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The electro therapy continues until the doctor decides a more internal approach is required.
Getting the boy on his knees he gives the tight arsehole a through going over before getting a sperm sample for analysis.

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Master Tye keeps Skylar tied to the chair while he uses both a whip and a crop on the naked boy. As his skin reddens the Master remembers the other boy on the spanking horse. Moving over to the horse he lets the boy know he isn’t forgotten with his whip. Eventually the Master gets both the boys and encourages the boys to get better acquainted.

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Ty still won’t talk, so Master Vin is forced to employ paddle, flogger, and slapping in order to loosen the stubborn boy’s tongue.

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Vin is finally fed up with playing games with Tyrone and justin, leading them both to each other he forces them to have sex and makes sure that they both enjoy it.

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The tables turn again, and neither musclestud knows what is going on. That doesn’t stop Drake from trying to figure out things with the use of a wicked flogger. He sprays alcohol on the area to accentuate his point.

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Vin is not taking no for an answer! Justin is in for some serious enhanced interrogation techniques from Vin and it will not be any fun whatsoever for Justin. So he’d better start talking!

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…and the clothespins are torn off, eliciting a long scream from boy Cullen Cable! To keep boy occupied during the intricate placement of the clothespins, Derek da Silva slathers on a bunch of Icy Hot on the boy’s balls. OUCH.

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Nick Moretti flips Luke Riley over and works over his back. You can see how Nick is enjoying this as he bounces the bat off Luke’s head – and the boy’s spitting response!

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Skylers examination continues with an internal speculum check up and then he has to give a cum sample. Watch as he jerks that huge cock until he dumps a huge load on the tray for the Doctor to examine.

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The electro continues! Luke Riley tries out each and every one of the little attachments to his violet wand kit. The lightning rod at the end is particularly nasty!

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The Master completes his electro check up on Jimmy before getting him on his hands and knees for a full internal, up the arse check up. The speculum is going all the way in this time.

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It’s finally Colin Steele’s turn to do the training, and he chooses a leg curl that you’ve never seen before! Jessie Balboa curls his massive legs, which leaves his ass free to be paddled and swatted to a purple hue.

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The “Training Session” turns into a wrestling brawl, where each holds a rope that is tied to the hand of the other. Watch as Colin and Jessie struggle for supremacy – and then turn to their more base urges.

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After finishing with the flogging, Drake Jaden gives Dirk Caber’s frontside a good spray with the stinging alcohol. Then it is clothespin string time, and Drake savors every moment before pulling them off.

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There is exclusive gay bondage video collection. Vin is getting more frustrated with his captive Justin Martinez, he is just about show him just what cruel and unusual means to him, Justin remains defiant only provoking Vin’s anger even more.