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Deserving a thorough thrashing, this complaining, incarcerated sub is beaten mercilessly as Master Derek takes out his sexual frustration on him. Snarling Master Derek opens up his arsecheeks and demands to receive a deep rimming; the runt’s tongue is forced deep into his hole.
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Sporty Masters Nick and Mike enter the locker room after a sweaty hard matches and feel like releasing some of their pent-up sexual energy on a lowly sub. They roughly handle the lad throwing him down onto a mattress, truss him up, relentlessly punish his cock and balls, gob in his mouth and violate his asshole with a cricket bat. These hard skillful masters demand full service and are in control every second.

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Total sadist Master Aaron stubs his lit cigarette out in his sub’s mouth and makes it swallow the ash. He drenches the sub’s thirst with hot fresh piss and makes the loser clean his ripe arsehole with its tongue. Hard and nasty deep-throat fucking follows, until it pukes. Master Aaron has such a big hard cock!
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