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At, footballer Danny Wolfe has injured a team-mate during a training session and coach Dave wonders why. The team-mate is renowned for his big thick cock and could that be the reason? Was Danny goading the lad to jump him in the dressing room and violently take Danny’s virginity? With a wife and 2 kids at home Danny is a typical striker with pent up sexual frustration. Luckily the management at Mancastle United know exactly the best way to break through Danny’s barriers even if it means plumbing the depths of sexual depravity!

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Being musclebound in the outside world is useful. Coupled with big hair and an outgoing personality you will get nothing but attention and good things. But what helps on the outside is very unhelpful in prison. There is no way that this cat can “keep his head down and do his bird” in prison. He’s muscley so he has no option but to play up to the authorities or else look like a walk over. You don’t want to look passive in jail. Consequently he has brought unwanted attention upon himself from the prison warders. Thankfully what happens to him now is behind closed doors. Except it’s being filmed!…

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This is a proper career criminal. He wants to get in, get his head down, do his bird and get out and robbing again with the minimum of fuss. Of course he has contraband on him. That’s a given. The screws know him and he knows them. They are sure he has stash on him, it’s just where?…

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At, James’s first day on the job isn’t quite going as he expected. It seems that word of his cock-sucking abilities have already got round the factory! And his work colleagues are eager to see what other skills he has. If the naive young lad wants to keep this job, he’d better get used to being mauled whenever his workmates feel like it.