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Riley is back and still hungry for cum! There is just no satisfying a horny cum addict like this boy, and even when he doesn’t have another cock to suck dry he’s in need and can sort himself out. If there’s no other source for some fresh jizz, then he’s going to milk it out of his own big dick – and like always, he eats every drop!

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At CMNM, Mr Granite has revealed in his treatment of delinquent boy Rowan that he’s truly a cruel sadist. He gets a big semi hard on while beating the bad boys of this school. His wife has no idea what he gets up to while at work. The headmaster is willing to keep his secret as long as he complies and submits to their fondling and invasive examinations.

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Although he’s straight, Hunter really enjoys showing off for the cameras and letting the guys out there watch him stroking his hard cock. He’s in the bathroom for this one too, showing off his feet and almost teasing us with them. We get a great jack off performance for this shoot, and a good load of cum at the end too.

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Two chavs are looking for trouble and start messing with a young bartender. Little Ruben doesn’t stand a chance against the two of them. He’s doused with beer, spat on and forced to lick his bar clean. That’s just the beginning of their torturous plans for him, though. The innocent twink get bound and hung up. The chavs stuff his resisting mouth full with their fat cocks and then take turns fucking him through and through. Of course the rough dudes use their status and control to end the session by blasting the twink’s face full of cum.

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How do we break in a new boy? With a big demanding cock, of course! Handsome young Cairo is completely new to all of this, but after being left hanging in the tree blindfolded for a while he’s craving some attention. Charley arrives and gets to work, wanking and sucking the boy’s cock for him while he swings in the net. His ass is soon being explored, probed and fingered, but it’s all in preparation for the hard pounding fuck he’s gonna get as Charley slides his 9-inch cock into him!

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The original GRAPPLD movie was such a huge success we decided to make another! With a bit more practise, determination and training we’ve come back bigger, stronger and more agile than before! This BTS scene shows all of the wrestles we shot on the mats, hard and dry! Wet and wild edition is coming up next. Expect lots of laughs, falls, behind the scenes interviews with the guys and a lot of fun! We always have such a blast on set, watch and find out more!

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In the new video at CFNMTV, Clarissa and Ursula are enjoying having Robbie around – it certainly makes things more interesting. While he tries desperately to make a sales call, the two of them begin to strip him off and explore his naked body. He must concentrate and not get distracted no matter what they do to him. But it’s going to be quite a challenge as they get ever more intimate with the big man.

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