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Jack can’t get over his masculine pride and fully submit. When he’s leashed and lead around like a dog he still resists. This stupid fucking hetero needs to learn to fall into line and serve with every part of his body. To do that he needs to be completely immobilized. Aaron gives him a series of smacks and throws him down on the filthy mattress to plunder his tight arsehole. With Dave’s assistance they rope Jack up till he can barely move a muscle. With his pants wrapped over his face he must constantly breath in the smell of his own gooch while being worked over by his sadistic captor. Jack’s arse is stretched open with a vibrator while Aaron shocks him with electro zaps. The worst thing about this is the sorry straight fucker has no idea where or when the next shock is going to happen! He trembles all over fearful of each new sting that comes to his balls and cock. The pressure is ramped up as Aaron then uses a feather to tickle all his most tender parts. Given that Jack can’t do anything to fend off this torment the moaning straight boy is in absolute agony. The only thing to make it stop is for him to stick out his tongue and lick our filthy trainers like a proper slave. Once proud Jack has turned into a whimpering, snivelling mess. Now that he’s fully broken he will do nothing but worship us from now on!

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Sporty Mark likes to display his manly body and wear tight clothes to accentuate his muscular frame. It’s time for this straight fucker to stop teasing us and submit so we can handle his hard sexy body. Roped up with a ball gag stuffed in his stupid mouth we take our time groping his body and perving over every inch of him. We feel the full weight of him on our laps and spank his tempting arse. Then we string him up so we can wrap ourselves around him while digging into his tight arse and yank on his long dangly foreskin. As we slide our fingers up his stinking hole he spins around trying to escape us. If Mark won’t offer up his arse like a good slut we’re going to make him feel what’s it’s like to have his sphincter permanently stretched. We fuck his hole with a vibrator and then wedge it up his arse so it’s fixed in place. He whines and cries through his gag for us but he’ll just have to wait there with that vibrator up his arse constantly buzzing against his prostate.

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It’s so fucking sexy hearing scally bastard Lee insult us while he’s tied with his arsehole spread wide open! The stupid fuck doesn’t know when to shut up so we gag his filthy gob. All he can do is moan now while we smack his arse and grip his big shaft. A weight is roped around his neck and attached to nipple clamps so that every time he whips his head back he’s gasping and desperate to catch his breath. We mercilessly flog his exposed body so the idiot cunt can’t help wriggling in place and tightening the noose around his neck! Our ingeniously evil game drives Lee into an absolute rage. He tightens his fists like he will bash us at the first opportunity, but there’s going to be no chance of that! Instead we manipulate his cock, milking his balls while his arse is being pounded. Now he has to live with the shame of having got off by two gay sadists intent on turning him into a cock hungry queer!

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Vain athlete Liam thinks that because he spends all day playing football and building up his muscular body, he’s entitled to earn lots of money modelling sporting gear. He wants to be admired and lusted after without having to do anything work and definitely not have anything dodgy done to his pristine manly body. We’re determined to have our way with this cocky bastard and ruin him. He reluctantly agrees to some light bondage if it’s going to get him the job. But by the time his arms are bound behind his back and a rope is looped around his neck there’s no stopping us from using and disciplining this stupid fit fucker. Adrian parades Liam around like a new champion stallion leading him around by wicked metal clamps and a chain attached to his nips. Now that he’s fixed in place Liam can do nothing to stop up sliding down his tight white pants so his dick and balls flap out in the open. His foreskin is silky smooth and smells like a football locker room! We reduce this proud athlete to our toy boy using his cock and arse while he’s still wearing his football socks and muddy shoes. Liam’s face twists into absolute rage as he’s bound in a way that he can’t stop his arse and cock from being totally exposed. No matter how hard he flails or fights he belongs to us now!

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At BreederFuckers, there is a code among skater boys who group in clans to run amuck around the city. Spitting, pissing in alleys and teasingly hiding their fit boyish bodies underneath baggy stupid clothes. They pretend to stick together like brothers, but as soon as there is trouble they are quick to abandon each other. Ross here has been separated from his treasured skater friends. All on his own he stands tied and vulnerable to whatever we want to do to him. Those ugly fucking shorts are a disgrace and need to go. He looks much better when stripped down to nothing with his floppy hair, skinny body and pert little ass on show. Ross is a condescending little cunt and needs to learn humility. With his nipples clamped, he can be led around and given excruciating pain at the slightest tug. The bastard can’t stop his face being led down into a man’s crotch. He’s going to learn to suck cock like a pro. Two big hard cocks are rammed deep in his gob so the helpless boy is totally overwhelmed. Now he can earn some pennies at the back of the skater park servicing horny gentlemen and put that sweet little mouth to good use!

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Alex is like an enraged fucking beast strapped to the bench as he is. Dave mocks his predicament and yanks his tight pants so hard the fabric wedges deep up in his arse crack and against his arsehole. His pants are destroyed giving full access to his hairy bum. The panicked boy fights against his restraints feel his arse parted and spanked. He’s absolutely helpless to prevent any discipline that’s going to be inflicted upon his bum. Alex weeps in pain and frustration. It raises an incredible ire in a man if he wants to fight and defend himself but if he can’t. His cock and balls are roped and attached to the wall. Dave lashes his bum cheeks with a cane and orders him to present the sensitive soles of his feet for a whipping. It’s a trait of stupid straight men that they feel sorry for themselves when they’re so powerless. But we’re not going to show any pity to this sad cunt. Dave yanks his head up and pisses directly into his mouth. So now tears and piss are running down his sorry fucking face!

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All that rugby Mark plays has caused his muscular thighs to grow to the size of tree trunks. We want to see his legs in all their glory so suspend them akimbo leaving him just enough room to kick out and show us their full power. His arse is covered in nothing but a pair of tight white pants that are nearly transparent. Little does Mark know that he’s spent a lifetime training and building up his manly athletic body just for our sadistic pleasure. Adrian punishes him for teasing us with his big luscious arse and flogs the bastard till his cheeks are raging red through the thin white fabric. Once his bum is fully revealed we lay into him with a vicious acne that leaves angry stripes. That tight arsehole has been tempting us too long. Adrian stretches his arsehole so far he slides his entire fist in. At the same time, Dave gives him nasty electro shocks right on his piss slit. Mark’s arse is filled with a vibrator while Dave wickedly canes the sensitive soles of his feet. If Mark can’t keep that dildo up his fucking arse he’s going to be punished worse than he can imagine!

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Hetero Liam has no way of defending his precious arse. Nothing disgusts him more than the sensation of a man rubbing his dick against his arse crack and pressing into the luscious tight opening of his sphincter. But now that he’s firmly roped in place with his bum suspended in the air Liam has no way to defend himself from being broken open to prepare him for the legions of horny punters ready to fuck him. The only thing he can do to repel us is to squeeze out a log, but that only drive us to pound his filthy stinking arse harder. He’s rammed into the fucking floor by Adrian’s angry insatiable cock and his arse is bathed in spunk. Now that his arsehole is slicked and dirty Dave pounds him like a demon making Liam weep and shout. His arse crack is slicked up with another man’s load confirming his new status as a total slag. We clamp his balls in a restraint and ram our sperm up his anus with a dildo. Liam’s bum is now primed and open for business to anyone who wants to come fuck him. It’s glorious watching this whore angrily squeeze out his butt plug and watching all that cum dribble from his sore and broken anus.

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We know that hetero Liam is no better than a filthy mutt, but we’ve got to drive it into this thick bastard’s skull what a lowly beast he really is. We attach a leash to this stripped down lad and make him crawl over the floor. And what does a pup do when he needs to go to the toilet? He squats down and squeezes out a couple of logs while his owners tower over him laughing at what a filthy fucking creature he is! Liam cringes on the floor tearfully wiping his arse with some old newspaper while we mock him. We drive in the shame of what he’s just done by beating his bare arse, lashing and caning him until his cheeks are painfully sore. Liam is turned around and ordered to present his jewels for us. His vulnerable nads get a vicious kicking making this straight boy crumble in total submission. He’ll do anything to make it stop, but we attach an electro collar around his dick and balls so that with the press of a button we can produce that same stomach churning painful sensation in his nuts at any time.

To prevent the acute pain in his balls Liam desperately sucks our dicks. He races across the floor and on his hands and knees to service us as fast as possible. We train him in how to give maximum pleasure to our members. He tenderly sucks until our cocks grow thick and hard in his mouth. We thrust inside his mouth and shove both our dicks inside at once so Liam is gagging and weeping. What a sorry excuse for a man this breeder is! Now he finally understands that he can be nothing more than a cock hungry bitch!

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Hetero boy Aiden shouts an endless stream of homophobic insults every time we touch him – as if pervily groping and sexually using his body is somehow wrong! Now he’s silenced with a ball gag shoved in his mouth and his arms tied behind his back leaving him bent over vulnerably in nothing but his white pants. Dave runs his hands all over Aiden’s body, grips his package and runs his finger around his puckered sphincter. Watch how his face twists in disgust having his arsehole played with.

Aiden’s pants are destroyed so his cock flops out in the open and Dave can screw his arse with a big thick dildo. Aiden resists being screwed so he receives a harsh lashing. The only way it will stop if he begs for the dildo again. To make him prove how much he wants it Dave orders him to fuck himself on it. Shackled in place in painfully pushes his arse back onto the thick plastic member, moaning with drool pouring out of his mouth. Dave flogs his arse while Aiden screws himself like a slut. Those big dangling nuts and cock need some attention. Dave weighs them down so they are stretched to breaking point. He manipulates the dumb fuckers cock till his balls are drained. Now he’s a proper bender!

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Feisty hetero Craig has realised what a hellishly vulnerable position he’s in strapped down stark naked to our discipline bench. Just when he begins begging for mercy we silence him with a gag. There’s no greater suffering for a straight man than the wicked tension of having his exposed arse pointed up with vicious salivating perverts circling it. Pain is more acute when it’s stretched out over a long period of time. Adrian whacks his arse continuously for so long that every slice of the cane hitting his sore red bottom is absolute agony for him.

Craig will do anything to make it stop even beg for his gob to be filled with a fat angry dick. Dave fucks his mouth while Adrian spreads his sore arse cheeks. He rubs the head of his cock against Craig’s tight warm sphincter drawing out the tension. He plunges inside and fucks him hard. Notice how Craig helplessly kicks his legs unable to do anything to stop being mercilessly rammed. Adrian unleashes a stream of cum onto Craig’s face. While it’s dripping down his pretty features Dave plunges into his arse. Craig is shocked feeling a second man tearing into his arse and then he receives a second load on his ruined face. This straight boy has now learned what it means to be a submissive bitch for randy men.

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Look at how far this dumb straight cunt has fallen! Sprawled naked on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back, Killian must wait to be sexually used and controlled. It’s now his profession to service any dick that’s presented in front of his face. But this fucker needs to be trained in how to make men’s cocks stiff. Adrian bullies the hetero issuing stern commands and pushing his head down until Killian properly deep throats. The surprising thing is that this servitude actually turns this straight whore on! He grows a shameful stiffy which Adrian and Dave mock as they plunge into his arsehole and ram their dicks down his throat. Even when he’s made to rim Dave while being fucked Killian’s prick is gushing with precum! All this stud wants is to be admire and pleasured but we humiliate him filling his gob with piss. We use him for our own selfish pleasure fucking him and using his mouth as a cum receptacle. Look how expertly we’ve turned this proud sporty bastard into a total cock whore!

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When scally Lee strut down the street in his track suit bottoms we were mesmerized by the big fat bulge of his crotch. Now that massive dong is on full display as he’s tied down naked like a beast. His member hangs heavily down between his legs and his pert bum is pointed in the air so his holecan easily be viewed from the back. Adrian secures him in place with an anal hook attached to his head. Now he can’t drop his head without causing himself considerable pain in his bum. Adrian flogs his arse cheeks so the tough fucker foams at the mouth. Rivers of saliva pour out over his ball gag. Little does he know he’s just provided the lube for his own fucking.

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Sporty hetero Mark has always been furiously protective of his arse. Every time he’s changing in the gym locker room he carefully keeps a towel around him when pulling his athletic shorts off. The thought of a man staring lustfully at his arsehole drives him fucking mad! Now this big muscular fucker has no choice but to bare his vulnerable arsehole to us as he’s suspended in a way it’s helplessly spread open. We get sadistic on his forbidden fuckhole and arse flogging and caning him mercilessly till he’s red and tender all over. Mark’s prick is manipulated with a vibrator rubbed up against his glans and sensitive banjo string. Then that buzzing cock is rammed up his arse, followed by a vicious power tool pounding. It rams him so hard his red sore arse cheeks vibrate! His precious little shrunken prick is suspended while his arsehole is broken wide open. Not only is he overwhelmed by the splitting sensation of being fucked but he’s utterly shamed that his guarded arsehole has been utterly destroyed.

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Breeder Scotty has taken sexual pleasure for himself without his new owners’ permission. This straight champion athlete needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him and his own selfish desires. He now exists only for the sexual pleasure of men at BreederFuckers who want to use his strong masculine body. His insatiable cock is put on a leash and tied to the wall. He’s restrained in place with his arse pointed upward ready for punishment. Time for a sound caning to make his big muscular arse cheeks glow red. Lashing his arse makes him bum so sensitive that every whip of the cane causes him tremble and howl in protest. Now that he’s been beaten into submission he’s primed to fucked. The men take turns screwing the bent angry sportsman showing him that their pleasure is all that matters.