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Max Adonis makes his Cocky Boys debut with Josh Moore and together they explore the pleasures as well as the excitement of foreplay. While lying together poolside Max lures Josh with his cute butt and a seductive question, “Wanna have some fun?” Josh responds with light, sensuous massage and kisses but once he gets to his Max’s ass he switches it up: healthy swats mixed with rimming and deep finger probes.

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After the cock worshiping pleasure of part one it’s time for hung twink boy Jay to give up that arse. Sean gets his boy bent over on the bench, his slim body roped down and secured tightly, his hole right there for eating. The boy loves it, his cock is still rigid and drooling while Sean takes control, eating out that pucker and wanking him before sliding his big uncut cock in deep, fucking the twink while he grips those ropes for the deepest thrusts he can deliver. If you know Sean you won’t be surprised to see him take a break to flog those cheeks before dunking his dick right back in, fucking his captive until he’s ready to pull out and splash his seed over his plaything. What awaits the boy in part three? You’ll have to check that out.

Sean is the kind of chav lad you would really love to meet in a dark dungeon at the sex club. He used to be a smooth young emo twink, ready to get fucked and used, but when he had the chance to take control he found that being the boss was better. No little twink hole, innocent mouth or stiff young dick is safe when this dominant lad is around!

Jay is a sweet little 18-year-old from Prague in the Czech Republic, and he's adorable. Don't worry, he might be starting out innocent and sweet but by the time we've educated him he's gonna be a greedy cock whore who can't get enough! A friend of his brought him to us, and we can't wait to play with him.

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If you haven’t ever been to prison you might be of the notion that criminals immediately see the error of their ways on conviction. Society has passed judgment on their misdeeds and they have been found guilty. No two ways about it. You’d think the crim would come to their senses and from then on stick to the straight and narrow. But these aren’t normal people…

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Brendan has brought back Darion to his place after meeting up at a bar. Darion is nervous about hooking up with Brendan since it’s his first time being with a man. Brendan assures him that he’ll make him feel really comfortable. Brendan gives Darion a nice massage on his shoulders which than leads into Brendan sucking on Darion’s firm nipples. Brendan begins to explore Darion’s firm physique by letting his hands rub all over leading down to the zipper. Brendan pulls out Darion’s thick sexy meat and starts to suck it. Darion can’t believe the sensation he is getting from the unbelievable head. Brendan loves sucking his dick and as Darion gets more comfortable with a hot wet mouth edging his cock and balls he tells Brendan he’s ready to fuck him. Darion pounds Brendan’s tight ass doggy style but that ass is just too tight and Darion wants to bust his nut immediately. Brendan who doesn’t want the night to end early starts sucking Darion again as to edge him even more before he blows his built up load. Brendan continues to suck that meaty cock until he nuts all over himself which makes Darion let loose his load. Enjoy!

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Ric is a young Brazilian who contacted me to do a scene for Maskurbate. I went through a couple of pics of him on social medias and asked him to send me his audition video. This dude is so hot that I asked him permission to share this video with you all so I can get your opinion.Btw he is versatile and willing to show off more of his skills. Do you think I should hire him to do more scenes?

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At Brutaltops, snarling psychotic schoolboy Edward returns to team up with his new best mate Master Lucas to dish out severe punishment to this feeble worm-like sub. He is stripped naked by the two school lads and ordered to lick clean first their shoes and then their stinky feet. The Masters sneer at each other about how they have total control of this weak little runt.

Thrashing his arse with a belt, the two tops strip off and order the sub to mount himself on a massive dildo which is attached to an inflatable ball. Bouncing around on the ball with the huge rubber dick bashed deep up his arse, the sub has to suck the rapidly hardening dicks of the Masters before Edward pisses into his mouth.

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At, the pervy solicitors obtain a full understanding of the dreadful ordeal Dave went through at his work place as they pin the stark naked intern between them and stroke his growing cock. Whether John wants it to happen or not he can’t stop his penis from growing very firm and leaking precum. Nor can he prevent himself from growing so excited that he ejaculates all over the suited professionals office!

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Foot freak Dev got a hold of a hot, dark skinned hunk to worship in a MyFriendsFeet video and his name is Javi. Javi is a total amateur to this kind of thing, but he loved getting his feet adored completely. Dev is becoming a Chicken Hawk I think. He’s no spring chicken anymore, but he sure loves the younger guys. He He. I can’t blame him. Especially when it comes to the sexy feet of cuties such as Javi!

I love Dev's feet – they are really masculine male feet, and you can tell that he has been kickboxing for a long time from looking at them. One thing I think is so hot about Dev is that he is a real tough guy, but his size 10 feet feet (and body) are so ticklish too. Spanking Gallery

At, Jason likes to project a macho image to his legions of adoring female fans. But if they could see him now – on his hands and knees with his ass being penetrated – he’d never live it down. Even without the chemicals clouding his mind he realises that news of his debasement must never be made public. Which puts Melody and her friends in a very dominant position as they take advantage of his body.