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Married studs Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark are elated to be receiving the keys to their new home, purchased from another lovely gay couple (they’ve even included the furniture!). The next morning, Manuel kisses Gabriel goodbye as he heads off to work, leaving his spouse to sleep in. But this house comes with another unexpected perk! As sexy Shane Jackson emerges from the basement, Gabriel soon discovers a “tenant” who pays his way using both traditional and nontraditional methods.

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Manuel Skye is a man who thoroughly enjoys a regimented life. He wakes up, performs his morning exercise routine by the pool and then cools off with a refreshing swim before embarking on his busy day. Manservant Tyler Berg has become all too familiar with this diligent order and is well aware that being in service to Manuel requires scrupulous care. After meticulously dressing Manuel in the fashion he has grown accustomed to, he accompanies him to the sitting room where Manuel sips a hot cup of tea and reads the paper. Clearly, nothing gets Manuel’s cock harder than a well-trained manservant. He begins to ever so casually stroking his thick, pre-cumming cock while Tyler polishes and buffs his shoes. We don’t think I need to spell out what happened next. Tyler certainly didn’t miss the cue.

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Who doesn’t love a Raw, Hung Top? Well brace your puckering asshole. Every single scene features raw, hung tops just itching to fuck a deserving bottom aching to get filled with big dick and loaded to the brim with cum.

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Tegan Zayne is still hanging out on the bathroom floor playing with his dick through ripped jeans from his last cocksucking encounter when Alek Buldocek walks in and catches him in the act. No words are exchanged as Alek cracks a beer and lets Tegan suck his monster cock. Tegan takes it all the way down as he gags and slobbers all over Alek’s curved shaft and giant balls. After getting nice and hard, Alek bends Tegan over the bathroom floor and spits his beer on Tegan’s hairy asshole to lube it up for what’s about to come. After licking the beer out of Tegan’s fuzzy crack, Alek stands up and slides his big rod deep into the horny bathroom pig on the floor. Tegan moans out with every thrust from the tatted muscle daddy filling up his hole. Alek picks up the pace to make Tegan squirm even more as his hole gets stretched and used. Tegan begs for Alek to fuck him harder as he rolls over onto his back. ‘Fuck the load out of me,’ Tegan whispers as he drains his balls all over the dark fuzzy patch of hair crowning his spent cock. Alek sees the pleasure he’s brought to Tegan and blasts a massive load to mix with Tegan’s.

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Bruno is a boxer and has just come to the locker room after a sparring match. He is tense and frustrated when Hunter walks in trying to pump him up. Hunter praises him, but Bruno is not in a good mood. Hunter starts massaging his shoulders and then Bruno exclaims that what he needs is a good fuck! He pulls out Hunter’s cock and starts sucking him. Hunter then rims Bruno’s nice ass while he wears his jock strap. Bent over, Hunter fucks Bruno over the bench at first and then up against the lockers as Bruno begs to be pounded. Bruno then grabs the punching bag and throws it to the floor where he lies on his back and Hunter continues to fuck him. Hunter fucks him so good, that Bruno shoots all over himself and Hunter follows. Enjoy!

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Big Load Cement Company wants a job with Big D, who’s impressed with Max Sargent’s firm handshake. “Years of handling big cement pipe,” smiles Max, rubbing his bulge. Eric opens wide to engulf Max’s thick slab, his nose tickling the muscle dad’s pubes: “Slide your mouth all the way down!” Max licks his lips and swallows Eric’s meat, begging him to fuck his face. Eric’s eyes roll up as he gets eaten and fucked, the bottom backing all the way down as he slams Max’s bush. Eric sits on it, his meat frantically flopping. Max licks Eric’s pit, then reaches around to stroke the bottom. Eric gets on his back (“Hammer my ass!”), his big balls soon coated in cum.

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Well-dressed roommates Andy Star and Axel Max renegotiate their arrangement this week in About Last Night. Andy just can’t take it anymore. Axel’s all-night fuck fests with random tricks are keeping him (and his cock) up at night. Unable to sleep, he decides to confront Axel the next day.

These guys need to clear the air, but they’re more interested in draining each other’s balls. After a hot kiss, their cocks come out and each of them takes a turn dropping to his knees to suck the other off. Andy comes out of his ice blue suit to let Axel eat him out, but Axel keeps his gray suit on the entire time as he pounds Andy in the kitchen.

When they move to the living room things go from hot to hotter. Andy rides Axel’s cock then lies on his back and offers up his hole for his roomie, getting the stiff cock and hard fuck he’s been giving lots of guys. The cum flies in great spurts in this vid. About Last Night will be a flick you’ll be talking about for a long time!

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Johnny V is training Roman Todd at the cross fit gym. Roman is pushing himself to the limit but Johnny keeps urging him to do more. To keep Roman moving, Johnny pulls out his dick and Roman gets to suck it with each sit-up he does. It’s not long before the workout takes a backseat so the studs can work on a different kind of routine. Both hunks peel off their gym gear and Roman bends over to let Johnny rim his smooth hole. Roman’s ass tastes so good that Johnny gets a raging boner the more he licks. When Johnny is convinced that Roman is ready for his cock, he slides it all the way into the hunky stud and drills his hole hard. After a deep pounding, Roman is ready to return the favor to Johnny, and slams his cock into his trainer’s asshole and pounds him until he’s ready to blow. Both hung studs finally get their releases when they blast their loads all over Johnny’s chiseled, heaving muscles.

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The long awaited Liam Cole Cum Junkie movie is here! It’s been several years in the making and it has finally arrived. Everything you have come to love about Liam’s movies is here – hot British and European men with a couple of Yankee bastards thrown in for good measure. Jessy Karson, Nathan Gear, Alexx Desley, Dolf Dietrich, Mario Domenech, Freddy Miller, Antonio Miracle, Tim’s own Drew Sebastian and many more! The Piиce De Rйsistance is the all out smashed London sex party! It’s the gangbang that was broadcast live over Treasure Island’s free chat “Jack-off Room” Fuckroulette (maybe you were there?) Cum Junkie Gabriel Fisk is at the heart of the action, as Brad Tyler, Sam Porter, Balthazar, Pro, and Valentino Delta take him hard, using every hole – every which way, until the cum junkie is blissfully worn out and seeded. This is Liam Cole at his very best.

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Adam Ramzi uses a piss bucket in front of construction bud Jack Hunter. They stroke each other, kissing deep before Adam wraps his bearded lips around Jack’s tool. “Suck that big dick,” moans Jack, guiding Adam’s head down. Adam gasps for breath, Jack beating his dick on the sucker’s mouth. Adam fucks Jack’s face, the sucker chewing on his foreskin. Adam plants his beard in Jack’s ass before ramming him from behind, the two then switching positions. “Give it to me slow,” says Adam, who takes it deep. He gets on his back—propping up his boner for the top to stroke. Jack fucks a load out of Adam, then dumps a big wad all over his beard.

The hats aren’t the only things that are hard as the men of Big D Construction return to the job. Watch their sticks go Boom as TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox and Hunter Marx continue wrecking wood—and each other.

At the construction site, Liam Knox can’t keep his eyes of Matthew Bosch’s bulge—which is soon banging both of his holes in a fast fuck that has the verbal bottom moaning like a man. Foreman Adam Thicke has a tool that Hunter Mark can’t put down, the hairy stud’s own jockstrap bursting at the seams before he gets his ass owned.

A piss bucket brings workers Adam Ramzi and Jack Hunter together, the two worshipping each other’s cocks before a fast and sweaty flip fuck leaves Adam’s beard coated. Fresh from his fuck, Jack Hunter gets another round from hung and horned co-worker Jason Vario—a verbal boss who uses his thick hammer to pound the breathless bottom.

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Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber get ready for rugby—but never make it out of the locker room. The two show off their jockstraps—the scent of their used, unwashed cloth turning each other on. Dirk feeds his dirty sock to his built bud, the two peppering each other with kisses throughout—noses pressed against each other as they stare, their bristly chins meeting. The two put their shorts on and grind against each other, Jesse soon pulling Dirk’s down to sniff his bulging jockstrap before licking his pit. The two sniff each other’s old shoes, Jesse soon putting his scrum cap on before Dirk sucks his cock. Jesse pulls Dirk’s shorts down, the boner popping out in his face. He sniffs it, then wraps his tongue around the shaft. Dirk pisses all over Jesse, soaking his tight rugby jersey. Jesse returns the favor, the two drenched. Dirk fucks Jesse over the bench—the bottom moaning with each deep thrust. Jesse sits on the top, the bottom’s hairy ass rubbing against the top’s fuzzy balls. Dirk jacks the bottom as he rides, the two soon squirting.

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Policeman Dirk Caber comes home to find husband Matthew Bosch stroking his monster while watching Hunter’s porn. Dirk gets on his knees to worship Matthew’s meat, engulfing his balls. “You haven’t showered, have you?” asks Dirk as he takes a whiff. “You smell damn good…how much of that’s you and how much of that’s him?” Dirk stands up and feeds Matthew, spit dripping to the floor. Dirk holds on to his head as he fuck’s Matthew’s face, his cock springing up when released from the sucker’s mouth. The two eat each other out, Dirk rubbing his stubbly head all over Matthew’s ass. Dirk rams him from behind, the bottom’s ass quivering. Matthew sits down on the top and rides, his massive boner bobbing up and down, then in a circle in a hot sequence. “Those your balls banging on me?” asks Dirk. “That’s awesome!” Matthew gets on his back as Dirk holds his legs wide, the two soon squirting as the bottom moans “Come all over me!”

Matthew Bosch has a special delivery for Hunter Marx, but the package is damaged and needs to be opened for inspection. Out of the package comes Hunters TitanMen porn DVDS, buttplugs and dildos which leads Matthew to realize its TitanMan Hunter Marx standing in front of him! Matt’s “I’ve always fantasized about being in porn” quickly leads to a full on audition bent over the kitchen counter! The two flip-fuck and shoot huge loads proving that Matthew is more than ready for his porn debut! Matthew goes home that night and pops in the DVD that Hunter gave him. Matt’s police officer husband, the hunky Dirk Caber, comes in after work to find Matt stroking his fat uncut cock to the DVD. “You’ll never believe who I meet on my route today, Hunter Marx!” exclaims! Dirk quickly engulfs MAtt huge uncut cock as they both watch Hunter on the DVD. “No one one fucks me as good as you” says Matt when Daddy Dirk asks if Hunter fucked him good! Dirk gives Matt a hard core fucking which finishes with two huge cumshots…and Dirk asking, “Now, where did you say Hunter was staying”? Officer Caber makes up a fake “noise complaint” to barge in on Hunter and Max Sargent sucking cock poolside. “Take it inside boys, we need to talk”, as buck-naked Hunter and Max comply. Once inside Officer Dirk tells Max “Suck it” and he strokes his cock while watching the cock-sucking. Pre-cum oozes thru his police uniform pants as he slowly pulls his cock out and strokes it. 2-way oral and rimming, soon leads to 3-way flip fucking where everyone gets some cock in their ass! Hunter and Max cum on Dirk as Dirk releases his own torrent of cum. Don’t we all wish we got these kind of deliveries!

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Ryan Bones is back in town after a 2-year porn journey that has kept him consistently on the road and away from home. He meets up with his buddy Markus Kage to catch up on what he’s been up to. While looking for a place to grab a drink, Ryan pops into the local sex shop so that he can stock up on supplies.
This turns into a pit stop that leads both guys down a path neither were anticipating.

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WOOPI, Jessy Ares AND Mario Domenech, the devil himself couldn’t have made a tastier, more spicy, meat based dish, we knew when we booked these guys it was gonna be a real doozey – and it is, with Mario getting his talented arse totally wrecked – YUM. The gents are down in the bar after hours and they’re both totally horned up, they’ve been saving their hot loads for days. Jessy’s jeans are so tight he’s busting out of them, the guys strip off and give us a tongue-led tour of each others rippling, untrimmed, unplucked, hairy bodies, Bodies the way we like ’em. From those sniffy armpits to those long, dark foreskins we don’t miss an inch. With their sneakers still on ( I know the guys who like that – they’ve requested it), the guys get down to some wet rimming and cock sucking until Mario’s ready to offer up his hard rump to Jessy’s big dick, legs spread Jessy slides between his muscular thighs and up to his bulging bollocks in Mario’s hot hole. This hairy hunk fucks like an animal and Mario’s tight hole really takes some punishment. They fuck up a spunky frenzy, Mario bends over and grips a pillar as Jessy carries on ploughing his fuck-hole until he knows he’s reached ‘ the zone’ and nothing but nothing is gonna stop that creamy load from squirting all down mario’s hairy thigh.

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Officer Hunter Marx races to the rescue in Jessy Ares’ studio, but it’s a false alarm. Left without a model, Jessy needs a fine ass to pose for his pictures. The hesitant Hunter relents, his hairy hole soon exposed. “Nice piece of ass,” says Jessy as he eats, his own boner released. “Turn around. I want that cock in my mouth,” he commands, devouring Hunter’s big shaft. The two stare into each other’s eyes, Hunter spitting down on his rod as a spit strand clings from his dick to Jessy’s mouth before falling to the floor: “Yeah, spit on that cock motherfucker!” Jessy feeds his uncut meat to the cop, whose own boner pulses as he sucks. “Time to put your ass to work,” says Jessy, fucking Hunter from behind before turning him over. Hunter strokes his own dick as he gets plowed, rubbing Jessy’s chest and exhaling a heavy breath. The two then swallow a double-headed dildo—their asses meeting and legs overlapped—before they stroke out their loads.