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The Master starts to take full advantage of the bound boy by sucking his cock until its hard. Enjoying the boys discomfort the Master moves him to the coffin cage and after securing him inside it stands back and enjoys the view.

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While Adrian and Dave get turned on reminiscing about some of the cruelest punishment they’ve inflicted on straight boys, hetero Marc must humbly serve them. He’s made painfully aware that he’s nothing but a worthless fucking slave whose only purpose is to fill their glasses and present his big round bum for their sexual gratification. They maintain their absolute control over him by strapping a device around his junk so that with the press of a button they can deliver a sharp vicious shock to the most sensitive area of Marc’s genitals. To avoid punishment Marc gets on his knees to desperately suck and pleasure each man’s dick even though he’s gags as they ram into the back of his throat. Poor teary eyed Marc is completely overwhelmed as both cocks are stuffed into his stupid gob. He’s kicked down to the floor and gets his arse rammed while Adrian continues to pound his mouth. The pair switch so Dave makes Marc suck the dick which now tastes of his own arse and Adrian fucks his bumhole with his saliva slicked cock. This once proud straight man is reduced to a cowering cum covered mess clutching his shocked genitals.

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Go clubbing, have a drink, and wake up bound, gagged and in hands of a stallion like Sergio Serrano may be the dream of many, and the nightmare of many others. Yera Cruz get involved in this situation, a skinhead that ends up being used by Sergio unceremoniously.

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The boy is helplessly strapped down to the gurney and Sir is going to make the most of it. The leather strap slaps down on his reddening ass but the boy’s moans are barely audible through the bondage tape mask. Then Sir makes him protest by striking his ass with the welting ball which builds up a fury of deep red hot pain. When the boy can’t take any more Sir returns to the strap and finishes with a face fucking.

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Tyler in his dog cage comes to a painful conclusion as Dire puts on the dog’s cock and balls the same 20 lb weight that Tober endured in Stalker! Boy does that dumbell get around!

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The boy, chained to the punching bag, takes hit after hit but Sir will not be contented with the usual spots. Once the boy’s chest is warmed up Sir takes to his groin with straight punches and knees. Even Sir’s embrace serves only as distraction as he comes in for another low blow.

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After making sure the boys throat was well worked with his hard cock the Master kneels the boy on the table and tries to see how far he can get a giant dildo into his arse. With a combination of the Masters perseverance and the boys enthusiasm it goes a long way!

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Cullen Cable is taken out of the cage after biting his master, and invited to sit in a chair. Slowly, Derek da Silva layers rope upon rope in beautiful Shibari in preparation for the boy’s punishment…

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Dirty porno pig Phillipe Delvaux doesn’t have to ask weapon sucker a second time, because his throbbing weapon is just too tasty for words. Eliot attacks the mouth straight away and gets his machine in real deep. He nearly spunks, but hang on, Phillipe would rather have the juice squirted over to his fruity arse.

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The Master takes Jr down from the cross and walks him on all fours to the winch. After putting the boy through some posture exercises he attaches him to the winch and slowly lifts Jr up. Some great views of a taut naked boy.

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Master Tye leaves Skylar hanging from the winch while he ties te luckless Kyle to the cross. The Master entertains himself with whips and a crop while barking orders to the helpless boy. Skylar struggles against his bonds to get loose but to no avail.

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In a full straight jacket and chain suspension the prisoner is subjected to rough impact play as his legs flail in the air causing the chains to bite him mercilessly. The prisoner remains rock hard through the torment. Sir comes back, lube in hand, and begins to tease the prisoner’s prostate.

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Master Damian leads Jake into his plastic lined play room. Cuffing the boy to the cross Damian proceeds to introduce him to the pleasures of a whip to encourage him to get hard. Some great action in a dark dungeon as the boy starts to learn how things work

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The tables turn again, and neither musclestud knows what is going on. That doesn’t stop Drake from trying to figure out things with the use of a wicked flogger. He sprays alcohol on the area to accentuate his point.