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Matthew Bosch has a special delivery for Hunter Marx, but the package is damaged and needs to be opened for inspection. Out of the package comes Hunters TitanMen porn DVDS, buttplugs and dildos which leads Matthew to realize its TitanMan Hunter Marx standing in front of him! Matt’s “I’ve always fantasized about being in porn” quickly leads to a full on audition bent over the kitchen counter! The two flip-fuck and shoot huge loads proving that Matthew is more than ready for his porn debut! Matthew goes home that night and pops in the DVD that Hunter gave him. Matt’s police officer husband, the hunky Dirk Caber, comes in after work to find Matt stroking his fat uncut cock to the DVD. “You’ll never believe who I meet on my route today, Hunter Marx!” exclaims! Dirk quickly engulfs MAtt huge uncut cock as they both watch Hunter on the DVD. “No one one fucks me as good as you” says Matt when Daddy Dirk asks if Hunter fucked him good! Dirk gives Matt a hard core fucking which finishes with two huge cumshots…and Dirk asking, “Now, where did you say Hunter was staying”? Officer Caber makes up a fake “noise complaint” to barge in on Hunter and Max Sargent sucking cock poolside. “Take it inside boys, we need to talk”, as buck-naked Hunter and Max comply. Once inside Officer Dirk tells Max “Suck it” and he strokes his cock while watching the cock-sucking. Pre-cum oozes thru his police uniform pants as he slowly pulls his cock out and strokes it. 2-way oral and rimming, soon leads to 3-way flip fucking where everyone gets some cock in their ass! Hunter and Max cum on Dirk as Dirk releases his own torrent of cum. Don’t we all wish we got these kind of deliveries!

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Dakota has really been getting into the wet and messy fun we all love so much! The young man is back to enjoy another jack off for the guys, standing naked in the shower and playing with his floppy cock. His bladder is full, and soon a fountain of piss is splashing up over his body as he bends his cock up to take aim. Soon hard and jerking, a thick and splashing cum shot follows, all to be washed away with more hot piss up his body!

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Master Damian leads Jake into his plastic lined play room. Cuffing the boy to the cross Damian proceeds to introduce him to the pleasures of a whip to encourage him to get hard.
Some great action in a dark dungeon as the boy starts to learn how things work.

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I’m a big voyeur fan of lads stripping off his clothes – this hot vid is great as the guy shows his cock and hairy arse – I was really chuffed to get this great clip.

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Blaine is showering at the gym thinking nobody is around. He begins to stroke himself as he looks around making sure nobody creeps up on him. He turns his back to the lockers as he strokes his big uncut cock. He’s in his own world until he turns back around and sees Toby staring at him. Blaine quickly turns around and isn’t sure what to say. He tries to get Toby to leave but Toby is very interested in what’s in his hand. Blaine walks towards Toby revealing his huge uncut cock flopping around. Toby stops him in his tracks and drops to his knees to service this sexy dick. He gulps it all the way down paying close attention to his long shaft as he strokes it and utilizes his deep throating skills. They move to the bench where Toby slowly slides down Blaine’s throbbing cock. Once balls deep Toby begins to rock his hips back and forth fucking Blaine’s cock the way he wants it. Blaine continues to fuck Toby doggy style as well and also on his back where he fucks the cum right out of Toby. Blaine pulls his cock out and blasts a showering load of cum all over Toby. Enjoy!

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Before arriving at TheCastingRoom Lee had never experienced any sexual contact with a man. Immediately after this he made several man on man films, but before he was allowed in these he had to prove he was up to the job. The confident head-strong lad doesn’t like to show fear, but he couldn’t hide his nervousness when first taking a man’s cock in his mouth and feeling it slide up his tight pink anus. Dave aggressively introduces him to having sex with a man kissing him deeply, pressing his stiff dick against him and fingering his anus. Lee is very tentative about giving a man oral not wanting to slide his lips past the helmet. He finds it a good laugh having his asshole licked until he realizes that it’s just being wetted up and opened so a fully hard cock can be thrust inside him. Even after a lot of gentle widening of his ass the sharp hot shock of being really fucked is harder for him than lifting any size weight at the gym. His creamy-white ass is covered in a fresh load of semen. The effect of watching his cherry being taken is fucking electrifying.

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This is a reconstitution of something that really happened a couple of years ago as I shared an apartment with a gorgeous jock. I noticed that every morning he jerked off in his bedroom. That day, I stood there from a distance and watched his morning routine…

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Pulling out his cock, Austin gave his master’s shaft a look of amazement before dutifully taking it in his mouth. It was large enough, to be sure, smooth and hard except for the pulsing veins that ran up and down its length.

But for Austin, it wasn’t simply just a man’s cock! It wasn’t even just his master’s cock. This was his old man’s throbbing, life-giving member, weighed down by heavy nuts full of seed! He knew the significance of this, and it made him revere his owner more like a god than a man.

Seeing him struggle to take it all made Master Armstrong feel bigger than he’d ever felt. Stronger and more powerful. There’s no one on earth who could make him feel the way Austin does. And in their private room, Austin gave his old man worship unlike anything he could have hoped for.

As Master Armstrong laid back on the bed, just feet from the cage he had taken Austin out of, Austin climbed up on top of his daddy, straddling his body with his lean, tiny legs. His sheathed cock grazed over his master’s as he got into his position, stopping when his smooth cheeks and hole met his shaft.

Master Armstrong could feel him getting warmer, his body trembling and his heart racing. Austin knew what was coming and he knew he had to go through with it. After all, father knows best…

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Cameron Vincent walks into the room and Dirk introduces the two and after the handshake Cameron can’t resist Spencer Laval’s sexy body and he has him sit on the bed as he starts to suck on his big fat dick. Spencer kicks back and lets Cameron explore his ripped body as his cock grows every so hard in his eager fresh mouth. Cameron pushes Spencer’s legs up and he spreads his smooth tight hole so he can bury his face between them sexy smooth cheeks. Cameron gives Spencer one great rim job and then Spencer repays the favor by sucking on Cameron’s eager throbbing cock. Spencer doesn’t waste much time and once he flips Cameron on his back he sees that tight hole and he pushes his raw hard dick deep into Cameron making him squirm. Spencer begins to pound Cameron’s fresh hole hard and with each thrust Cameron gives into the pleasure enjoying every inch of Spencer’s hard dick. Cameron loves to talk dirty as he gets fucked in multiple positions. Spencer continues to pound Cameron’s ass missionary style until Cameron busts his huge load all over his own chest. Once Spencer sees that nut he’s not far behind as he pulls his raw cock out and shoots his warm cum all over Cameron’s eager face and chest. The energy was intense and Dirk thanks our soldiers for one great performance and they head off to the showers to clean up. Enjoy!

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