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Jonathan, Zack and Brogan are in a hotel room in Denver messing around, getting hard and horny. Zack notices someone at the door – it’s Luke! “So you wanna come in and watch” Zack asks. Luke doesn’t need a second invitation he’s in that door and settles himself on a chair watching the three boys sucking each other’s cocks.

Luke grabs a dildo and starts playing with it as he watches the three start to bare fuck on the bed. It’s a glorious sight as we have a threesome of man flesh on the bed and Luke fucking himself with a dildo as he watches. After the three cum all over each other they start to leave … but Zack wants more! You’ll have to wait to see Part 2 to find out what happens next.

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Here’s two incredibly hot bodies wrapped together in one hell of a sensual session. Luke Hudson finds himself being worshipped by the muscled Mason as Mason lays him down and pleasures him by kissing his body all over then making him moan in ecstasy as he uses his tongue and fingers.

Luke then takes Mason’s cock in his mouth and it’s Mason’s turn to voice his delight. Now lubed with Luke’s saliva Mason’s cock enters Luke and the two are joined as one. If you love hot sex and hot guys – this scene is going to blow your mind!

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Those fans of Luke Hudson (and we know there are many) will no doubt notice that this is an earlier scene of Luke’s – no tattoo right! But what it does showcase is Luke’s natural talent from the beginning.

Luke wraps his lips around Shawn’s cock – the look on Shawn’s face is priceless – he’s never had his dick sucked so well before. Luke jumps on top and rides Shawn like a champion bull rider grabbing the sheets as the friction increases.

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Luke Hudson finds some strange lights and letters on the wall – what can it mean? Through the wall comes the monster – or at least the monster cock of Zack Grayson. “I’m the demogorgon or something – Let’s fuck!” he yells.

This monster cock is huge and hard as rock as Luke lies back and deepthroats it’s inches. It’s then Zack’s turn to use his lips and tongue to flick and lick and titillate Luke. The two moan as the heat rises.

Zack’s massive bare cock enters Luke and he is in pure ecstasy. Utilizing every inch of the couch to fuck in position after position – this otherworldly encounter is the hottest thing you’ll see all year.

Zack blows his load all over Luke’s abs and leaves to do ‘demogorgon stuff’. Luke is left wondering what just happened …

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Luke leans up against the pillows of the bed, spreading his legs apart to invite Spencer between. The boyish jock crawls playfully to meet him, bringing his soft lips up to Luke’s clit.

He kisses it gently before teasing it with his tongue and mouth. Hot breath spreads over his pussy, making it wet and hard in an instant. Luke’s sensitive clit sticks up for Spencer to savour, sucking on it as the trans boy moans.

Luke’s mouth waters as he licks his lips, leading his blond stud up to turn over and present his hard, swollen cock. Luke’s lips wrap around Spencer’s thick meat, tasting his precum as it slides down his tongue. Spencer smiles as each wave of pleasure flows through him, stirred by Luke’s expert cock sucking.

Spencer’s balls tighten, feeling the moment of climax on the edge. He doesn’t want to blow his load in Luke’s mouth, though. Luke lies on his back, spreading his legs apart once more.

Spencer moves between him, resting his thick, muscular thighs against Luke’s, feeling the tip of his cock kiss his pussy. With a gentle move forward, he feels Luke split apart around him, taking him in as his cock is enveloped in the warm, wet hole.

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Tristan’s soft, blond mustache brushes against Ari’s lips as they kiss, giving him a pleasant tickle as they get closer. Ari passionately wraps his arms around him, feeling the strong, nurturing energy of his new lover. Tristan kisses sensually down his neck as he runs his hands over Ari’s back and chest.

Tristan lifts Ari up onto the bed. He spreads his legs apart to get a closer look at his beautiful pussy. He buries his face deep into it, tickling it with his mustache as he had his mouth. His tongue laps at his sex, tasting him and kissing him as Ari moans with pleasure. The sounds vibrate his entire body, echoing on Tristan’s tongue as he worships Ari’s body.

Ari feels his body melt like butter as Tristan teases his clit with his favorite vibrator, interrupted only by the sexy man stealing lick with his tongue. Ari cums again and again as Tristan makes love to his pussy, shooting waves of pleasure out of every part of his mind, body, and soul.

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Ari takes Sean’s shaft in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down as Sean stretches out his broad chest. He’s enamored with the cute, bespeckled boy, impressed with how expertly he takes his cock on his tongue.
Ari looks back at Sean, catching his eye as he makes out with his nuts. Sean shoots him a playful smile, knowing those balls are full of cum for his sexy, trans lover.
Their connection becomes totally animal as Sean bends the boy over the bed and presses his cock between his pussy lips. He slides in smoothly, feeling the warm, velvety embrace of his hole along each exquisite inch.
Ari’s insides shift and move as Sean fucks him deeper and harder, taking him balls deep with absolutely delight.

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Meet our sexy new trans boy Connor Atlas. Connor is a twin and has been identifying as male since high school. Check out his interview in our MEET section to hear more about Connor and his experiences and peak into his life.

In his debut scene Connor shows us a what a sexy fucker he is. Cade Maddox bounces him up and down on the end of his cock. It’s a sensational pairing that is going to have you wanting more of Connor.