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Parker Payne is beefy southern stud from North Carolina who hooks up with another southerner, Cameron Parker in yet another hot action scene from producer Anthony Duran. Cameron is currently in college while Parker teaches dancing and gymnastics when he’s not in front of the camera. The interview gets interrupted when Parker reaches over and discovers a huge bulge in Cameron’s pants. Parker pulls out Cameron’s cock and it’s thick, long and hard as a rock. Parker wastes no time swallowing the whole thing and then giving Cameron’s meat a good ole tongue-bath. The two of them stand and begin undressing each other as they attempt to swallow each other’s tongues. Cameron slips to his knees and Parker starts face-fucking Cameron’s mouth with his thick, black cock. Parker kneels over the sofa offering his ass to Cameron. Cameron dives in face first burying his tongue as deep as he can push it. Of course, Parker is enjoying every second as he squirms around. Cameron takes one of his fingers, licks it and slowly slides it into Parker’s ass where he begins working it in and out. With Parker’s hole opened up, Cameron stands to fill it. Cameron slowly pushes his cock all the way in and Parker’s eyes roll back in his head with pleasure. Cameron gives Parker quite the ass-pounding and when the moment is right, he pulls his cock out of Parker’s ass then coats Parker’s cock and balls with a load of his cum. Cameron then mounts Parker’s face, begins face-fucking him as Parker grabs his cock and starts jacking. He’s soon blowing his load all over himself as he pushes Cameron’s cock deeper down his throat.

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At, embarrassed builder Oleg is situated naked on all fours on the exam table after having his bottom whacked repeatedly till it’s burning red. The doctor now needs to extract a sperm sample and the dumb brute doesn’t feel like he’s in a position to refuse the authoritative doctor. He’s filled with confusion as his cock is manipulated making it very thick and the head of his penis very shiny and full.

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Jonny is in a very tricky position, roped down with his hard cock throbbing and his arse on show, no wonder master Sebastian is making full use of him! After taking some very incriminating snaps of the boy he gets to work on that tight hole, spitting between his cheeks and rimming him out, stroking his throbbing young cock and making him whimper. That’s only the start of what becomes a punishing session of hot wax, cock and ball stretching and endless dick wanking for the restrained twink!

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Chained at the neck, wrists and ankles, prisoner #12282010 is zipped inside a body bag. This confinement is intense. At long last the prisoner’s cock is exposed and he is rewarded with a quick ball squeezing.

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Coming out of the shower wrapped in nothing but a towel, the short, twink boy sits across from Dr. Wolf. He watches as the doctor reads from his tablet, stroking his hard, morning cock. The young guy can’t stop thinking about getting the doctor’s monster meat deep inside him. Legrand catches a glimpse of him out of the corner of his eye, smiling at the thought of his horny guest.

Jay crawls over to him, slipping between his legs as Legrand pulls down his pants to free his aroused cock. As if it was just as eager to play as Jay, the giant shaft springs out of his underwear. The hung twink takes it in his hand, feeling its heat and power pulse between his fingers as he takes it into his mouth.

Savoring the size and taste of his manhood, Jay feels it fill his mouth as he pushes it to the back of his throat. He loves the way Dr. Wolf’s cock completely dominates his body, even when he’s in control of it. Jay’s cock drips with precum as he thinks about it filling his hole, desperate to get in one last fuck before the tall man heads off!

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We could not think of a better way to kick off our HUNGarian Summer special than with one of the most stunning Hungarians ever born, Lars Norgaard. His movie star good looks immediately brought him droves of fans and admirers both here on BelAmi and also on our social media accounts so we are very happy to have him back here as our model of the week.

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Real life lovers, sexy, young and hung – Ross Drake and Luke Vogel starting our year with a scorching, squelchy splosh of sex. With a mixture of intimate POV footage ( just watch that massive, raw uncut cock sliding inside Ross!) and of course our own camera footage, FOUR cameras for every ultra close up, wet raw moment of this big-dick, bareback fuckathon. We get right in there for all the passion, all the arse stretching intensity and every drop of that cum as Luke squirts all over Ross’ aching hole and pushes right back deep inside.

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For Part 4, the guys change it up a bit and move outside for a bit of pool fisting. The water proves to be challenging, so back indoors they go and Seth has a go at Timmy’s hungry hole…this time with both fists at once!

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Dominique isn’t yet finished with Adam, after having him kneel and eating the young lads ass, he uses a banana, peeled of course, to prepare his hole, which they both eat in the meantime. But that’s not all that will be going in the boys hole, as shortly after, out comes a cereal bar. Out comes a racket, firstly to spank Adam, but shortly after the handle will be used to open the boys hole even further. If you think Dominique has had enough sporty action, you’re in for more excitement as he soon uses a baseball bat.

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Trying to enjoy a little private time, Steve Rickz is interrupted he catches roomie Spencer Laval spying on him. Spencer doesn’t seem to put off by seeing Steve’s dick, and Steve is determined to bust his nut one way or the other, so when it becomes obvious that Spencer isn’t gonna leave him alone, Steve decides if you can’t beat them, might as well join them, and watches as Spencer helps himself to a seat on the bed. He grabs Steve’s cock and before Steve can say anything, Spencer is throat deep on the head, devouring it as Steve’s eyes roll back into his head. But Spencer didn’t just come to blow steam. He whips out his hard dick and Steve’s eyes light up at the size of it. He begs Spencer to plow him with his cock and Spencer obliges, going balls deep in Steve’s bareback hole and pounding him until Steve is ready to shoot his load. Steve empties his nut all over himself as Spencer does the same, and the two of them laugh at the thought of it taking so long. Enjoy!

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It always sucks to be the new guy at the frat house. Literally! Both of Nick’s holes are probably regretting the day he ever set foot in the house after the throat stuffing and ass pounding the other guys in the house gave him but in this house “tappin out” just isn’t an option!

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Zack Moreno brings a touch of Mediterranean flare to Next Door Male, as this physical therapist from overseas makes his screen debut. Hailing from Italy, this ripped and cut stud is stateside now, and ready to do whatever it takes to fit in. Reclining back on a comfy red sofa, he slowly undresses, his bronze skin rippling as he disrobes down to his underwear. He rubs his hands across his chest as he peels off the last vestige of clothing, taking his member into his hand and stroking back and forth as he throws his head back against the couch. He continues to work himself on the couch until he’s ready to burst, at which point, he stands up and finds his way over to the bay window, and he blasts it with a load of cum that explodes and drips down the glass as he settles back into the sofa exhausted and emptied. Enjoy!