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Hetero Marc is panicking. Now that he’s seen how nasty we can be it terrifies him being stripped down to nothing but his thin white pants while secured to the discipline bench. When Dave enters and taunts him with his bulge Marc flies into a blind rage warning his captor away from his arsehole. But there’s nothing he can do to stop Dave from tugging those pants aside and pulling his cheeks open to examine his sexy fucking arsehole. As Marc still resists him Dave yanks his pants right up his arse crack so they slice against his hole. Dave won’t be satisfied till this straight cunt offers up his bum like a slut. He tears into Marc’s hole widening him open and manipulating his cock till he grows a semi. But Dave soon makes it clear this isn’t for Marc’s pleasure as he secures his meaty scrotum to his toes. Now Marc can’t move without causing intense pain to his testicles. Dave lashes his big arse and Marc must struggle with all his might not to kick out or he’ll rip his own fucking nuts off! Dave ramps up the pressure even more as he canes the sensitive soles of Marc’s feet making him tear the clamps off. Now this hetero is in such intense pain he’ll do anything to make it stop even suck Dave’s stiff dick. He drives his captor into such a frenzy that Dave plunges into Marc’s arse screwing him while the straight bastard helplessly yanks against his restraints. Marc’s mouth is filled with a fresh load of spunk and he recoils as he feels the creamy load sliding down his throat! Now he’s a proper bender!

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Dave relishes the feeling of hetero Marc struggling to escape the ropes binding him in place. Every time he angrily fights for release he inadvertently wriggles his bum against Dave’s crotch. He’s like a wild beast that’s been restrained. Marc is humiliated as his pants are wrenched up his bum crack lifting him off the floor. They go so far up there that when Dave tears them away they remain wedged up Marc’s tight arsehole! One thing a hetero can’t stand is admitting a man can arouse him so Marc finds it crushing when Dave expertly sucks his cock making him grow a stonking hard on. Marc is doused in oil. Now with his engorged dick all bound up and his body gleaming this straight cunt looks like a slutty bottom in a dungeon. A vibrator is secured up Marc’s arsehole and Dave orders him to bounce up and down on it like a whore fucking himself. Dave alternates stimulating Marc’s cock with showing him the sting of the flogger. He drives him to spill his seed. This hetero’s sense of stimulation is so fucked up now he doesn’t know whether he’s experiencing pleasure or pain!

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Wearing nothing but a pair of footy shorts and sporty cleats, Joe is securely tied with his arse in the air. There’s nothing this terrified straight man can do to protect his arse from being exposed as the shorts are slid up his legs. In this position Joe can’t turn away from Dave who gobs into the crevice of his arse so his spit pools over his sphincter. This resistant fucker needs to learn his place. He’s given a severe belting which leaves his bum burning red. Dave plunges multiple fingers into Joe’s arsehole till his cunt is sloppy wet and loose. Joe sneers at men cottaging in toilets so here he becomes a human urinal as a funnel is inserted in his arse and Dave fills his anal cavity with piss. With a plug inserted in his anus, the pressure of all that piss sloshing around inside him is agonizing! Joe will do anything to make it stop. Dave plants his arse cheeks over Joe’s proud face and makes him slide his tongue up inside his stinking hole. At the same time Dave punches down Joe’s torso making the pressure even more unbearable. The dumb straight fuck can barely breath with a man’s arse planted firmly over his face and he feels on the brink of explosion with his piss filled guts being pressed. When the butt plug is released Joe turns into a human fountain as a shower of urine shoots from his arse. Hetero Joe has been reduced to a weeping mess with piss leaking from his anus!

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It’s been some time since we’ve seen feisty young Bobby, but he is one of our favourite straight fuckers. He’s become famous online for all the sadistic things we’ve done to him previously and while it’s ruined his marriage it makes us want to use him in even more perverse scenarios. It’s hot seeing how he still has a slender muscular boyish look to him which makes him perfect for a scenario we’ve been hankering to film. We dress him up as a schoolboy, tie him up and present him on a pedestal so we can gradually have our wicked way with him. This lad has an infallible sex drive so some expert handling is all that’s needed to get his prick straining upward. With his clothes peeled back we grease him up like a roadhouse whore ready for patrons. We shove our stiff dicks in his face and order him to suck while we tug his hard prick. When we’re achingly horny we make Bobby bend over and present his temptingly hairy arse crack. His bumhole is well greased and prepped as Adrian prises it open. His arse is so fucking tight it take a big thick dildo to train it open again. At the same time his resistant gob is stuff full of cock. Bobby may have thought he’d become a proud mature man, but we prove here that he’s nothing but our dick hungry bitch.

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Stupid hetero Josef doesn’t realize what his best asset is. This man’s muscular sporty bum has gone to waste his entire life. Now Dave is going to make up for it by punishing Josef’s arse and taking his pervy sexual pleasure using it! His rump is tenderised with a flogger till it’s burning red. His dick and balls are bound and attached to his feet so he can barely move without causing himself excruciating pain. It’s a straight man’s worst nightmare to have his arse up in the air without any idea what’s coming at him and having no way to protect it. Josef is blindfolded so that he has no way of knowing a massive dildo is about to penetrate him until he can feel it tearing open his fucking arsehole. Next thing Josef knows he can smell the pungent fumes of raw angry dick in front of his face. He has no choice but to suck it or he’s going to get another vicious flogging. Josef painfully obeys till he’s caused Dave to grow a massive stiffy. Little does he know he’s just excited the dick which is about to fuck him! Dave furiously rams Josef’s beaten arse and shoots his load deep inside him. Josef moans in shame as all that sperm comes oozing out of his sore wrecked sphincter.

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Muscular straight stud Shane desperately wants some extra money, but he refuses to get fucked or do anything sexual with other men. We compromise by asking him to pose for some photos while he’s in bondage. He submits to being expertly tied while fully clothed with his arms secured firmly behind his back. It’s all very friendly and cosy until the moment when those big tough muscles he’s worked for years to build up are full restrained. Now he’s helpless and he’s all ours. We whip down his track suit bottoms to fully feel and appreciate this stud’s sculpted body. Shane detects something pervy and wrong is happening but no matter how much he strains he can’t escape. His clothes are cut off from him leaving him utterly exposed. Just tweaking Shane’s nipples gets him bucking like a bull, but we have much worse in store.

We grip and stroke his big healthy cock that’s only been used to screw his girlfriend. The rope gag secured to the ceiling is raised so he must balance painfully on his toes. We subdue the angry fucker delivering some swift punches to his taut stomach and lashes to his body. Adrian wrenches his pants up so they slice right into his arsehole and Dave can deliver a whacking to his big round arse cheeks. His big fat todger is jerked mercilessly and his tight hot hole is aggressively fingered. Shane’s thick cock is tied up and his balls are restrained. We’re done fantasizing about what this fella looks like under his sporty gear. This is how Shane should always remain: naked, restrained and exposed for whatever we want to do to that sterling body.

BreederFuckers – gay spanking

At BreederFuckers, Aaron’s battered and bruised arse cheeks are still burning hot from his discipline, but we’re not done with him yet. The stupid fucker thinks he still has his liberty and can commandingly order us to stop. Dave grips his tight white pants and wrenches them up give him an almighty wedgie that slices against his sensitive sphincter. When that thin covering is cut away, his body is completely vulnerable to our prodding and probing of his fucking hot straight arsehole. Every whack from the wooden paddle to his sore behind causes Aaron unbearable pain which you can see registering in his trembling body. All this resistant hetero can do is tighten his fists and take the invasion of his anus which is leaking copious amounts of bum juice. His howls into his gag and struggles to breath through his nose. Only after a ferocious amount of punishment will Aaron freely admit to being a filthy cocksucker and beg to service our dicks. We’ve now got this straight fucker on film asking for it like a dirty whore and going down on our pricks. The stench of our groins fills his nostrils and his gag reflex quickly goes into overdrive. Every failure to keep a cock in his mouth earns him a harder paddling. When he can sufficiently keep his mouth around a dick, Dave plows into his arse fucking him hard. His sore sphincter is covered in our spunk and Adrian shoves a buttplug up his hole to keep all our semen inside Aaron’s arse. It takes long gruelling sessions for this cunt to learn how to sexual serve men properly, but we’re dedicated to our work.

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At BreederFuckers, Hetero prick Aaron is used to calling the shots and expecting people to bow to his authority. Now we’ve strung him up stark bollock naked so he’s incapable of resisting us. He feels more intensely vulnerable than he’s ever been in his life. We can freely grope and perv all over his body as much as we want. He can shout and insult us all he wants but that only provokes us to be greedier and meaner mauling his sexy straight man’s body. We own his body and his big eager dick. Dave goes down on him and Aaron can’t stop himself from going a fat stonking hard on. We tie up his engorged cock and weigh it down. He can do nothing to stop his trapped tumescent prick and the searing level of pleasure/pain in his body. Dave sets upon his vulnerable bum ramming his fingers deep inside his anus till he’s sloppy and loose. Aaron needs to learn that everything he experiences and feels is controlled by us now. Dave flogs him senseless and Adrian attaches a string of pegs down his body. Just when he’s wanked till his juice is spraying all over, the pegs are cruelly torn off with one swift rip. This straight man will never experience an orgasm the same way again.

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Fit footballers like Leonardo are accustomed to being publicly adored and having their arse kissed wherever they go. Well, we say it’s time that changed with this hairy athletic star being put on public display so his arse can be fucked by anyone that wants to have a go. First he needs to be trained to be a big fucking bumslut. Leonardo is secured in a chair with his legs spread wide with only a thing layer of cotton between our greedy fingers and his vulnerable virgin fuckhole. A hole is cut to offer a window to that lovely tight sphincter of his.

Adrian shoves his finger up Leonardo’s arse and finds the filthy fucker needs a good cleaning out. A sackful of water is inserted into his anal cavity and the bastard is sternly ordered not to release it or there will be consequences. The most tender parts of his body are put under massive strain as his nut sack is pegged and Dave takes a vicious cane to smack the tender soles of his feet. The bastard can’t take it and lets rip a long spray of water. Now he’s sorry because it means he’s open and vulnerable for fucking. We take it in turns to screw his tight sporty cunt while Leonardo moans pathetically. His hairy sphincter is coated in fresh sprays of hot sperm. Every second of his ordeal feels like a hellish eternity, but now that he’s been broken in Leonardo can expect droves of men lining up to fuck him.

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Now that we’ve fucked and beaten straight cunt Ryan we’re going to rent him out as a slave. This lazy bastard has lived a comfy privileged existence and has no clue how to properly serve. The only way to properly train him is with quick and vicious instructions. Trembling in fear with his body still sore from his beating and fucking, Ryan cowers naked and desperately tries to obey. Anything slack or slow earns him a hard smack to the face or a boot to his bruised arse. With his face constantly against the floor he can only stare up helplessly at the furious perv standing over him spitting in his face and stretching open his arse. Adrian widens his hole and screws him with a vibrator to prepare his arsehole to serve every man we rent him out to. Pounding Ryan’s arse has got Adrian hot and bothered. He uses this opportunity to train this dumb straight fucker how to suck a dick. Ryan is instructed how to go down on it and pleasure a man’s cock. This lazy bitch can’t do it properly so the only thing to do is grab Ryan’s head and hold it in place while Adrian mercilessly skull fucks him. Ryan desperately gasps for breath and his face goes beet red as the hard dick is angrily rammed down his throat. Even when all Ryan’s stomach juices come bubbling up into his mouth and his body begins to hysterically tremble, Adrian continues to viciously fuck this hetero’s gob.

BreederFuckers – bound gay slave

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Dave keeps naive hetero Ryan on his toes by giving him hope that he can escape from this new straight hell! But the truth is that there’s no hope for him now. Not only is he our new permanent cock sucking bitch and bum boy but we’ll fucking break him so severely he’ll willingly serve us! Ryan’s pathetic struggle to break free is utterly futile and only makes him sweat as he strains every muscle in his body to get away. When he realises there is no escaping this pervy man he transforms from a polite young man to a vicious nasty bastard swearing and spitting at Dave like a rabid animal. Dave mockingly oils him up so his body gleams like a trophy. Ryan’s arse is already agonizingly sore and covered in welts from earlier punishments so he’s absolutely consumed with terror about any further beating to his bum cheeks. He goes into a blind panic as Dave secures his body forward so his arse is sticking out. As Dave gives him a firm spanking the pain is so intense Ryan’s naked body helplessly trembles all over. He’s gagged so he can’t even cry out anymore. Now as Dave cruelly and relentlessly beats his arse with a stinging flogger all Ryan can do is grunt like a bound beast. The stupid dickhead pathetically screams with saliva pouring from his mouth as he’s pounded continuously with a dildo attached to a power tool which rips his arse to pieces. Now that he knows how severe his punishment can get, this whimpering straight cunt won’t fight us anymore!

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We first met hetero Marc a year ago and since then he’s given up his party lifestyle to become an upstanding businessman and husband-to-be. But he needs cash to set up house so comes to us for a new session… the stupid fucker has no idea what he’s let himself in for! Marc has lost all sense of discipline and needs hard training to bring him back into line. Adrian recalls that Marc has very sensitive nipples so as soon as his arms are bound behind his back those pink buds are clamped and Adrian uses it to lead the bastard around like a captured stallion. It’s horny handling his big dumb dick and nads knowing they’re meant only for his bride. This dapper groom has been reduced to a pathetic naked slave crawling on the floor and striving with every muscle in his body to comply with the pervy demands of his captor. His heavy cock and tight arsehole belong to us now. Adrian digs into Marc’s meaty arse and widens his hole making him wince in disgust. Bound stark naked in a humiliating position Marc desperately struggles with all his might to get free. He may have thought he’d become a proper man but this husky stud is nothing but our whore.

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Hetero James has an impressively big set of balls and a fat donkey dick. This gives him a lot of macho pride, but here he’s taught that package is to be restrained and kept purely for our pleasure. His only purpose is to suck dick and swallow men’s loads. Restrained and bound naked to the wall he has no choice but to service the stiff cock that’s shoved down his throat. And once he’s got us aching hard James is bent over naked and made to offer up his arsehole. Adrian loosens up his sweet fucking straight hole and readies him for a viciously hard fucking. As James lies there feeling the sperm dripping down his aching arse he’s made crushingly aware how low he’s fallen and that this will be his life from now on.


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Now that Toby is back and has grown into a full proper man, Dave takes his time pervily exploring and refamiliarizing himself with every inch of this hairy builder’s body! Usually workmen whistle and catcall any pretty thing that passes by but here Toby is turned into the slut on display! He makes Toby flash his body showing off his arse crack and straight cock to be groped and manhandled. Toby’s gets that sexy hurt puppy look as his eyes grow watery and the absolute humiliation of his predicament overwhelms him. He’s ordered submissively on his knees to suck cock like a bitch while staring up sorrowfully at the man skull fucking him. His face flushes red and he gags as he struggles to deep throat that man meat. Once he gets Dave really hard Toby must lay back and present his hairy arsehole for fucking. Dave vigorously pounds him while possessively clutching Toby’s nuts. Down on his knees Toby must open his gob to receive Dave’s load and then suck clean the dick that just fucked him. It’s such a turn on having fucked this lad as a boy and now screw him again as a fully grown straight man!