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Deserving a thorough thrashing, this complaining, incarcerated sub is beaten mercilessly as Master Derek takes out his sexual frustration on him. Snarling Master Derek opens up his arsecheeks and demands to receive a deep rimming; the runt’s tongue is forced deep into his hole.
Then, the top rams pieces of chocolate up his hole and pumps them out, directly into the sub’s whimpering mouth. This vicious mistreatment destroys the sub who collapses exhausted and completely humiliated.

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The hard muscular construction workers at Brutal Tops are incredibly skillful at roping up pathetic subs for their deviant sexual pleasure. Master Nick restrains the sub binding his neck to his ankles so the slightest pull on his legs strangles the bound cunt. The laughing dominant perverts attach a weight and clips to his balls and smack his ass so every time he kicks out in pain he strangles himself and his genitals are painfully yanked. These sadistic men are incredibly knowledgeable in restraint and torture for their own sadistic pleasure. Once he’s fully bound Master Lee whips out his large hard cocks for the sub to suck.

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Dante (Fabien Fleury), an expert in all types of degradation, returns from the hunt with a special prey: a young guy (David Valentin) whom he transforms into a sexual slave while being watched by another sub servant (Greg Ken). Trussed up like chickens, Dante takes his slaves into an iron cage by where the master begins the treatment with some heavy slaps. He continues the submission process by relaxing the asses of his young whores before he hammers his huge, hard fucktool mercilessly into their holes.

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Did you think that Silas had finished with his slave American? Well, this has just started! This time Silas chains him to the Saint Andrews cross and doesn’t doubt to whip hard his naked body, specially his ringed cock. Among the whips and the hard-tratement, the master blows his cock making him moan. Once Silas thinks it’s enough, he places American on a stool and fucks hard his daddy’s ass. But this master seems that he’s never satisfied, because he bends American over and fists his abused ass whilst he jerks himself off. Once the slave cums, his master puts him a mask for the last humiliation.

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Sir visits the boy in his cell, giving us a rare close up of Sir pissing. The boy greets him with the customary blowjob. When Sir is getting ready to cum he permits the boy to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long enthusiastic shower.

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Now that we’ve fucked and beaten straight cunt Ryan we’re going to rent him out as a slave. This lazy bastard has lived a comfy privileged existence and has no clue how to properly serve. The only way to properly train him is with quick and vicious instructions. Trembling in fear with his body still sore from his beating and fucking, Ryan cowers naked and desperately tries to obey. Anything slack or slow earns him a hard smack to the face or a boot to his bruised arse. With his face constantly against the floor he can only stare up helplessly at the furious perv standing over him spitting in his face and stretching open his arse. Adrian widens his hole and screws him with a vibrator to prepare his arsehole to serve every man we rent him out to. Pounding Ryan’s arse has got Adrian hot and bothered. He uses this opportunity to train this dumb straight fucker how to suck a dick. Ryan is instructed how to go down on it and pleasure a man’s cock. This lazy bitch can’t do it properly so the only thing to do is grab Ryan’s head and hold it in place while Adrian mercilessly skull fucks him. Ryan desperately gasps for breath and his face goes beet red as the hard dick is angrily rammed down his throat. Even when all Ryan’s stomach juices come bubbling up into his mouth and his body begins to hysterically tremble, Adrian continues to viciously fuck this hetero’s gob.

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Flo and Tommy wander across an old factory site. They have a video camera with them and take it in turns to film the other one pissing. But that`s not enough for Flo. He quickly gets his cock out and makes Tommy suck him in front of the camera. To really humiliate him, he pushes his sweaty socks in his face and gets his feet licked before he finally fucks him.

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Tied ass-up on the exam table doctor Rob’s knackers look very tempting peeking out from under his hospital gown and dangling between his muscular thighs. The pervy men at BreederFuckers give him a good hard fucking with a vibrator on a stick. Doctor Dave ties his nuts to the table and teases the incredibly sensitive underside of his glans with a vibrator wand. His captors make him fuck himself on the stick pushing his butt backwards so the vibrator slides deep into his anal cavity. Rob is presented with a dick in his face which he’s ordered to chow down on or get another lashing from the cane. His oral skills aren’t up to scratch so Dave sits his bare ass back on Rob’s face to teach him how to properly slide his tongue up a man’s ass. After hollering repeatedly Rob needs a drink. Dave orders him to keep his gob open and swallow while he unleashes streams of piss into his mouth.

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Casper Ellis sitting patiently in the room ready to be Master Aarons toilet is most definitely something we couldn’t miss out on. We all know human toilets need to be warmed up first before use, so Master Aaron decides to whip the boy nice and red whilst having him bark like the pup he is. After pissing down the funnel hydrating the pup, he’s tied on the stairs and the whipping continues, but as if this torture was not enough now he gets some electro play on his dick, until Aaron milks the last drops of cum from this young pups dick and feeds it to him!

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Adam seems to be the ideal slaveboy, sat in the cage in a straitjacket waiting for his master to return to give him some more use and abuse. After sucking of Master Aaron, he’s moved to the top-side of the cage, ass spread, and awaiting some spanking. Not only does he get a nice red ass, but also his feet don’t seem to go un-noticed. Not all the fun ends there, as then he’s fucked, and then literally hung upside down, ready for more spanking before ending with a face full of cum!