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Master Oaks relishes in seeing the boy, Cole, service him. Even simple things like removing his socks and shoes and belt give him joy. After all, he can make Cole do whatever he wants, even the things he would normally do for himself with ease.

It’s not about the act, for him, but about the power. Who is in control and who is controlled. And after the auction, he has complete control of his slave.

Cole services him dutifully and expertly, sucking his cock just as he likes while Master Oaks sits back and relaxes. He’d happily sit there and blow his load, but he’d rather feel Cole’s tight hole milk out his seed again.

Cole gets up onto Master Oaks’ hard, wet cock, sliding inside him so he can take the older man’s deep, intense pounding. Oaks knows he can do whatever he wants with him, and that makes it all the hotter.

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Master Oaks loves seeing how Cole responds to his dominance. Seeing him locked up in his cage, waiting and eager to service him, is a thrill unlike any he’s ever had. He knows the horny bottom has nothing to do but sit and wait to service him. When he takes him out of his bondage, he puts him immediately to work sucking his thick cock.

Cole’s skills cannot be denied, taking the powerful man deep into his throat without any struggle. Master Oaks is impressed with the boy’s ferocious hunger, happy to lay back and relax as his meat is swallowed up whole.

But nothing beats the feeling of sliding his bare cock between Cole’s beautiful, milky cheeks. With the boy’s hole wrapped tightly around his dick, he knows that he’s truly his master.

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Bishop sat on the edge of the bed, feeling his heart pound with excitement. He’d won! He had the boy in his room… Austin was all his to do with as he pleased! His mind raced with fantasies yet to be fulfilled. And yet, he was surprised at just how different his attitude was when he actually saw Austin walk in.

Austin was just so precious. So small and so slight. They’d already fucked — and fucked hard — but it was like he was seeing him new. He wasn’t something he needed to conquer. He was already conquered…

Austin opened his shirt as commanded, running his hands on Bishop’s hairy chest and feeling the weight of my heavy pecs. His eyes were wide with desire and intrigue.

When he pulled off Bishop’s pants, the daddy bear ordered him to sniff between my legs at his nuts. It turned him to see his beta males driven wild on his scent. Seeing Austin breathe deep, he knew he would be a good sex toy. Not just obedient, but hungry, too!

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Marcus hardly spoke when Felix took him in. His quiet intensity was thrilling for Felix, even as someone who has brought many boys into his inventory. His submissive spirit is one of the strongest he’d ever seen, and he could not wait to test out his skills.

Marcus has a series of tests he wanted to perform to assess his strength of will. The first being the nipples. And when Marcus reached his limit, Felix gave him a good smack on his chest. The next test was his cock. He gripped his nuts in his hand like he would the knob of a door. He squeezed them, feeling their firmness and warmth in his hand.

And lastly, his favorite test: the ass. Putting him on his back, Felix looked down at his perfect pucker, primed and ready to be used at my discretion. His milky skin would be enough for most to big top dollar. But he needed a more thorough inspection of his assets… Tags: slave boy, slave boys, gay slave boy, gay slave boys, boy slave, boy slaves, gay boy slave, gay boy slaves, daddy son, bondage, twink, boy slaves

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Master Savage saw his perfect submissive in the slave Marcus. Marcus is a beautiful combination of a timid, quiet spirit with a smooth, strong body.

Master Savage loves to push people… It’s what he does. And the Boy Marcus seems like a chance to push myself. To see not just what a submissive is capable of, but what he’s capable of as well. Master Savage saw his perfect submissive in the slave Marcus. Marcus is the perfect combination of a timid, quiet spirit with a smooth, strong body.

Marcus does everything his new owner commands. Savage gives the boy orders to take off his clothes, service his cock, and ride him raw. With his load planted deep in the boy’s hole, Marcus sees just how valuable he is!

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Austin is used to being on display. He shows his hole, endures the poking, prodding, and teasing of the seller, and does what he can to give a good show to those watching. He understands his role. He’s an object. An investment and collectible. And, of course, a toy to be fucked and filled.
When Master Bishop wins his bid, he relishes the contrast between his big, beefy, brutish body and his new slave’s small, smooth exterior. He tests his mouth his with his big cock before bending him over to feed him his raw meat. Austin braces himself for the unexpected, not yet sure what the dominant bear wants, but ready to do whatever he must.

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Each of the boys are brought out, one after the other, and put on display. Boys Cole and Austin are joined by new merchandise, Jay and Danny. Cole and Austin know what it is to be a piece of property having had various owners in the past, while Jay and Danny tremble with excitement and fear as their fate is yet to be decided…

As the auction continues, each boy is placed on a small cushioned platform, struggling to keep themselves in place as the men take their turns filling their mouths with their swollen cocks; waiting for their colleagues to finish fucking the boy on display.

One by one, each of the masters slides their bare cocks into the young slaves’ holes, feeling how their many inches had worked and serviced their anal muscles.

There is really only one rule these men agree to; don’t cum until you’re ready to seal the deal! They fuck and fill their young submissives again and again, pulling out before the point of no return to allow the others the chance to sample their enslaved bottoms.

Of course, for one reason or another, each master makes the choice to continue with their pleasure, fucking harder and deeper, pushing themselves past that point so they can enjoy the right of breeding and claiming their prize!

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Most boys are a little unsure and hesitant at first. That’s usually part of the thrill… Bringing a boy to climax and seeing him appreciate his place as property. For Boy River, however, it was clear in his gaze that he wanted to be possessed. This was something he’d thought about for years — possibly his whole life!

Seeing Master Steele work his nipples into a reddened, swollen state was exciting enough, but the boy’s hungry gaze never ceased. Even as Master Steele’s rough hands smacked his firm stomach and teased his loins, Boy River stayed focus on the crowd; never stirring more than to moan, as if saying to us all: “take me.”

As Master Legrand undresses after winning the auction, he hands his clothes to his newly won property; ordering him to fold them neatly and put them away. His lost expression tells the master that he hadn’t even learned how to properly handle a superior’s clothing — something that would need to be taught later, but he didn’t mind… He liked the idea of molding him to his needs!

For now, he needed to be bred; fucked and inseminated to satiate his hunger. Master Legrand had to give him what his heart desired, but he also needed to cement his control over him…

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Master Oaks knows just how valuable Cole is. With his tall, toned body, round ass, and big cock, he knows that his friends would pay top dollar for the chance to breed his hole. He invites the buyers over for a relaxing night of drinks and conversation, all while being serviced by his obedient slave boy.

Master Legrand can’t take his eyes off of Oaks’ property, coveting him and imagining all the ways he’d used him if he were his. When the bidding begins, the men all take turns feeling his body and fucking his mouth, getting a sense for what the young man is capable of.

Oaks even invites them to fuck his hole raw, wanting to milk his friends for more money knowing how his tight hole feels around a bare cock. But they all know as good as it feels, only his owner can breed him… And with that incentive, the bidding takes off!

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River loves being objectified. There’s no greater rush or satisfaction than the touch and attention of those who crave and covet his body.

When the opportunity came to be someone’s possession, he jumped at the opportunity. Placing his trust and autonomy in Master Legrand’s hands, the young man finds himself on display unlike anything he’d ever experienced.

Master Legrand pulls down the boy’s pants, exposing his ass and hole to those standing around, giving up all independence and totally submitting to his top and the buyers.

The idea of being submissive and owned makes him rock hard, leading to his cock being teased and milked on the auction block.

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Master Legrand is fond of Austin, but he never forgets what he is: property. By taking him to his special playroom, he’s able to undress him and use him just as he sees fit. The young boy must endure all that his master gives him, whether it’s his big cock down his throat, his hungry tongue between his soft cheeks, or his hard, deep raw fucking. Austin does his best to obey and be receptive, but sometimes the intensity is more than he thinks he can bear! Regardless, Master Legrand has paid for the right to use his slave and he won’t hold back for any reason!

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Logan is still learning what his master needs. He’s still learning how to be a good slave, in general. Luckily, Master Legrand seems to be more affectionate and gentle than he could have imagined.

When he brings him into his bedroom, the submissive embarks on a slow, sweet, sensual exploration of his master’s cock and body, learning his scent and taste and watching as Master Legrand enjoys being the subject of worship.

The two connect on a deep, intimate level before Legrand claims his property’s hole, giving him his big, raw cock and marking him with his master seed.

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Austin has proven to Master Wolf that he can be loyal and obedient. He’s learned to anticipate Wolf’s needs and do everything he asks without question or hesitation. Now that Austin has been thoroughly fucked and filled, it’s time for him to go back on the auction block.

Master Wolf knows he can get a good return on his investment. Austin may no longer be a virgin, but he’s learned how to be an even better submissive to his powerful masters. Master Wolf will show him off to get the best price he can, using his body and holes to entice those watching!

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The submissive twink slave, Austin, knows his hardworking dom needs a break from his executive role. Pulling out the handsome man’s cock, he services him like he’s been trained to do, giving Wolf the erotic power he demands and the pleasure he needs.

Master Wolf is happy to see his slave boy taking to his new position, bringing out his owner’s lust for power and boyhole. The tall daddy takes charge of Austin’s ass, giving him his raw, hard cock as he fucks him into submission. Austin couldn’t be happier being the older man’s plaything, giving himself freely as every inch of his body is used and filled.

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Breaking a boy in is hard work. Even when they want it–when they know they need it–it’s truly more of a delicate art than a science. You have to study the boy, feel his body, feel his will, find where he’s his strongest… and where he’s his most vulnerable.
When I found little Austin, he was alone and cold on the street. He appeared frail, too small and thin to be a man full grown. It wasn’t until I thoroughly assessed him that I found that this was just his natural way. He would always seem small and frail. And in my experience, that is what many of my clients find the most valuable.
For Austin, breaking him wasn’t just a matter of showing him my authority. It was clear he would listen to me and do what I told him. But when I touched him, he had a moment of hesitation. A doubt. A feeling in his mind that he was supposed to protect himself. Protect something he’d been told was his. This was part of the correction process. Part of the hard work ahead.
All his life, he’d been told he was his own person. His own man. That he needed to be strong and independent. Responsible for his future and that path he would walk. I could see it in his eyes as soon as he looked back up at me. He was lost, confused, and desperate for a place in this world. He didn’t want this responsibility. He didn’t want to have that burden.
I had to free him from this notion. Free him from his true cage: autonomy.
Austin first needed to be stripped of himself. His identity. His history and expectations. I brought him into the staging area, a dark, secluded room where I could help him undergo this essential transformation. He was nervous and shaking, as any lamb would be when brought to an altar of sacrifice. But through the fear in his eyes, I could see his heart bursting with hope. He didn’t know what was coming, but deep down, I knew he’d be happy that he didn’t have to be the one to decide.
I ran my hands over his body, feeling him, assessing him. He trembled a good deal. Something to fix before he heads to auction. I placed him down on all fours, splayed out, still weak from the street, barely able to keep up his insubstantial weight. I tried to calm him, running my hands over his head and face, petting him like a stray puppy. I was amused by how my palm seemed larger than his entire head. It excited me, and I knew it would excite my clients.
Pulling off his clothes, I knew I had to test him to see how he would respond to my authority. I pressed his nipples, feeling them grow firmer and more sensitive as I twisted and squeezed them. I had to assess his limits if I was going to get a fair price for him, so even as he squealed and moaned, I persisted, discovering that upper limit.
I won’t lie. I felt my cock grow harder as I felt his neck in my hands, seeing him suppress his fear to continue to yield to me. I knew my purpose in that moment wasn’t to gain satisfaction, but this beautiful boy inspired it in me. Seeing him, feeling him in the grip of my hand… I wanted to possess him and own him.
But he wasn’t ready yet. He still was clinging to the idea that his body was his. That his nipples were his to shield. Even as I reached my hands down into his pants and grabbed his boy cock, I felt that flinch of resistance. He was as hard as I was, but not yet a possession.
I pulled down his pants, freeing him from the garments of his past, the last threads of his individuality. I gave his nuts a good tap, hearing him squeal through the pain. He stayed in place. A good sign. I placed a hand over his mouth, silencing him… an act that made my cock even harder.
But it wasn’t until I had him naked and on all fours, his butt up in the air, red from my hand, that I could feel him beginning to give up the control. His tight, smooth hole was completely vulnerable to me, taking to my oiled fingers with increasing ease and acceptance. I was impressed with how much it could take, and I was certainly not gentle.
I oiled his body, seeing the red marks deepen as blood rushed to where I’d been. Slick and submissive, he began to melt in my hands. His cock became fully erect, pulsing in my grip as I reached for it. I knew I had to open him up, stretch his virgin hole, and see the look in his eye as the final bit of himself slipped away. The self that would become my property, my object… my merchandise…