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Unaware that his brother had company over the night before, Spencer Laval is just a man trying to eat his breakfast in peace and quiet, but when Marcus Tresor finds him in the kitchen, standing alone with his morning wood raging, things become a little awkward. Marcus tells Spencer he’s not really into cold cereal, and instead prefers a little breakfast sausage, eyeing the bulge in Spencer’s shorts. Spencer tries to play it off, but Marcus persists, and before he knows it, Marcus is gripping his cock and staring him dead in the eyes. Spencer’s mind is telling him to walk away, but his throbbing cock is telling him something else entirely, and when Marcus flips Spencer’s waistband down and begins to suck him off, Spencer realizes there are worst ways to spend the morning. Suddenly, Spencer’s hunger is no longer in his stomach, as his cock gets rock hard in Marcus’ mouth. He bends Marcus over the island and plunges his raw cock deep inside Marcus’ hole. Marcus proves this isn’t his first-morning sausage, as he takes every inch of Spencer’s dick willingly, fucking him all over the kitchen. They move to the floor where Marcus gives Spencer the ride of his life, then Spencer flips him over, fucking the cum out of Marcus before hosing him off with his morning load. They clean up just as Spencer’s brother stirs awake upstairs. Enjoy!

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Hours went by and I was still duct taped to the cabinets. Dick after dick fucked me with their cum dripping horse cocks. My roommate was taking loads too. He couldn’t get the cum far enough up there so he fucked himself with a wrench!

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In Wank Party 2016 #8 we have Bradley Cook, Mirek Madl, Libor Lisek and Mire Matejka. This first part see Libor, Miro and Mirek in a cage, wearing only their boxers, with Libor shackled as the others kiss and feel him. Miro pulls down Libor’s shorts and sucks on his stiff cock and Mirek sucks on the nipples. Bradley, the guard, arrives and starts calling through the bars. He calls Mirek over and tells him to suck his cock. The cock pokes through the bars and Mirek quickly takes it in his mouth sucking it hard. Miro continues to enjoy Libor’s dick too. Bradley’s big cock fills Mirek’s mouth and he gags some as he sucks on it. Miro moves over to join Mirek and they take turns sucking on Bradley’s big cock. Bradely, naked, goes into the cage as Libor is released from his shackles. Libor is soon sucking on Bradley’s cock as Mirek works on Miro’s. They all enjoy the hot sucking as they build up to part two.

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Obaid the Giant is back for his second masked solo. Fans received his debut really well and wanted to see him again. Unfortunately, he had some difficulties to get in the mood but our cameraman came to the rescue and offered him a hand. He responded so well to our crew’s help that he asked for more. Obaid’s physique is amazing and seeing his huge cock in the hand of another man makes this scene a must-see for all muscle worship lovers.

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Brady is a long time baseball player who was heading for the pros until he shattered his ankle and now he looks to being a police officer one day. He has played sports since he could walk and was always on varsity plus was MVP multiple times. We found Brady through social media and wanted to give him a chance to show off his sexy body and he couldn’t resist. Brady wasn’t sure what to expect once he arrived at the airport but once he saw our team he felt the most comfortable he had ever been and right away he was ready to become part of the NDM crew. He slowly reveals himself as he unzips his pants pulling out his very thick cock. He’s eager to show the world what he has to offer and hopes he can continue to stroke his sexy dick. Brady rubs his body down giving us some insight into how he plays with himself when he’s all alone and in the end his beautiful cum shot is a sight to see. Enjoy!

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I love pounding frat boy Tyler, but it always reminds me what a little bitch he is. So this time after making him service our dicks, we decided to tape his fuckboy mouth shut while we plowed his hot little hole. Don’t worry… you can still here his muffled screams through the gag.

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Ricky Larkin sees big, hairy stud Billy Santoro sleeping and he can’t resist tying him to the bed and having his way with him. He wakes Billy up, who is completely confused about his situation. Before long he’s sucking on Ricky’s toes. Of course, that isn’t the only thing he ends up licking. Ricky’s sweaty heels are also part of the meal and Billy laps them up happily, completely submitting to muscle bear Ricky Larkin. He really had no choice though. Where was he going to go, being tied up and all. Ricky ends up tickling the hell out of Billy too!

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Cheeky Italian lad Neo Connor can’t believe his luck that he’s sharing a scene with his online wank hero Matt Surfer. Displaying his hole for Matt’s buttfucking attention, there’s plenty of brotherly chuckling before Matt unleashes an endless cum geyser!

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