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As far as Rio is concerned, the day doesn’t truly begin until he’s had himself a nice morning romp. Luckily, boyfriend Beau Reed is always down for some morning activity, so as Rio soaks himself in the tub, and Beau lathers up for his shave, Rio decides to have a little fun, pulling Beau’s towel off and exposing his bubble butt. Rio gives it a smack and Beau knows what’s up, bending over to give Rio a better view. Beau turns around and sucks Rio’s big cock until it’s nice and hard, as Rio eyes Beau’s sweet ass. Plunging his cock deep inside, he pounds Beau against the vanity as Beau takes every inch. Beau mounts Rio and bounces on his meat stick until he’s nice and loosened up, and the Rio flips him onto his back and fucks the cum out of him, before pulling out and dousing Beau with his morning load. Rio may be a little late for work, but nothing cums between him and his morning routine. Enjoy!

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Ceasar Ventura and Aaron Trainer are back home in their bedroom after a workout at the gym. They are complimenting each other on their bodies and seeing as they are both getting on in their years, they are pleased with their results. They are both turned on by each other and soon their clothes are off and Ceasar is on his knees sucking Aaron’s huge cock. They then move to the bed where Aaron sucks Ceasar. They move into a 69 and then Aaron moves to Ceasar’s ass and rims him. He fucks Ceasar from behind for the 1st position and then Ceasar rides Aaron’s massive cock before lying on his back and Ceasar fucks the cum out of him. Aaron goes down and laps up Ceasar’s cum as he strokes his own cock and then shoots his load onto Ceasar.