both these fellas’ underwear when they whip down their shorts. And how fucking hot is it watching them fumble around stark naked searching for the soap!