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Dr. Wolf is pleased when he sees Logan come into his office, but naturally concerned for the boy’s wellbeing. Logan explains how he hurt his knee and needs it checked out, prompting the friendly doctor to give a thorough exam.

Dr. Wolf checks the boy’s knee, testing it for swelling and pain before moving on to the surrounding areas. As he pokes, prods, and tests, the answer becomes clear; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Logan!

Dr. Wolf takes off his clothes, stripping down to reveal his large, swollen cock. Dr. Wolf bends him over the exam table, sliding it between his cheeks and feeling the boy’s soft, smooth hole submit to his massive manhood! With a smooth, steady push, he slides himself inside the boy, making him moan with satisfied pleasure.

This is what Logan needed more than anything, and the doctor was going to make sure he got a proper dose of his cock and cum!

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This week on GrowlBoys, Cole experiences a new adventure as the tale of “The Monster” begins. The horny young man finds himself opening up to be taken by many unexpected forces, not all of which are human.

In “Chapter 1: Forest Fuck,” Cole retreats to the woods to meet his sexy boyfriend, Johnathan, for a little woodsy tryst. Their passion and trust helps Cole forget his nerves and enjoy the thrill of an outdoor session of breeding and fucking.

The magical moment is cut short, however, by the presence of an unknown figure watching them from deep in the forest. The two men attempt to flee the scene. Cole, however, is caught up and captured by the secret forest dweller. The mysterious figure takes Cole for himself, setting off a chain reaction that will change his life forever.

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As the two headed into Wolf’s bedroom, they kissed and caressed each other, pausing only to hold each other tightly. Mark loved pressing his head against Dr. Wolf’s chest, hearing his heart beating loudly into his ear. He felt protected and wanted as he felt Dr. Wolf’s hard cock pressing up against his belly.

The two stripped down, tearing off their clothes and giving in to their lusty desires. Dr. Wolf wanted to show the boy love and affection, starting with Mark’s tiny perfect butt. As his hands moved to Mark’s backside, teasing his hole and massaging his cheeks, Mark took his tall host’s massive cock into his mouth.

The boy’s tongue worked each impressive inch, taking it back into his throat until his lips grazed Dr. Wolf’s pubic hair. Mark could feel the giant top’s balls swing beneath his chin, filled with the doctor’s powerful seed.

He wanted to feel it in him, filling him and making him warm all over. Dr. Wolf could sense that desire in the way Mark swallowed him down, making him even harder in the small boy’s mouth…

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Austin is used to being on display. He shows his hole, endures the poking, prodding, and teasing of the seller, and does what he can to give a good show to those watching. He understands his role. He’s an object. An investment and collectible. And, of course, a toy to be fucked and filled.
When Master Bishop wins his bid, he relishes the contrast between his big, beefy, brutish body and his new slave’s small, smooth exterior. He tests his mouth his with his big cock before bending him over to feed him his raw meat. Austin braces himself for the unexpected, not yet sure what the dominant bear wants, but ready to do whatever he must.

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Ringing the doorbell of Dr. Wolf’s home, Logan’s heart raced. He thought that by seeing him open the door that it would give him some kind of calm, but it only made him even more nervous! Greeting his guest, Dr. Wolf could tell Logan was anxious and excited, but knew he’d be happy once he got his special surprise…

On the bed, Dr. Wolf had placed a large, soft, fluffy teddy bear. It was a gift for Logan to show his appreciation and affection, but deep down, he wanted to see how the boy’s height would be compared to the toy. Sure enough, as Logan picked it up and hugged it, he could see that it was almost as large as the boy.

The older man was pleased to see the boy happy, leaning in to give him a kiss. He had to bend down pretty low for his lips to meet Logan’s, something that made him rock hard inside his pants. He wanted Logan badly, and couldn’t wait any longer!

He ran his hands over Logan’s tiny body, feeling his toned muscles hidden beneath his t-shirt. Dr. Wolf continued to kiss and caress him, moving his hands beneath his waistband and grabbing onto his little boy cock.

Logan let out a breathy moan, aroused and overwhelmed with the man’s affection and touch. He felt himself turn into a pool of pleasure and desire, desperate to feel the doctor fuck him once more!

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Each of the boys are brought out, one after the other, and put on display. Boys Cole and Austin are joined by new merchandise, Jay and Danny. Cole and Austin know what it is to be a piece of property having had various owners in the past, while Jay and Danny tremble with excitement and fear as their fate is yet to be decided…

As the auction continues, each boy is placed on a small cushioned platform, struggling to keep themselves in place as the men take their turns filling their mouths with their swollen cocks; waiting for their colleagues to finish fucking the boy on display.

One by one, each of the masters slides their bare cocks into the young slaves’ holes, feeling how their many inches had worked and serviced their anal muscles.

There is really only one rule these men agree to; don’t cum until you’re ready to seal the deal! They fuck and fill their young submissives again and again, pulling out before the point of no return to allow the others the chance to sample their enslaved bottoms.

Of course, for one reason or another, each master makes the choice to continue with their pleasure, fucking harder and deeper, pushing themselves past that point so they can enjoy the right of breeding and claiming their prize!

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Austin’s thrilled to receive a teddy bear from the older man, but he knows deep down there’s a motive other than purely generous. As much as Dr. Wolf wants to see him happy, he loves seeing how Austin sizes up next to big objects.

He pulls out his cock, keeping his eyes locked on Austin’s. Austin’s expression is always one of wonders whenever he sees the monster rod that his doctor has hidden in his pants. He loves it.

He worships it. There’s always a moment of tension as the mammoth dick meets with his sphincter, building up pressure slowly as it tries to work its way in.

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Master Oaks knows just how valuable Cole is. With his tall, toned body, round ass, and big cock, he knows that his friends would pay top dollar for the chance to breed his hole. He invites the buyers over for a relaxing night of drinks and conversation, all while being serviced by his obedient slave boy.

Master Legrand can’t take his eyes off of Oaks’ property, coveting him and imagining all the ways he’d used him if he were his. When the bidding begins, the men all take turns feeling his body and fucking his mouth, getting a sense for what the young man is capable of.

Oaks even invites them to fuck his hole raw, wanting to milk his friends for more money knowing how his tight hole feels around a bare cock. But they all know as good as it feels, only his owner can breed him… And with that incentive, the bidding takes off!

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River loves being objectified. There’s no greater rush or satisfaction than the touch and attention of those who crave and covet his body.

When the opportunity came to be someone’s possession, he jumped at the opportunity. Placing his trust and autonomy in Master Legrand’s hands, the young man finds himself on display unlike anything he’d ever experienced.

Master Legrand pulls down the boy’s pants, exposing his ass and hole to those standing around, giving up all independence and totally submitting to his top and the buyers.

The idea of being submissive and owned makes him rock hard, leading to his cock being teased and milked on the auction block.

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Dr. Wolf could hardly contain a smile on his face when the boy came into his bedroom with the look of complete enthusiasm, completely horned up and eager to play.

Without the sterile setting of the office, Dr. Wolf felt comfortable to grab the boy just as he would his own favorite toy. The tiny boy’s butt was soft and pliable in his hand, molding to his palm like a warm dough.

He spread his cheeks apart, teasing it with his fingers. Dr. Wolf’s cock grew hard in his pants as the boy’s moans filled his bedroom. He pulled out his monster cock, slapping it against the boy’s peach-like behind, feeling it fill up with anticipation and desire.

It clearly wanted to be back inside his miniature bottom and couldn’t wait any more. Dr. Wolf put some lube on the tip of cock his as Eli reached forward, desperate to stroke the monster that would slide inside him…

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Logan hadn’t had a physical in a while. With school and swimming, his every waking hour is full to the brim. But to keep himself on the team, he needs to have full physical exam. When Logan sees the doctor enter the exam room, he feels his heart flutter with excitement about the idea of being touched and handled by someone like him.

As Dr. Wolf checks his pulse, height, weight, and even feels around his body, he feels himself on the edge of getting aroused. When Dr. Wolf bends him over the table to perform a prostate exam, Logan doesn’t know what to expect as he presents his smooth, tight hole to the doctor. As the tip of Dr. Wolf’s finger massages and teases his sphincter, he feels his cock begin to harden as it hangs between his legs!

When Dr. Wolf pulls out his fingers and gives him a glowing assessment, he sees the young man’s boner and cracks a pleased smile. “You seem to like it,” the doctor teases, helping Logan down from the table. Logan stands unsure of what to do, knowing it’s not going down anytime soon.

Dr. Wolf reaches out his hand and strokes the underside of the shaft with his fingers, feeling the warm, smooth, silky skin of the boy’s erection. Logan is stunned, loving the feeling of the man’s still wet fingers work over his member, both surprised his doctor would be so familiar but also desperately wanting him not to stop. Tags: gay size difference, macrophilia, microphilia, daddy son, gay first time, painful first time anal, diffs, thinks, giant men with tiny men, big guys little guys, big men fucking small men, big men fucking small boys

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Logan is still learning what his master needs. He’s still learning how to be a good slave, in general. Luckily, Master Legrand seems to be more affectionate and gentle than he could have imagined.

When he brings him into his bedroom, the submissive embarks on a slow, sweet, sensual exploration of his master’s cock and body, learning his scent and taste and watching as Master Legrand enjoys being the subject of worship.

The two connect on a deep, intimate level before Legrand claims his property’s hole, giving him his big, raw cock and marking him with his master seed.

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Austin has proven to Master Wolf that he can be loyal and obedient. He’s learned to anticipate Wolf’s needs and do everything he asks without question or hesitation. Now that Austin has been thoroughly fucked and filled, it’s time for him to go back on the auction block.

Master Wolf knows he can get a good return on his investment. Austin may no longer be a virgin, but he’s learned how to be an even better submissive to his powerful masters. Master Wolf will show him off to get the best price he can, using his body and holes to entice those watching!

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Marcus had heard about Dr. Wolf from some of his other short friends. The handsome doctor was known for specializing in young men with smaller bodies. Marcus was curious to check him out, leading him to make an appointment to see just how thorough the doctor could be.

He tried to stay calm and cool, but his heart raced as the doctor proceeded to take off his clothes and listen to his heart, but he knew it was just excitement from being near the handsome giant.

The doctor looked at him knowingly; with a slight smile, he silently communicated his awareness of the situation. Dr. Wolf continued to examine the boy’s genitals, pulling his cock out of underwear as he began to gently stroke it.

Dr. Wolf felt his own cock hard in his pants, poking out a bulge that stood at the same level as the boy’s stomach. Their height difference was more than he could stand, and he knew he had to pull it out.

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The submissive twink slave, Austin, knows his hardworking dom needs a break from his executive role. Pulling out the handsome man’s cock, he services him like he’s been trained to do, giving Wolf the erotic power he demands and the pleasure he needs.

Master Wolf is happy to see his slave boy taking to his new position, bringing out his owner’s lust for power and boyhole. The tall daddy takes charge of Austin’s ass, giving him his raw, hard cock as he fucks him into submission. Austin couldn’t be happier being the older man’s plaything, giving himself freely as every inch of his body is used and filled.