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Unaware that his brother had company over the night before, Spencer Laval is just a man trying to eat his breakfast in peace and quiet, but when Marcus Tresor finds him in the kitchen, standing alone with his morning wood raging, things become a little awkward. Marcus tells Spencer he’s not really into cold cereal, and instead prefers a little breakfast sausage, eyeing the bulge in Spencer’s shorts. Spencer tries to play it off, but Marcus persists, and before he knows it, Marcus is gripping his cock and staring him dead in the eyes. Spencer’s mind is telling him to walk away, but his throbbing cock is telling him something else entirely, and when Marcus flips Spencer’s waistband down and begins to suck him off, Spencer realizes there are worst ways to spend the morning. Suddenly, Spencer’s hunger is no longer in his stomach, as his cock gets rock hard in Marcus’ mouth. He bends Marcus over the island and plunges his raw cock deep inside Marcus’ hole. Marcus proves this isn’t his first-morning sausage, as he takes every inch of Spencer’s dick willingly, fucking him all over the kitchen. They move to the floor where Marcus gives Spencer the ride of his life, then Spencer flips him over, fucking the cum out of Marcus before hosing him off with his morning load. They clean up just as Spencer’s brother stirs awake upstairs. Enjoy!

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A day with the Israeli Army. Ludovic and Nir have found the perfect fuck buddies whom they can dominate: Mean as they are the put a sack over his head and fuck him hard and wild. They are pumping the hole and shoot a big load. They both take their turn to fuck their brains out. Soldiers do have a rough life!

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When you share an apartment with 3 other guys, it can sometimes be difficult to have the place to yourself, and if you don’t want to be fighting off the like of Christian, Helmut and Jerome for the attention of your new love, it is quite important. Luckily for Antony he has planned it well, and all 3 of his housemates are out when he brings home Jacq Broyard for a little fun in the bedroom. While Jacq does isn’t a man of many words, it isn’t the conversation than Antony has brought him here for, but luckily he is a great fan of big dicks and hot sex. Because they are so well matched in height, it is not evident how tall both these guys are, with Jacq coming in at 6’4″ and Antony a whopping 6’6″.

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Handsome straight guy Alan Pekny gets his cherry busted today, by the equally handsome str8 and big-dicked Alan Carly. They sit on the bed and chat with Alan C asking lots of questions and leading the conversation on to the subject of guy-guy sex. Alan P his happy to show off his hot chest. Alan C’s shorts are bulging, as he seems to be hard. So he is clearly horny for some sex. He persuades Alan P have a massage and quickly gets to work running his hands all over that sexy body. It doesn’t take long to lower Alan P’s shorts and for Alan C to start sucking on the cock. Alan P’s cock responds to the sucking and gets nice and hard. Alan C’s head bobs on the hard cock taking it all in his mouth. He licks the shart and head too. Alan P enjoys the feeling of the mouth on his cock, moving to sit on the bedframe for more sucking. Then he shows off his ass and lays on the bed with his legs up for Alan C to slide his big, throbbing, cock deep into the tight ass. Alan P takes cock into his ass for the very first time and does it well. Alan C fucks the ass, gently as first. He goes deeper and deeper into the tight hole, opening it up real well. Then he speeds up with his deep fucking as Alan P wanks his own cock. Alan P wanks hard and fast as he feels the big dick fucking his hot hole. His ass gets a good pounding and sooh he shoots his hot cum onto his sexy body. Alan C continues his fucking and then pulls out to shoot his hot load as well.

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Hoss Kado is a stud on the field, but he’s much more interested in scoring with Dalton Riley after the game. Luckily, Dalton is definitely down to kick it with Hoss, who is no stranger to a little rough play. Hoss shows off his ball handling skills and then shows why he’s a fullback on the field and in the bedroom, giving Dalton all the ass he can handle and then some, as they play in all of their favorite positions until they both reach their goal. The great thing about this game is that when these two cum together, everyone wins. Enjoy!

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We have a great Dream Set, suggested by Darayush. Alan Carly is busy cleaning the apartment when Alex Stan opens the door and surreptitiously watches him. Alan is listening to music and wiggling his sexy ass as he dusts the furniture. Alex keeps watching and removes his tee shirt and starts to rub his chest. Then he gropes himself and opens his jeans to let his rock hard cock flop out. He takes hold of his cock and wanks it as he keeps spying on Alan. He then opens the door and walks in, approaching Alan’s sexy ass. He reaches for the ass, and Alan turns to see who it is. Then they begin to kiss and Alan’s hard cock is released from his underwear. Alex wanks both cocks together as he kisses Alan. Alan is then stripped and he drops to his knees to suck on Alex’s stiff cock. He takes it all in his mouth, sucking it so well. Alex holds Alan’s head and fucks his cock deep into the eager mouth. Alan then moves to bend over the desk making his ass available. Alex spreads the cheeks and then starts rimming that hot hole as he wanks on Alan’s cock. He fingers the tight hole and keeps on lapping at it and sucking on Alan’s cock. He then moves Alan onto the bed and fucks him from behind, his dick sliding deep into the tight ass. Alan moans as he takes that cock all the way in his hot ass. Alex fucks deep and hard before laying on the bed for Alan to sit on his dick and ride it. He really knows how to take that cock and soon they move to doggy position again. Alan wanks himself as Alex fucks him from behind. Moving again Alan is on his back, legs up, for more of that big cock in his ass. He wanks himself hard and fast as Alex fucks him. Soon Alan shoots his cum as Alex pounds his hot hole. The moaning increases and Alex pulls out and dumps his squirting cum shot up Alan’s sexy body. Then he leans over and kisses him to end a perfect scene.

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Two pals meets for a good fuck. For Mikel is the first time he will be dominated but can’t refuse to be tied up, forced to lick feet and spit and having a hard playing with his ass.

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Junior is seen making a deal on the phone, we don’t know whom to but it looks like he’s rigging the show with one of the producers in exchange for a taste of his meaty 8.5” cock! So it’s the final! Only two contestants left, only one can be crowned the UK’s Next Top Hot Jock! And the winner is… Junior! (Though he and we knew this). Pretending to be shocked, he covers his mouth, hugs fellow finalist Tyson and like a good boy he thanks his mum, adorable! Back in his hotel suite, he’s quaffing Champagne and chilling out in nothing but a jock strap after a hard days winning. There’s a knock at the door and who should it be but the shows presenter Sam. He walks straight in, applauding and congratulating him. Junior asks what he’s doing there, “Well you won the contest, I’ve come to collect what you owe me” Now we know who was on the phone! Not putting up much of a fight, Junior shrugs and goes in for a kiss. Making good use of the suite and the plush bed, Junior gives Sam what he’s been craving. Kissing turns into sloppy, wet cock sucking then into hard fucking, Sam taking every inch again and again! Congratulations Junior indeed.

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In the explosive final encounter Gustav (Matt Kennedy) is more evil than ever, and his opponent Craig 00SEX (Doryann Marguet) may be in trouble but is full of ideas. He manages to turn a bad situation to his advantage in an epic sexual confrontation. Masculine, body-to-body contact, ass-rimming, face-fucking and a major hole-drilling mission leads to an amazing final where the juices flow in abundance!

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Trent and Trevor are hanging out in the dorm room studying hard for midterms. While studying Trevor leans over to grab another notebook but what he finds inside is not school work but rather nude photos of men. Trent is somewhat embarrassed but the cat is now out of the bag. They both admit that they have been curious about other men and what it would be like to go all the way with one. Soon enough Trevor is rocking a big boner which is clearly seen pitching a tent through his shorts. Trent is excited yet nervous but he does the right thing and pulls his study mate’s cock out and begins to deep throat it. After some great cock sucking from both of these college studs Trent is finally ready to have Trevor pound his sweet smooth tanned ass. The rest is history but midterms ehhhh who cares about that. Enjoy!

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Luke Johnson lies down on the bed and Donte Thick walks over to him and begins to suck on his cock. This is Luke’s first time doing anything with another man. Donte pulls out his big hard cock right in front of Luke’s face and he takes every inch down his throat. It doesn’t look like his first time sucking cock but is most defiantly is. Donte gets up on the bed and pushes look down onto his chest so he can spread his legs and begin to play with his tight hairy hole. Donte loves what he sees and starts licking and fingering his ass making it nice and wet with his spit. Luke loves it as he moans with pleasure getting finger banged in his tight eager hole. Donte can’t wait any longer as he watches this sexy soldier boy wiggle his ass in front of him. Donte slowly pushes his big hard dick into Luke’s tight little hole. Once Donte is balls deep he starts fucking him slowly easing him into the battle that is far from over. Donte strokes Luke’s cock which is hard as a rock as he is being fucked for the very first time. Donte fucks Luke in several positions before he lets the rookie get a turn on his ass. Luke pushes his hard dick into Donte fucking him hard and smacking him. Donte fucks Luke harder this time around making him sweat with pleasure as he gets fucked in a few new positions Eventually they end up on the bed tangled up together making out and stroking their cocks until Luke’s nut releases up and into Donte’s mouth and all over his chest. Donte’s hot creamy load ends up splashed on both of them. The battle is over and Dirk sends the soldiers into the showers. Enjoy!

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Here at the Double D Bed and Breakfast, a guest will find all the standard accommodations that one would expect- scenic views, quiet, clean rooms, attention to detail and impeccable service- but the proprietors of the inn offer one extra amenity that sets them apart. Dante Colle and partner Donte Thick have been in the hospitality business for a few years now, and the one thing they pride themselves on is the level of personal service they provide for each guest… especially ones as desirable as Spencer Laval. Spencer discovers that the term ‘full service’ doesn’t just mean a stocked ice machine or a continental breakfast. Instead, Spencer receives the full hands on treatment from the Double Ds, and after his experience, he’s positive that not only will he be writing a glowing review, but he’ll also be sure to book again in the near future. Enjoy!

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Devin sucks on Mason’s fine cock while hairy Mason moans. Mason then shoves his tongue deep inside Devin’s crack and its Devins turn to moan. That beard and the spit adds to the sensation. ‘Holy fuck’ squeals Devin as Mason bare fucks his spit filled hole – grabbing his cheeks to pound every inch deep inside.

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A well deserved tea break and a friendly chat seem sot be all that’s on offer here, from James’s point of view. Liam asks how he’s getting on and says what a great place it is to work in, he’s clearly just buttering him up for another initiation to the wood work business! Taking the cuppa out of his hands he suggests an extended break time and before James can question him his tongue is down his throat. Hands wander over overalls and find their way inside. Liam is strong, big and muscular and really takes control of the situation. The contrast of burly Liam and super lean James is breath taking, the work gear comes off and the fuck against the big press, thick Liam pressing into James’s tight hole! James really does like working here, this is his second fuck from a member of staff in as many days. James pushes back hard on Liam’s hard cock and body, bounces on him and takes a serious pounding before being splattered with spunk!