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Back at work, Luke Adams spots Bruce’s business partner pissing into a bucket. “Damn! You’ve got a big dick…want me to suck yours?” Tex Davidson smiles, sliding the bucket away with his foot to clear the path for the sub. Luke drops to his knees and worships Tex’s monster, beating it on his face. Tex eats out Luke’s jockstrapped ass, burying his beard inside. Tex fucks him from behind, Luke arching back for a kiss as their arms wrap around each other. Luke sits on the huge shaft, the two taking turns doing the work as Tex’s pole disappears in a memorable sequence. They squirt, Tex beating his throbber on Luke’s groin—then feeding him cum off his fingers.

On all fours at the request of your boss. Pinned to the ground by a wrestling buddy. Face to face with a lifelong crush. Can you handle the heat? When two best friends exchange favors, everyone will Say Uncle before it’s all over. Join TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch and Eddy Ceetee for a steamy display of submission.

Serving as an assistant to his best friend’s uncle, Luke Adams inspects more than one unit when Anthony London whips out his dick—soon buried deep inside both of the jock’s holes.

Returning the favor, Matthew Bosch gets some on-the-job training from Luke’s uncle, boyhood crush Bruce Beckham. After deep-throating each other’s beasts, the versatile hunks flip fuck.

Matthew Bosch gets grappled to the ground by former high school wrestling bud Eddy Ceetee, who quickly discovers how much Matthew’s sucking and fucking skills have improved.

Back at the job, Luke Adams can’t help himself when he spots blue collar handyman Tex Davidson with his big dick out, swallowing it deep up both of his smooth holes.

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Aspiring model Vitaly Sens has indicated an interest in joining the Masqulin Project, and it’s up to Max Adonis to help determine his potential. A horny and pragmatic Max decides to spice things up a bit by arriving unexpectedly at Vitaly’s front door, surprising him and inviting viewers to witness the unfolding of this “determination process”. Does Vitaly have what it takes to be a Masqulin Man?

Fresh on the porn scene, Vitaly Sens is raring to go all in. He’s got the look, he’s got the attitude, and most importantly – he boasts an intense, insatiable hunger for sex. You’ll wet far more than just your appetite with this uncut Ukranian hunk.

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Denis Vega is back this week and he’s showing Noel Santoro the tricks of the trade in The Mansion. Denis is a wealthy, sophisticated man. He knows what he likes, and he gets what he wants. Sipping on a scotch while he struts around his mansion, Denis comes upon Noel relaxing in his pool. Noel has an awesome swimmer’s body with a bubble but that begs to get rammed. And Denis is in the mood for it!

Noel waits no time wrapping his moist, plump lips around Denis hard cock. This is a blow job that Denis won’t soon forget. In return, he slides his tongue straight into Noel’s wide-open hole. Seriously, the site of Noel on his knees with his whole gaping and slick with Denis’s spit is enough to get anybody off, but Denis needs more. With a condom on, he pumps Noel’s ass like crazy before they climax so hard even you’ll feel it. Find out for yourself.

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Hold onto your pants, our meanest, most ruthless fucker – Viktor Rom is back – if you’re looking for the tall dark man – look no further, and this time he’s pitted against a big, tall, burly, bearded, equally big-dicked stud – Casio. Casio knows what he wants, and after having a good sniff of Viktor’s smelly sneakers, and a good long suckle on that glistening, dark, hard-as-mahogany-uncut-dick, Viktor turns this sexy daddy around and bends him over, to spread his beefy butt cheeks and stick his face into that hairy, sweaty, moist hole, snuffling away like a sex-pig, Viktor gives it a good tongue rooting, sliding as much spit as his muscular tongue can muster, because thats the only lube papa Casio is gonna get, and he’s so eager its all he needs. He sits on top of Viktor’s gym trained body and, feeling every rippling nudge and pop his butt hole opens to allow that rigid, uncircumcised cock into his aching, hot, muscular hole. All bareback, skin on spit lubed skin, these big, hairy raw fuckers go as it like pistons. With plenty of passion, friction and hairy, masculine man-on- man action that all ends with a splattery, spunky, hairy belly ending.

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As night falls, Thomas sneaks in a porn break in the work room. “Is that what I’m paying you for?” asks boss Adam Russo, sneaking up behind him. “Let’s do our own.” Adam unbuckles his bud, whose already big uncut cock quickly grows bigger between the sucker’s skilled lips. Thomas whips it on his tongue, the smiling Adam taking it to the root. Thomas pulls his foreskin down to show off his shaft, Adam spitting on it and diving down again. Adam pulls up the foreskin, twirling his tongue inside and nibbling it. Adam eats and fingers his bud’s hole before guiding him down. Thomas deep sucks the verbal Adam’s throbber (“Go all the way down…hold it!”), then eats his ass—biting on Adam’s cheeks before offering his own hole. The top smiles as he fucks him fast from behind. “Slower?” asks Adam. “Do what you like,” Thomas answers, exciting the top even more: “Is that my ass? Fuck yeah!” Adam wraps his arms around the bottom, pulling him closer. Thomas gets on his back for more, his dark, smooth and tattooed body soon covered in their cum.

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Gay gun seller Daymin Voss is running a booth at the gun show when Tristan Jaxx shows up just as Daymin’s stand is closing for the day. Tristan is looking to buy something for self-defense but doesn’t know much about owning a gun. Daymin shows him how to hold it and when Tristan is holding the weapon up, Daymin comes up behind him. The touch of Daymin’s big manly hand on his side makes Tristan get a stir in his pants and the two studs start to make out. Daymin gets the stranger out of his shirt before peeling off his own. The scent of Daymin’s manhood is almost more than Tristan can handle and he goes in to worship Daymin’s ripe sweaty pits. The session drives Tristan wild and he gets on his knees to take Daymin’s big cock in his mouth. Daymin loves dick and can’t wait to taste what Tristan has pressing against the fabric of his pants. Daymin removes Tristan’s pants and gets dirty by sucking his cock. Daymin loves every inch of it in his mouth and tells his new friend that he’s going to open his ass for him. Tristan is more than willing to honor the request and bends Daymin over the gun table to eat him out. Tristan takes his time with the fresh meat and gets as far inside Daymin’s butt as he can get with his fingers and tongue. When Tristan is convinced that Daymin is good and opened up, he stands and slips his hard cock deep inside. He gives Daymin a pounding that the stud won’t soon forget and stretches him even further with each thrust. Daymin begs for Tristan to go deeper and grunts harder the further in Tristan gets. Tristan’s pelvis slaps against Daymin’s bubble butt as skin hits skin. The two studs switch it up more than once and finally settle with the gun dealer on his back getting plowed. Tristan increases his intensity to get himself closer and plugs away as Daymin begs for him not to stop. Daymin yells out: ‘Dude, you’re so fucking deep!’ as his cock explodes and varnishes his hairy body with a thick layer of cum. Tristan is happy to have given so much pleasure and pulls his cock out of Daymin’s tight hole to blast his own load of cream. It’s a real gusher, and it covers Daymin’s bush and stomach with a seemingly never-ending barrage of squirts. Daymin can’t believe his eyes and feels lucky to be covered in so much jizz!

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Big-dicked hunk Alex Mecum is strolling the streets with intent. He can barely keep his hands off his bulge as he nears an undisclosed location in a seedy part of town.

Entering a building through a back alley, he finds himself in a dimly lit hallway with several doors. Each of these four doors bears a different sign; though he passes by “Exhibition”, his interest peaks at “Anonymous”. Behind this door awaits a masked bottom boy on all fours. No introduction, no name, not even a face – exactly what Alex was hoping for… an anonymous fuck.

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Hands up. Against the wall. Spread ’em. When Parole officers have to check in with ex-cons desperate to stay out of the slammer, the action quickly escalates with loaded guns. Watch as TitanMen exclusives Eddy Ceetee, Lorenzo Flexx and Jesse Jackman bust more than just the bad guys.

Caught with drugs, former convict Bennett Anthony will do anything to escape prison—quickly offering his holes for parole officer Anthony London’s pleasure.

Officers Bruce Beckham and Eddy Ceetee use some free time to practice their frisking technique—the two soon getting a taste of what each other is packing.

A broken monitoring device puts Lorenzo Flexx into a panic, but parole office Jesse Jackman offers a way out—shoving the desperate bad boy to his knees before getting him on all fours.

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Leo Forte and Jake Morgan finish an incredible interview before Leo effectively attacks Jake. These two beefy studs quickly strip off their clothes, both their cocks are rock hard and Leo spins Jake around telling him to bend over. Leo drops to his knees, buries his face in Jake’s ass and begins working his tongue in and out, priming Jake for his thick, uncut cock. Leo stands up, points his dick at Jake’s hole and slowly slides it in. It doesn’t take Jake long to get into it and Leo literally starts pounding away at Jake’s ass, pausing periodically when he bottoms out and he tries to drive his cock even deeper. Leo lays down on the floor and motions for Jake to sit down on his cock. Jake obliges and in no time at all he’s bouncing up and down with Leo thrusting from below. Leo grabs onto Jake and with his dick still up Jake’s ass they roll over so that Jake is on his back with his legs in the air. Leo goes back to pounding the hell out of Jake’s hole and Jake grabs his cock and starts jacking. Leo hits the right spot and has to pull out because he starts dumping jizz all over Jakes cock and hand. Leo’s cum gives Jake some extra lube and as Leo massages his balls and fingers Jake’s hole, Jake blows a thick load into Leo’s mouth. The cum that initially escapes Leo’s mouth gets licked up as these two hot and sweaty studs collapse onto each other.

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Julian Torres is up on a ladder doing some construction work when he calls for Sean to help him out. When Sean Harding shows up, he asks him to hand him the work light. Sean turns the light on, but before handing it to Julian, he uses it to look up into Julian’s shorts. Being playful and horny he convinces Julian to come down and play. He starts sucking Julian’s hard cock through his jock strap. They switch places on the ladder and Julian sucks Sean’s big hard cock. Julian then rims Sean’s ass up on the ladder before fucking Sean up on the ladder from behind. After a while of fucking him on the ladder, he moves Sean to a chair where he fucks him until both explode with cum.

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With his blond hair spiked up, bearded Christopher Daniels locks lips with buzz-cut stud Caleb Colton. The tattooed Caleb soon has his lips around Christopher’s hot pink shaft, working it up as constant kisses interrupt him. Christopher leans down and reaches for Caleb’s ass as his smooth balls get tongued, soon turning the sucker around to eat and finger his hole. The top slides inside, his blond bush slamming against the hot bottom’s ass. His forehead scrunched tight with each thrust, Caleb moans as Christopher’s chiseled stomach tightens as he fucks. The sweaty bottom sits down on Christopher, grinding his ass tight as he bounces—with Christopher then taking control from below, pump fucking the stud(“Take it!”) as a gorgeous close-up shows off his shaft. Turning the bottom over, Christopher continues to ram as he spits down on the bottom’s cock, which bobs back and forth before the two release their loads.

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Ricky Larkin catches Liam Knox slacking off on the job and decides to teach the lazy stud a lesson. After commenting on the size of Liam’s ass from all the sitting he does, Ricky bends the thick stud over, pulls down his pants, and gets to work licking his sweaty hole. After a nice long rimming session, Ricky gets Liam worked up and ready to suck some dick. Liam turns around and takes Ricky’s big cock in his mouth before he lets the stud fuck his face. Ricky’s big balls bang against Liam’s chin as he pounds the eager stud’s mouth. Ricky enjoys the attention his cock is getting, but now needs a taste of Liam’s dick. Ricky gets down in front of the stud and slurps on his rock-hard pole. The taste of Liam’s cock sends Ricky over the edge when he stands up and demands to see Liam’s ass. Liam does as he’s told and bends over to let Ricky blast a load all over his nice big bubble-butt. With Ricky’s jizz running down his legs, Liam stands up to huff on Ricky’s ripe pits. Ricky’s man-scent sends Liam into overdrive as he sniffs and jacks his rod, making his cock erupt and sending a thick river of cum down to his feet and onto the parking lot gravel. Liam isn’t off the hook though. He still has work to do, and Ricky is going to make sure that it all gets done.

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Luke returns the favor to Matthew Bosch, who arrives to work with his best friend’s uncle Bruce Beckham. As the older handyman loosens his overalls on the job, Matthew can’t help but marvel as the muscle man’s body. “I used to jerk off thinking about you,” confesses Matthew, who soon has Bruce’s massive dick buried deep in his mouth. Bruce sucks the hairy hunk back, tugging on Matthew’s nuts as he worships the big uncut cock—Bruce’s own beast bouncing up and down as he sucks. The two eat each other out, Matthew’s steel abs then tightening as he rams his crush. Bruce then slides inside him, fucking a huge load out of the bottom that coats his furry chest.

Movie Description:
On all fours at the request of your boss. Pinned to the ground by a wrestling buddy. Face to face with a lifelong crush. Can you handle the heat? When two best friends exchange favors, everyone will Say Uncle before it’s all over. Join TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch and Eddy Ceetee for a steamy display of submission.

Serving as an assistant to his best friend’s uncle, Luke Adams inspects more than one unit when Anthony London whips out his dick—soon buried deep inside both of the jock’s holes.

Returning the favor, Matthew Bosch gets some on-the-job training from Luke’s uncle, boyhood crush Bruce Beckham. After deep-throating each other’s beasts, the versatile hunks flip fuck.

Matthew Bosch gets grappled to the ground by former high school wrestling bud Eddy Ceetee, who quickly discovers how much Matthew’s sucking and fucking skills have improved.

Back at the job, Luke Adams can’t help himself when he spots blue collar handyman Tex Davidson with his big dick out, swallowing it deep up both of his smooth holes.

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Jonah Fontana belongs in the ranks of the hunks, and Johnny V saw to it that he did the initiation. Jonah often takes his own impressive cocks, but this time he wanted to show off his topping ability. Get ready for a treat! The two muscle titans begin by making out and swapping some serious muscle cock sucking. After that, Jonah flips Johnny on his back and feasts on his tight, pink hole before pounding Johnny until they both blow all over his ripped abs.

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When I began the ALL SAiNTS mythology—8 years ago! — with what I thought was going to be a short film called “The Haunting”, my intention was to create a fun update for Halloween. But something more stuck with me: my own ghost and the haunting of my mind — questions of what comes next and do the feelings of such connected love live on once our bodies cease to be.

This was a rabbit hole, that once explored, gave me both great joy and anguish — just like Love itself. It’s power so overwhelming and vividly real.

Of course, pondering these questions when faced with the day-to-day of living seems like a luxury when it feels like I am always struggling to “keep my head above the water.” Yet the more I explored my thoughts on this matter, the more I realized that who I am NOW will determine who I become in a future that is unknown.

And so “The Haunting” became my next project, “Answered Prayers” — my primal yell of anger at a world in which I felt like I had no control. And now three years later, I continue following what has become an expanded ALL SAiNTS mythology in my quest to better understand where I, and my holy gayness, have come from.

At first, I began my story with that same anger, born from my past and religion which has done more to enhance the power of kings of power to subjugate, repress and abuse so many people over time and even today. I wanted to prove a larger point — to prove to my mom and dad that they were wrong in their religious morals that became the cornerstone of my upbringing and that energy drove me as it has always done: with purpose and determination. Along the way of that journey, everything changed.

On a cold day last November, the first blizzard of the season signaled that winter had begun. The following day, the sun blazed bright, bouncing off the snow that blanketed the ground and the ice that covered the pond and encased the streams.

Having been pent up in the house for days, our dogs and I rejoiced in the sun’s rays and for a moment, the cold day seemed to go away. And just as excitedly as the day started, I watched helplessly as my biggest dog Joey stepped onto the ice-covered pond. I yelled out for her to stop and in doing so, she jumped back quickly, causing her to break through the ice; pawing at the air as she sank below.

My actions were quick — I tried to grab her but she dropped out of sight in what seemed like never-ending darkness, and without thought I jumped in after her, believing that my feet would hit the bottom.
But I sank.
My boots, designed to protect me from the elements, began to fill with water and dragged me into the fiery, ice-cold hell.

In her desperate fight for life, Joey climbed on top of me, and with what I believed may be the last of my living energy, I pushed her up over the stone wall and out of the pond. However, the force of that effort did not push me down further but rather somehow propelled me up. My hands found the rocks of stone wall, a calm came over me and I used the jagged stones to pull myself up and out of the water. Gasping for breath, my lungs and body feeling the pain of unforgiving cold — as I cried out for my husband to save me. And he did. Thankfully, all ended well, and I am still here to tell the tale but its effects on me are clear and will be lasting—some good and some I do fear. But I will never forget that brief moment of quiet, loneliness, cold and afraid — because that is when I discovered who i am, as i did my best to keep my head above the water.

Being right about what i think and believe is not important, how i AM is. Who i am NOW is all that matters; Who i become tomorrow is decided NOW. And in the nothingness of my mind i have discovered that The End is Just the Beginning.

Thank you all for your joyful, loving and enthusiastic embrace of these films — without your energy, and the tireless work of our Actors, they do not exist.

Love Always, JJ.