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This Open House will definitely take your mind off the mortgage crisis. Hunky Thomas Winter and Jakub Kostas spend the day looking for a love nest and come across tall dark and handsome real estate agent Karlos Armandes as he’s showing a house to a bunch of hot and horny prospective buyers. No sooner does the pair start looking around the place than cute Martin Corvin, tall and sexy David Vanek and big-dicked Johny Lee show up, get naked and proceed to swallow each other’s uncut cocks. David and Johny spit roast Martin, cramming his mouth and muscular bubble butt full of dick before they spray him with thick gobs of jizz. Muscle stud Eric Tomfor, beefy Andre Lopes and ripped Leo Cooper decide the kitchen’s the best place to eat ass and choke down some hard cock. Andre warms up Leo’s hairy ass with plenty of spit and a couple of fingers and then he and Eric take turns banging Leo before the three studs spurt spunk all over the place. Finally, our original house hunting couple gets a moment alone in a spare bedroom where they strip down and hungrily suck each other’s dicks. Watching through the door, Karlos springs a huge hard on, peels of his suit and joins the action. Thomas and Jakub stuff his face with their cocks, then fuck him hard until they drench his big pecs with plenty of sticky cum. Who knew the real estate market could be this hot? – gays massage

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Hung studs Greg Riley and Valentin Petrov exchange looks in the locker room while Greg Riley takes a shower. But soon they are exchanging blowjobs only to give way later to a buttfucking session where Greg plucks Valentin’s tight ass.

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Preston didn’t want to do the whole nude, jerk-off thing but his feet were so amazing and he is so ticklish that we had to hire him. You’ll love seeing him in his white socks and, of course, barefoot. These feet are exquisite. Mesmerizing. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of these clips. More Preston in Socks and Footboys Photos and Tickling Video.

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Whoever created the phrase “ass for days” must have been looking at David’s ass because it’s a thing of beauty. A perfect match for Lydian’s meaty cock. Lydian loves a sloppy wet hole to slide his cock into so he dove into David’s ass, only coming up every minute for air. David is the kind of bottom who loves to just lie back and watch his top use his hole. Once David busted his load, Lydian fucked not one but TWO load in and on David’s freshly used hole. This may have been the first, but definitely wasn’t the last time they fucked this weekend.

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It’s a sick form of justice, but it only seems right that mean brutes like this who clearly enjoy causing problems to other people in the streets must endure this tough kind of treatment in prison and have it broadcast without their knowledge or consent. I enjoy the tension which slowly builds during this strip search.

It’s obvious that he’s becoming more and more agitated and embarrassed as he’s ordered to reveal his body as he endures the careful inspection of his dick, balls and open arsehole. At any second it feels like he might lash out at the happy, power-crazed guard, especially as he’s ordered to bend over to display his ring!

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Ordering room service is a great hotel luxury and the menus are filled with treats of all sizes. Darius fancies something he saw in the restaurant earlier, tall, Mediterranean and tasty. A perfect excuse to get Leo in his hotel room, alone.