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At, already flushed with excruciating embarrassment from standing naked before the girls, Chris’ teacher now orders him to present his body for inspection and to be used as a prop for their education! He’s always dreamed of having all eyes in the room on him in bodybuilding competitions but not with his wang and jewels hanging out for all to see! pics

At, the women savour their absolute power over Michael. There’s no sexier sight than a big tough stud like this being naked at their feet, pleading for attention and ready to serve them in any way they desire. They take such satisfaction using him as a group, overwhelming him and demanding he worship them all at once!

CFNMTV – cfnm handjob

In the new video at CFNMTV, the girls are delighted with the first of their ‘interviewees’ that turns up. They love their job – they get to relieve a man of his clothes and play with his naked body however they please. No matter how demeaning, the men most do exactly what the women demand – otherwise they don’t get paid!


In the new video at CFNMTV, the girls are having a whale of a time with the former policeman. Now he’s their plaything and they are determined to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. They won’t stop until his arse is red-raw and throbbing and they’ve shown him once and for all what a mistake it was to pick on these cunning women. humiliations

At, the women feel a malicious glee and powerfully aroused seizing control of this arrogant man’s arse! They won’t put up with any whining or resistance. He belongs to them now and they are set on training him to be their submissive plaything. Any objections he makes will be completely ignored!