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This week we’re gonna have you down on your knees, begging please, begging us for ‘Mercy’, Evan Mercy that is. At 21 Evan makes his debut with us this week and he’s a long way from home in Lexington, KY. We know you’re gonna love some Mercy as much as we do. Helping us welcome Evan to the circle is another 21 year old from up the coast in Daytona Beach, Mr. AJ Banks. We asked these two whom they would love to get a text message from saying that they think they’re hot. AJ would love to hear that from Megan Fox-who wouldn’t? Evan wouldn’t mind getting that text from sexy Keri Hilson. We then asked these studs when they actually lost their virginities. Evan was 14 while out with an older brother at a party. It was his first time drinking and he met a girl there and he blushes when he admits it was a mess and only lasted a few strokes. AJ lost his at the age of 13 with a younger girl…that is now a stripper. We’re guessing there’s a lesson in there somewhere. A year ago neither of these boys would’ve imagined actually enjoying sex with another guy; but things change. So we thought we’d asked them what they’ve learned about themselves when it comes to having sex with guys. ‘I know dick in the booty feels good!’ beams AJ; while Evan admits he’s never met a girl that can suck dick better than a guy. Sounds like we’re off to a great start, huh? (evil grin)Evan is sitting on the couch looking through porn DVDs when he comes across an all male one. AJ walks in just as Evan realizes its AJ on the back cover with a dick in his mouth. AJ blushes and says it’s not that bad. ‘I think you’d like it, honestly.’ Evan’s on the fence about it but his cock is saying something else. AJ reaches over and coaxes Evan into trying it. Evan concedes and pulls down his pants as AJ goes for it. He takes Evan’s cock out and goes down on it as Evan gasps at the new sensation. AJ swallows every inch of that hard cock and soon Evan’s protests are all moans for more. AJ gets on his knees and just goes to town on Evan’s sweet country meat. Evan gets up to give AJ better access as AJ continues to swallow his meat. Evan is naturally smooth and he keeps his pecs and abs defined. AJ has Evan so horny he decides to return the favor as he kneels and takes AJ’s hard cock into his mouth. AJ groans as Evan strokes his cock and works his knob with his mouth. Evan doesn’t seem to mind a dick in his mouth either. Wonder what else he won’t mind trying now that he’s had AJ’s hot mouth on his meat?Evan sits back as AJ straddles him and sits on his hard cock. AJ loves that dick up his ass and starts to ride that dick like a seasoned jockey. ‘Your ass feels so good’ groans Evan as he gets that cock worked. Evan slams his meat up into AJ’s hungry hole as AJ begs for more. ‘You like that?’ AJ moans and orders Evan to slap that ass of his as Evan bends him over and starts fucking him doggy style. Evan slaps that hot ass of his as he continues to ram that hard dick deeper and deeper. AJ is cock crazed as he orders Evan to fuck him and slap that ass harder. Evan slides that dick deep and moves it around hitting AJ’s sweet spot before going back to railing that ass fast and deep. Evan’s smooth balls slap away at AJ’s hairy hole as they get closer to climax. Evan then pulls out and gets AJ on his back so he can take that ass missionary. AJ strokes his dick as Evan slams inside for more. AJ is rock hard as Evan’s cock slams against his prostate making AJ shoot his nut all over the place. Evan then pulls his hard cock out and blasts his thick nut all over AJ’s cum covered cock before bending over and kissing AJ. Awww, it looks like someone’s getting a toaster oven after all.

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Sivan thinks of himself as a player. As a handsome footballer and kickboxer he regularly bangs chicks while out partying. The only adult films he’s made so far are straight but he’s sufficiently strapped for cash that he’ll consider doing work with men if the price is right. The only forbidden zone is his arse as he won’t allow himself to be penetrated in any way by anyone. So naturally I want to get long lingering shots of that precious bum hole!

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Teaching is stressful work, especially when you’re a guy who’s horny for suits, ties, shiny dress shoes and the sexy men who wear them. Diego Reyes and new Menatplay stud Vadim Romanov take out their classroom frustrations on each other this week in A+.

The teacher’s lounge provides the perfect spot for Diego and Vadim to trade sloppy wet kisses and blowjobs. Diego, a champion vers performer, never shies away from action. But one look at Vadim’s monster cock presents him a great challenge. After he stuffs as much of Vadim’s dick into his mouth as he can, he bends over and lets Vadim rim him deep.

Vadim has a lean build that was made for suits. The blue pinstripe suit he sports get worked out as much as his dick and Diego’s plump ass. Wait until you see Diego ride Vadim’s dick while spurts of hot cum glaze Vadim’s trousers. And Vadim adds his own spunk, drenching that fine suit in cum. This video will certainly give you an education.

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Cell Block D is the first 100% bareback movie from Dragon Media’s Dragon Media Raw line. “D” is for Dick, as in Big Dick, judging by the men in these scenes. Director and star Rocco Steele, a legendary swordsman in his own right, has a bunch of cock-wielding friends behind bars and we’re treated to some cum-tastic antics in these must-see scenes.

Rocco has just started a sucking session with cellmate Nick Capra, who’s hoping to be paroled soon, when the prison guard (Alessio Vega, making his porn debut for Dragon Media) shows up to take Rocco to place the phone call he’s been asking to make… allegedly. In reality, it’s an excuse for Alessio to get Rocco all to himself so he can ride that huge cock raw. We get plenty of close-up shots of the condom-free penetration.

After Rocco returns to the cell, Nick leaves to meet with his parole officer, Phoenix Fellington. Horny Nick wants a taste of what he’s been missing on the outside. Phoenix is just as hungry for some prison trade, knowing that Nick has a lot of pent-up sexual energy. They each get a chance to explore each other’s hole and dick with tongues and fingers. The horny convict penetrates the muscular young Black stud with his throbbing hard-on and slams Phoenix’s toned bubble butt. Each gets what he wants in the carnal sense, and if a deep dicking was enough to earn Nick his freedom, then he’d be paroled right on the spot.

In their cell, Cade Maddox and Jack Andy like to sleep in the nude. It makes for quick and easy access when they want to fuck, which is often. With nothing to pass the time behind bars except for each other, who could keep their hands, mouth, and hole off Cade’s long, fat cock? Not Jack. He expertly envelops that head and shaft with his greedy mouth while fondling the balls. When Cade’s dick is like a stone pillar and Jack’s hole is twitching, Jack mounts Cade and impales his ass on him. Cade holds Jack’s knees, bracing him so he can ride harder. Later, Cade stands beside the bed and pounds Jack in doggy and standing missionary.

Alessio Vega, Cade Maddox, Nick Capra, Ray Diesel, and Rocco Steele close the movie with a five-man orgy in the shower that will make you lose your mind and your load. Cade, Nick, Ray, and Rocco gang up on Alessio to take their revenge on him for his power plays. They’re tired of getting pushed around by this horny little guard, so they decide to give him as much dick as he can handle. We would love to be Alessio in this situation! It’s hard to imagine a scene packed with more muscle, power, and sex appeal.

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Once Dirk has made Liam comfortable he has him take his shirt off and soon enough Liam has his pants off and he is stroking his uncut cock. Liam has a ripped body and a nice hard cock as he shows off every inch to the camera especially is foreskin. His full hairy balls squish as his hand slides up and down his hard cock. Dirk comes back into the room and has Liam bend over so we can see his tight smooth virgin hole and boy does it look sexy as ever. Liam strokes his hard cock as he shows his ass off for all to see. Liam even tells us a story of how he was once caught masturbating. Liam continues to stroke his hard dick and you can see his hand stroking faster and faster as his balls are ready to explode with warm cum. He tugs away and soon enough blasts his load all over himself.

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Master Kane likes it when a boy is nervous, it’s more fun when a twink doesn’t know what he’s in for. Gorgeous blond twink Cain came to us via a kinky friend but it took a while to convince him to submit to Kane’s attention. He’s quiet and shy, but once he’s down to his underwear and his hands are bound, arms up over his head and a blindfold over his face, his cock is starting to get hard. He cries out when Master starts with the slapping, playing with his cock and flogging his smooth little arse. With a few photos for posterity and a first taste of the boy’s hard cock he’s been welcomed appropriately, but we all know there’s a lot more to come.

Sebastian Kane is the master when it comes to using and abusing young men and twinky boys in the UK. He has a special warehouse where he likes to take his boys and make them cry out in pain and pleasure, making their cum flood out and splashing them with his by the time they're done! He's one real kinky fucker!

Blond boy Cain is new to the world of kink but he loves to have fun and explore. A mutual twinky friend tried to persuade him to come and submit to something new but he was nervous about it and it took a while to convince him. We're glad he came around, he's a sexy and slim boy with a great body and a tight little butt hole.

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Watch what happens when we turn a camera over to 3 hot twinks & leave them alone! Things get wild as emo skater twink Blinx invites Rad’s big cock to fuck him for the first time – will it fit? Watch as these guys rim, suck & fuck the cum out of each other in a youthful self directed hard core no limits porn video!

Rad Matthews loves nothing more than spending some time stroking and sucking some cock with another horny boy. He's a real cum fan too, always ready to take a messy facial from a guy as his cock fires off! Boys like him really get off on being messy and splashing their jizz around, and he's always thirsty for more!

Blinx is a horny bisexual boy who started out with us just stroking his hard cock and enjoying some solo cum play, but when he had the chance to get some creamy jizz from some of the other boys he was on it! This sexy and sweet boy loves a little cum play now that he's tried it – scratch that, he LOVES cum play!

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Horse-hung 21 year-old Alexander Greene pisses all over his tshirt, completely soaking it! He gets himself so turned on he has a boner even before he finishes soaking his shirt! Alexander goes to work on his nearly 10 inch uncut cock, drinks another hot load of his piss and shoots his load on his hot abs!

Alex is famous for his truly massive 10" cock and his big heavy balls, all the boys want to play with his juicy piece of meat. Aside from being one of the biggest, his cock gets real hard and throbbing, and he really enjoys getting messy. He loves pissing everywhere and taking gallons of piss all over him too!

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At, the tension is palpable as the scent of the men’s labouring bodies fills the air of the room and the ladies listen to their soft moans as the rival men frantically stroke their stiffening cocks. Proving his potency is the ultimate test of any man and both of these strapping fit fellas want to ejaculate clear across the room. But will the pressure get to them?!

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Pushed down into a gulley by two older bully boys, this fresh-faced skater twink sure doesn’t like the blowjob he is forced to give – at least to start with. After taking instructions from the tough ringleader to open his ass for a bare fucking from the other bully, he’s converted to their twisted games, getting on his knees to finish them both off.

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We usually shoot very muscular guys but this time I had to make an exception for Francis. This young dude is so beautiful and has such a beautiful huge dick that I simply had to have him on Maskurbate. I was so excited to watch him stroke his big uncut shaft during the audition that I had to take a break and go jerk off in the bathroom to be able to focus on my work. A must see for huge uncut cock lovers!

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At, Marcel is bent over naked on a table in the middle of the busy dining room while the customers freely plunge into his arsehole. Having his sphincter stretched by these greedy gentlemen is agonizingly embarrassing but his pleas for them to stop fall on deaf ears – especially because his dick is heavily leaking precum from having his g-spot stimulated so much. For waiters at this CMNM restaurant total subservience is required.