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Chris is an ecclectic, mild mannered guy with a wild streak and a series of surprises. A former hockey player turned ballet dancer, this Salt Lake City stud is at home out in the wilderness or in a grand reception hall. Showing off his agile moves and his killer abs, Chris dances and teases as he strips out of his clothes, pulling his workout pants down and revealing his nice, meaty cock. He reclines his head back on the weight bench, rubbing his pecs and working his hands down to his cock, two handing the shaft before sitting straight up and fondling his ass, smacking it heartily as he pulls his cock between his legs, slowly teasing the head before pulling himself back closer to the bar, turning over and arching his back as his cock points straight up to the ceiling, launching his load all over his stomach in a glistening mess of jizz, as Chris throws his sweaty brow back against the head rest and closes his eyes, exhaling. Enjoy!


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Markie More is particularly excited about this scene, and has had it on his calendar for a while now. Ever since he saw Dakota make his debut a short time ago, he’s been locked and loaded to have his way with the newbie. Markie’s reputation precedes him, so Dakota knows he’s in for a wild time, and he specifically asks Markie to go rough on him, telling him he wants to be manhandled. Markie, already eye-balling Dakota’s sweet little ass, has no problem obliging him in the request, as he throws him on the bed and does whatever he wants. Dakota sucks Markie off and then takes every inch of Markie’s hard cock, wrapping his arms around Markie and pulling him in closer, begging him to fuck harder before taking Markie’s load all over his face. With his chin dripping cum, Dakota thanks Markie for the attention, vowing to do it again as soon as they can. Enjoy!

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Former Army intelligence officer Matthew Bosch meets Dakota Rivers in a secluded parking lot. When they head inside and realize they’ve reached a dead end in their dealings, Dakota makes a plea for some “me” time—whipping out his rock-hard boner. “This guy right here, he needs some attention.” Matthew grips the throbber as he looks up at the stud, then wraps his bearded lips around it. The two stand and stare at each other’s pulsing cocks, Matthew’s big balls perched over his open fly. Dakota engulfs the massive uncut beauty, the two eating each other before Matthew’s furry ass takes Dakota deep, the smiling bottom getting the top’s load all over his face.

TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch hits the road outside Fort Worth—but what adventures await him under the sweltering Texas sun? And what clandestine dealings are heating up the West Texas Park & Ride? Director Joe Gage slowly unfolds the intrigue in his masterful look at shady dealings in small-town America.

Matthew Bosch comes looking for information from fellow drifter Dakota Rivers, but gets something else entirely from the hardened operative.

Security expert Luke Adams is asking too many questions of boss Tex Davidson—so the businessman shuts the stud’s mouth before turning him over.

Caught in a compromising position by officer Jeremy Spreadums, blue collar jock Jason Vario fucks his way out of a tight spot.

Undercover agents Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario are ready to cuff criminal Luke Adams—who will do anything to get leniency from the long arms of the law.

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“Sweet Release” follows satyr Damien on the hunt for Sam, trying his best to track him and bring him to a place of safety. Once the older man finds the secret sex club, he sees the way in which his Promethean children have been used and abused.

He cannot let this stand and immediately seeks a private meeting with the muscle bound monster, Steve. Steve believes he’s just dealing with another desperate customer, only to find he’s face to pace with a power stronger and more potent than he could ever imagine. Tags: growl boys, growlboys, growlboyz, growlboy, growl boy, gay furry, furry transformation, gay furry transformation, gay tf, gay dog furry, canine furry, gay canine furry, dog furry, weredog, furry, werecat, gay cat furry, feline furry, gay feline furry Featured: Drake Magnum, Pierce Paris, Damien Oaks

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Rex Cameron is giving a sports massage to Arad Winwin after a long, hard workout. Arad is oiled up on the table as Rex works his muscles with a deep tissue massage. All the work from Rex’s strong hands is getting Arad worked up. It’s hard for him to relax as Rex works his way down Arad’s bulging body. Rex can see that Arad has popped a boner that’s splayed out on the table like a tail between his legs. Rex doesn’t want to waste the opportunity of having such a hot muscle stud horny on his table and gets Arad to roll over onto his back so he can really work the muscle that counts. Rex adds a bit more oil and rubs it into Arad’s pecs without losing sight of the big hard cock that’s throbbing just below his abs. As Rex goes down on his client, Arad enjoys every second of the royal treatment and flexes his muscles to get Rex even more horned up and ready for the next step. Rex peels off his gym clothes and gets on his knees to take Arad’s stiff one even further down his throat. Arad face fucks his massage therapist and fills his mouth and throat with his hard cock. Ready to go a bit further, Arad bends Rex over the massage table to lick his smooth, tight ass.After a nice long rimming and fingering session, Arad declares that he’s ‘going to fuck that ass’. He stands up and shoves his meat deep inside Rex’s tight hole and pumps away, stretching it out with every intrusion from his big cock. The studs go deep and hard on the table with Arad taking control and dominating Rex every turn of the way. Arad fucks Rex until he can’t hold off cumming any longer. With Arad pumping his hole, Rex shoots a geyser of cum that covers ripped torso and even squirts up to his face. With his massage therapist covered in jizz, Arad needs to finish off. He pulls Rex down to the floor and beats his meat into Rex’s wide open mouth. Even after cumming all over Rex’s mouth and face, Arad continues to be the alpha male and flexes his muscles as Rex keeps worshiping his body and taking all of Arad’s commands.

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Who doesn’t love to sunbathe on a hot summers day? Or roast in bed like Rick, in his PJ’s and under a sheet! Needless to say, our little Devil has a diabolic plan in mind when he starts licking all the corners of his ice cream, So when he goes back into the house and sees Rick still laying in bed, he’s going to give him a refreshing wake up call! Rubbing the ice cream over his body, and licking it up in the most erogenous areas of Rick’s body. Needless to say that all the ice cream play has got the fit lad rather hot, so to help him cool off or get hornier, the ice cream is rubbed over his semi hard cock for Luce to lick it all off. At this point Rick is ready to give the little devil just what he needs, preparing his hole for the intense fuck that’s to come! With some fingering and rimming Rick has him just how he wants, begging for his cock. Rick penetrates the boy in the most uncommon positions we’ve seen in a long time giving the boy the fuck he so desperately wanted, filling the boy’s hole with his cock amongst spanking and creaming the pale bodied twinks ass. We’re sure Luce will try to pull the ice cream trick again!