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After hours of sorting boxes in a hot warehouse, Jim Fit decides that the best way to unwind is by busting a nut in the men’s room. The muscular mover immediately gets caught by co-worker Colby Melvin, but he doesn’t seem to mind and soon has Jim choking on his hard cock. Still in the middle of the public restroom, Jim clutches onto a toilet for support as Colby buries his face between his smooth cheeks and barebacks his hole. As he pumps himself into Jim, Colby gives his co-worker a reach around and helps Jim get a taste of the excessive precum leaking out of his own dick. Now getting drilled against a urinal, Jim loudly moans as he shoots ropes onto the restroom’s tiled floor. Moments later, Jim joins his puddles of cum on the ground as he kneels down, opens his mouth, and takes Colby’s load to the face.

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ome straight boys are so horny all the time they are almost willing to try anything to get some cum shooting out, and Cooper is one of those willing guys. He might be new to a lot of things, but this hot and oh-so-horny boy is about to experience plenty, and if it means shooting some jizz he's down for whatever!

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Master Reese could already feel his rising arousal as Master Marko brought the Boy Milo out onto the dimly-lit floor. The dark-skinned twink slave was only wearing a black jockstrap, which fully displayed the erection he got just from being led around by his barrel-chested superior.

Master Marko pointed the young man’s stiffness out to the watchful eye of Master Reese, presenting it proudly, as if to say, Look at what a good product he is. Look at how well he’s trained. Master Reese seemed to agreeā€”he couldn’t stop himself from stroking his cock through his pants!

The Boy Milo maintained an expression of uncertainty on his face, and there was even the gleam of nervousness in his eyes as Master Marko’s hands roamed all over The Boy’s body, running a measuring tape from his young arms to his chest, then to his stiff little-boy cock. Boy Milo found it difficult, if not impossible, to hide his enjoyment he felt with Master Reese’s touch, especially once he sensed the man’s tongue enter his boyhole.

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