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Denis Vega is back this week and he’s showing Noel Santoro the tricks of the trade in The Mansion. Denis is a wealthy, sophisticated man. He knows what he likes, and he gets what he wants. Sipping on a scotch while he struts around his mansion, Denis comes upon Noel relaxing in his pool. Noel has an awesome swimmer’s body with a bubble but that begs to get rammed. And Denis is in the mood for it!

Noel waits no time wrapping his moist, plump lips around Denis hard cock. This is a blow job that Denis won’t soon forget. In return, he slides his tongue straight into Noel’s wide-open hole. Seriously, the site of Noel on his knees with his whole gaping and slick with Denis’s spit is enough to get anybody off, but Denis needs more. With a condom on, he pumps Noel’s ass like crazy before they climax so hard even you’ll feel it. Find out for yourself. gays

At, once Dave gets a feel of Pete’s round meaty arse as he smacks it he gets horny and emboldened to take things further! He slides down Pete’s trousers and pants to reveal his fat dick and hairy arse cheeks. All that spanking has caused his bum to turn pink under all that dark hair! Now he’s going to properly use this cocky bastard and if Pete wants to keep his job he better do as he’s told.

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At, James’s first day on the job isn’t quite going as he expected. It seems that word of his cock-sucking abilities have already got round the factory! And his work colleagues are eager to see what other skills he has. If the naive young lad wants to keep this job, he’d better get used to being mauled whenever his workmates feel like it.


At, it’s a bright sunny morning and the sports coach will soon be leaving for the competition but Logan Connelly, one of the team’s most promising sportsmen, is still recovering from a wild night out. In his dazed state he’s unusually compliant even when a pervy hotel worker takes advantage of this situation to explore Logan’s perfectly toned athletic form!

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At, the security guards can see what a privileged little golden boy Damian is, but now he’s on their turf and has to play by their rules. He’s been stripped and taken through increasingly degrading sexual tasks. They bend him over to take advantage of his pert virgin arse and stretch his sphincter in every kind of position. All Damian’s schoolmates who looked up to him will now laugh as he passes them limping with a sore arse and dizzy from having his balls drained! gallery

At, Joseph Rickmansworth is a businessman who considers himself very important. He’s accustomed to first class and VIP areas. So when he wants a private consultation with a doctor he doesn’t expect to be made to sit with the common folk. But the doctor is quite concerned about a masculine builder’s groin injury and he may be some time.

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At, high flying office worker Joseph is used to being in complete control. But here the doctor has rendered him stark naked and is subjecting him to a complete examination. Alongside the receptionist they laugh and comment on the size of his genitals. At the same time they scrutinize his anus so that this once proud businessman wants to shrivel in absolute shame.


At, against every instinct in his body straight athlete Paolo has to bend over naked and offer up his arse to these prying gentlemen who will decide the fate of his football career. The wicked pair don’t just examine his anus but take perverse pleasure in how humiliating Paolo finds the anal intrusion and having his sphincter stretched to breaking point. To top off this young hunk’s embarrassment he can do nothing to prevent the growth of a big angry hard on!

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At, after many years of living under the authoritative tutelage of his domineering uncle, bright young football star Paolo finally has the upper hand! The Mancastle managers order hot older businessman Dino to strip totally naked or the lucrative deal he’s been engineering is totally off. His dick is manipulated till it’s straining erect with the excitement of exposing himself so shamelessly before his nephew Paolo. What the jeering managers push them to do next takes on a new level of perversion!


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Kayden Gray, in navy attire, relaxed, sexy and intensely waiting for someone incredibly hot to walk in. He’s not disappointed with Josh Moore, slowly circling the sofa behind him. Suited and booted young men look each other up and down, theres an obvious and palpable chemistry between these two before they’ve even touched. A determined hesitation lies between the two guys, they want to get it on but they want to enjoy themselves and drink in the moment. they kiss, gently at first but it turns into something altogether animalistic, primal and horny. Kayden is first to pull out his impressive meat, 9” of mega thick, ceiling pointing cock, Josh takes his time, enjoys then devours him. Spitting licking and attempting to take the whole thing down his throat, making a horny mess of himself as he does with his big blue eyes looking up at him. Swap time and Kayden is impressed, I guess it’s not often he sees someone with as big a cock as he has, same goes for Josh! He makes a real effort to satisfy his big dick, taking it all the way down his throat and letting him skull fuck him, gasping for air and loving every second and inch! Trousers down and Josh bends over to take all of him, not easy at first but he perseveres and ends up getting fucked like a champ, his face stays it all, pure pleasure and disbelief, these guys are loving it! Kayden de-jackets and undoes his tie has he ploughs new boy Josh! Getting him to straddle and sit on him, he plans to fuck him harder and deeper. Theres is no acting involved here, this is real pure horny sex with two incredibly hung men, almost 20” of cock between them! Time for something different, Moving on the floor into a pile-driver position Kayden holds him up, takes position and fucks him upside down. deep long thrusts, Josh is crunched up, unable to resist but why would he want to! This is enough to make any stud cum and they both do, giving Josh a double facial. That was one executive fuck!!

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At CMNM, he’s sucked the boss’ dick but if James wants to get the approval of his colleagues he’s got to offer up his arse as well! He’s been tricked and stranded stark naked in the locker room and his sweet little bum is proving too tempting for his workmate. His arsehole gets worked open and stretched to make room for a hard dick. And being so roughly treated provokes a surprising reaction from James’ dick too. It’s a hot and sweaty initiation this new boy will never forget!

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At CMNM, slick businessman Marc has been betting with company funds and the bosses are fucking pissed. Firing or suing him isn’t enough. What are they going to do with this sorry cunt? They turn him into a piece of meat performing for their entertainment. With increasingly degrading levels of humiliation Marc must stand in the centre of these high powered men stripping and performing for their pervy amusement.

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A criminal is an odd thing. First he’s usually supremely thick. Criminals, you see, think everyone is more stupid than they are. They cannot carry out their crimes if they thought that everyone is ahead of them, wise to their every move. But they just keep getting caught!

The guards are wise to how stupid most prisoners are but it is always fun to see it carried out in the flesh so to speak. Criminals think if they act like being in jail is very hurtful they will be treated with kid gloves. “I’m innocent and in the wrong place, etc, etc.” is their thinking. These officers aren’t having any of it.