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Completely blind and restrained in a straight jacket the prisoner is uncomfortably chained to the ceiling, helpless against Sir’s will. The prisoner’s cock at is at full attention as Sir begins to painfully tease him. With a short break from the torment the prisoner struggles against the restraints, reminding himself that he is screwed. Sir returns, armed with a flat fiberglass batten that stings the prisoner’s thighs and balls. Looking to potentially leave welts Sir then upgrades to a thin bamboo reed.

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While Adrian and Dave get turned on reminiscing about some of the cruelest punishment they’ve inflicted on straight boys, hetero Marc must humbly serve them. He’s made painfully aware that he’s nothing but a worthless fucking slave whose only purpose is to fill their glasses and present his big round bum for their sexual gratification. They maintain their absolute control over him by strapping a device around his junk so that with the press of a button they can deliver a sharp vicious shock to the most sensitive area of Marc’s genitals. To avoid punishment Marc gets on his knees to desperately suck and pleasure each man’s dick even though he’s gags as they ram into the back of his throat. Poor teary eyed Marc is completely overwhelmed as both cocks are stuffed into his stupid gob. He’s kicked down to the floor and gets his arse rammed while Adrian continues to pound his mouth. The pair switch so Dave makes Marc suck the dick which now tastes of his own arse and Adrian fucks his bumhole with his saliva slicked cock. This once proud straight man is reduced to a cowering cum covered mess clutching his shocked genitals.

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Tyler in his dog cage comes to a painful conclusion as Dire puts on the dog’s cock and balls the same 20 lb weight that Tober endured in Stalker! Boy does that dumbell get around!

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The hard muscular construction workers at Brutal Tops are incredibly skillful at roping up pathetic subs for their deviant sexual pleasure. Master Nick restrains the sub binding his neck to his ankles so the slightest pull on his legs strangles the bound cunt. The laughing dominant perverts attach a weight and clips to his balls and smack his ass so every time he kicks out in pain he strangles himself and his genitals are painfully yanked. These sadistic men are incredibly knowledgeable in restraint and torture for their own sadistic pleasure. Once he’s fully bound Master Lee whips out his large hard cocks for the sub to suck.

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At BreederFuckers, Hetero prick Aaron is used to calling the shots and expecting people to bow to his authority. Now we’ve strung him up stark bollock naked so he’s incapable of resisting us. He feels more intensely vulnerable than he’s ever been in his life. We can freely grope and perv all over his body as much as we want. He can shout and insult us all he wants but that only provokes us to be greedier and meaner mauling his sexy straight man’s body. We own his body and his big eager dick. Dave goes down on him and Aaron can’t stop himself from going a fat stonking hard on. We tie up his engorged cock and weigh it down. He can do nothing to stop his trapped tumescent prick and the searing level of pleasure/pain in his body. Dave sets upon his vulnerable bum ramming his fingers deep inside his anus till he’s sloppy and loose. Aaron needs to learn that everything he experiences and feels is controlled by us now. Dave flogs him senseless and Adrian attaches a string of pegs down his body. Just when he’s wanked till his juice is spraying all over, the pegs are cruelly torn off with one swift rip. This straight man will never experience an orgasm the same way again.

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Sporty Masters Nick and Mike enter the locker room after a sweaty hard matches and feel like releasing some of their pent-up sexual energy on a lowly sub. They roughly handle the lad throwing him down onto a mattress, truss him up, relentlessly punish his cock and balls, gob in his mouth and violate his asshole with a cricket bat. These hard skillful masters demand full service and are in control every second.

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Dave keeps naive hetero Ryan on his toes by giving him hope that he can escape from this new straight hell! But the truth is that there’s no hope for him now. Not only is he our new permanent cock sucking bitch and bum boy but we’ll fucking break him so severely he’ll willingly serve us! Ryan’s pathetic struggle to break free is utterly futile and only makes him sweat as he strains every muscle in his body to get away. When he realises there is no escaping this pervy man he transforms from a polite young man to a vicious nasty bastard swearing and spitting at Dave like a rabid animal. Dave mockingly oils him up so his body gleams like a trophy. Ryan’s arse is already agonizingly sore and covered in welts from earlier punishments so he’s absolutely consumed with terror about any further beating to his bum cheeks. He goes into a blind panic as Dave secures his body forward so his arse is sticking out. As Dave gives him a firm spanking the pain is so intense Ryan’s naked body helplessly trembles all over. He’s gagged so he can’t even cry out anymore. Now as Dave cruelly and relentlessly beats his arse with a stinging flogger all Ryan can do is grunt like a bound beast. The stupid dickhead pathetically screams with saliva pouring from his mouth as he’s pounded continuously with a dildo attached to a power tool which rips his arse to pieces. Now that he knows how severe his punishment can get, this whimpering straight cunt won’t fight us anymore!

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With Liam off the pedestal, he’s now moved to a medical styled bed where the torment continues! Yah-Jil sucks Liam’s cock to get him hard before putting him in a ball crusher, where of course his balls will be crushed! But not everything will be pain for this twink, as after having his cock sucked, he has the ball crusher removed, and a dildo goes in to his tight hole to aid with the jerking until he changes position to have an anal hook put in and tied to the newly placed ball gag where Yah-Jil milks the boys cock making him cum on a plate!

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The Master takes Jr down from the cross and walks him on all fours to the winch. After putting the boy through some posture exercises he attaches him to the winch and slowly lifts Jr up. Some great views of a taut naked boy.

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In a full straight jacket and chain suspension the prisoner is subjected to rough impact play as his legs flail in the air causing the chains to bite him mercilessly. The prisoner remains rock hard through the torment. Sir comes back, lube in hand, and begins to tease the prisoner’s prostate.


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The thought of being brutalized and used by a gang of sweaty, masculine construction workers must be high on the wish-list for most bottoms. In the new video at BrutalTops, sub ben is restrained in a Y head harness with a ball gag, hands rope tied behind his back and a leg spreader strapped to his ankles. He’s been left for the builders to discover, then use and abuse as they see fit.

Master Lee and Master Nick are tooled up and sweat from a day working on the construction site. They cruelly spank and use a paddle on the sub’s bare ass, finger his hole and shove a buttplug up him. They tease him and slap him around for growing an erection, then place a chastity device on him to remind him this is all about their pleasure. Master Lee fucks the sub angrily and Master Nick shoves his bare ass in the sub’s face. The dominant men piss over the naked tied sub while hurling insults at him. These tough tops really know how to get their cruel kinky fix after a hard day’s work.

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The boy’s eyes are transfixed on Sir as he orders him to open up and deep throat his nightstick. The boy is then bent over the prison toilet and made to take a beating to his junk and ass. Sir then face fucks the boy but instead of cumming he showers the boy in piss.

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…and the clothespins are torn off, eliciting a long scream from boy Cullen Cable! To keep boy occupied during the intricate placement of the clothespins, Derek da Silva slathers on a bunch of Icy Hot on the boy’s balls. OUCH.

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When we say Kaspar is a good sub, we mean it! With wax still on his balls he’s moved over to the Saint Andrew’s cross, tied up, and nipples clamped with some weights. It’s funny watching this young pup jump in dispair hoping not to rip a clamp off whilst his balls are being spanked. But obvously Alexis has more & more painful tricks up his sleave. Obviously nobody likes a cock covered in wax, so let’s whip it off! Same goes for the pegs! And for those that are resisting the whip, oh boy, you’re going to love the sound Kaspar makes when Alexis Removes them!

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The boy finds himself in quite the situation. The ass hook got his attention but the nose clamp tied to the ass hook really kept him on his toes… If that wasn’t enough Sir makes it a point of taunting the boy adding insult to injury.