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While Adrian and Dave get turned on reminiscing about some of the cruelest punishment they’ve inflicted on straight boys, hetero Marc must humbly serve them. He’s made painfully aware that he’s nothing but a worthless fucking slave whose only purpose is to fill their glasses and present his big round bum for their sexual gratification. They maintain their absolute control over him by strapping a device around his junk so that with the press of a button they can deliver a sharp vicious shock to the most sensitive area of Marc’s genitals. To avoid punishment Marc gets on his knees to desperately suck and pleasure each man’s dick even though he’s gags as they ram into the back of his throat. Poor teary eyed Marc is completely overwhelmed as both cocks are stuffed into his stupid gob. He’s kicked down to the floor and gets his arse rammed while Adrian continues to pound his mouth. The pair switch so Dave makes Marc suck the dick which now tastes of his own arse and Adrian fucks his bumhole with his saliva slicked cock. This once proud straight man is reduced to a cowering cum covered mess clutching his shocked genitals.

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With Peter tied to the cross, Silas gives the boy a light whipping to warm up the pale bodied twink, before adding some pegs to the sides of his body which he’ll flick and play with wilst massaging and sucking his dick. After deneying him to cum, Silas pours hot wax over his legs, feet, chest, arms and even over his dick before going back to his dick to let him cum! If thats not all, now he covers the lad in piss before leaving him tied to the cross, used and covered in piss.

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Master Derek and Master Guy are spotting each other pumping iron in the rugby club gym, a really important grudge game is coming up and they want to make sure their perfect bodies are in top physical shape. The athletic tops use a sub to work out their testosterone-fuelled energy smothering his face with their pungent armpits, sweaty ass cracks and shoving their hard dicks in his mouth and ass.

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AJ has quite a soft side for the newbies, but don’t be fooled, he’s still in control. After instructing the bound boy to come out of the cage and prepare himself for a merciless facefuck, he momentarily gets to enjoy AJ’s cock up his boy hole also. Of ocurse this is still just the beggining as ofer the next half hour he’ll be put through his pases as he’s spanked, clamped, fucked and made to make AJ cum in his mouth.

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The boy, chained to the punching bag, takes hit after hit but Sir will not be contented with the usual spots. Once the boy’s chest is warmed up Sir takes to his groin with straight punches and knees. Even Sir’s embrace serves only as distraction as he comes in for another low blow.

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The hard criminal lads at the young male correctional facility regularly practice enforced exercise. Today they use a lowly sub to undergo a strenuous routine of pushups and situps under the firm command of Master Terry. This includes doing squats where he has to kiss Toby’s dick and get his face pressed in John’s hairy ass. After humiliating and insulting the sub the cruel dominant lads feel like unloading their balls. Circling around the exhausted man they stroke their massive hard cocks till they spray cum all over his face.

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Sir visits the boy in his cell, giving us a rare close up of Sir pissing. The boy greets him with the customary blowjob. When Sir is getting ready to cum he permits the boy to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long enthusiastic shower.

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The fucking continues deeper and deeper until the Master feels the need to cum. Moving round he takes full advantage of the boys mouth and throat in a leisurely fucking enjoying every inch of the penetration. He decides to give the boy a treat and cums all over his face and in his mouth. Everyone has a good time.

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Now that we’ve fucked and beaten straight cunt Ryan we’re going to rent him out as a slave. This lazy bastard has lived a comfy privileged existence and has no clue how to properly serve. The only way to properly train him is with quick and vicious instructions. Trembling in fear with his body still sore from his beating and fucking, Ryan cowers naked and desperately tries to obey. Anything slack or slow earns him a hard smack to the face or a boot to his bruised arse. With his face constantly against the floor he can only stare up helplessly at the furious perv standing over him spitting in his face and stretching open his arse. Adrian widens his hole and screws him with a vibrator to prepare his arsehole to serve every man we rent him out to. Pounding Ryan’s arse has got Adrian hot and bothered. He uses this opportunity to train this dumb straight fucker how to suck a dick. Ryan is instructed how to go down on it and pleasure a man’s cock. This lazy bitch can’t do it properly so the only thing to do is grab Ryan’s head and hold it in place while Adrian mercilessly skull fucks him. Ryan desperately gasps for breath and his face goes beet red as the hard dick is angrily rammed down his throat. Even when all Ryan’s stomach juices come bubbling up into his mouth and his body begins to hysterically tremble, Adrian continues to viciously fuck this hetero’s gob.

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Puppy puts the prisoner into a complicated horizontal rope suspension. He is careful to keep prime targets open for future use, his intentions are brutal and the prisoner eagerly awaits his punishment. Puppy is quick to get the balls rolling… pun intended.

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Hetero James has an impressively big set of balls and a fat donkey dick. This gives him a lot of macho pride, but here he’s taught that package is to be restrained and kept purely for our pleasure. His only purpose is to suck dick and swallow men’s loads. Restrained and bound naked to the wall he has no choice but to service the stiff cock that’s shoved down his throat. And once he’s got us aching hard James is bent over naked and made to offer up his arsehole. Adrian loosens up his sweet fucking straight hole and readies him for a viciously hard fucking. As James lies there feeling the sperm dripping down his aching arse he’s made crushingly aware how low he’s fallen and that this will be his life from now on.

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At Brutal Tops Masters Mike and Nick demand to be serviced at every second. The slutty sub is made to ingest every part of the dominant men’s masculinity. He’s fed on a diet of piss, snot and gob while also being made to lick the big strong men’s sweaty armpits and assholes. The violent hard masters fuck him brutally and feed him their sperm for dessert.

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Hot hetero fucker James is a useless layabout so it’s about time he was put to some good use! He’s stretched out naked and tied in place so Dave can use his fit body and subject him to ruthless relentless BDSM. Normally this scally hangs out in doorways, smoking and giving a fuck the world attitude. Here his nipples are wrenched and his balls separated and weighed down so they are engorged and he’s intensely aware of his humiliating subjugation. James’ dick is so sensitive it’s easily manipulated till he’s got a big stonking boner. He writhes in pain fighting with every muscle in his body to get away but he’s can’t do anything to stop his pink arsehole being invaded! Dave rams his digits up his fuckhole widening his tight slit so he can be pounded full with a giant dildo. Tears run down his burning face as his arse is obliterated and his sensitive inner thighs are caned. This tough straight boy has never felt such pain in his life and will do anything to stop it – even lick a man’s stinking arsehole! While his tongue desperately laps at a man’s sphincter, Dave aggressively pumps his dick till he’s splashing his spunk all over the room. Now he’s a proper bender!

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Master DJ leaves the boy to contemplate his fate before coming back and continuing the boys education with a whip. Seeing how hard the boy gets Master DJ turns him round and after inspecting his arsehole uses the whips and crops on his back.

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‘Daddy’s Dungeon’ has seen its share of extreme fun and today is no different when four kinky hunks in gear head for the depths of the dark lair. It’s going to be a long one with director Tom Moore, with plenty of flogging, caning, spanking, bondage, blindfolds, sucking, fucking, and endless cum to go around. Tyler Rush is bound, gagged and blindfolded in daddy Silver Steele’s dungeon cage. After a round of teasing Tyler, Silver unties him and bends him over to fuck his willing hole. The experience is so intense for Tyler that he drops his load on the floor and gets locked back in his cage as punishment for making a mess. Later on, it’s Tyler’s turn to take control. With Silver bound at the wrists in a leather mask, Tyler teases the daddy’s fuzzy hole with his tongue before giving him a flog. Tyler hops on Silver’s cock and rides it all the way to the end until Silver lets loose and covers his stomach with a hefty load. Alex Killian and Sherman Maus are waiting in gear for their daddy down in the dungeon. When daddy texts that he’s going to be late, the two hunks get started without him. After Sherman flogs Alex and spanks his tight ass, he slides his cock deep inside and fucks the cum out of Alex’s big long cock. Now it’s Sherman’s turn to get pounded, but not before Alex grabs a cane and goes to work tapping Sherman’s bubble-butt. After the caning, Alex flogs the panting stud until his back and ass are raw and red. Sherman needs dick bad and Alex helps him out by plunging into his hole until both studs blow their loads on Sherman’s thick pubes. Oops, daddy’s home early. The boys are in trouble now. What punishment does he have planned for them down in ‘Daddy’s Dungeon’?