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Hetero James is in a total fucking panic! He’s stark naked and bound to bench so he can do nothing to protect his exposed arsehole. Every muscle in his lithe body fights against the leather straps keeping him down but there’s nothing he can do to escape. And his struggling only turns Dave on as it makes his muscles enticingly bulge and his great big heavy ball sack shake. What a turn on! As Dave warms his arse up delivering wicked lashes to his smooth cheeks James shouts angrily under his ball gag. As he gets so worked up his body becomes coated in a thing layer of sweat and the room fills with the heady aroma of this straight man’s frustration and terror. James is ordered to present the sensitive soles of his feet which Dave wickedly lashes. This causes a pain so intense and acute that James will do literally anything to make it stop! During all James’ struggling his bum has been wiggling so temptingly Dave plunges into it finger his arse and stretching his hole open and ramming him with a thick dildo. James is utterly humiliated to find himself growing a big hardon with his arse being pounded! Dave makes James suck his dick or else he’s tighten his hands around his neck! James desperately slurps up Dave’s shaft only to find he makes him so hard that Dave aggressively fucks him. This restrained hetero has no choice but to become a cum guzzling whore!

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As Mr. Steele begins to take his tape measure to the boy’s body, Jonathan could feel his heart pounding in his chest. With his fair skin, he was sure the tall man could see him blushing.

He felt his body perspire through his shirt, making him nervous that he was embarrassing himself. But as Mr. Steele instructed him to remove his pants for an in-seam measurement, he felt a burst of bravery come over him.

Stepping back behind the privacy divider, he takes off his pants and shirt, ready to reveal himself to the handsome man. As he does, he can see Mr. Steele sporting a prominent bulge in his pants, clearly responding to what he was seeing!

The inseam measurement quickly takes a turn as the older man plays with the boy’s groin, stroking his cock through his undergarments, and seeing his mouth open with a slight moan. Jonathan was cute and lean, well-groomed and fit, he couldn’t resist enjoying the small boy’s body…

Jonathan wanted Mr. Steele badly, feeling his body through his fine clothes, able to feel every carved out muscle and line along his torso. He begged to see him naked, a request the good tailor could not deny!

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Resting outside, Dirk Caber teases his hole and strokes his rock-hard cock. He’s watched by furry daddy Anthony London, stroking his bushy slab. Dirk motions him over, his boner grinding on a towel as he deep throats London, who whips his dick on the sucker’s mouth. They 69, Dirk’s body writhing in pleasure. Anthony sucks Dirk—then takes him inside to pound him from behind, Dirk arching back to watch in the mirror behind them. Anthony gets on all fours (“Fuck me boy!”), then sits on Dirk and rides—the two soon coating the top’s body in cum, wads clinging to his fur.

It’s the rush you feel when you look into his eyes. The urge that overwhelms you when you see his body. The bolt of electricity that courses through every hard inch when he touches you. Join TitanMen exclusives Lorenzo Flexx, Liam Knox and Dallas Steele as they show you what happens when 2 Men Kiss.

Liam Knox needs some warming up after a dip in the pool, and Dallas Steele is happy to keep him wet in a breathless exchange that stretches every furry hole.

The chemistry rises as Adam Ramzi and Alex Mecum lock eyes and lips in a romantic flip fuck filled with clasped hands, toe-curling thrusts and a spirited, beard-soaking facial.

Dirk Caber gets caught jacking off by hairy daddy Anthony London, the two 69ing before flip fucking in a verbal encounter that quickly gets sweaty and sticky.

After kissing and horsing around in the pool, Lorenzo Flexx and Jason Vario hit the showers and the bedroom, where Jason takes control with his big uncut cock.

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It’s well known in prison circles that the warders will take time to humiliate and degrade specific prisoners who they believe are in need of “correction”. Normally this would be the hard cases and especially the younger lads who need a “short sharp shock” to stop them going off the rails and reoffending. They make it known to the lads that they will be stripped and this will be recorded on film. If the lads comply then all well and good. If not then strength is required.

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Married studs Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark are elated to be receiving the keys to their new home, purchased from another lovely gay couple (they’ve even included the furniture!). The next morning, Manuel kisses Gabriel goodbye as he heads off to work, leaving his spouse to sleep in. But this house comes with another unexpected perk! As sexy Shane Jackson emerges from the basement, Gabriel soon discovers a “tenant” who pays his way using both traditional and nontraditional methods.

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Martin Tildesley is used to dishing out punishment to naughty schoolchildren – but being on the receiving end is a new and unpleasant experience for him. Having caught him peeking through the keyhole, and now with a series of compromising photos, Ms Gloria has him right where she wants him. The headmaster is quickly learning that he is no longer in charge.

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Deliveryman Devin Adams arrives with a package for beefy Brad Kalvo, who’s strapped for cash. “Is there any other way I can pay you?” asks the hairy Brad, guiding Devin down and taking out his cock as the smoothie sucks down to the bushy groin. The sideburned Brad then has Devin lay back and enjoy, beautifully working the moaning stud’s big dick. Devin places his hand on Brad’s head, holding him down on his cock as he rub’s the sucker’s bod — Brad’s huge chest, shoulders and arms filing the frame. “Suck that shit!” says the jock-voiced Devin, whose balls get worked over. Devin smiles as his cock gets stroked while Brad’s fingers enter his ass, warming it up and teasing it. Devin snaps his cock as he talks dirty. “Beautiful ass!” compliments Brad, who soon fucks Devin doggie style, the bottom showing off his stiff shaft as he gets rammed. On his back, the bottom gets it some more — his body soon coated in both of their loads.

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Joey D loves baking, but this morning he had an accident and got the flour all over himself. As he begins to brush it off, he notices how rock hard his pecs are and begins feeling himself all over. We can see his monster meat growing under his apron and he grabs for it. Flexing and showing off some more, he strokes his enormous, throbbing cock and covers himself in lube until he shoots all over in a white, creamy explosion.

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Random dudes were coming in and out of the apartment. Just dumping their big loads in my ass and walking out. My roomie was on his hands and knees by the front door. His mouth dripping with cum, cleaning off their big dirty cum covered cocks. He sucked them all dry and was begging for more!

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You’ve seen the rugged side of Sean Zevran on camera before but here’s your chance to see the sensuous, passionate, & softer side that’s closer to who he really is. AND, it’s Allen King who gets to sample this side of Sean! After they fondle each other & kiss, Allen goes down on Sean to suck his cock and relish every inch. In turn Sean basks in the pleasure of Allen’s warm mouth, soon rising up from his lawn chair to stand and sway and feed his cock to Allen.

When Allen stands to make out with him, Sean soon sits back down to give Allen the same lovingly detailed cocksucking. Allen loves it but he whispers what he really wants: Sean to fuck him. After bending him over and teasing him a little Sean gives Allen his whole cock and fucks him passionately, pressing his muscular body against Allen and connecting with him in every way.

They shift positions and Allen rides Sean’s cock with seemingly boundless sexual energy that brings a smile to the hairy top’s face. Allen enjoys directing the action and soon pushes Sean back on the lounge chair so he can resume riding his cock cowboy style. And he doesn’t stop until he unloads on Sean’s furry abs. A brief kiss is followed by Sean leaning forward and giving Allen’s smooth chest a hefty cum drizzle. Two happy & satisfied guys who kiss again and they’re still hard. Whatever shall they do?

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Drew’s monster cock is practically made of steel! Luke’s eyes go wide when they gaze upon his ginger buddy’s huge member, desperate to feel it stretch out his tight hole. Down on his knees, Luke struggles to get the girthy piece in his mouth, feeling it hit the back of his throat well before his lips even come close to its base! Drew’s dick is nearly as thick as the boy’s wrist, but Luke is a trooper and eager to take it! Drew worships Luke’s pussy with his tongue, getting it warmed and ready for a deep dicking like he’s never had before. With Luke on his back, Drew slides his mammoth cock in his wet hole, practically spreading his hips apart to make room! Watch as Luke gets drilled up into his guts by Drew’s strong, meaty dick!

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He doesn’t waste anytime as he begins to take off his clothes revealing his inked up body and sexy scars from his active lifestyle. His cock is hard as a rock as he slowly strokes his hand up and down his shaft. He was nervous but thats the orginality of it all and seeing him play with his cock is beautiful. Nickolai tends to his balls as he continues to show off his goods for all to see. He strokes his cock slowly and passionately as he builds up those balls. He’s most comfortable lying on the bed legs spread out as he gets closer to his climax and with only a few more tugs of that hard cock he finally shoots his creamy load all over his chest.

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Draven Torres the perp needs to learn how to respect the badge, and nothing accomplishes that more than a hard cop dick down the throat. The cop uses his nightstick to encourage a deeper face fuck. It works.