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The electro therapy continues until the doctor decides a more internal approach is required.
Getting the boy on his knees he gives the tight arsehole a through going over before getting a sperm sample for analysis.

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Denis Vega is back this week and he’s showing Noel Santoro the tricks of the trade in The Mansion. Denis is a wealthy, sophisticated man. He knows what he likes, and he gets what he wants. Sipping on a scotch while he struts around his mansion, Denis comes upon Noel relaxing in his pool. Noel has an awesome swimmer’s body with a bubble but that begs to get rammed. And Denis is in the mood for it!

Noel waits no time wrapping his moist, plump lips around Denis hard cock. This is a blow job that Denis won’t soon forget. In return, he slides his tongue straight into Noel’s wide-open hole. Seriously, the site of Noel on his knees with his whole gaping and slick with Denis’s spit is enough to get anybody off, but Denis needs more. With a condom on, he pumps Noel’s ass like crazy before they climax so hard even you’ll feel it. Find out for yourself.

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More hot rides and hot studs this week in Reckless. Gabriel Lunna and Diego Reyes are running a car dealership for high-end clients. Their cars are as sleek and smooth as the suits they wear. Luxury sports cars require stylish pumped-up hotties like Gabriel and Diego to rev their engines and get them off on the road. Yet Gabriel has a problem: the vehicle he promised to have repaired by a mechanic is still undriveable, and he’s panicking. Diego has a way to calm him down and make it all better—a hot fuck!

Diego squats down to suck Gabriel’s hard dick before he takes off Gabriel’s pants, pushes him onto the hood of a shiny car, and parks his tongue up Gabriel’s wide-open hole. With his ankles in the air, Gabriel gives Diego full access to his love tunnel. These guys pound on top of the car so hard they forget all about the car. It’s all about grunting and fucking. And their cumshots are epic. Yours will be too!

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When executive Dario Beck arrives to pick up his college Jean Franko he’s happily surprised to find him not ready and half naked! Usually efficient young Dario would be pissed at being kept back from an important meeting but surreptitiously watching Jean Franko get suited up is much more fun. As Dario helps Jean with his tie they both know that neither one of them has any intentions of making the meeting. Dario proceeds to prime Jean Franko’s dick ready to receive a good hard fucking.

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The Doctor continues his examination with an electro stimulation of the arsehole. The boy reacts very favorable to the internal electronic massage before being flipped over and instructed to cum in the bowl. He has so much enthusiasm there is a bonus cum shot.

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The Master completes his electro check up on Jimmy before getting him on his hands and knees for a full internal, up the arse check up. The speculum is going all the way in this time.

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At hot PE Teacher Ashley is getting his lesson served as his perfect ass is filled with a butt plug and his big jangly balls get squeezed tight. Bent over the table the proud muscular coach is treated like livestock being milked steadily by naughty schoolboy Derek. Having been mercilessly teased Ashley’s cock is heavily engorged and aching to be wanked off. The athletic proud teacher scowls in disapproval but can’t stop himself from ejaculating all over himself and the headmaster’s office.

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It’s Enzo Ramirez and Salvador Mendoza serving up a dynamic fuck session this week in Tantric. Enzo is interviewing for a job at an upscale massage center where Salvador runs the show. When Salvador explains that the VIP clients who come there expect “special service,” Enzo is reluctant at first, but Salvador—and his hard cock—quickly changes his mind.

Ever stylish in an ice gray windowpane suit, Enzo works Salvador’s dick with sloppy gusto. Salvador, equally handsome in a dark blue suit, gives Enzo a thorough sucking before he slides his tongue, then his dick up Enzo’s tight hole. There’s off the charts banging in this flick, especially when Salvador spreads Enzo’s long, hairy legs wide and plows away. Get ready to relieve your stress.

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Menatplay is proud to announce a new series: Making It Big. Damon Heart, one of our newest studs, stars as an up and coming actor willing to do whatever it takes to advance his career. Hollywood is a tough town and the competition is fierce. Damon has a pretty face and a hot body, but he’ll have to get down and dirty if he wants to succeed.

In Part One, Teddy Torres, Damon’s agent, manages to acquire a mega project for him: the lead role in a spy series. But in order for Damon to take the role he’ll have to get naked on-screen. But that’s just the beginning. Horned up watching Damon strip in his office, Teddy pulls out his fat cock for Damon to suck, which he does willingly. After a sloppy blow job, Damon bends over Teddy’s desk and lets Teddy plow his hole deep. Both of them grunt and moan like farm animals. And we have to say, Damon has one the widest gapes we’ve ever seen. Teddy rams into him like a demon—hot, hard, and fast! When Damon and Teddy come, Damon gets glazed in hot, white jizz. Making It Big proves that in the movie business, the fastest way to the top is on your knees!

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Master Legrand has trained Austin thoroughly. He does what the handsome dominant asks without hesitation. Legrand sees how far Austin’s come and wants to give his fellow masters a taste of what his special boy can do. He also wants to make sure he gets the best price for Austin’s tight hole and submissive spirit. By giving some of his potential buyers a taste of what they can expect, he thinks he’ll be able to get the best return on his investment.


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Kayden Gray, in navy attire, relaxed, sexy and intensely waiting for someone incredibly hot to walk in. He’s not disappointed with Josh Moore, slowly circling the sofa behind him. Suited and booted young men look each other up and down, theres an obvious and palpable chemistry between these two before they’ve even touched. A determined hesitation lies between the two guys, they want to get it on but they want to enjoy themselves and drink in the moment. they kiss, gently at first but it turns into something altogether animalistic, primal and horny. Kayden is first to pull out his impressive meat, 9” of mega thick, ceiling pointing cock, Josh takes his time, enjoys then devours him. Spitting licking and attempting to take the whole thing down his throat, making a horny mess of himself as he does with his big blue eyes looking up at him. Swap time and Kayden is impressed, I guess it’s not often he sees someone with as big a cock as he has, same goes for Josh! He makes a real effort to satisfy his big dick, taking it all the way down his throat and letting him skull fuck him, gasping for air and loving every second and inch! Trousers down and Josh bends over to take all of him, not easy at first but he perseveres and ends up getting fucked like a champ, his face stays it all, pure pleasure and disbelief, these guys are loving it! Kayden de-jackets and undoes his tie has he ploughs new boy Josh! Getting him to straddle and sit on him, he plans to fuck him harder and deeper. Theres is no acting involved here, this is real pure horny sex with two incredibly hung men, almost 20” of cock between them! Time for something different, Moving on the floor into a pile-driver position Kayden holds him up, takes position and fucks him upside down. deep long thrusts, Josh is crunched up, unable to resist but why would he want to! This is enough to make any stud cum and they both do, giving Josh a double facial. That was one executive fuck!!

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This week, Menatplay welcomes Pietro Duarte to the site. Pietro may be a small guy but everything about him reads total boss. He gets to show his boss swagger in Super Ego when he tries to enter an exclusive party and Emir Boscatto, the doorman, won’t let him enter. When Pietro tosses Emir attitude, the situation goes from bad to raunchy!

Emir pulls out his dick and give Pietro an ultimatum: suck off or get out. Pietro, ready to oblige, chomps down on Emir’s stiff cock, sucking and slurping like only a properly suited bottom slut can. His drippy blowjob almost sends Emir over the edge, but before he can shoot he bends Pietro over and puts this cocky slut boy in his place. You’ll love the way Emir feeds on Pietro’s butt before he slides into him balls deep. But the best part is Pietro explosive cum shot!

Enjoy Super Ego and our new hot stud, but remember—don’t let you mouth talk you into trouble your ass can’t get you out of.

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With the football World Cup coming up this Summer we’ve been inspired to imagine some behind the scenes locker-room encounters, of course, with a spicy Menatplay twist. The incongruity of a well suited manager in a sweaty sports environment is always a horny scenario from the outset so when beefy footballer Diego Reyes has to discuss his performance, and position in the team, with our hot, dark, Teddy Torres as his sharp dressed manager, those sports shorts are already tenting with the thought of what could happen next. Teddy’s attempts to placate Diego and assure him that he’ll make the team seem full of sleazy suggestion – and of course thats entirely his motivation.

Diego is wary at first but he really wants to make it so sucking on Teddy’s delicious cock seems the very least he can do. He wants to be sure that his place on the team is a done deal so, naked from head to foot, and with Teddy all trussed up in shirt and tie, Diego pounds his furry ass hard. What a good manager Teddy is, taking one for the team!