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Gabriel Phoenix struts over to Leander in a black and yellow neoprene harness and jock combo, looking hot, full of cocky charm, he already has a feeling he is going to get everything he wants! Leander has a sexy submissive demeanour, wearing just jock, socks and trainers. He has the look of a man in lust, a look that’s going to get him into trouble! Instantly there’s chemistry between these two, though we knew that before they were stood nose to nose. Passionate necking ensues, Gabriel grabs him by the throat, taking control and establishing the dominance between these two. Taking it further Gabriel stands up high above him, taking his hard dick out as an instruction on what’s next. Leander doesn’t skip a beat and gets right to work on his big cock, sucking it down for all he’s worth. Gabriel has something for him, and he wants it! Pulling out a big bumpy arse toy his eyes light up, Gabriels that is, Leander looks excited and a little scared but he wants to please him. getting on his back he relaxes as much as he can so Gabriel can STUFF him! Plunging the toy into his butt Leander looks up at him with wide eyes, accepting his fate. Filling his hole, grinning and pushing Leander as hard as he can. He bends him over, straddels him and pushes harder, slapping his ass as he goes. Losing the toy he goes for a backwards doggy fuck, deep and horny!

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Ordering room service is a great hotel luxury and the menus are filled with treats of all sizes. Darius fancies something he saw in the restaurant earlier, tall, Mediterranean and tasty. A perfect excuse to get Leo in his hotel room, alone.

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When things are going wrong you need a friend to turn to. Dean is devilishly handsome, sophisticated with a body to die for and the sexual appetite to match. He doesn’t mind looking out for Sam and taking him under his wing when he needs somewhere.

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Happy couple Jace Tyler and JP Dubois walk through the Spanish countryside hand in hand, looking for a cheeky place to fuck. Finding an idillic spot on top of a mountain, not exactly hidden away but a really impressive location. Theres no one around for miles, so why the fuck not! Throwing his sunglasses to the floor Jace takes JP in his arms and gives him a good hard snog, against the azure blue sky backdrop, Jace drops to his knees to blow already hard JP’s massive cock, springing it out of his yellow briefs and going at it with all he’s got! JP strips off while he’s getting sucked off, his pale skin and tight, bulging muscles in the hot sun look hard and impressive, Jace can’t resist letting his hands wander over his body and comes up for a kiss before pushing JP down to fulfil his boy-friendly duties! Turning Jace around JP opens him up with his tongue, pulling his cheeks apart, spitting in his hole and smacking his cute butt. Squaring up to his hole with a solid, skyward pointing cock he pushes hard and slides in. Up here they can make as much noise as they want, there’s no one around! JP builds it up then fucks him as hard as he can without pushing him over the edge! Taking it to the floor Jace bounces up and down un JP’s fat meat, his own cock bouncing around all over the place while he enjoys himself. JP takes his arse into his hands to keep him still while he thrusts up, hard into him. Flipping him over onto his back, JP takes one leg on his shoulder, fists into the ground and hammers him with all of his lean muscle, holding his head together with his, they stare intensely into each others eyes as JP fucks the cum out of Jace.

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Credit has to be given to Sam Barclay for being the brainchild behind this one, he’s a personal lover of big toys and wanted to put this in movie form. Plus we each got to indulge ourselves with the last couple off HardGear movies, I (JP) got to make rough and tough AGGRO and this is Sam’s personal endeavour, STUFFD and boy oh boy was there some stuffing going on! The lovely guys at Crackstuffers provided us with a very big box of very big toys, to make the boys nervous, well some of them! Luckily we had a few big dildo and fist aficionados such as Gaston and the man himself, Sam. All the guys looked sickeningly hot in the CellBlock13 gear (again, thanks guys!) and so the action flowed! Lots of intensity, all manor of limits being pushed and some of the hardest scenes we’ve done to date. The directors, myself (JP) and Sam had a good chat with all the guys after their fine work was done, to see how they got on and what they thought of their scenes. We think you’ll agree it was a hell of an experience!

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The chemistry between Ryder Owens and Trevor Brooks is undeniable. I mean, could you keep your hands off of them if you were in the same room as them? So of course when they finally fuck, it’s some of the best sex you’ll ever see.

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Pretty much does what it says on the tin! Adam has a big date tonight and takes himself to his regular barbers to make sure he’s looking neat and tidy. Jonny has been cutting his hair for years so Adam tells him what he’s up to.

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In a red and white singlet, socks and sneakers the super cute Koby Lewis sits in the locker room. He’s full of energy and can’t wait to crack on and show off for the camera. We have a natural exhibitionist here folks! Firstly we chat a little, learning a bit about what makes Koby tick. He’s a horny boy from the English West Country, prefers to bottom and he likes big dicks. Enough said! Looking like a fresh young Jock in his almost virginal white gear, fresh meat he is but inexperienced he is not! Giving himself a good rub down, he reaches for the baby oil, slicking up his tight body, getting right in between each ab crevice, making his cute cub paw print tattoos shiny and giving the camera a sexy glance. Tweaking his nipples and breathing deeply, the straps come down, his cock is getting harder and can’t really be contained by the singlet anymore. Pulling his dick out, he’s so hard and skyward pointing it practically follows the line of his hard stomach straight up. I swear it touches his belly button when he’s upright, hands free! One of those hard-one that could save the universe!! Or something! Beating himself off super slowly, feeling every inch of his cock up and down, he grabs a toy out of a nearby locker. Black, ridged and cone shaped, he lubes it up, sticks it to the bench and straddles it. Easing him self all the way down on it and back up again, you can tell he’s enjoying every bump! Bouncing up and down on his new toy, he’s giving us a real show! Laying back, pushing the plug in as deep as he can into his bubble butt you can tell he could take a lot more. Bringing himself close to the edge, he’s gonna cum, spurting on his tight abs. Exhausted, he flops back on the bench, sticky, Lubey and sweaty.

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Smouldering and sexy Hunter Styles is about to get his cock out for the first time on camera! In a dark grey vest and black gym shorts with bright neon yellow cords, he fully inspects himself, hands and eyes graze and trace across every muscle and hairy section of his body. Whipping his vest off he grabs onto his pierced nipple and shows off his lightly hairy chest. His eyes move around the locker room, his imagination running wild about what he should do next. Getting up, he makes his way to the steel wall, leaning his shoulders back onto it, cooling his warm, tanned skin and peeling his sports shorts down to reveal an absolutely tiny red and black jockstrap. Hard grabbing of the jock pouch doesn’t last long, he wants to get out and play! Thick, dark pubes followed by his thick cock, he goes for the nipple again and starts to wank slowly. Taking his dick from thick and heavy to full mast, hard cock glory, the boy is horny, breathing deeply and has a serious look on his face. Moving round in front of the lockers he bends over and pulls his arse cheeks apart, showing off his beefy butt and smooth hole, sticking sa few fingers up there for good measure. He groans in pleasure, spins round and continues to beat his hard dick, playing with his pre-cum, polishing his cock head with it. Taking the bench he lays back and works on edging his dick. When it comes too much for him to bear he sits up and blows his uber thick creamy load.

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The hotel is quiet and the bar empty, except for barman JP and a lowly guest Diesel. Diesel drinks and sparks up idle conversation to pass the time but also to get to know his tasty bar fellow. Checking the coast is and will be clear they chat about how.

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We have a leak and he needs to be plugged! Inside man Josh Jackman is selling the companies secrets to the highest, biggest and most well built bidder.

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Fresh from catching hot new house boy Jasper pounding Sam the gardener, Miles Cunningham can’t wait to show husband Jacob the video he stealthily took.  Sadly his attempts to lure Jacob back into bed are thwarted by the arrival of the mysterious potential Investor, Harrison Mitchell.  Having to put his sordid thoughts to one side to impress Harrison is quite a difficult task for Miles, who can’t help but stare at the Investor’s tight fitted suit.    As he takes Harrison on a tour of the Estate, his mind isn’t quite on the Contract.  So when later that evening Harrison has his own idea of how negotiations should take place, Miles finds himself torn between loyalty to his husband and the offer of a potential lucrative deal.  As Jacob heads out to locate some expensive whiskey to impress, Miles can no longer resist and succumbs to Harrison’s advances.   This is the kind of negotiations that Miles is a master of.  He lures Harrison onto the dining table with his meaty cock, and before long, both are pulling out all the stops to seal the deal.  Miles devours Harrison’s uncut cock through his underwear, before pulling it free and taking every inch of it in his mouth.  Harrison groans with pleasure as he watches the red headed Miles work his magic.    Before too long they are kissing passionately as Harrison rips the rest of his clothes off before diving deep into Miles’ ass with his tongue, revving him up to take his giant cock.  Miles moans out for more, and soon the dining room table is set for the hottest fuck-fest it’s ever seen as Harrison ploughs Miles from behind, from underneath and finally over the table.    Both guys so lost in ecstasy, neither sees nor hears the door go as Jacob walks back in and catches Harrison staring intently into Miles’ eyes as he pounds his tight ass on the dining table.   As Jacob storms off into the night, Miles can take no more and shoots a massive load all over his abs.  This is enough to send Harrison over the edge, who pulls out and shares his own load all over Miles’ chest.   Finishing the session off with a passionate kiss Miles puts it to Harrison that the deal is now sealed.  Although Harrison has other ideas…

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Italian hottie Rico Fatale is alone, sexually frustrated and waiting for a hardened top to stroll in and take him. In a shiny black jock and boots, his body and arse are exposed. A hue of green and blue light is cast over the brick work and glints in corrugated steel panels, Andro Maas takes slow steps towards him, intimidating, making his presence known. The green illumination contrasts his bright ginger hair in an exceptional way, hands are quick to wander crotches easy to grab and tongues sink into each others mouths. Andro asserts his role as top from the start, placing himself over Rico and letting him work for that cock. outer jock play is short lived until Rico can’t stand it anymore, taking him out and all into his mouth, foreskin goes back and moustached lips collide and swallow. Rico arches his back to give him a show while he works on his cock. Andro takes over, grabbing his hair and facefucking him with no protest. Andro slowly peels Ricos jock down, taking in every inch slowly, rubbing his beard along the shaft to excite him. Sucking him with gusto, tasting his pre-cum before bending him over to taste his sweet smooth hole. Spit, fingers and tongue, Andro makes a meal of his butt. Rico twerks and jerks his but into Andro’s face, met with hard spankings and more tongue lashings! Easing his cock into his wet fuck hole Rico groans like we’ve never heard before, it’s not pain, he fucking loves it! It isn’t long until Andro has built up he pace and slipped from doggy into full blown pounding pile driver… NOW Rico is making noises like no man has ever made before, the boy is loud! He’s not passive though, active bottoming is a skill held by few and Rico bounces and rides Andro’s cock like he’s stolen it! Hole loosened right up, Rico lays back and lets Andro plough him more, Andro grabs Ricos equally impressive dick, jerking and fucking him him at the same time until he blows!! Andro pulls out and bashes his loud out over Rico, spunky and sweaty they kiss slowly, winding down from a seriously impressive fuck.

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Sexy, sweet Englishman Josh Moore absolutely lights up the locker room with his big smile and undeniably killer good looks. Seriously the boy looks like he just stepped out of a fashion mag advert… and then just kept taking his clothes off! Living in the south of England, originally from Kent he has a soft and clear accent, razor sharp jawline turfed in a perfectly trimmed beard and the lightest, bluest eyes you ever saw. We talk about his life and his love life, he’s the partner of another UKHotJocks favourite model Logan Moore, it was about time we got this sexy other half into the studio! Starting in a black vest & trackies and bright white trainers, warm tanned and tattooed skin contrasts against the red, white and blue of the locker room. Pulling up his vest to show of those hard earned and deeply chiseled abs, he flashes a look back to the camera to make all the boys and girls melt! Reminiscent of a young David Beckham or any Hollywood leading man, his obvious star quality is only superseded by his humble and gentle nature. Peeling off the top to reveal his perfectly muscular torso and more sexy tattoos. The trackies come down, leaving him in a white jock and socks, thick thighs, massive bulging basket, all extremely impressive! That bubble butt, my god! Looks like it’s party in the front AND back, thank fuck he’s a versatile performer, all too good to miss out on! Playing with his bulge it grows more and more, to almost ridiculous proportions, freeing the beast and letting all 9″ hang loose and heavy. Gripping hard at the base of his cock he works it up with a slow determination. Jock off and over his face, taking a hard long whiff off his own scent, he’s a hot, dirty guy, our absolute favourite! Each inhalation seems to stiffen his dick, he lays back on the bench and beats off, playing with his exposed butt while he does. Building, tensing, contracting the boy is ready to explode!

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Logan is back for a new match! In the blue corner and a red and black wrestling singlet Logan is cocky and confident, he tugs at the straps showing off his big bulging chest, he’s asking for it! In the Red corner and also in red is the newcomer Jonas Jackson, beefy, burly and tanned. The guys are evenly matched is size weight and strength. Jonas is nervous but he needn’t be, he can take him! They get into it hard and heavy, Logan throws Jonas over but Jonas pulls on his arm making him wince. Thick thighs grapple around stiff necks and deltoids, twisting and turning, hairy butt cracks showing. It’s an even match, FLIP-FUCK! Logan pins Jonas down finally and gives him a big snog, he’s got no choice but doesn’t resist! The suit comes down so he can get his cock out and straight into Jonas’s willing mouth, press up position, lowering himself into him, face-fucking him on the floor. Logan aggressively flips Jonas onto his shoulders, exposed arse in the air ready for a good tonguing! Spitting, licking and slapping his beefy hairy butt, getting it primed and ready for what’s coming next. Stuffing his thick cock into a bent over Jonas, Logan really opens him up! Tight as fuck but that’s not going to stop him fucking him through the hole in his singlet! Flip time! Jonas lays back while Logan hops on a rides his cock, bouncing hard and taking it as hard as he can. Flip again! Logan gets Jonas on his back and fucks him missionary until he shoots his load over his beefy body. Logan pulls out and adds to the mess!