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During the flight from NYC to the countryside of Basque, Spain, Master Legrand had spent nearly the entire trip fantasizing about his purchase. And indeed that merchandise, Boy Bastian, was a tantalizing feast for the eyes.

Boy Bastian’s head was bowed, but his dark, piercing eyes locked onto Master Legrand immediately. The momentary, intense pause that occurred took the well kept American by surprise. He normally gave his new purchases no leeway. They would typically either crawl to him or shiver uncontrollably on their knees, awaiting the Master’s first commands.

Master Legrand commanded the Slaveboy to come closer for a better appraisal. Soon, Boy Bastian was on his knees. As the warm sunlight bathed upon Master and Boy, the youngster administered exquisite oral pleasures. Master Legrand ran his giant hands adoringly through The Boy’s thick, dark hair as his Slaveboy ran his luscious lips and sweet, wet tongue along his Master’s enormous, pulsating girth.

Not once did the boy gag or even show fatigue in any form. It was if it was Boy Bastian’s calling in life to pleasure a man to the ultimate climax possible. And yet, right before Master Legrand was about to blast his seed into the sweet Slaveboy’s mouth, he pulled out and brought Boy Bastian back to his feet…

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Master Stone did his best to remain neutral when it came to the Slaveboys he liked to play with, but would oftentimes find himself getting lost in the moans that he could force out of them. This product in question, The Boy Noah, was exactly that to him. Stone had played with this twink before, but tonight would be the first time that he would play alongside another group—Master Reese and Master Marko.

Master Stone followed the traditional routine for an Appraisal, examining the boy’s body thoroughly with slow, lingering fingers. He reveled in his ability to make Boy Noah break the silence with the softest of moans as his Master took ownership over his twink body. Master Stone’s hands found The Boy’s erect cock, granting access to the boy to the other Masters.

Just as quickly as The Boy felt the other two sets of hands petting his naked flesh, Master Marko ripped his clothes off, pulled out his big cock and lined it up to the wet hole. Master Stone, still with The Boy’s asscheeks in hand, spread them wide for his fellow Master to gain full access to that ass. Boy Noah released those groans of pleasure as he gets stretched open, the kind of moans that drive Master Stone wild…

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Boy Noah is adorable! Every cock in the auction house gets hard seeing him kneeling on the block, his pale skin and young muscles glowing in the spotlight, the barely perceptible tremors of fear washing over him.

Boy Noah is a youngster who ran away from home, fell down a rabbit hole and, even though he likes what he found, still can’t quite believe he’s here. He’s still trying a little too hard to please, still surprised by everything that happens. Even a man’s cock sliding into his hole seems to spark some new awareness every time it happens. He just makes Master Reese want to rock his little world over and over.

Fucking a boy on the auction block is about making it clear that he is owned and who his owner is. That’s in addition to the fact that most owners just can’t wait to try out their new toy. When it came time to fuck him, Master Reese didn’t even warm him up.

He wanted his boy’s hole just as tight as possible and the sound of him moaning and grunting as he struggled to take it. He did struggle. Master Reese could feel his muscles quivering as he speared up into him. He took it like a champ, though. He kept on taking it just as long as Master Reese wanted to give it to him.

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Master Legrand sat on the edge of his king-size bed. With a simple motion of his hand, he beckoned The Boy Serg over to him. The Master’s newly acquired Slaveboy obeyed with a bright-eyed eagerness as he approached the towering Master on all fours.

Master Legrand pushed the nearly-nude Boy Serg’s head down against the silky fabric of his tailored slacks. The boy moaned and inhaled again—the manly, musky aroma was intoxicating in ways Boy Serg had difficulty explaining, but understood in a way without words. The Boy was hooked, and knew he would be Master Legrand’s Slaveboy for life if commanded to do so.

The Boy soon found himself on his back with his legs pushed back against his chest. By the time the Slaveboy could get his bearings, he felt the huge cockhead of Master Legrand pressing up against his tiny boyhole. The Master wasn’t exactly sure how he was able to squeeze his massive cockhead past the boy’s incredibly tight sphincter, but he certainly did…

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In the world of selling boys, the Boy Cole has become a proven and well tested product. With a stunning face, taut body, big-boy dick, and perky butt to match-it comes as no surprise to any of the Masters that he fetches such high prices. Not to mention, Boy Cole has turned being an obedient, subservient, and willing sex slave into an art form.

The time has come for his appraisal. For this, Master Wolf has Master Snow and Master Patrick join him in evaluating.

The three older men bring the subservient stud into the room and get to work. Boy Cole looks a tad more nervous than usual, but as Master Snow and Master Patrick begin letting their large, warm hands roam over The Boy’s body—nude except for a black jockstrap and matching bowtie—the expression on his young face quickly turns to one of soft pleasure.

Soon the boy is stripped of all his clothing and the older men take turns in feeling up, prodding at, and tasting the boy’s flesh. Boy Cole’s own experienced mouth pairs beautifully with his Master’s cocks as they rotate around him. He is an object shared between them, his moans muffled in their crotches.

When the time comes to test the maintenance of the prized hole, Master Patrick and Master Snow waste no time in slipping their fat cock heads and long shafts into The Boy’s hungry, willing chute.

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Master Reese could already feel his rising arousal as Master Marko brought the Boy Milo out onto the dimly-lit floor. The dark-skinned twink slave was only wearing a black jockstrap, which fully displayed the erection he got just from being led around by his barrel-chested superior.

Master Marko pointed the young man’s stiffness out to the watchful eye of Master Reese, presenting it proudly, as if to say, Look at what a good product he is. Look at how well he’s trained. Master Reese seemed to agree—he couldn’t stop himself from stroking his cock through his pants!

The Boy Milo maintained an expression of uncertainty on his face, and there was even the gleam of nervousness in his eyes as Master Marko’s hands roamed all over The Boy’s body, running a measuring tape from his young arms to his chest, then to his stiff little-boy cock. Boy Milo found it difficult, if not impossible, to hide his enjoyment he felt with Master Reese’s touch, especially once he sensed the man’s tongue enter his boyhole.

Master Stone oiled both the moaning Boy’s hole in addition to Master Reese’s stiff, rigid meat to enter it. The Boy Milo’s cheeks were glistening, slathered with oil. His moans turned to grunts of ecstasy as Master Reese’s meat flooded and pulverized every inch of his tiny cavern…

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The Boy Cole had become one the business’s most lucrative products. The young, well-defined stud knows precisely what it takes to sell the goods. As Master Charger presents the boy to the bidders at the auction, Cole keeps an aloof expression on his face, but his eyes give away just how much he enjoys being on display for all the dominant, lusting, wealthy men ready to shell out the big bucks for his body.

Master Charger is keen on ensuring Cole does not get lost in his own desires. He instructs the boy to keep his gaze forward. He rubs the boy down in oil as the bids begin pouring in. However, even as stern and seasoned a salesman as the man is, Master Charger finds it impossible not to get at least a few good gropes of his own in of the boy’s generous flank. This is a true testament to how much of a prize item Cole is; even as Master Charger presents him, he’s unable to resist the boy’s natural charms.

Cole is rock hard, his hole puckering, and moans tremble out his lips as the salesman continue to present as their bids, which have easily reached beyond six figures. Master Charger exhibits just what the boy and his hole are able to endure with the aid of a clear dildo, and the demonstration causes a jump in the bidding up to $725,000. The winner of the prize is Master Dixon, a bearded, tattooed man whose towering, masculine form dwarfs Cole’s more slender frame. Dixon approaches his purchase and immediately tests the product, sliding his inked up fingers into the boy’s mouth.

The boy’s cock jumps when Master Dixon tells Master Charger that he wants to watch the salesman fuck the boy. Master Charger sees this as an added bonus on top of the sale and acquiesces immediately to Dixon’s request.

Master Dixon grabs a chair, sits, and observes as the salesman tongues Cole’s hole. He strokes his cock as he watches his new toy’s face contort in pleasure while Master Charger’s tongue dives deep into his crevice. Master Charger even takes a moment to swallow Cole’s own rigid cock, sucking each one of the boy’s balls.

Master Charger stands and oils up his own engorged meat, ready to slide it into the boy’s hungry opening. Cole’s hole yields easily, hungrily to the man’s cock, especially as he sees his buyer, Master Dixon, stand up and approach him. Master Dixon plants a deep kiss on the boy’s mouth, practically swallowing him. As the salesman begins to slide in and out of the boy, Master Dixon breaks the kiss, then gently guides the boy’s head to his cock to suck it. The boy is owned at both ends, and loves every second.

Master Dixon takes the beautiful sight in, noticing the boy’s cock is just as swollen as his own and the one inside Cole, never deflating even once. The two men have the boy turn over, continuing to spit roast him in the new position. The pleasure overwhelms the boy and he asks if he can cum, a request to which both the men permit. Cole shoots his load, moaning pathetically as he does. This, in turn, sends the two men over the edge, with Master Dixon blowing his load in the boy’s mouth, while Master Charger pumps his load into the boy’s hole. The two men fill Cole up completely; another successful transaction has been made.

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Master Barrett found The Boy Tyler sitting at a bus stop one evening. Tyler didn’t know where he was going. He just knew that he needed to get away…

Tyler was instantly impressed by Barrett. He seemed incredibly sophisticated and stylish, so when Barrett asked if Tyler wanted to come with him, the boy happily agreed.

They entered a dark room and Barrett immediately started to run his hands over Tyler’s chest. The boy was instantly aroused. He loved being the focus of the older man’s attention and found himself gasping uncontrollably.

Barrett tapped a bench in the center of the room and Tyler dutifully climbed onto it.

At that moment, Master Barrett knew the boy had yielded entirely to him. The older man pulled Tyler’s jeans off and positioned the boy so that his back was arched and his pert, round ass was on full display. Tyler was now rock hard and throbbing with anticipation.

Barrett dripped warm oil onto the boy’s back and slowly massaged it into him before encouraging Tyler to roll onto his back.

The master pushed Tyler’s legs into the air to expose his tight hole. Barrett then squatted down and started to push his tongue into the boy. Tyler couldn’t believe the sensation.

Master Barrett then pulled out a small dildo which he bathed in oil before very gently inserting it into the boy’s tight hole. Barrett jerked Tyler’s dick and flicked the dildo until Tyler was writhing around in absolute pleasure.

Barrett told the boy to jerk himself, which he did keenly, rolling backwards so far that any semen which shot out of him would be bound to cover his face. And so it came to pass – with a huge, thick load, which coated his mouth, nose and cheeks impressively.

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The boy Ethan proved to be quite the commodity, yielding a hefty price at auction from bidder Master Marko. The beefy, older man was eager to try out his purchase more fully from the privacy of his hotel suite. He beckons for Ethan to come towards him with a sharp gesture and Ethan obediently crawls on all fours. The boy’s smooth, perky butt wiggles from side to side, framed by his black jockstrap.

As Ethan reaches Master Marko, the two kiss deeply. The muscular man paws at Ethan’s ass and uses his fingers to probe between the boy’s cheeks. Marko stands up to remove his clothing and the subservient boy, guided by nature, assists his new master by sliding his fingers in the waistband and sliding the trousers off. Ethan trails his fingers across his Master’s briefs. Observing this, the wealthy man feels pleased with his investment in such a well-disciplined servant.

With shirt off and pants around his ankles, the barrel-chested Marko watches as Ethan reveals the Master’s slowly swelling cock covered with a fiery bush at the base. Ethan takes hold of the meat and brings it to his mouth. He could feel Master Marko’s dick throb against his throat. The boy loves providing his services—the obedience, the giving of pleasure, and being the paid property of a powerful man—all of it thrilled him in return…

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When the Master finally motioned for the boy, it had felt like an eternity had passed. So fixated he was on orders from his new owner that he hardly knew he was in the middle of training. Their night of passion had already begun, but what he didn’t understand was that before pleasure came obedience.

Nathan crawled across the ground eagerly towards his master’s grip, and looked up at the older man with the sort of dewy-eyed innocence that one can rarely find in this world, much less purchase. Master Legrand kneaded his bubble butt, squeezed firmly the muscles of his flank—muscles that he knew he’d wear out eventually. Nathan had already become an excellent investment, and he had only just started to suck on the tip of Master’s cock through his suit trousers.

Master Legrand ordered the boy to perform various acts of worship as he slowly stripped himself of his suit. The boy’s senses were dizzied from focusing back and forth on Master Legrand’s bulge, and lips, and grip.

He was led to the bed, and positioned on his hands and knees atop the gold quilt. Master Legrand took the opportunity to explore the boy’s body, fingering him in preparation for what was to come. The boy moaned in agony and ecstasy as one. Then two fingers slipped in. He cried out wordlessly, the sort of gasp that only comes from the test of submission.

Satisfied with the width the boy slave was capable of stretching to—and the pitch his cries reached—Master Legrand scooped the boy up and used him hard with his massive tool.

The bow-tie boy found himself in a whirlwind of positions, bouncing on Legrand’s giant cock, curled into a ball and rocked by the power of his master’s hips.

His eyes rolled back into his head. And at some point, amid the jackhammering of his prostate and the screaming from his throat, the boy simply stopped thinking. All that he could feel or understand was the impossible size difference between himself and his owner, and the next position he needed to assume. The breeding was all that mattered, and it mattered without words…

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As Master Reese brings the boy Milo in for his grooming, it’s clear to him that the boy is meek, yet obedient. Dressed in a black suit of masculine proportion, Master Reese looks like his world and the world of Milo would never cross. Reese is tall, well built, and prepared for professionalism. Milo, quivering under Reese’s gaze, seems aware of this too—in his tight t-shirt and jeans, he feels, comparatively, naked.

But of course, he could lose those clothes, too. Master Reese give’s Milo’s left nipple a light pinch, which elicits a moan from the latino twink. The crisp-suited man runs his hands all over the boy’s body as young Milo trembles under the kneading grip. The Master’s hands stop at Milo’s crotch, where the boy’s excitement is very obvious.

The older man begins to undress the boy. He makes him remove his jean jacket and tight shirt, then lets his hands roam all over the young body. He sniffs the boy’s scent; he’s clean, a hint of spicy after-shave and nervousness. Master Reese unbuttons the top of Milo’s jeans and instructs him to sit on his knees. He walks Milo through a series of instructions, which the boy is more than ready to obey: Milo removes his jeans, and then his socks. Master Reese pulls the boy’s briefs down partially, revealing the boy’s taut ass.

Master Reese rubs the boy’s tight hole with his thumb. Milo whimpers as his Master circles the entrance with one hand and using the other to fish out Milo’s cock. Master softly smacks the youngster’s ball sac a few times, just enough of a shock to let him know where he is, and what his position will be in the Buyer’s lounge. The man then rolls up his sleeves and instructs Milo to get back to his knees.

Master Reese drizzles oil on Milo’s lithe body. He rubs the slickness into the young man’s torso, and the slow knead makes Milo’s big young cock bounce up and down. Reese notices this, and rewards the randy reaction with attention.

Reese’s oil-slicked hands play with the boy’s meat, which continues to pulse and jump at his touch. He strokes the boy’s cock vigorously in his grip, his other hand tweaking the boy’s nipple. After some time, he orders Milo to lay face down, ass up. It’s a position he’d need to learn properly anyways, but Milo appears to naturally find it without much guidance.

Reese oils up Milo’s tight hole and brings a glass toy up to the chute. At first, he teases the twink with it, rolling it around the ring, before letting the tip slowly slide inside. Milo’s moans go up in volume in conjunction with the depths that Reese plunges the oil slicked toy into.

Master Reese flips the young man to his back. He undresses, dropping his expensive pants and his own briefs. He pulls out his own cock, unsurprisingly hard from enjoyment with what he’s done to the boy that far. He pulls the glass toy out from the boy’s hole and replaces it with his aching member.

Milo’s moans reach a fever pitch. He strokes himself as Master Reese slides his in-and-out. But the hardon’s not his to tend to—Reese grabs Milo’s member from him, and strokes the boy’s cock while he fucks the twink. The pleasure, the loss of control: it’s all too much for Milo as he shoots his load all over his own belly. Master Reese admonishes him for not being able to restrain himself. But, nonetheless, he’s impressed with Milo. He’s beautiful and eager, and now, thanks to Master Reese’s expertise, he’s well-groomed for sale.

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Serg seems comfortable on all fours as he massages Master Kamp’s hard soles. The Masters agree on the quality of our inventory. The boys gravitate to their master’s cocks while they themselves grow harder inside their jocks.

Following instructions, Boy Chase pulls out Master Legrand’s cock, one of the biggest in the entire group of buyers. Chase sucks down the entirety of Master Legrand’s length as the handsome, powerful man takes another sip of his drink.

Master St. Michael pulls down his pants for boy Clayton to get a taste, while next to them Cole’s mouth is getting fucked by Master Houser’s throbbing cock. Master Kamp has the best view – seeing all of the boys down on their knees pleasing their buyers as he gets his own cock worked on by Serg, who eagerly wets Master Kamps cock with his throat, getting it ready for the upcoming activities.

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…he’s ready for more as I command him to get into missionary position and ready his hole for my glass toy. His hard-on and hole glisten with oil as he puts himself into position, cock still throbbing with anticipation. His moaning comes back full force as I enter him with my toy, which is twice the size of my finger that was inside his hole only seconds before.

He strokes his cock vigorously as I pick up the pace with my toy, entering that beautiful boy hole with ease from the oil-coated glass cock that fits so perfectly inside him. I pinch his nipples to bring him closer to orgasm and then start to pick up the pace with the toy inside him. His stroking takes no break as he jerks that throbbing cock of his while I twist and turn the toy inside him.

He can’t take much more as his face breaks into euphoria, his cock bursts with thick ropes of cum as I fuck him harder with my toy, I can almost feel his hole vibrating through the glass toy as the rest of his load drips out of his pulsating cock. I massage the cum into his stomach and chest, eventually leaving him there to feel the afterglow of being one of our new submissive boys. The Buyers are already lining up to see this boy’s hole for themselves, it won’t be long until he’s being used by one, or more, of our many potential Buyers.

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He grabbed my stiff cock through my jock. I am burdened with need—need to serve my Master, and for my Master to savor every moment from me he’s purchased. He gets up and starts to peel off his clothes, looking at me with animalistic anticipation, cock bulging out at me through his pants.

At his direction, I pulled out his hard-on and took him into his mouth. His moans came out uncontrolled and savage as his pulsating dick rammed into my throat. His cock is so hard it fills my throat completely. I can’t help but gag because of its sheer size.

He put me on the bed and played with my body. As he prepared my hole with his warm tongue I’d completely forgotten I had another Master inside me only moments ago, but all I want now is my new Master’s throbbing cock to hit the deepest parts of the inside of my hole.

The moment I waited for has finally come. He used the tip of his cock to stretch me out. Pure ecstasy filled my body as he pushed the full length of his manhood inside of my hole. Before I knew it, he was fucking me with such force that I couldn’t speak; only muffled moans escaped as he rammed his cock inside my tight pink hole.

He entered a daze of pleasure as he fucked me, pumping me further and further toward his own orgasm. His throbbing cock burst inside of me, his hot load filled every crevice with his rich seed. Sweat dripped off my heaving chest. He breathed heavily in ecstasy while the last of his load broke into me.

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After I had thoroughly tested one of my new boys, Chase, I knew he would yield me some incredible profit. His face, body, and disposition (which was the perfect mix of shy and coy) are everything my clientele love about my merchandise. He was quick to submit and perfectly obedient.

I brought him out to the stage and started the bidding at the usual amount. I teased him just a little bit by letting my hands roam over his body. Almost immediately, he trembled. Whatever small fear he may have had at the beginning of the proceedings was entirely gone. The bids instantly increased, keeping pace with his moans. Soon we landed on the highest bidder.

Master St. Michael explored the boy’s body much like how I’d been doing. After a deep tongue-fuck and some fingering, the winning buyer stood up, and pointed his own rock-hard, curved cock at Chase’s hole. He popped the head in first, with the rest of the shaft going into the willing boy’s chute with ease.

The Master pounded the slaveboy, getting him to moan in ecstasy. After some time at the perfect rhythm, Master St. Michael could feel his own balls tighten a bit. He made the boy get on his back and then the successful buyer slid back into his prize’s hole, letting the boy know with just a stern gaze that he wanted their eyes locked as he unloaded inside.

The man began to groan and grunt as he reached the hilt and spilled inside the slaveboy’s hole. Chase, too, shot, covering himself with his own seed.